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Land Of O Ch. 01

by gdbong©


As my eyes slowly adapts to the bright light shining above me, I look around in attempt to assess the current situation I am in but to no avail. Apart from the single spotlight above my head, I was surrounded by darkness, bound to a chair with my hands tied behind the chair together and each ankle to each of the chair legs. Finally grasping the situation, I started to panic as I struggle to free myself from the bondage while screaming for help.

"Welcome to the Land of O." A deep voice shut me silent.

Land of O? Just exactly where am I?!! What and why are they doing this to me?!! And what did I do to get myself captured all the way here?!! I tried hard to think back on what I've done to be here but before I could think of something, the voice cut my train of thoughts.

"I'm glad to see you flustered." The mysterious voice said before letting out a deep chuckle.

"Who...who are you? Where am I?" I barely let out.

Without an answer, I felt the bonds around my wrist and ankles loosen but had no chance to escape when four men dressed in black hooded robe and had a mask on their face exposing only their eyes pin me to the ground and stripped me out of my clothes. Once I was naked, the four of them each grab one of my limbs that was in protest mode and bound me to a gynecologist chair with my back straight and my legs were spread so wide I didn't knew was possible. To prevent me from covering myself up, my hands were bond to the chair handle, leaving me vulnerable with my lady bits exposed.

"Slut 14031 ready for auction." One of the men announced with his low and bass like voice and with that a strong ray of light shine on my exposed body. The light was too bright for me to open my eyes but I could hear roaring claps from around. A moment later the light tame down a little and that was when I notice that I was being exhibited on a stage in a small room that could hold up to 50 people and a small audience of approximately ten in similar hooded robes as the men who were with me on stage but instead they were in ruby colored robes and gold colored mask.

"Let me go!!" I screamed as I tried to break away from the bounds but to no avail. I then felted a ball gag being forced into my mouth with the restraints being tied tightly behind my head by one of the guys on stage to prevent me from screaming again.

"Gentleman I present to you Slut 14031." The man that first greeted me over the speakers said and once again I receive another round of applause from the audience.

"Slut 14031, age 22, height 5'3, 36 bust cup size B 26 waist 36 hips, no longer a virgin with no experience in BDSM. Any questions before we move on with the test gentleman? If not, let the test begin." The guy announced and claps from the crowd signals the start of the test.

Two screens in the hall, one behind me on the stage walls and the other in front of me was turned on and I could see how vulnerable I was being all bound up. I was already wet and embarrassed from being exposed to an audience and had my private statistics read out loud, seeing myself on the screen brought tears to my eye.

What brought me to a sobbing mess was when two of the black robe guys on each of my side pull my labia lips apart, exposing my precious cherry to the audience through a close up shot that was being caught on cameras and being shown on the screens real time.

I was then stripped off the mouth gag, which I understood soon later was for the audience to hear my moans, and a guy proceeding to fondle my nipples with his leather gloved hands till they were hard and sensitive.

"Clock." The fourth guy said and it was only then did I notice that he was between my legs so close to my crotch I could feel his breathe as he assess my arousal.

"2 minutes 3 seconds." He announced the timing that was also reflected on a timer clock placed beside my chair. Whispers could be heard from the audience and it made me both curious and embarrassed that I was being assessed but didn't know what the timing meant.

The man on stage started moving and one of them came over with a bright red lipstick, applying it on my lips and move away while another exhibited the longest dildo I've ever seen in my life to the audience. When no opposition was raise, the guy with the dildo came over to me and soon enough the dildo was down my throat till I gag and can't hold it in anymore.

The dildo was then released from my mouth and another man joined him to hold the other end of the dildo so that it was parallel to the ground at my eye level and the same guy who was assessing me came over with a ruler and measured the dildo from it's tip to the red lipstick mark.

"4.5 inch" he announced, making me blush as the whispers amongst the audience got louder but still it was hard to make out what they were saying.

