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A Meeting at the Albatross

by DBH1952©

I'm sitting in my car outside the Albatross, its rainbow flag fluttering in the soft night breeze. Would tonight be the night? I have come here on three consecutive Saturdays to find an answer, or to answer a longing.

Well, perhaps three is a charm. I lock the car and proceed to the door. A wave of music and conversation greets me as I open it. I give what I hope is a friendly smile to the few faces that turn to witness my entry. I walk up to the bar and select an empty pew. An attractive young woman brings me the whiskey I order and I sit back watching some soccer on the wide screen television hung on the wall.

I'm watching a good game, and I don't really even mind not speaking the announcer's language. A second scotch, exactly like the one I have in my hand appears at my elbow. I look askance at the girl behind the bar and she points to a tall, dark haired man in slacks and sweater sitting behind me.

I turn, and he raises his glass and invites me to share his table. My stomach twists as I smile and go to meet who I hope will be the man I have been looking for.

"Hello." I said, "My name is Will."

"Hello, Will," He replied, "My name's Matt, come have a seat and we'll solve the world's problems-one drink at a time." I chuckled at his joke and sat down on his right, so that I could hear better.

I sipped my scotch as he drank a beer and we started talking about soccer. We both were at the same level of fandom it seemed, and we shared our ignorance about the finer points of football.

After the match ended, there was a pause in the conversation and Matt asked "Do you come here often?"

I said "Not really, I've been in the last three Saturdays, but I don't know that counts as often."

He looked at me oddly and asked "Are you gay, or bi?"

I ignored the question and asked him "Is this your local?" He said that he came in when the mood took him. I asked "What mood is that?" "Is it contagious?"

He laughed and said "I hope so." "What are you doing here?" He continued, "I mean it is obviously a gay bar, are you gay?"

"No." I said, "You can call me curious, or hedonist but I don't find men attractive-at least in a sexual way."

He smiled and asked "What are you curious about? How does it involve accepting a drink from a strange man in a gay bar?"

"I came here to see if I could find someone that would understand." I said, "I don't want to make love with a man, the thought of kissing a guy does not appeal to me at all." "I want to taste a cock, and feel it up inside me."

He looked at me, I felt uncomfortable with the look. "If you are looking for a cock to suck, and a cock to be slipped into your ass." he said, while pulling a card out of his wallet, "Then come to my house, and I will give you all you want, and possibly more."

I took the card and said "All right I will come over, when do you want me?"

"Tonight, of course" he replied, "It's Saturday night, and I was looking for some action, so give me a half hour head start, and then come into my parlor." He laughed, then turned and said "See you in 30 minutes."

I watched him leave, then looked at the address. It was about a mile from the bar, I glanced at my watch and then sat down to finish my drink.

Thirty five minutes later I pulled into the driveway. Got out of the car, locked it and walked up to the front door. I took a deep breath and knocked. The door opened and Matt stood there wearing a terry cloth robe.

"Come on in." he said, I went in and heard him close and lock the door behind me. He placed his hand on my shoulder and guided me into the living room. The room was decorated in reds and blacks, with instruments of medieval torture lurking in corners."Nice place." I commented, "I've never seen anything quite like it." He guided me to a chair, where a glass of scotch awaited.

He sat across from me, his robe briefly exposing his manhood. I drank my drink, and was just about to speak when he said "Let me show you around, the house is not large or fancy but I think I've added a few unusual touches that makes it quite special."

He showed me where the bathroom was, and his study, and led me to his bedroom past a store room or something. There was a lock on the door and I was going to ask when we entered his bedroom.

He turned and said "Are you ready?" I nodded,"Then take off your clothes, you can lay them on that chair."

I disrobed and laid my clothes neatly across the chair. I heard a rustle and turned to see Matt wearing nothing but a smile.

I looked down at his circumcised member, and was taken aback at the size of the thing. It was a full 8 inches, hanging there flaccid, what was like when it got angry? I walked over and went to my knees in front of him. He smiled down at me, and said "Come on, get started."

