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Sottomesso Resort Ch. 03

by Sottomesso_Slut©

Around two o'clock in the morning Gin woke up to feel a warm tight body next to her. It took her a few moments to remember where she was and who was next to her. When she realized it was Candy and they were naked, Gin smiled. Although, she was hungry for food there was something she wanted more in her mouth. Gin gently pushed Candy on to her back and bent to suck on Candy's perfect nipples while spreading her legs.

Candy awoke after a few minutes of Gin sucking her nipples and rubbing her pussy. "Mmmm...that feels nice baby, but you need to stop."

"Why? I want you and I can tell you want this too." whispered Gin.

"There are cameras and we aren't allowed to play or climax without permission. But I want you too." answered Candy. "Go back to sleep, we have to get up early."

"I need something to eat first. I'm going to get something from the kitchen, do you want anything?"

"No thanks babe, but hurry up and get your food. We have to be up at six o'clock to make Mistress Vivian's breakfast."

Gin quickly went to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water and a small peanut butter and jelly sandwich. After eating over the sink, Gin returned to the bedroom. Candy had crawled under the covers and was sound asleep looking so beautiful.

At six o'clock Gin awoke to somebody twisting her nipples. Her mind clicked on faster this time, and she realized it was Candy.

"Get up babe, it's time to work."

"Okay, I'm awake, stop twisting my nipples. Why don't you kiss them to make them feel better?"

"No time now, remind me later, and I will." replied Candy getting off the bed and exiting the room.

"Mistress gets breakfast in bed every morning, served at exactly 7:30." said Candy when Gin walked into the kitchen a few minutes later. "Before retiring for the night she leaves her breakfast order on this notepad. Today, she wants two scrabbled egg whites, one piece of wheat toast with blackberry jam, black coffee, and some sliced grapefruit."

Gin and Candy got to work making Vivian's breakfast. Candy made the eggs and coffee, while Gin made toast and cut the grapefruit. "The last part of Mistress Vivian's morning routine is that she is always woken up by somebody eating her pussy. I'll show you today because you will have to do it tomorrow perfectly." said Candy as she placed the breakfast on a wooden serving tray with a napkin.

"Follow me and don't make a sound" said Candy.

Candy took the tray into the other bedroom. The door was left cracked open so she only had to tap it with her foot for the door to open completely. Candy carefully set the tray down on the table next to the king size bed. "Always place the tray here with the drink in the upper left corner." whispered Candy.

Gin nodded her head. Next, Candy walked to the foot of the bed and pointed at the covers. The sheets and blankets were not tucked in but were just draped over the bed and Vivian.

Candy got on her knees and slowly climbed under the covers. As Gin watched she could see Candy's body move up Vivian's body. Once her head stopped moving, Gin heard kissing and sucking noises. After a minute or two Mistress Vivian started to move her hips and moan.

As Gin watched from the side of the bed Vivian opened her eyes, looking directly at her, and threw off the covers. "Get over here and suck my tits" commanded Vivian. Gin did as instructed and sat on the bed and started sucking on her left nipple while twisting the right nipple. "Oh that's it...suck my clit harder. Pull my nipples. Bite my nipples. Oh yes that's it girls. Make your Mistress cum."

Both Gin and Candy started to work twice as hard and faster to get Vivian to climax. "Oh fuck that's it...I'm so close...Yessss. Yesss. Oh fuck I'm cumming!!" yelled Vivian as her orgasm hit. Gin continued to play with Vivian nipples as her climax rolled on and on. Candy was lapping up all of her juices and making sure her pussy and thighs were clean.

"Good job girls." Vivian said as she sat up and leaned against the headboard of the bed, pulling the covers over her lap. "I'm ready for my breakfast now. You may now go eat your meal as well."

"Mistress would you like us to eat here or would you like me to show Gin the dining hall?"

"Eat here."

"Yes, Mistress." both girls replied before exiting the room. Candy left the bedroom door open behind her. "In case she needs something from us, this way we will able to hear her." said Candy and Gin's questioning look.

Candy made some more egg whites while Gin made toast and tea for them. The girls sat at the table to eat the meal. Meal time was the only time they could sit at the table without getting in trouble. After breakfast, Candy and Gin removed the dirty dishes from Vivian's room and cleaned the kitchen. Then they took a quick shower, together of course.

