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The Sexy Malay Aunty Nora Azlinah

by johara©

Aunty Nora Azlinah laid Affidha Affindi’s left leg down, pored more oil into her hand and began to work on her right leg, pampering this leg just as she had pampered the other. Now that Affidha Affindi’s backside had been completely rubbed down, aunty Nora Azlinah wondered how she was to going to handle her other parts.

“Aunty you are doing a fine job…massage my Affidha well” Norman said moving his hands on his thick cock.

“Roll over Affidha…” aunty Nora Azlinah instructed in a whisper

With the naked aunty Nora Azlinah still between her legs, the sexy Affidha Affindi pushed herself up with her creamy arms, pulling her legs forward giving her a full view of her completely open pussy. Norman saw the open pussy of his sexy and horny Malay girl friend Affidha Affindi, which looked like a newly blossomed flower.

“Close your eyes Affidha…” aunty Nora Azlinah instructed

“Don’t you want me to watch?” she asked

Moving her hands along Affidha Affindi’s silky stomach to her pelvis, aunty Nora Azlinah touched her bald pussy that begged for her quick attention.

“Are you horny Affidha?” asked Aunty Nora Azlinah

“Very…very very horny…aunty…” Affidha Affindi replied in a soft moan

Aunty Nora Azlinah saw that her sexy and horny niece’s pussy was wet and her clit was swollen into a deep red color. Affidha Affindi moaned softly. With big, strong circular strokes, the sexy 45 years old Malay aunty Nora Azlinah moved her hands from Affidha Affindi’s shoulders down to her ribs, purposely avoiding her jiggling boobs. She followed the same pattern and returned to her shoulder. Affidha wriggled in lust and pleasure and wanted something in her cunt, very badly. The Malay aunty was an expert teaser. She now massaged her niece by running her fingers over her big boobs. She kept this up for a few minutes. Finished with teasing the sexy Malay hottie, she reached for her stomach and massaged it gently. Affidha Affindi’s nipples were erect and the smell of her pussy was getting stronger and stronger.

“How do you feel now Affidha?” asked Norman who was watching the tease show between Affidha Affindi and her aunty Nora Azlinah.

“Great…she just missed one important spot,” she hissed

“No I did not miss any spot…” aunty Nora Azlinah smiled at Norman

“Yeah you missed my cunt…” the horny Malay hottie Affidha Affindi yelped.

“Do her cunt, aunty Nora Azlinah”, instructed Norman.

Aunty Nora Azlinah poured oil on the smooth pussy of Affidha Affindi and worked on it. She had never given this sort of massage to any one before. She made circular motions over Affidha Affindi’s thick pussy lips with her fingers.

“Yeah…aaaaa…uunng…”, Affidha Affindi moaned softly enjoying the pleasure on her horny cunt, “Yeah, keep doing that, aunty, just a little bit harder and faster”, she requested.

From her heavy breath and her spasms aunty Nora Azlinah felt that Affidha Affindi was close to her climax. She looked at her sexy face; observing her eyes…that became glassy with her passion…how her mouth open slightly taking in her breaths…little beads of perspiration that formed on her eyebrows and her thick upper and lower lips…and how her nose flared a little with each hot breath.

“I want to see my girl friends clit…” Norman said and moved near to the bed, holding his throbbing cock in his hand.

He looked very close at the peeking clit of his Malay girl friend. Affidha Affindi’s clit had gone from deep red to purple and the tip was white. “Don’t stop, aunty, faster…faster…faster…” she cried out.

Aunty Nora Azlinah finger fucked Affidha Affindi with two of her fingers in and out of her horny wet twat. Norman watched in complete astonishment as his sexy and hot Malay girlfriend was finding utter bliss before his eyes with the help of her loving and beautiful Malay aunty. Aunty Nora Azlinah flicked her finger on the erect clit of Affidha Affindi when she reached her orgasm. She arched her back and a deep throaty moans escaped from her mouth. Aunty Nora Azlinah stroked Affidha Affindi’s clit even after she had come many times. She then slowed her stroking as Affidha Affindi’s orgasm had dissipated. Affidha Affindi opened her eyes and looked at aunty Nora Azlinah and her boy friend Norman.

“Affidha now it is your turn to massage aunty Nora Azlinah” Norman said.

Aunty Nora Azlinah lay on the bed and Affidha Affindi immediately went for her 40D sized boobies with her oil slick hand. Aunty’s nipples were thick and brown. Norman felt that he should fuck this Malay aunty in her big boobs. As Affidha Affindi started to explore the huge tits of her aunty, aunty Nora Azlinah moaned and said, “Affidha, that feels so good, don’t stop”.