I reached for his cock and pulled him closer. I gently stroked it and watched it grow. I licked the head, and then took it into my mouth. It felt good having his warm cock in my mouth, which surprised me. I gave it a suck, and then took it further in and moved my mouth along the length back and forth. I stopped at the head and licked and nibbled at it, tasting his salty pre-cum.

I took it out of my mouth, and continued to gently stroke it. I was amazed at how natural it felt, having his little monster in my mouth.

"What do you think?" He asked, "Do you like it?"

I looked up and said "Yes, it is very nice, nothing at all like I feared. When do you want to fuck me?"

"I'm not hard enough yet." Matt replied. I continued to suck and lick and nibble him feeling it grow in my mouth until my mouth could barely accommodate it.

He leaned Forward and handed me a condom and said "Put this on for me, and then we will see how well it fits."

I gave the head of his penis a playful suck and rolled the condom down his member. He handed me a tube of lubricant, and I applied it liberally. "Stand up, and lean with your hands on the chair."

I followed his instructions and felt him applying more lube to my anus.

"Okay." he said, "Are you ready?" I nodded, and felt the head of his cock pressing against my hole. He kept pressing, I tried to relax to allow him entry, and then my sphincter stretched and he made his painful entrance. I squealed a little, I guess, because he said "This is nothing, I'll give you something to squeal about." Then he started ramming it deep inside me.

Once I got past the pain, his cock sliding in and out felt very nice. He grabbed my hips and started fucking me in earnest, pulling the head of his cock nearly out before plunging it back in, making me squeal a bit each time. Then he started to ram into me even harder, pulling me back as he slammed his meat inside of me. Then he went stiff and I heard him moan as he climaxed. He gave a couple more strokes and then pulled out.

I turned and knelt in front of him. "I want to thank you." I said "That was remarkable."

He sat down on the bed, and smiled. I got on my knees in front of him and gingerly took the condom off his shrinking penis taking care not to get any of the slime from the outside on his cock. I threw the condom in the trash and looked up and winked at him, and then started to clean the cum from his cock with my lips and tongue.

It tasted salty but not much else, and I licked up to the head and then took him once again into my mouth. I started sucking him feeling his member slowly grow in my mouth, and listening to him moan. "Ooooh that's good." He moaned.

I worked his now awakened member in and out of my mouth, giving the head a little suck at times, a large suck at others. Licking at the hole, and nibbling around the glans.

I felt him start to shudder and he came, his fluids surging up the length of his cock past my lips and into my mouth.

I kept the head in my mouth and sucked and nibbled until the flow stopped. I swallowed the load and continued to suck and nibble as his erection faded.

I got up and stood before him. He looked at me and said, "Are you sure you've never done this before?" "Not that I'm complaining."

I smiled and said "This has been a fantasy of mine for years." "I've gone over the actions hundreds of times."

He said, "That was tremendous, do you have to leave?"

"No." I replied, "I have no other plans for the evening."

"There's a robe behind the bathroom door, if you want" He said. I thanked him, found it and put it on. I turned and saw him heading into the living room, already robed.

I sat down in a chair and he brought me another scotch. He said, "Have you always been so submissive?" "I mean, you out bottomed any bottom I've ever known or had."

I took a long drink of the scotch and replied "Yes, ever since I was young and I'm somewhat masochistic too, maybe that's why I enjoyed you stretching my poor sphincter so much." He looked at me in a funny way, got up and left the room.

I sipped my scotch and was looking at some of his decorations when he returned with some things in his hands. "I've got a hunch that you may be interested in these." he said. He threw them to me and they landed at my feet.

I looked down and saw manacles for my ankles and my wrists, I looked at him. Matt smiled and said "It's your choice, if you want to play in my special room, then put them on." If I am wrong, and you want to leave, then I won't try to stop you."

He watched me as I picked up the manacles and started applying them to my limbs. "Take off the robe and follow me!" he ordered. I dropped the robe and followed him to the locked door I had noticed earlier.

He unlocked and opened it. Matt turned and said, "Tell me your safe word, and what your limits are?"

I looked down at the floor and said, "Uncle is my safe word, I won't do Scat and I don't want any permanent marks."

