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Sottomesso Resort Ch. 04

by Sottomesso_Slut©

Gin showered and dressed in the outfit Mistress Vivian had left for her. She was dressed in a white sun dress and sandals. She braided her long hair and applied some pale pink lipstick.

"Time to go" said Mistress Vivian from the front sitting room. Gin quickly left her room and joined her Mistress. "We are taking a drive to the airport to pick up some special guests. Grab my bag and get in the car."

Gin picked up the small, black leather bag and went out to the car. The driver was the same man who drove her to the Sottomesso Resort. "Hello, Hank." Hank did not reply but did nod his head as he opened the car door. Gin got in and looked around, this was the first time she had been in a limo. It was very exciting to her.

"Thanks, Hank" Vivian said as she climbed in next to Gin. Gin made sure to sit with her legs apart and chest out. "Good, you remembered to sit with you legs open, we want Hank to have a nice view of your pussy when he looks. But why are you not showing him your tits, he wants to see them too."

Gin lowered her sundress to her waist then raised her ass and pulled it completely off. She now sat with her bald pussy and 38 D chest exposed to Hank and really any car that passed by. Unlike limos Gin had seen this one did not have very dark tinted windows. Any car passing them on the highway could see her in all her glory.

As they drove along the highway, vehicles would pass them and every now and then one would match their speed. When this happened Vivian put down her cell phone and commanded Gin to give the voyeur a show.

For one pickup truck Gin turned in the seat and raised her legs giving the man the perfect view of her open wet pussy. As she was about to start playing with herself he sped up and passed them.

The next car to match their speed was an old van filled with college aged boys, they had their windows open and were shouting requests. For them Gin shook her chest before spreading her legs wide so they go see her cunt. She ran her hands of her breast, pulling on her hard nipples, then down her stomach, to her wet pussy. Gin opened her pussy and started rubbing her clit. When she took her finger and licked it clean, the van swerved and almost ran off the road.

"Mistress, I'm so aroused can I play with myself and cum?" asked Gin after putting on a show for six or seven vehicle.

"I have a better idea. Hank pull off the highway and into a crowded parking lot." Gin did not know what was going to happen but she was sure she was going to enjoy it. Hank pulled into the parking lot of a popular pub. "Park where people can gather around the car. Gin hand me my bag." said Mistress Vivian.

Hank and Gin did as instructed. Vivian reached into her bag and pulled out a battery operated pink butterfly vibrator. "Hank be a dear and roll down all the windows and open the sunroof. Then go inside and tell the patrons we will be putting on a show in three minutes."

Hank opened the sunroof and windows then got out and headed to the bar. "Gin put this on" Vivian said as she handed Gin the vibrator, which was attached to straps. Gin put her legs through the straps and pulled the contraption into place against her clitoris. "I want you to work on your control. No cumming until I tell you. Don't ask or you'll be punished. Lay down on the seat with your legs wide open, I want people to be able to see you chaste pussy." As Gin did as Vivian ordered she saw Hank exiting the bar followed by a number of men.

"Welcome, to our show. Let me introduce you to Gin and her virgin cunt. Isn't it lovely." The men agreed. "She is wearing a vibrator but is not allowed to climax until I give her permission." And with that said Vivian turned the vibrator on it's highest speed.

Gin squeaked and jumped a little off the seat when if first started, the feeling was so intense. She started moaning and moving her hips, Gin loved the feeling of the toy vibrating on her clit and rubbing against her opening. "Oh yes, this feels fucking great!" Gin screamed as she began to pull and twist her nipples.

The men from the bar crowded around both sides of the car to watch as Gin moaned and enjoyed all the sensations. Being watched added another layer of excitement for Gin. With her eyes locked on one of the men, Gin could not see the effect she was having on these men. All of them were rubbing their cocks through their pants.

Vivian was watching Gin closely and knew she was close to climaxing, so she turned down the speed. "Oh no, turn it back up Mistress." Gin begged. "No! Get on your hands and knees on the seat and show these gentlemen your ass." replied her Mistress.

