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The Photos and the Pre-Nup

by JapleinViera©

This story was inspired by the Eagles' song, Lyin' Eyes.

My lawyer sat back and smiled. "So, Louis, that's where we stand," he said. "Your parents had their finances very well organized. All their accounts were 'transfer on death', so they automatically come to you." Sitting next to me, my wife Stephanie squeezed my hand. "All the account holders have received copies of the death certificates," the lawyer continued, "and now everything is in your name. Those accounts total 14.2 million dollars. The house is on the market for 6.6 million and we've sold the art, the antiques and the cars and jewelry that you didn't want." Stephanie's grip tightened. "When everything settles, we'll be looking at over twenty-six million."

We? I thought. What do you mean, we? Apparently, he'd cranked out so many billable hours that he considered himself part of the family. Lawyers!

I signed the final papers, we shook hands and Stephanie and I left. In the car, I called for a lunch reservation at the Black Tulip restaurant in Cocoa Village. Stephanie was trying hard to contain her excitement. She hadn't gotten along very well with my parents, who made no secret of the way they felt about her. They thought she was only after my -- and their - money. They hadn't mentioned Stephanie in their wills. Stephanie wasn't going to miss them at all, but the money had her practically bouncing up and down in the passenger seat of my car.

We were shown to a table right away and ordered our drinks and entrees. Stephanie was already planning our future.

"You don't need to work anymore, Louis," she said. "Bill's been wanting to buy you out for years. Sell him your shares and we'll be able to retire and have fun."

That's funny, I thought. You haven't worked since we got married.

Stephanie was bubbling away. "We were planning on that trip to Scandinavia, anyway. Now we can go first class all the way and not worry about cost."

As if you ever worry about cost, I thought.

The waiter brought our drinks and salads. Time to drop the bomb.

"There are a couple of things we need to consider before we go," I said softly.

"Oh, we'll need new luggage!" she said brightly. "What else?"

"Well," I said, pulling an envelope out of my jacket pocket, "there's the pre-nup and these." I put the envelope on the table in front of her.

Stephanie looked at the envelope and then at me. I wasn't moving and I had my poker face on. "What's this?" she asked.

"A few photos. Just open it."

Slowly, she put her salad fork down, opened the envelope and slid the photos out. The first one showed her leaning against her car and her kissing her old boyfriend Jay, in a mall parking lot. Jay's pants were unzipped and his cock was out. My loving wife had her hand wrapped around it. The next one was of her and another man on the sofa in our family room. It was the middle of the day and I was at the office. They were both naked and the man was being ridden by my wife. From the look on her face, she was having an orgasm. The next picture was of Stephanie and a different man on the nude beach northeast of Titusville. The guy's erection was in Stephanie's mouth and the look on his face was one of orgasmic joy.

I ate a tomato wedge. When Stephanie started to speak, I held up my hand. I finished chewing, swallowed and took a sip of wine.

"You weren't very careful," I said. "All those texts on your phone and the way the house and your clothes smelled was a dead giveaway. I know Jay's a smoker. I knew a smoker had been in the house on some days when you said you hadn't been out and hadn't done anything. It wasn't hard to figure it all out, especially after I read your texts, so I had you followed." I ate some more salad. "Finding the condoms you keep in that makeup case in your purse really pissed me off. You always had to be ready for a good fuck, didn't you?" I was starting to get a little loud. I lowered my voice. "You were prepared to cuckold me day or night. How convenient for you." I refilled my wine glass from the carafe on the table.

"Now, as far as the pre-nup goes, I'm sure you remember the section on cheating. It says that if you cheat on me, and you have cheated on me, you take out of our marriage what you brought into it. That was damn near nothing." Stephanie was openly crying, now. People at nearby tables were staring. I ignored them and ate another bite of salad.

"So, here's what's going to happen. You have two choices. Choice one: We get a divorce. I'll give you $50,000, which you don't deserve, and your clothes. The good jewelry is locked in the safe right now, and the combination has been changed. Your credit cards have been cancelled. You no longer have access to any bank accounts, including the ones you thought I didn't know about. Your Lexus is in your name and you can keep it." I drank another swallow of wine. "There's an overnight bag in the car. If you choose not to stay with me and abide by my rules, you can call a cab and go to a hotel. There's a thousand bucks cash in the bag and I'll give you the other forty-nine grand tomorrow. I'll send your clothes to wherever you want."