When Mistress Vivian came out of her room it was close to nine o'clock. Vivian was dressed in a very nice, tight and sexy navy skirt, white button up shirt and navy lace push up bra.

"I have a meeting this morning. Candy, you will show Gin around the resort and explain things to her. You will have lunch in the dining hall and return here no later then two pm."

"Yes, Mistress." they both answered.

Vivian left after giving her orders. Gin and Candy went to get dressed. Candy put on a mini skirt, that barely covered her naked cunt and ass, and a see through bra with holes for her nipples. Candy dressed Gin in a white lace baby-doll with a matching thong.

"Why are we dressed so differently?" ask Gin. "Because you are currently off limits to guests and staff." replied Candy.

The girls left the cottage and started walking, with Candy taking on the roll of tour guide. Candy was going to start the tour with the bunkhouse. "Why am I off limits?" asked Gin, still not understanding the reason behind the way she was dressed.

"Because, baby you are still pure and innocent. When you walk around the resort you will always be dressed in white and be covered more than the rest of girls. This lets the staff and guests know that you are not to be fucked. I guess we could put a sign on you that says VIRGIN, but that's not as sexy. People are allowed to look, touch and use your mouth but not fuck you until after you party in two months. As for me, if a guest wants to fuck me here, right now they can. My pussy is always open for a good fucking. Since I have a virgin ass, at least for a little while longer, guests can only fuck my mouth and pussy. Some of the girls who have been here longer and enjoy anal sex can be fucked in any hole at any time any where. Do you understand, babe?"

"Yes I understand. Has a guest ever taken you out here in public before? I think that's a great idea and just thinking about it is making me wet." commented Gin.

"Yes, I have been fucked pool side as well as in the middle of the gym. Being the center of attention is fun." answered Candy.

The girls continued to walk arm in arm and chatting about Sottomesso. They talked about the history of it, famous guests that I have stayed here, and the rumor that one of the males trained here landed a job as the first lady's personal bodyguard and sex toy. "If the rumor is true I think it would have to be Hillary Clinton, you know she was not giving Bill any love, what with him cheating on her all the time." commented Gin.

"This is the bunk house." Candy said as the walked up to a large, plain building. "You will move in here after your party. Innocents always stay with Mistress Vivian until after their party because there is too much temptation here." Candy opened the door and allowed Gin to enter first.

"There are thirty bunk beds, so sixty mattresses to the right. A fully stocked kitchen to the left, unisex bathrooms straight head, and this is the living room stash lobby." said Candy is her tour guide voice. Gin was looking around, everything here was nice and simple. No extra nice things and none of the elegance that screamed money like at Vivian's cottage.

"We are all equal here, so you can fuck who you want when you want and if you want. Plus, you can climax as many times as you desire. We do have assign beds, but for the most part people just sleep where they crash after hooking up." explained Candy.

Gin was surprised at the noise level of this building. There were so many people moving around, getting dressed or undressed, showering, talking about guests, and fucking by the sounds of the moans and grunts. Gin had not realized that Sottomesso was this big. A handsome man came out of the bathroom with nothing on but a smile, he was headed to the kitchen when he spotted Candy and Gin and started to walk towards them.

"Hey Candy, care to give me a hand or mouth or pussy with this?" he asked holding his engorged cock in his hand.

"No problem Big Ed. Come over here and meet out newest recruit."

As Big Ed walked closer, Gin could not take her eyes off his monster cock, it was the longest and thickest cock she had ever seen. "He's hung like a horse, that's why his name is Big Ed." said Candy with a giggle.

"It's a little over ten inches when fully hard and about two inches in girth. Now where can I stick it Candy?"

"Oh I want the massive cock in my pussy, lover." replied Candy walking over the back of the couch, leaning over it and flipping up her skirt to show Big Ed her wet pussy. "I'm waiting." she said sultry.

Gin just watched as Big Ed walked up behind Candy and started rubbing her pussy with the tip of his cock, making sure she was wet. "Stink it in nice and deep" said Candy. Ed wasted no time and buried his large cock deep in her pussy in one thrust causing Candy to moan. Ed fucked her hard and fast, this was pure animal lust. Ed pounded her cunt for about five minutes before Candy was yelling that she was coming. He kept up his pace and she came again a few minutes later. Big Ed had raised her right leg so that it was resting on the back of the couch, opening her wider for him. Ed only lasted a few more minutes but was able to give Candy her third orgasm before he grunted his own release.