Moving on the man who shove the dildo down my throat then positioned himself in between my legs, causing me to struggle in my bonds but to no avail noticing what he was about to do to me. Without a warning, he shove the dildo into me, causing me to scream in pain as it wasn't properly lubricated apart from the small amount of saliva that lubricated it when it was in my mouth for a short period of time and well, it has been some time since I last had a cork in me. Another man came over to mark the dildo before it was being pulled out of me with a loud popping sound that echoed around the hall and once again the length was measured.

"5 inch" the assessor announced.

The dildo was now lubricated in front of the audience and before I know it the guy holding to the dildo squat between my legs and rubbed the head of the dildo against my slit. I tried my best to suppress my moans as the last resort to keeping my dignity but all was gone when he started ramming it mercilessly into me. At first I found myself screaming for him to stop the assault and that it hurt but after some time I realize that it was of no use. Noticing that I have let my guard down, the guy now trusted the dildo into me in a sensuous way, making me moan without shame.

Some time later I came and honestly it was the most intense orgasm I felt since born with my whole body trembling so hard that the chair screech against the floor due to my movements. I even squirt, something that I thought only happen in pornography and was staged, and for a moment my sight was white.

"40 minutes" the assessor read off the clock and upon noticing that the audience have acknowledge the timing, a workbench was being carried out to the stage and I was being released from the chair for a moment and bounded once again, this time with me on my fours, torso against the workbench so that it supported my shaking body up and my butt facing the audience.

I felt my butt cheeks being separated by two of the guys, exposing my butthole and through the screen, I could see my butthole in close up, something that I didn't expect myself to see in my entire life and it felt new actually to see my butthole.

"No anal experiences confirm." The assessor announced out loud after staring at my butthole, making me blush and soon enough I felt the world spinning, only to realize that the stage I was on had a round platform that could turn.

"Gentleman once again I present you Slut 14031, arousal 2 minutes 3 seconds, deep throat 4.5 inch, vagina 5 inch, comes in 40 minutes and have no anal experience. The auction would begin in 20 minutes time. Gentleman please." The guy over the speakers announced and I see the audience getting up from their seats and making their way to me.

For 20 minutes, I was being grouped, slapped and had my mouth, butt cheeks and pussy lips forced open while the males assessed my body personally. It brought me to tears and my protest was muffled as I was once again put on mouth gag. Never had I have so many men touch me all at once and although I felt disgusted, I wouldn't deny the fact that I was aroused as well.

After the 20 minutes have gone, the auction begins. The men have returned to their seats and I had a spotlight shined on me as well as a pair of headphones with loud moaning sounds to ensure that I do not hear nor see the entire auction process and at the same time keeping me aroused.

The auction came to an end when the headphones were lifted off my ears and I heard that I was being successfully auctioned off to Master K. A round of applause was heard and a man in red robe got up the stage and stood beside me as he thank the crowd for his successful bid. The crowd now was loud as they shouted off their congrats and good luck for getting a bitch like me.

I was released from my bounds and immediately the guy whom I presume is Master K grab my by my crotch and lifted me up carried me up with one hand to put me on his broad shoulders with my butt facing the audience. A few slaps against my already red butt earn him cheers and soon we disappeared into a small room that I was originally in before I was being brought to the stage and was thrown roughly to the ground.

"From today onwards, he would be your Master. His orders are on behalf of the academy and you are expected to perform without defiance. That's all from me today and I hope that the next time I get to see you, you would be well-trained and leave this place as an obedient slave." The voice over the speakers said and then it was silent.

I could feel Master K's eyes on me as he squat down and pulled my hair tightly in his hands, making me whine in pain as I tried to move closer to him so as to release the tension against my scalp.

"Before we leave this place let me first lay a number of rules you are expected to adhere to" Master K said. Now that I started to calm down I notice that his voice wasn't that different from the one heard over the speakers as well as the assessor. Deep, soothing, yet at the same time do dominating. It's almost as if it's a requirement for you to have such a voice to be able to work here.