Matt said, "Fair enough, here are the rules. Once you cross this threshold you are mine for the next hour. You said that you were a bit masochistic, well I am a bit sadistic, do you understand?" I nodded my head and followed him into his play room.

"Go stand under the chains, raise your arms, and do it now!" Matt ordered. I walked to the center of the room under a collection of chains hanging from the ceiling. I raised my hands and waited for Matt.

Matt shed his robe and put on a pair of black training pants. He walked over and without a word attached my wrist cuffs to either side of a bar suspended from the ceiling.

He went behind me and I heard a chain hoist as my arms were raised skyward. He then took my legs and attached them so that they were spread. I must have looked like a naked, vulnerable "X".

He walked in front of me and looked at my still flaccid penis. He took what looked like plastic bullets out of his pocket and attached them to my nipples by squeezing them and pressing them to my flesh.

The bullets sucked my nipples relentlessly, the left one started to ache. He left my sight, when he came back he attached clamps to my scrotum. I cringed as the clamps bit into my skin.

He then decorated me with clothes pins, one on each side of my penis which hurt like hell and then, at irregular intervals, he attached pairs up my groin onto my chest and finished by jerking the suction cups off my nipples and attaching clothespins to them while they were engorged.

I squealed when the bullets were ripped off. I felt that I knew what was coming.

He whistled as he ran a length of string up through the pins finishing at the two on my penis, which starting to grow. I started to speak, and he said "Shut up or I'll gag you".

He then hung a weight on the clamps on my scrotum, which increased the pain as the clamps bit harder and began to make my testicles ache. He stepped back to admire his handiwork, and then without warning started pulling on the strings.

The clothespins slipped off and hurt like hell, I cried out as each one was removed. One by one they slipped off giving my skin a vicious pinch as they came free. Finally only my poor sore engorged nipples remained pinned.

He looked me in the eye and ripped both of them off at once, I screamed loudly when they slipped off my sensitive nipples. He smiled and said, "Excellent, I love to hear screams, it means that I am doing something right."

He walked behind me as I hung in the chains sobbing. When he reappeared he had a black flogger in his hand.

Matt chuckled when he saw my eyes widen, "you say that you are not gay, well I am going to whip you until you beg me to kiss you, and beg me to make love to you tonight." You have only to say your safe word, or you can endure this for the next 45 minutes."

With that he aimed the whip at my testacles which didn't hit my jewels but snapped the weight which bounced around making me squeal again.

Then he started whipping my poor nipples, swinging hard, but only letting the tips strike my poor teats. I shouted and cried as he worked away. He gave them quite a few lashes, and then walked behind me where he started whipping my back and my ass. Every now and then he would bring the thongs of the whip up between my legs which made me shriek and cry.

He stopped and I heard the chain hoist lowering my arms and I thought my torment was over. He then attached my ankles to another pair of chains and I heard second chain hoist and felt my legs rising, and soon I was stretched out again, only horizontal.

Suddenly the clamps on my scrotum slipped off and I trembled and screamed. Matt was at my side with a large candle in his hand. He slowly tipped it, splashing hot wax on to my poor tortured nipples. I screamed and twisted in my chains the burning and pain was too much and I started shouting "Yes, Yes, Please kiss me, fuck me, anything you want just please stop."

He leaned over and held his lips close to mine, I brought my head up to try and kiss him, and he pulled away. He lowered his head again, and this time kissed me, and I kissed back hungrily thinking only of escaping more torment.

He smiled and stood back, and lowered me to the floor. He released my manacles from the chains, and helped me to my feet. I started to take the manacles off my wrists and he said "Did I tell you to take them off?" "You are still mine, at least for the next 10 minutes."

He handed me my robe, and I followed him into the living room. We sat in silence for a while, I swallowed the remainder of my scotch, and he refilled the glass.

"That was tremendous." I panted, "I didn't expect anything like that."

"Well," he said, "I didn't such a willing victim, especially one who gives a tremendous blow job. It seems that you are as much a masochist as I am a sadist. I think that it is time for bed, all this exercise has made me tired".

I said, "Yes, please." and followed him into the bedroom.

Written by: DBH1952

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