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Mother-In-Law's Road Trip

by wenchhunt©

I broke our embrace, to her disappointment, to survey our room. It was a three room suite. Two Bedrooms and a very large den area with leather couches, giant screen TV and a gas fireplace. A wet bar and fully equipped kitchen completed the tour, or so I thought.

Marti called to me from the bathroom. "Brian, your going to love this!" The bathroom was as large as most hotel rooms. Marti was standing by a marble Jacuzzi was nestled in an alcove surrounded by mirrors. It was easily large enough for four people. I was so glad the girls had insisted on the room. It was only six thirty and the night was certainly going to be fun.

A knock at the door signaled Joseph's arrival with our ice. Marti, I noticed was already working on her second beer since arriving in the room, quickly returning to her previous buzz level. As I walked to the door. she sat down on the couch. I smiled as she opened the robe at the top and pulled high up her thigh at the bottoming. She was really getting the hang of this exposure business.

Joseph entered with the ice and crossed to the wet bar, almost tripping over an ottoman as he stared at Marti's exposure. I asked him to give us a brief run down on the very complicated looking remote control I had discovered previously. I took a seat in the chair closest to the couch where Marti sat looking so ravishing.

He stood at the end of Marti's couch and told the remote ran everything in the room. The TV of course but also the lights, curtains, stereo system, even the fireplace.

While he was explaining, Marti reached for her beer on the table in front of her. As she did her robe opened to fully expose her breast. I saw a smile cross Joseph's face.

"She's beautiful isn't she?" My question surprised the young man. Marti gave me a quick, nervous glance. "Yes, sir, she is beautiful" was his somewhat nervous reply.

"See, I told you so!" I laughingly said to Marti. Joseph said he had to run, but he said if we needed anything at all to call him personally. AS he reached the door, I said, "Hey Joe, your forgetting your tip!" He smiled and walked back into the room. I stood as if I was reaching for my wallet. Instead I took two steps towards Marti. She looked up at me with mixture of fear and surprise. I reached my hand out for her to take. She rose obediently and stood before me.

I led her over to the foyer where Joseph stood. I moved behind her quivering body, reached around the front and undid the tie holding the robe together. Joseph was speechless. He licked his lips in nervousness. I slowly slid the robe off Marti's shoulder's and allowed it to drop to the floor. She had allowed me to strip her completely nude in front of a nineteen year black kid without a word of protest.

I had never seen a more beautiful sight. My mother-in-law's skin was smooth and tanned without lines. Her body was just as tight and firm as I had imagined.

I placed my hands firmly on her shoulders and whispered in her ear. "Lean back against me and spread your legs wide." She pressed her back against my chest and opened her legs slightly. "Wider" I ordered and she pushed her thighs wide.

"Joseph, how about playing with this slut for your tip?" Marti stiffened at my words, but had little time to think as Joseph began to run his hands roughly over her body. Marti began to gently moan as he kneaded her tits as if they were made of dough.

Her ass began to grind involuntarily as Joseph pressed his mouth against her heaving chest and slowly flicked his tongue across her nipples. While one hand continued the assault Marti's chest the other began to seek her wet and spread pussy.

Marti began to push her hips outward, trying to force his hand where she so desperately desired to be touched. She was moaning a deep, guttural sound. It was pure lust.

Joseph's two way radio shattered the moment. His supervisor needed him Immediately. He was apologizing profusely as I closed the door behind him.

Marti was on me as soon as I turned. She was puling my mouth to meet her wide open mouth for deep hard kisses. She wrapped one of her golden thighs around mine and began to hunch her red hot cunt hard against my leg. "Please fuck me," she begged. "I've been so good for you! Please fuck me, I'm yours, all yours" She was almost breathless as she continued the furious pace of grinding her cunt against my rough jeans.

It wasn't time yet. Her release would have to wait because I wanted her in an even deeper sexual frenzy before I allowed her to cum. Although it was agonizing for me as well, I pushed her back. "Not yet my pet, not yet" She wanted to continue to beg, but I placed a finger against her lips and she reluctantly fell silent.

Written by: wenchhunt

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