Gin did as told with some difficulties, with all the pleasures she was feeling it was hard to make her legs work. Gin heard a grunt from behind her once her ass was in the air.

Vivian increased the speed of the butterfly, causing Gin to scream in ecstasy. "Oh god. Yes, it feels amazing. Oh god yes!!" Gin was once again moaning and moving her hips and ass. One man was so turned on he reached in and smacked Gin's ass. Vivian, who does not let any of her subs be touch by unknown people, looked at him and said, "Don't do that again unless you want the show to stop." She was also pointing her Beretta, that she always carried with her, at him. He took the hint and took several steps back from the car.

"OH....yes. I'm f...fuck...fucking wet." Gin moaned. It was clear to the men how wet she was, they could see it running down her thighs. But she had not cum yet.

Gin had her hands gripping the seat and her arms were shaking, about to collapse but she was determined not to cum until her Mistress gave her permission.

It had been about fifteen minutes and Vivian figured she had pushed Gin's control enough for now. "You may cum."

" Fuck. I'm...cum...cumming! YES! OH!! AHHH!!" Gin yelled as her whole body shook in release. Her arms gave out causing her upper body to fall onto the seat leaving her ass still in the air. Vivian did not turn off the toy, instead she did the opposite and cranked it back to it's maximum setting causing Gin's orgasm to go on for several minutes.

" I can't...take it" whispered Gin. Mistress Vivian finally turned the butterfly off. Gin laid down on the seat, panting for breath and twitching as she experienced aftershocks.

"Shows over guys, thanks for watching" Vivian said, and Hank started to roll up the windows.

"You're just going to leave us here in this state?" asked the man who had spanked Gin.

"For today, yes but I may be back" replied Mistress Vivian before closing the window. "You did a good job Gin. I'm proud of you. Let's go Hank, we have people to pick up."

"At least suck us off!" yelled the man as the car started to drive away.

During the rest of the drive Vivian made some phone calls. After her third call, Vivian ordered Gin to eat her pussy to help relieve some stress. Gin got down on the floor and leisurely pushed her Mistress's skirt up her smooth tone thighs. As the skin was exposed Gin kissed and licked it until she reached her goal. This was first time Gin got to taste Vivian and she wanted to make her Mistress proud. She started by placing soft kisses on the inner thighs and outer lips, then she blew warm air across the slit. Gin used her fingers to open this bald, beautiful pussy and place a simple kiss on Vivian quite large clitoris.

"Stop teasing and eat my pussy. I want to cum before we get to the airport" Vivian said right before her phone rang and she answered it. Gin did not want to cause her Mistress to moan while talking on the phone so she pulled back and continued to kiss her inner thighs.

"Hold on for a minute Jack. Did I tell you to stop eating my cunt. No, so get to it." Gin opened her pussy and starting sucking hard on her clit, while her middle finger fucked her. "Sorry about that Jack. I'm training a new submissive. She is talented but she needs to learn to listen and follow directions." She paused to listen to his reply. "Of course you can use her on your next trip to Sottomesso. Now, back to business."

Hearing Vivian talk about her and telling Jack, whomever he was, that he could use her next time he came for a visit was kind of hot to Gin. Mistress Vivian continued her phone call with Jack while Gin switched between nibbling on her clit and tongue fucking her. When Vivian ended her call, she pulled Gin's head back by her braid and said "When I tell you to do something you will do it until I tell you to stop. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"You are forgiven this time but if you do it again I will punish you. Now, make me cum."

Gin started tongue fucking Vivian while rubbing her clit with her thumb. "Suck my clit" commanded Mistress Vivian.

Gin did as ordered and Vivian pushed her head farther into her pussy. "Good, now finger my cunt and hit my g-spot." Gin continued to suck hard on her clit, as she inserted her middle finger into Vivian's wet pussy making sure to find her magic spot.