Stephanie wiped her eyes and blew her nose in her napkin. The look on her face was pure despair. Our waiter started our way and was stopped by the manager.

"Choice two: We stay married, with several conditions. First, you send all your lovers one last text, breaking it off, permanently. No other communication, ever. No goodbye fucks. Next, you'll have one credit card with a $5,000 limit. I'll pay off the card once a month." That last one hurt her more that anything. I never had any doubt that Stephanie was a major-league gold-digger. She loved money, loved spending money, loved buying lovely things and showing them off to her friends. A budget of five grand a month would seriously cramp her style. Well, tough. She thought she had it made at last, and now her plans were vanishing, like soap bubbles on a windy day. Stephanie got up and trotted toward the ladies room. I was getting some very dirty looks from the other lunch patrons. I finished my salad and the waiter brought the entrees.

By the time Stephanie came back, I was halfway through my shrimp piccatta. Her makeup was gone and her eyes were red, her face swollen and blotchy. She sat down and stared at her plate.

I wasn't about to cut her any slack. "To continue," I said in a neutral voice, "I noticed that you've been doing some things with those men that you haven't been too anxious to do with me lately. That makes me really unhappy. I've given you pretty much everything you wanted, including too much money and too much trust, and you haven't been returning my generosity. Before we were married, you went down on me whenever I asked you to and you always swallowed for me. You know how much I like that and if you stay with me, you're going to do it again, any goddamn time I want you to. There are some other things I want to do too, and you're going to do them, enthusiastically. I'm thoroughly pissed off at you right now, and I frankly don't give a shit whether you want to do the things I'm going to demand from you or not. Any reluctance or hesitation or resentment on your part will detract from my pleasure and I won't put up with it." I put my fork down. "Let's be very clear now. If you elect to stay married to me, I'm going to be in a position to hold this crap over your head. I intend to use the leverage your cheating has given me to get what I want from you, regardless of how you feel about it. I intend to get plenty of payback. I intend to use your body as an outlet for my anger and I'd better not encounter any resistance from you. You will do what I say with a smile, to the best of your ability. You can consider whatever unpleasantness you may experience to be punishment for your betrayal." I took a last bite of my meal. "I know how much you love money. I don't know how much you love me, or if you ever really loved me. I still love you and I'm willing to continue in this marriage. I realize that keeping you around might be a serious mistake. For all I know, you might be perfectly willing to murder me for my money. I've changed my will, though, and if I die, there'll be an in-depth autopsy and investigation. Besides that, you'll only get a very small part of my fortune. How much that will be and where the rest of it goes is none of your damn business. That might change someday. It's up to you."

I leaned forward. "If I don't like your attitude, if you don't make me happy or if you piss me off and it looks like hanging on to you is going to be more trouble that it's worth, I'll do what seems right to me at the time."

Stephanie had stopped crying. She hadn't said a word. That was fine with me.

"I still love you," I said, "but I don't trust you. If you decide to stay with me, I'm going to have you followed and photographed. Your phone calls and texts will be monitored. If you buy a 'burner' phone or try to evade my investigators, I'll take that as evidence that you're fucking around on me again and I'll kick you to the curb with nothing but the clothes on your back." I signaled the waiter for the check. "And I need your answer before you get up from this table."

Time to wrap this up.

"If you love Jay of any of the others, you'll take the fifty grand and we'll be through. If you love me or my money, you'll agree to my conditions and do your best to please me and earn my trust again. That's going to be goddamned hard to do. If you'd kept your promises and been faithful to me, you'd have everything you've ever wanted, but you didn't do that. You thought you could cheat on me and I'd be stupid enough not to notice. That's just insulting. One way or another, whether you're in or out, that's going to cost you."

The waiter brought the check and I paid it in cash with $50 tip for his trouble.

I folded my napkin and looked at Stephanie. "So; in or out?"

