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A Hot Night in the Boonies...

by afolabi70©

It was the weekend and I was bored, so I searched the net looking for some action. I discovered a swing club not far from where I lived, that I had never been to before. Judging by the map, it was only about 30 minutes from my house, so I showered, put on some nice pants and a dress shirt and decided to check it out.

It turned out the club was out in the boonies. It was so far off the beaten path, it was only accessible by a dirt road. The area was pretty rural and the house didn't even show up on my navigation system. I ended up getting lost and calling for directions. After about an hour, I found the place and pulled my Ford up next to several other cars that were parked in a big yard.

I knocked on the door and was welcomed in by the owner, Rocky, a pleasant looking man with a salt and pepper mustache. He showed me around and gave me the familiar spiel. The club was actually a house, which had various themed rooms. There was a love room decorated in red, and another room decorated with a dungeon theme. The living room also had a bar area and I saw several guests milling around and sipping drinks, while watching a porn movie. Rocky also introduced me to his lovely wife, Jan, a willowy, brunette wearing a black negligee and four-inch heels. She proved to be a gracious host, who quickly set me at ease. You might think swingers are a bunch of weirdos, who wear long overcoats and are addicted to porn, but the truth is, they all look pretty normal. In fact, I mentioned to Jan it was pleasant to see how regular everyone was.

I poured myself a Margarita and continued to wander around the house. I peeked into the love themed room and noticed a middle-aged white couple who were fucking doggie style. The woman looked up at me, and said. "Oh, a single man, how nice. Do you want to come and play with us?" This is not surprising. Single black men are actually in high demand on the swing scene, so you can get a lot of action. I didn't need to be asked twice. I set my drink aside and stripped off my clothes.

The woman told me her name was Angie and her husband was Richard. She was blonde, a little chubby and had low hanging, natural boobs. She also had wide hips and a fat ass. Her husband, Richard, was tall and had long dark hair and a handlebar mustache. Richard continued to fuck his wife as I stroked my cock and got ready. Soon, he pulled out and shot a load all over her ass. He rubbed it into her firm butt and had her lick it off his finger. Angie then turned her attention to me. She got on her knees in front of me and start to give me a blow job, as her husband watched approvingly.

"She sucks a mean dick, doesn't she?" he said.

I nodded in agreement. Richard got hard watching his wife work her mouth up and down my thick cock. Not wanting him to be left out, she took turns sucking his dick and mine. She was quite the busy woman and after several minutes, I couldn't hold back any longer and came on her face. Richard was close behind me and soaked his wife's beautiful face with his hot seed. Angie was covered with two loads of jizz and it matted in her hair, trickled down her body, pooling on her breasts. I thought it was as hot as any porn movie I had seen. Angie went to shower and clean herself up, while we chatted about football and swigged our drinks. She came back refreshed and raring to go.

"That dick of yours looks like it will make a fun ride," she said grabbing my hand. She pushed me down on a bed. I lay back with my hands behind my head and watched as she grabbed my dick and eased it slowly into her wet pussy, as Richard sat in the corner watching. She made a low moaning sound as her pussy swallowed all seven inches of my cock. Finally, I was in all the way and it felt nice and snug. She placed her hands on my chest and began grinding her hips against me. Eventually, she began thrashing away on my cock and bouncing up and down on my hips. I watched her getting wilder and wilder. Her hair was flying around and I could feel her sweat dripping on me. I knew she was getting close and soon she stiffened up, clutched her breasts and climaxed. It must have been a strong orgasm, because I felt her pussy clenching around my dick and milking an orgasm out of me. Angie collapsed and kissed my lips. As she lay on top of me she whispered, "Oh my god, I came so hard, that was great."

I grabbed a nearby towel and patted us both dry from the sweat that built up from our exertions. Angie was ready again. I told her I wanted to fuck her doggie style and she was eager to oblige. She got on her knees and bent over, spreading her soft ass. I got a good look at her wet cunt and puckered rose bud. I was soon hard again. I gave her ass a gentle slap and eased my cock into her wet folds. She felt soft and inviting and moaned as I sunk my cock into her.