"Add another finger and bite my clit. Oh yeah! That's the spot...fuck me harder" she said as her climax crashed over her. Gin swallowed all of her juices. "Get up." Gin sat on the seat next to her Mistress. "One thing we will teach you, Gin, is how to listen to what people want. You did a good job eating my pussy and following my demands. But why did you stop when I answered the phone?"

"I did not want to cause you to moan during a business call, Mistress."

"Okay. First, I have amazing self control and would never do that. Second, I only do business with people who know and understand my lifestyle. We have worked on your self control and listening skills already today. We are going to work on your cock sucking and listening skills on the return trip." Mistress Vivian went on to explain what was going to happen the rest of the afternoon.

They finally pulled up at the airport and into the part where private jets arrive. The car stopped near a hanger and Vivian got out once Hank opened the door for her. "Swing your legs out, spread your knees and gives these men and women a glimpse of that pussy" Vivian said after stepping out of the limo. She walked towards the hanger. Gin could see several men working in the hanger who turned to watch Vivian. Then their eyes spotted the black limo and finally Gin, naked as the day she was born with the exception of her sandals. Having these strange men stare at her naked body was getting Gin excited.

After a few minutes Mistress Vivian walked back to the limo. "Our plane is will be landing in about ten to fifteen minutes" she announced. Fifteen minutes later a small private jet taxied to the hanger and stopped. Once the jet had stopped people jumped into action. Men came out of the hanger to secure the plane, unload luggage, and many other things Gin did not know about.

The first person off the jet was a surprise to Gin, it was her former boss, Dr. Gloria Martin. Gin had worked, for Dr. Martin, as her assistant while going to college to earn her degree in clinical psychology. Gloria was the one who first showed Gin her submissive nature and recommended Sottomesso as a way to learn more about herself. Gloria gave Vivian a warm and familiar hug once she was off the steps.

What, they know each other? Has Dr. Martin stayed at the resort before? What's going on here? Gin thought.

Next down the stairs was a handsome man about the same age as Dr. Martin and Mistress Vivian. He looks vaguely familiar. Oh, that's Mr. Martin, Adam. Gin remembered seeing his photo in Dr. Martin's office. Adam came down the step and knelt in front of Gloria and Vivian. "It's wonderful to see you again Mistress Vivian" he said as he kissed her hand.

Gin's head was spinning, she had so many questions she wanted to ask. Yet she sat there quietly and watched her Mistress and former boss chat. "Welcome back to Montana. This week will be perfect, anything you want all you have to do is ask" said Vivian. Gin noticed another person coming down the stairs. A very attractive woman in her mid twenties, with chestnut brown hair and a nice figure. She was not skinny nor was she plump, she was curvy in all the right places. This girl has an hour glass figure and knows how to move those hips to draw attention.

"Mistress Vivian let me introduce you to my live in pet, Tina. She was trained at the original Resort in France and has been with me a year."

"Hello, Mistress Vivian, it would be my pleasure to serve you" said Tina as she knelt next to Adam.

"Go wait in the limo" ordered Vivian. "She is lovely. How did you explain a 23 year old living with a couple in their 40's to the neighbors?"

"I told them that she was my maid/housekeeper and will is living with us to save money while going to school" answered Mistress Gloria.

"Very smart. And how has Adam been doing with another submissive in the house?"

"He has a hard time at first but when he realized she could not replace him he learned to accept her and enjoy her" said Gloria. "Stand and join the others in the car." Adam stood and walked over to the car looking Gin over before going around to the other side to get in.

"Thanks for sending your private jet out to pick us up. Your pilot sure knows how to show a woman a good time. I have asked him to spend the night with me, as long as it is okay with you" said Gloria.

"That's perfectly understandable, Obie is a wonderful pilot who has magic hands and is always up for fun" said Vivian. Obie descended the steps and Gin got her first view of the pilot. He was a large, fit, muscular black man with a shaved head, hint of a beard, tattoos on his massive arms, and looked like a former pro athlete. Gin had never really been attracted to an African-American man before, but there was something about Obie that pulled her. She wanted to run into his arms so he could lift her up while they fucked.