Chapter 2


Stephanie sat for a moment before picking up her knife and fork. She cut a piece of salmon and popped it into her mouth. It must have been cold, after all the delay, but she didn't seem to notice. She chewed the salmon and washed it down with a sip of Sauvignon Blanc. I could tell that she was thinking hard, weighing her options. Stef was a smart woman, not given to wishful thinking. She took a deep breath and blew it out, puffing her cheeks.

"So, I'm well and truly fucked," she said with a weak smile. "The second worse part is, it's totally my own fault. The worst part is, I do love you and I've given you justification for treating me like shit for as long as you feel like it." Stephanie ate a few beans and sipped some more wine. She looked at me and shrugged.

"I'm in. It might seem stupid, if not suicidal, to put myself in a position where I'll be, to all intents and purposes, your slave, and not just for sex. I couldn't handle being without you, though." Stephanie shook her head. "Yeah, I know; it's hard to tell from the way I've behaved. I'd love to talk to you about why I did what I did, but you probably aren't in the mood to hear what I have to say." She folded her napkin and scooted her chair back. "No point talking any more."

We made the ride home in silence; as Steph had said, there was no point talking, at least not for a while.

In the Florida room at home, I dropped my jacket on a chair and unbuckled my belt. "Get your clothes off," I told my wife. "You're going to blow me." I stripped and walked out to the pool. The afternoon sky was overcast, the temperature about 80. I hopped into the water and did a slow breast stroke across and back. Stephanie walked down the steps and joined me. I waded over and stood in front of her in about four feet of water. Stephanie was a beautiful woman with blonde hair that came halfway down her back and a marvelous body. I groped her breasts with both hands. "Play with my cock. Get me hard."

In two or three minutes, Stephanie had me erect. I boosted myself up on the side of the pool, opened my legs and beckoned to Stephanie. "Come on; get over here and suck my cock." I placed her hands on the sides of my hips. "Just your mouth. I want your lips and tongue. Give me a good, fast blowjob. I'm not in the mood for any long, drawn out shit. You're going to suck me off and when I cum in your mouth, you're going to show it to me. Then you're going to swallow every bit of it. Get started."

I had never forced a woman to perform a sex act on me and I found it strangely stimulating. I hadn't really expected her to come home with me. Now that she was here, I was in complete control of her. I was going to force my cheating wife to do things I knew she didn't want to do and I was damn well going to enjoy it. Stephanie knew what I liked in the way of oral sex and I had to admit that she did a terrific job. In less than ten minutes, I was ready. Normally, I would give her some warning, but I wasn't feeling particularly polite. I simply sat there as the sensations grew to that wonderful, climactic point and I came, pumping gouts of semen into Stephanie's mouth, not giving a good goddamn what she thought about it. When I was finished, Stephanie started to pull away, but I grabbed her head and held her right there. Stephanie immediately deep-throated me, then swirled her tongue around my cock, producing another burst of pleasure. I let her work my softening cock for a couple of minutes more.

"All right, that's enough. Let's see the cum." Stephanie opened her mouth and showed me the pool of fluid on her tongue, diluted with saliva, but good enough. "Now swallow," I commanded. She gulped it down and opened her mouth again. "Good. Now you can dry us both off and we'll go inside."

In the Florida room, I slumped in my favorite chair. I pointed to the area rug between my feet. "On your knees, right here," I said. "You're not finished using your mouth today, not by a long shot." Stephanie knelt down and licked me. "Use your hands this time," I told her. "Suck my balls and stroke me and suck my cock." Stephanie lightly gripped my mostly flaccid dick and sucked my left testical. I relaxed, watching her, thinking about all the things I was going to do to her and all the things I was going to make her do to me. My revenge was going to be sweet and extensive and pleasurable. Stephanie held my left ball in her mouth and lapped it with her tongue.

"While you're doing that, let me describe what I'm going to do to you once you get me good and hard." Stephanie caressed the underside of my dick with the ball of her thumb. "The first thing I'm going to do is bend you over the back of that sofa and fuck you from behind." O'l Stef intensely disliked being fucked that way or in any other rear entry position. She'd never let me fuck her in the "doggie" position and would barely tolerate being spooned. Oops, too bad, so sad.

