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My Wife

by lofax©

"uhh, uhh, uhh"

The sound of the hotel door opening could be clearly heard over my ministrations in the bathroom.

"Helllooo . . .!"

Ahh, of course, my wife has returned early. I allowed my cock to slide back out of the mouth of the pretty little housekeeper's mouth. Taking myself in hand I wiped the string of saliva off of my cock and onto her parted lips. She was still attempting to regain her normal breath. I gave her a smile that said I would be right back and then I closed the shower curtain to close her away out of sight in the tub.

"You're early!", I said, walking out of the bathroom with nothing on - my semi-erect cock pointing the way. My wife looked at me with mock disapproval.

"I thought that we might go out for drinks in the lounge", I said to her. Her face lit up with a smile and she advanced on me. Taking my cock in her hand she squeezed; "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

Before I could think of an answer she continued, "Is it still just a thought?"

My wife, you really must understand, is one sexy piece of womanhood and right now I would have sworn that anyone in the hall would have been able to hear her motor purr; "Are you still . . just thinking about it?" She pressed her hand to my chest and pushed me backward into the bathroom. "Sit!" she commanded and I sat on the toilet seat.

"Maybe I can help you to cum to a decision, hmmm? Mmmm, mmm." My wife was sucking on the head of my cock with the trapped housekeeper mere inches away behind her thin screen of plastic shower curtain. I must have still looked uncertain and distracted. My wife noticed saying as she popped my head out of her mouth, "Does my baby need more convincing? Is your mind not yet made up?" She leered up at me stroking my cock with both of her hands and said in a deep, husky voice, "Momma wants that drink so be a good baby and fill my mouth!"

With that she was on me. Her mouth slurped my cock down to the balls and then she licked me all the way back up to the head while sucking. I forgot all about the maid and simply let out a huge groan as she worked my cock in and out of her lipsticked mouth. She was a demon on my shaft never letting it go for a second without tongue, lip and mouth action. She would look up at me often and flash me a wicked smile of delight.

"Are you going to come for me baby? Are you going to fill my mouth to overflowing?" . . . suck, slurp, lick, "With your hot cum?" She knew that I loved the talk and she was laying it on for me. She told me how much she loved to feel my cock spurt into her mouth; how she loved to feel the shaft alternately swell and subside as my cum shot along its length; how she loved feeling that with her hands and with her tongue and with her mouth.

She had just finished telling me that she wanted me to shoot on her tongue when she stuck it out full-length from her mouth and began stroking me hard and fast. I was well on my way to shooting a good load when I saw behind my wife the face of the forgotten maid lustfully observing my blowjob.

With a grunting cry that sounded to my ears as if I had been punched in the stomach, I shot an enormous load of cum onto my wife's waiting tongue. And her cheeks. And her lips. And her nose, and hair, and just everywhere. My wife simply laughed with delight and never withdrew her tongue until the rain stopped falling. She was beautiful and I told her so. She shooshed me out of the bathroom and closed the door.


The shower curtain drew back; "Kiss me!" was all that was said. The frightened young housekeeper was drawn into a deep, passionate kiss and though she struggled at first, she was soon trading tongues - and my copious cum with my wife. Soon my wife's fingers were up and under the maids' uniform dress and plunging wildly in and out of her pussy and asshole. The young woman came hugely from the double penetration. My wife hiked up her own skirts, pulled off her panties and straddled the kneeling woman's face; "You came to suck, now suck!" My wife often ejaculates when she cums and when the housekeeper finally left our room she was soaked in pussy juices.

I got that part of the story from my wife, later, in the bar lounge. While we replenished our fluids.

She is really something great, my wife.

Written by: lofax

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