"Oh yeah, fuck me hard," she saId. "I want it deep."

I grabbed her wide hips and fucked her good. Every time I thrust into her, she gave a little moan. Richard was getting turned on by his wife's performance and was hard again. He got on his knees in front of her and fed her his cock. Now every time I pounded her ass, all I heard was gagging sounds, but that was sexy too. Richard and I thrust away at Angie for 30 minutes, until he came first, in an eruption of cum that seeped out of Angie's mouth. Seeing that set me off and I shot a hot load of cum into Angie's snatch and stuck my finger into her ass for good measure. I didn't hear Angie cum. But she looked pretty dazed after I pulled out of her and lay on the bed with a far away look, so I figured she must have climaxed. As I was banging Angie, I noticed a small group of people had gathered at the doorway. A lot of going to a swing club is obviously about sex, but I guess I'm also a bit of an exhibitionist. It's a turn on to be watched when you are fucking..

I jumped in the shower and rinsed the cum and sweat off my body. When I returned Angie, was beaming from ear to ear and thanked me for giving her several orgasms. Whenever a woman does that, it a huge boost to a man's ego. I put my clothes back on and wandered back to the living room. I struck up a conversation with a tall brother, who had braids. He said his name was Vince and he had been in the Navy for several years. He told me about his experiences in Australia. I've never been there before, but I've heard that it is a very liberal and open-minded country. Apparently, the women are also pretty horny and into black men. I guess they really don't have a lot of them over there. Vince told me the Navy found him a host family and he hooked up with the host's daughter. He also said when he went out to nightclubs, he was often swarmed by women who were eager to give it up. It was not too surprising. I've talked to some brothers who had gone over there to play basketball. The pussy was so good, they never came back!

Vince left to hook up with a white couple. I watched from the doorway as a buxom blonde sucked his dick, as her husband as jerked off. Vince came all over her bare tits.

I went back to the lounge area to refill my drink and started talking to Rosie, a petite woman wearing a tie-die shirt and nothing else. She had fake boobs and shaggy, blonde hair. She told me she was a school librarian. You meet all kinds of people at a swing club. We actually had a good conversation about books. It turns out, we both liked Harry Potter and "The Lord of the Rings." I also noticed her eying my crotch.

"Why do you keep looking at my crotch?" I asked, innocently.

"I just wondered if you were hung," she said.

"All you have to do is ask," I replied. I pulled out my cock and showed it to her. She took it in her hand and squeezed it admiringly.

"That's nice," she said, with a wicked smile. "I think I'd like to test that out."

She beckoned to her husband, Jim, a tall man with white hair and a white mustache and we found an empty room. Rosie pulled off her T-shirt and I sucked greedily on her boobs as she stroked my cock. I was soon out of my clothes and she was on her knees on the bed. I slipped my cock into her pussy and began thrusting away. She was a small woman and I had to be careful.. Jim helped by pouring lube onto her pussy as I was fucking her, so that made things nice and wet. I pumped away at Rosie steadily. First I was slow, then I built up the pace until I was ramming her cunt. I got so excited, I grabbed a handful of her hair and spanked her ass. Rosie didn't care. She started a low guttural moan, that grew into a loud ecstatic howl as I fucked her. Eventually, she let out a ear-piercing shriek as my dick ravaged her cunt. The scream was so loud it reverberated around the house. I was glad we were out in the boonies, because if we were in the city, I'm sure the neighbors would have called the cops.

Rosie was screaming so loudly, I barely noticed that she came. I pulled out of her and watched as she lay on the bed panting for breath, her body covered with sweat. She was definitely the wildest school librarian I had ever run into. The thought ran through my mind that some kid out there is getting his books checked out by a superfreak.

Rosie's performance was the curtain song, and the club began to shut down. I drove home on cloud nine because I rocked two women's worlds. I was so happy I didn't even care when I got hassled by the police on the way home. The cops asked me where I was coming from. I said, "A nightclub." If they only knew.

Written by: afolabi70

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