Norman held the thick nipples of aunty Nora Azlinah between his fingers and rolled them. He pulled them hard making her moan. He had to use both his hands to hold one of her huge breast. He rolled her thick nipples between his fingers and teased this luscious Malay aunty. Rolling one of the nipple, he took the other one in his mouth and nibbled at it sending goose flesh all over aunty Nora Azlinah’s body. By now Affidha Affindi had moved to the booty of her aunty. She guided aunty Nora Azlinah to spread her legs apart showing her hairy and horny twat. Affidha Affindi stared at her aunty’s hairy pussy in amazement. She had never seen such wetness before, and her own pussy throbbed in anticipation. Norman sucked on the luscious boobs of aunty Nora Azlinah and trailed his wet tongue to her neck. Then he sucked on her thick lips and bit her chubby cheeks. He parted her mouth open and dabbed her tongue and sucked on her lips hungrily. He then licked all over her sexy face and bit her cheeks and made her terribly horny. Aunty Nora Azlinah closed her legs and massaged her own huge boobs.

He kissed her nice arms and pushed his face in her armpits. To his surprise aunty Nora Azlinah had hair in her armpits. They were long and wet. Norman wanted to do the same thing that he had done to Affidha Affindi, on his birthday. He kissed aunty Nora Azlinah’s underarms and licked it, making the hair to form a thick mat on her skin. The scent of her underarms was strong and turned him on.

Affidha Affindi, the fuckable Malay hottie, carefully spread her aunty’s thick cunt lips apart exposing her hard clit, that waited to be taken care of. At first she rubbed aunty Nora Azlinah gently. She propped two pillows under her knees so that aunty Nora Azlinah could relax. Affidha Affindi teased her aunty’s horny fuck hole with her fingers. After having sucked the hairy armpits of aunty Nora Azlinah he moved away to watch both the horny Singapore Malay ladies do each other. Affidha Affindi and her aunty Nora Azlinah lay side by side with their hands between each other’s legs. Their lips met and they started to kiss passionately. Affidha Affindi broke her kiss and made a wet trail with their tongue down to aunty Nora Azlinah’s pussy jungle.

As she began to explore, aunty Nora Azlinah guided her fingers inside her steaming cunt hole. Aunty Nora Azlinah bucked up her broad hips and made Affidha Affindi to touch her clit.

“Make her moan…” Norman said watching the sexy aunty Nora Azlinah arch her back up.

“Affidha, don’t stop…I am cumming…fuck me”, aunty Nora Azlinah grunted.

The deep throaty sounds that emanated from aunty Nora Azlinah’s throat were erotic and Affidha Affindi pumped her fingers in and out of her oozing cunt continuously. She grabbed Affidha Affindi by her hair and forced her mouth against her clit with the pressure that she desired to reach her ultimate climax. Affidha Affindi inserted another finger inside her moaning aunty and that put her over the edge. Aunty Nora Azlinah grunted loudly and her language changed quickly. Her thick and puffy cunt lips throbbed and oozed its juices in torrents. She yelled, “Affidha, please fuck me harder, oh…oh…oh…”.

Her big and luscious body rocked as she came and came. As her leg’s twitched and spasm, Affidha Affindi laid between aunty Nora Azlinah’s parted hairy pussy and soaked up every last drop of her sweet honey. Aunty Nora Azlinah had never experienced an ejaculation like that and she was so happy to have shared that with her sexy niece.

Norman positioned himself on aunty Nora Azlinah’s stomach with his legs on either side of her hips. He knelt and placed his cock between the huge boobs of her. Her boobs were oil slick and looked great. He pushed his cock between her big boobs and began to move it in and out. The warmth of her big boobs was awesome and he moved it faster and faster. Aunty Nora Azlinah kept her mouth open and he purposely rammed his cock harder so that it brushed her lips. He pressed her hands over her luscious boobs as he rammed his hot rod between those meat mountains. When he was about to cum, he pulled it out and stuffed his cock in aunty Nora Azlinah’s mouth and pumped it hard. He raised himself and lowered into her mouth going all the way into her throat. She gurgled but kept her mouth open for his cock to slide in and out.

He came in torrents and filled her mouth with his hot cum. He continued to pump her mouth even after he had cum. The thick cream filled her mouth and flowed out over her chins to her throat. Aunty Nora Azlinah pulled his wet cock out of her mouth and sat upright and cleaned her face. Holding this cock in his hand, Norman moved near aunty Nora Azlinah’s big boobs and spanked it with his hard. The thick juice sprayed out of his cock and fell on her oil slick hooters. He thrashed her boobs with his cock until he had them covered with his hot cream. He then pushed his cock under her arm and enjoyed its warmth and the sweet sensation of the thick hair.