Candy lowered her leg and they both leaned against the back of the couch, spent. Ed's softening cock finally slipping out of her slick hole. "Would you like some help cleaning up?" asked Gin softly from where she stood not three feet away. "Sure, that would be great." replied Big Ed, taking a step back and turning towards Gin.

Gin dropped to her knees and started licking the head of his cock, then slowly working the dick into her mouth. She could taste both their juices and she found the she like the mixture. Gin licked his cock clean then made sure his testicles were clean as well. She was using everything that Master Rick had taught her so far and it was causing Ed's cock to regain some life.

"I think he is clean enough, I'm the one with fluid running down her legs, and could use some cleaning." announced Candy. Gin moved over to where she was still leaning against the back of the couch and started to lick the her inner right thigh first, when that was clean she moved onto Candy's left thigh. Now, with both her legs clean Gin focused on her cream filled pussy. Gin used her tongue to dig out as much of Big Ed's spunk as she could, making sure to shallow it all. Watching the action and cleaning both Ed and Candy had Gin so turned on that she would have done anything anybody said. Gin was in heaven.

Candy pushed Gin backwards when she could not take anymore. "That's good babe." Gin had heard form friends in college that a mans spunk tastes salty. What she was swallowed from Candy's cunt wasn't salty at all. Gin looked around for Big Ed to see if she could suck him off to see if he alone tasted salty. But he was no where to be found. Gin was disappointed. "I'm going to go use the restroom to finish cleaning up, be right back." said Candy as she moved away.

Gin stood up once Candy was gone and was just looking around the bunkhouse when two girls entered the lobby area. The had come from the bedroom part of the building and were dressed like slutty French maids.

Their uniform consisted of a maids cap, black corset, white mini-skirt, shear black stocking and garter belt, and white one inch high heels. They also had name tags just below their left nipple, the corset only cover the lower part of their tits.

Coco had beautiful flawless black skin. Gin did not need to guess why she was named Coco. She had B-cup breast that were so perky. The other was named Bunny, a cute brunette with long legs and at least a C-cup chest.

"Hi, you must be the new arrival." said Bunny.

"Yes, I got here yesterday evening. I'm Gin."

"A virgin, how lovely." said Coco.

"You girls off to work?" asked Candy from behind Gin.

"Yeah, got to earn the money and keep the guests happy." said Coco. "We just stopped by to meet Gin."

"I'm showing her around this morning. She met Big Ed when we got here." said Candy.

"Do you know where he went I would love to have him fuck me before work." said Bunny.

"No, sorry. He fucked me, got cleaned by Gin and took off."

"Darn, I'll have to track him down later. Got to go, see you around Gin." replied Bunny as she and Coco left the bunkhouse.

"I was hoping to suck Ed off myself but he just vanished. I wanted to taste his cream straight from his exploding cock." said Gin once she and Candy were alone again.

"You'll have more than enough opportunity to do that in the next four months." said Candy. "Let's continue the tour."

They left the bunkhouse and headed to the dining hall. As they walked, they chatted and Gin learned a lot. Ed was very popular with all the ladies, both staff and guest. Bunny got her name because she likes to fuck like bunnies, fast and often. Both Coco and Bunny worked as maids during the day are were entertainment at night. Most of the submissive staff here worked. Some were maids, waitresses, pool boys, personal trainers, and cooks, as well as many other things. While Coco and Bunny worked in the mornings there were some who were at the guest beck and call during the morning and worked in the evening.

"Do you work Candy?"

"No, I'm just here for the pleasure of the guests day and night." replied Candy.

"Will you and I have to work?" asked Gin.

"All subs are required to work/train during their third and forth month I'm going to be trained as a personal cook, since I have a background in baking and love it. I will hopefully become the personal cook for my own Master or Mistress, once I found somebody I like who can care for me."

"Interesting. I have another question, why were you given the name Candy?"

Candy smiled as she answered Gin. "Before coming to Sottomesso, I always had something in my mouth: a cock, a pussy, candy, my fingers, anything that I could suck on. When I arrived Master Rick already knew this and ordered me to give him a blow job as soon as I stepped out of the car. After wards, he said 'You suck cock like you're sucking a candy cane.' So he named me Candy. I think it fits and I like it."