"Rule number 1, you are to address me as Master at all times, Master K when there's another Master around. Rule number 2, you no longer have rights to your body. During the training period, your body belongs to me, your Master. As such, you are not allowed to speak, eat, and act without my permission. Rule number 3, you are no longer a person but an object, an item. As such, you are not to use I, my, me, mine to refer to yourself. Always use the 3rd party narrative such as Master's slut, Master's or this slut. Rule number 4, no does not belongs to the dictionary, as such it would not be heard. Rule number 5, you are to adhere completely to all of my commands and instructions as defiance would threaten your safety. Failure to comply with any of these rules would see you being punished. As such please keep all of these at the back of your head. More rules would be laid when we arrive at the house. Any questions before we move on?"

At this point of time I'm too stunned to speak. Since born, I have never taken rules seriously, although at the same time that doesn't mean I have broken any major rules. Rules 1, 4 and 5 are minor but number 2 and 3 is really overwhelming. No rights to my body? Nothing but an object? These have got to be the most degrading things I've ever heard, and trainings have yet to start. How bad would it be if we were actually carrying such actions out?

"Rule number 6, silence is not to be tolerated."


"Rule number 7, always end your sentence with Master."

"No Master."

"Very well." He said as he release my hair and took out a lease as well as a collar from beneath his robe. He first put the collar around my neck and I notice that on the collar there is a letter K pendant in gold with diamonds on top while the collar itself is in black.

"The collar is to be worn at all times unless when bathing and as instructed. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Master" my voice trembled in response.

"Rule number 8, you do not look at me or anyone, even if they are of lower status, in the eyes. Unless you are being told to do so, always keep your eyes on the ground. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master." I said as I quickly divert my eyes to the ground.

Following which, he tied my wrist together to a chain leash and I was commanded to stand on my feet. I was then asked to march on the spot, and was corrected numerous times until my face was facing the front, my eyes down casted, breast trust out with confidence and my legs in perfect 90 degrees angle when I bring them up.

"Let's not keep everyone waiting. And I expect you to do me proud. Don't make me punish you in public so keep those legs up and walk with pride." He said as he pulls the leash and lead me out of the room.

As we got out of the gates, loud cheers were heard and that was only when did I notice that there were at least hundreds of people welcoming me to the Land of O. Some of them were naked and had their collars on like me, some were in casual clothing, whom I presume were the Masters of those slaves and some were in various uniforms from doctor coats to police uniforms.

"I declare Slut 14031 mine." Master K announced and everyone cheered for him.

Following the declaration, I was being pulled on the leash by my Master as he lead us down the stairs and into the crowd which gave way to us like Moses Miracle. As we walk through the crowd everyone including the slaves around were discussing about me and my Master.

"Master K chose her?" "Is she going to go through Training K?" "Of course she's going to go through Training K! She's such an unlucky girl to be bought by Master K" "Maybe her attitude is that bad that no Master can subdue her and Master K have no choice but to take her under his discipline." "I wonder how long she would survive." "I bet she wouldn't survive more than 4 days." "Poor girl." "She's definitely going to suffer under Master K."

Listening carefully to the comments made, I realize that all of them seem to pity me and think that I wouldn't be able to survive. And what is this Training K that they are talking about? Noticing that I was slowing down, Master K jerks the leash forward and I quickly catch up, walking pass more people until we arrive in front of huge gates that open up for us.

I notice that Master K's house is one of the few houses in this village that is surrounded by stonewalls so high that people from the outside can't see what is going on at the first floor. Upon entering, a lady who looks like she's in her 60s greeted Master K who handed the leash over to her and commented that he would be in the study and that I am to be handed over to him immediately once she's done. The lady agreed and led me to the basement of the house into what seems like a dungeon with 3 rooms at the end. I was being brought to the room on the right labeled 'CLASSROOM/ INTERROGATION' and was told to take a sit at the desk.