He went between aunty Nora Azlinah’s stout thighs and licked her inner thighs. He cunt was wet and with one quick shove he had his whole cock buried to its hilt in her cunt. Hugging her tightly and kissing her thick lips, he began to fuck this 45 years old Malay aunty, Nora Azlinah. Her thick cunt lips clung to his cock tightly and sucked his cock tight. Aunty Nora Azlinah’s thick cunt hair tickled his balls as he slammed in and out of her wet pussy like a mad man. Affidha Affindi stood by their side and watched his boy friend fuck her aunty. As she watched her neatly shaved pussy became wetter and hotter. Aunty Nora Azlinah’s big boobs jiggles as Norman kept fucking her harder and harder. He kissed her big boobs and buried his face between them, enjoying its warmth and its natural fragrance.

“Yeah fuck me harder and harder…”, aunty Nora Azlinah yelled and cooed.

He slammed harder and he ejaculated very soon flooding her horny pussy with his thick cream. He pulled it out and jerked on her stomach and the thick cum fell on the flab of her belly. He moved his cock all over her belly, her big navel, and all over her soft arms. He then spanked her chubby cheeks with his hot rod forming strings of cum all over her sexy face. Aunty Nora Azlinah’s luscious body glistened with oil and his thick white cum.

“Why don’t you eat her cunt, Affidha?”, Norman asked jerking his cock.

Sliding back on the bed, he allowed the tip of his creaming cock to drop into the open mouth of aunty Nora Azlinah, and she swallowed greedily. Looking intently at her aunty sucking Norman’s cock, Affidha Affindi made her way to the bed. Affidha Affindi dropped to her knees and without hesitation she slid her tongue out and right into the wet steaming delectable pussy. Affidha Affindi pushed aunty Nora Azlinah’s legs back against her chest and licked her hairy cunt just as she loved it. She stared at her clit and licked it with the tip of her tongue. With Norman’s cock stuffed inside her mouth, aunty Nora Azlinah pressed her niece’s head on her steaming clit and urged her to lick her out.

Norman pulled his cock out of aunty Nora Azlinah’s mouth and moved over to attend his horny girlfriend. He kissed her beautiful butt and licked the crack making it wet with his saliva. Holding her hips Norman slid his big cock into Affidha Affindi’s willing and ready cunt. But she concentrated on her aunty’s intoxicating hairy pussy. She reached up and slid two fingers into aunty Nora Azlinah’s big and overflowing cunt. Aunty Nora Azlinah moaned loudly and bucked her hips up to meet Affidha Affindi’s tongue and fingers. All of a sudden her body stiffened and she started to climax. It was a wonderful sight for both Norman and Affidha Affindi. He fucked Affidha Affindi harder in her shaved pussy and kissed her bare back. He spanked her big butt as he rode his Malay girlfriend harder and deeper.

“Fuck my aunty, Norman”, Affidha Affindi said with her fingers still buried inside the gooey cunt of aunty Nora Azlinah.

Norman pulled his thick cock out of Affidha Affindi and lay on the floor. “Aunty I want you to fuck me from top”, he said holding his throbbing cock.

Aunty Nora Azlinah got up from the bed and straddled Norman’s body and settled her well-lubed and hairy pussy down onto his rigid fuck pole. Her thick cunt lips were stretched around his cock giving her a filled sensation. She began to bob up and down on that warm piece of man meat. Affidha Affindi squatted over his face, facing aunty Nora Azlinah and reached out and cupped her big boobs.

“Aunty, you have got the biggest and sexiest tits I have ever seen”, she said to which Norman nodded.

“You Malay women in Singapore have big hooters and big butts, I love them”, he said guiding aunty Nora Azlinah to fuck his erect cock.

Affidha leaned down and began to suck aunty Nora Azlinah’s thick nipples. She moved her hips over Norman’s face and he licked around her shaved cunt with his tongue. Aunty Nora Azlinah wrapped her arms around her and pulled her niece closer. Holding her hips Norman rammed his cock in and out of aunty Nora Azlinah’s cunt mercilessly. Every time she went up on his cock, her huge butt would shake and open up when she descended. He prodded her dark anus as she rode his cock faster and faster. A few more pumping and she came. It started with a low moan from somewhere deep within her and ended in a scream. Her voice was very erotic and a turn on. Holding her hips still, Norman pumped his cock in and out of her cunt extremely faster, making her scream wildly. Her big body and her big boobs jiggled and her cunt muscles gripped Norman’s cock like a noose.

Aunty Nora Azlinah continued to climax for more than five minutes. She held Affidha Affindi tight and kissed her lips as she came and came. Norman pulled his cock out of her wet twat. They all kissed passionately and went to bed. Aunty Nora Azlinah slept in the guestroom while Norman took his girlfriend to his bedroom.