"After that little treat, you're going to get on your hands and knees while I fuck you like a dog, or should I say bitch." Stephanie showed no sign of emotion. My cock began to stiffen and Stephanie took me into her mouth, doing very nice things with her tongue. I grabbed a handful of her blond hair and pulled her in tight, feeling my cock slide into her throat. I held her there until she began to struggle for air. I let her get a breath or two and did it again, choking her repeatedly with my erection. Finally, I released her and she resumed her sucking.

"You always said you hated the idea of anal sex and I pretty much agreed with you. However, I'm rethinking that position. After the way you fucked me over, I imagine ramming my dick up your poop chute might be a fitting form of punishment. I'll do it with a condom, though. I wouldn't want to get your shit all over my nice, clean penis, would I?" Stephanie tried hard not to react to that, but I could see it in her face; having her ass fucked would bother her a lot. She paused in her blowjob efforts just long enough to take a breath and wipe her eyes. "I didn't tell you to stop, did I? I'm almost hard enough to fuck you." Stephanie bobbed her head, sucking me to my full length. I pushed her away.

"Okay, get over there and bend over." Stephanie didn't hesitate. She bent over the sofa, bracing her hands on the seat, spreading her legs and sticking her ass out. My cock was slick from her saliva and I shoved it roughly into her. Other than a soft "ummm, ugggh" she didn't react. Stephanie wasn't wet at all and I had to fuck her for a few minutes before her body responded with its natural lube. Then I pounded her fast and hard, holding her hips and smacking my crotch into her ass cheeks with every stroke, producing a loud slapping sound. I took the time to kick Stephanie's feet a little further apart and push her shoulders down. I fucked her viscously, showing her no mercy until I started to feel an orgasm approaching. I pulled out.

"Enough of that," I growled. "We're going back outside. You're a bitch in heat and you need to be fucked like one." I spanked her butt and pushed her through the sliding glass doors. "Grab the cushion off that chaise lounge and toss it on the deck. Get on your hands and knees." Stephanie did as she was told and in seconds I was inside her again. "Face on the mat," I commanded. She went all the way down and I pummeled her savagely. For the first time, I heard a whimper, then a sob. Should I have felt sympathy for her? Maybe so, but my rage blotted out any such emotion. My wife, whom I had loved and trusted, had betrayed me, lied to me, cheated on me, brought men into my home, fucked them, sucked their cocks and swallowed their cum. Maybe I should have signed up for therapy, but I was pretty sure this approach would be much more satisfying.

Soon, I felt an orgasm building. I let it go until I was almost there. "I'm going to cum real soon. When I pull out of your whoring cunt, I'm going to stand up and you're going to turn around and suck me off. Same drill as last time. Don't fucking disappoint me!" I slammed her a few more times and slid out, jumping to my feet. Stephanie was quick, spinning around and getting her mouth on me in time to catch the first spurt and all the ones that followed. Stephanie stayed on me this time, maximizing my pleasure, milking every drop from me. "Open your damn mouth," I said. When I saw what I wanted, I closed her mouth with my fingers and she swallowed. I pushed her back on the cushion and walked into the house.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on my computer, mapping out my departure from the company that Bill and I had started right out of college. We had built it into a very successful business, using my technical expertise and Bill's business acumen. I owned 60% of the private stock and it hadn't been necessary to issue any public stock. My skills were no longer needed and I was perfectly willing to retire and let Bill have the whole thing. I typed up my ideas and emailed them to a lawyer/business manager I trusted. With any luck, I'd be free in a month or two.

I went looking for my wife, sex and punishment on my mind. I found her in our bedroom, wearing a short silk robe and laying on the bed. The TV was off and there were no books or magazines around. She was, it seemed, patiently waiting for me to come find her.

No point talking, I thought. I took hold of her upper arms and yanked her around so that her head was hanging off the edge of the bed. I was already nude and had the beginnings of an erection. Stephanie opened her mouth and I flopped my scrotum between her lips. She lapped at my balls and stroked my hardening shaft with her fingers. As soon as I was erect, I jammed my rod into her mouth and right into her throat. Stephanie instinctively started to push me away, but immediately got control of herself and tried to relax. It wasn't easy. I fucked her throat steadily, imagining another man right there, in my bedroom, doing the same thing. And she probably loved it!, I thought. She was happy to let him fuck her face and cum down her throat! Fucking, fucking traitorous bitch!!

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