"Relax I'm not going to eat you up. You can talk to me freely." The lady said. "I'm Mary, the only person in this village you can talk to like a normal person so speak while you can." She said and when she notices that I'm still in a state of shock and embarrassment she just gave me a smile.

"It's alright everyone who first came to the village with no experience are like you. We'll get you warmed up and trust me you would be asking me tons of questions later that I might shut you up." She said, giggling a little.

"Anyway welcome to the Land of O. The Land of O is a little island that belongs to no particular country and is not covered by any country's legislation, although we do have our own laws here at the Land of O, which I would briefly let you on in just a while. So if you see here this is the Land of O." She said as she turn on the screen and the map of Land of O can be clearly seen.

"You just came from the City Hall." She said, clicking to this building at the entrance of the village. "The City Hall is where all administrative and legislative works is being processed. The City Hall also host auctions for Masters to pick up new slaves like you, auction off unwanted slaves and even to fight for one another's slaves. There is also a court within the City Hall to impose heavier punishments for lawbreakers. In the middle of the village we have the Punishment Park where public punishments are being held."

"We have a Police Station and jails for escaping and law breaking slaves, as well as Hospitals for injured slaves. Trainings in the Land of O last for 30 days before you guys are being shipped back home but if at any point of time when slaves are to serve time in jail, under custody by the police, or hospitalized, the time spent away from their Master and training would be doubled and sometimes tripled depending on the situation. For example if by any chance you were to be hospitalized for 4 days, you would not be graduating on the 30th day but earliest on the 38th day as you would have to compensate 8 days to make up for the 4 days you disappointed your Master as well as breaking the promise to stay fit during the training. As such try to stay away from all of these if you would want to go home fast."

"There are also restaurants, shops and other entertainment venues such as the bar, club and theater within the village. Hopefully you would get a chance to visit these places with your Master although most of the time you would be spending your time in this house. Any questions before I move on?"

"So I get to go home in 30 days?" I ask, trying not to tear up against all these terrifying news.

"Maybe yes maybe no. When you get to go home depends on you."


"Some slaves have deliberately get into trouble so that they get to prolong their stay here, others beg their Masters to keep them longer and some even forever. However in the case of Master K..." She pauses as if contemplating if she should let me know on the news she had in mind.

"I have been working with Master K for years but never have I seen a slave graduate under him."


"Yes never."

"Does this have something to do with...Training K?"

"How do you know about Training K? Master K told you?" She asked in shock.

"Many people on the way were talking about it." I said timidly.

"Yes they never got to graduate due to Training K. All of them were banished from the village."

"Banished? What happened?"

"You see...Master K is known for his notorious training program known as Training K. No one have actually seen how the program is being held apart from his slaves but judging how his slaves ended up there were many rumors saying that it's a training worst than hell."

"What happened to his ex-slaves?"

"I am not allowed to disclose details but all of them went through physical and mental help, some even counseling for attempt suicide before they were being banished from the village."


"Apparently they said death was 100 times better than those torturous trainings Master K have for them." She said making me shake and upon noticing she held my hands together. "Please don't let me scare you with my words. Although Master K's trainings are harsh, he would only auction for slaves he think that can make it and do him proud. As a matter of fact, all of his ex-slave could have excelled but they were weak in their heads. They decided to surrender to themselves. And let me be very honest with you, not only me but everyone who have worked with Master K and his ex-slaves saw your auction process earlier and knew that you were the one for Master K, that you are going to be the first honorary slave to graduate under Master K. Besides the Masters who were at the auction were fiercely fighting to make you theirs but Master K bought you with the highest bid ever offered in the Land of O, that shows that he have faith in you so have faith in yourself, give him your trust and when you graduate, I am sure that you would thank Master K wholeheartedly for his trainings."

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