When Norman woke up at 7 in the morning, Affidha Affindi had already dressed up and was ready for work. He tried to pull he on the bed for a nice morning fuck, but she refused. She kissed him and left for work. Norman immediately wanted a good fuck, and he walked towards aunty Nora Azlinah’s room. His cock was rock hard and was craving for a horny cunt. Aunty Nora Azlinah just stepped out of the bathroom after a shower. She looked gorgeous with a bathrobe, and her hair was bunched up revealing her neck. He went for her and kissed on her wet lips. Aunty Nora Azlinah hugged him and ran her fingers over his thick cock, which looked much bigger and thicker than yesterday. She bent down and touched his cock. It was warm and hard as she ran her fingers along its shaft.

“Norman, it’s lovely…bigger and thicker…”, aunty Nora Azlinah said admiring the throbbing cock.

Holding it in her hand, she pumped it and it grew even bigger and thicker. It got very large and warm and it excited her greatly. Like most of the Singapore Malay women, aunty Nora Azlinah loved big and thick cocks, to suck and fuck. She moved her face closer and closer to his hard cock. She bit her thick lower lip and opened her mouth to measure whether this cock would fit into her mouth or not. Norman’s cock was much bigger and thicker in the mornings for some unknown reasons. Affidha Affindi loved to fuck this big cock always in the morning as she could enjoy its thick size. But today it was her Malay aunty who was lucky to have this cock. Aunty Nora Azlinah opened her mouth wide and placed his cock head on her lips, and lapped it with her naughty tongue.

She could taste the pre-cum and enjoyed it. She started to suck his big tool and slowly slide it deeper and deeper into her waiting mouth. She did a wonderful blow job just like her niece, Affidha Affindi. She sucked his thick cock nice and hard as she pulled it in and out of her hot big mouth. She licked over the thick pole and did this over and over again, caressing his balls with her fingers.

“Aunty Nora Azlinah…you are so wonderful…”, Norman grunted guiding his cock in and out of her saliva gobbling mouth.

Aunty Nora Azlinah slowly lifted her lovely face off Norman’s rock hard and pulsing cock. She was in need of a good fuck in her steamy pussy. She brought some oil and applied on his dick, and also over her thick cunt lips. She then turned, bent over and slowly backed into his slick cock guiding it into her waiting wet pussy. The big cock stuffed her wet pussy and she loved the filled feeling. Aunty Nora Azlinah that Norman’s cock was indeed a lot bigger today, as she could feel it inside her cunt. The 45 years old horny Singapore Malay aunty started to slide Norman’s cock into her pulsating pussy and felt that the head spread the thick lips of her pussy as wide as it could. She stopped and let her pussy adjust to his size. Norman held her wide hips and shoved his big cock deeper and deeper inside the hot aunty Nora Azlinah’s cunt.

“Yeah…that feels good…”, she hissed.

When he had buried all of his cock inside her horny twat, he stayed still and let her pussy get adjusted. He held the big butt cheeks of aunty Nora Azlinah and guided her on his cock, as she started to rock back and forth. He huge melons hung down and swayed as he began to fuck this luscious Malay aunty with long and deep strokes. He slipped his hands to her tits and tweaked her hard nipples, when aunty Nora Azlinah let out a loud moan. Norman pulled her up and she melted in his arms, when he ran his hand down to her pussy and clit. With one hand he started to tease her clit, while with the other he tweaked her nipples. Aunty Nora Azlinah got great pleasure from all of these and she grunted loudly.

“I love to fuck these plump Singapore Malay aunties…”, Norman thought to himself as he kept fucking this 45 years old Malay aunty.

Ever time he pinched her nipples, her luscious and plump body would move and so did his big dick inside her big fuck hole. He pounded her really harder and harder and she climaxed in no time. Her plump body and her huge boobs jiggled and shuddered as she reached her orgasm. He then pulled her down and forced his erect cock even deeper inside her hairy fuck twat. He forced his big cock deeper inside her and aunty Nora Azlinah loved the feeling.

“Unnggggggggg…” aunty Nora Azlinah grunted.

He fucked her harder for a while and pulled out even before he had his cum. He put down a pillow and made aunty Nora Azlinah put her head on that. Even before she could realize, what was he up to, he spread her huge butt cheeks and placed his wet tongue on her dark and puckered anus. Aunty Nora Azlinah wailed in pleasure when his tongue touched her nice anus, and she came again. He licked along the dark passage of her huge buttocks and alternated his licks between her hairy pussy and her dark anus. Aunty Nora Azlinah’s anus opened up and closed like a small fish opening its mouth. He licked all over her anus and kissed it. He again moved down to her hairy pussy and started to lick the dense hair on it.

“Aunty Nora Azlinah, I am going to fuck your big butt, and you will love this”, he said.

Aunty Nora Azlinah immediately knew that her Niece’s boyfriend was going to fuck the hell out of her this morning. He slowly put his cock back into her wet cunt and made her feel every inch of it. She could feel his thick cock disappear into her hot cunt inch by inch. Holding her butt cheeks, he started to pump this plump Malay aunty, slow at first, and then really harder.

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