The girls walked into a well lit building. "This is the dining hall. Employees eat here if they are not with guests or required elsewhere. All guest meals are prepared here but are served in their dining room or suite. Follow me and I'll introduce you to Master Chef." said Candy.

Gin followed Candy through the dining area, where there were small round and square tables. Everything was clean and nice, but nothing special, just wood tables and chairs. The buffet was standard stainless steel and current empty, but on serving table there was a bowl of fruit and some prepackaged crackers, for anybody who needed a snack.

The artwork on the walls was anything but ordinary, there were black and white nude photographs and erotic paintings. The one that caught Gin's attention was a black and white photograph of an orgy, legs and arms everywhere, faces captured forever in the throes of passion. Gin found it very classy and sexy.

Candy lead Gin through a pair of double doors and into the heat of the kitchen. "Gin, I would like to introduce you to Master Chef." said Candy, as she waved over a dark haired man.

"Nice to meet you, Sir." Gin said, looking at a drop dead gorgeous Hispanic male. He looked to be about thirty years old, and had the darkest brown eyes Gin had ever seen. His eyes were the kind a girl could get lost in and surrounded by long dark eye lashes, the kind every woman wants.

"Hola, Gin. Welcome to my kitchen. I understand I'll be helping you over the next week learn how to prepare Mistress Vivian's favorite meals." Gin could only nod her head at this because she was so scared if she spoke she would make a fool out of herself. The erotic visions of Chef naked and on top of her was turning her brain to mush. Gin knew her face was beet red, but she hoped he would think it was from the heat of the kitchen.

"See you around Chef." said Candy before pulling Gin out of the kitchen. Candy continued to show Gin around the resort. There were tennis courts, pools, guest rooms, a few bungalows, and the health center. During the morning Gin was introduced to a number of guests, who enjoyed touching her, and staff.

At around noon Candy and Gin started walking back to the dining hall for lunch. They sat a round table with Big Ed and Bunny; Coco was still with some guests. Gin was sitting between Ed and Bunny with Candy across from her. As they chatted, Gin could feel Ed's leg rubbing against hers and after about twenty minutes he put his hand on her thigh. His hand just rested right above her knee not moving, and Gin was perfectly fine with this, she liked the feeling of his warm hand on her smooth skin. They enjoyed the delicious buffet foods and chatted, becoming fast friends. A little time pasted and they continued to talk, when Gin feels Bunny's hand on her other thigh. Unlike Ed's still hand, Bunny is slowly caressing Gin's inner thigh with her fingertips. Gin does not say or do anything, besides opening her legs wider. Candy is telling the table about a guest she spent time with last week, but Gin is unable to follow the story. Both Bunny and Ed are now moving their hands slowly up her inner thighs, softly caressing as they go.

Gin opens her legs as far as she can, allowing them better access to her wet center. Bunny's hand is the first to reach her covered mound, and starts to rub Gin's pussy through the thin fabric. Gin is completely unaware that all talking has stopped at their table, and all eyes are on her. Bunny slowly slides the material to one side allowing Ed's fingers to rub Gin's bald pussy. Ed slips his finger pass her outer lips in search of her hard button, as his finger touches her clit Gin gasps. Ed starts to rub her nub in hard circles, changing the speed, first fast, then slow, then faster, then so was driving Gin towards the edge the cliff. Then she feels a finger slip into her wet hole, Bunny slips her middle finger as far as she can into Gin's tight pussy.

To give them more access Gin lifts her hips a little. This action allows Bunny to slowly slip a second finger in the Gin's extremely tight cunt. Gin was moaning in pleasure as Ed and Bunny continued their assault on her pussy. Soon it was too much for Gin and she exploded in a loud scream and gush of fluid. "Told you she would have no problem about climaxing in a roomful of people. And I knew she would not say anything either." said Bunny. "Okay, you were right about her, I figured she would be a little more reserved." replied Big Ed.

Gin was coming down from her sexual high when she made sense of what Ed and Bunny were talking about. "You had a bet going on whether or not I would let you getting me off here in the middle of dining hall at lunch?" asked Gin.

"Yep, and I won." said Bunny proudly. "You did great!"

"What did you win?"

"Ed is going to fuck me at least twice a day for the next week. Once in the morning for sure, since I love morning wood, and the second time when we can get some time together."

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