"Welcome back Obie. Please join us in the limo."

"I like the view. Is she as pure as she looks?" he asked.

"Yes, but only for two more months."

The three of them walked to the car and as Gin was about to swing her legs into the car Vivian stopped her. "Gin, stand up. Walk over to that man who is putting the last of the luggage in the trunk and hand him your white dress that is now on the floor of the car. Tell him it's a gift for his wife or girlfriend and to think of you when she wears it. Then give him a kiss on the cheek and come back.

Gin did as her Mistress ordered. It was very erotic walking around with nothing on but her sandals. "Well done. Now climb in and kneel on the floor, the seats are full."

Once Gin was kneeling on the floor of the limo, she looked around at everybody. There were two other subs; Tina and Adam, two Mistresses; Gloria and Vivian, and one very sexy pilot; Obie. The images of things that could happen with this mix of people were so hot, Gin could feel her pussy getting wetter.

"Gin needs to work on her cock sucking skills, with your permission Gloria and your help Obie I would like her to practice on the ride back" said Vivian.

"That sounds like a good idea to me. Adam always needs to practice his self control. Adam drop your pants, but you are not allowed to cum."

"I always enjoy having a white slut suck my cock" said Obie, as he unzipped and lowered his pants.

The men were sitting next to each other so Gin grabbed Adam's cock with her left hand and Obie with her right. Both cocks were semi hard but Obie's was much wider and longer.

Gin started off by just giving both cocks a nice firm hand job. Then she lowered her face to Obie's lap and waiting cock, while keeping her hand moving on Adam. She ran her tongue from the base of his shaft to the very tip, where she placed the sweetest of kisses. Then, Gin lifted Obie's cock up and kissed each of his balls, before sucking first one then the other into her warm, wet mouth.

Knowing that she could not play favorites with the two cocks, she switched over to Adam's cock and did the same things to him. After sucking Adam's balls, she kissed her way up his hardening rod and popped the head into her mouth. Gin used her tongue and suction to please Adam. She did this for a few minutes before switching again.

Now, she had Obie's black cock in her mouth and Adam in her hand. As she sucked as much as Obie as she could into her mouth, Gin had a strong grip on Adam's cock. At times she would let go of his cock and caress his balls, giving them a couple of squeezes. She always kept her mouth and hand moving.

After she switched again, she felt somebody reach over and rub her exposed pussy with the lightest of touches. This caused her to stop everything of a second, why her brain tried to make sense of the feeling.

"You need to focus Gin on those two cocks, don't think about anything else" said Mistress Vivian. Gin went back to sucking cock. She tuned out the conversation around her and focused. After about five minutes she switched, and as she sucked Obie into her mouth she felt somebody's finger skim across her pussy again.

Knowing that her job was to give her attention to the cocks, she continued her mission. Gin knew the men were getting closer by the way their breathing increased and became shallower. Knowing Adam was not allowed to climax, Gin focused on getting Obie to blow his load.

Gin was taking Obie into her mouth while playing with his balls with her right hand. Her left hand continued to squeeze and pump Adam.

"Suck my balls" said Obie. Gin was only too happy to obey. "Oh yeah" he said as she sucked one then the other into her mouth and stroked his cock. "I'm so close."

Gin returned his cock to her mouth, she sucked hard while holding his balls tightly. "Swallow all my fucking cum slut." Gin squeezed his balls one more time then released them, this triggered his climax.

She felt a mouth on her pussy, at the same time Obie started to explode in her mouth. Whoever was behind her went after her clit like there was no tomorrow and she knew she was going to cum. Gin tried to swallow all of Obie's juice but was unable to because she was soon moaning in pleasure. Her cunt was now being fingered while her clit was sucked and nibbled. It was too much, her climax rolled over her fast and hard. Some of Obie's cum hit Gin in her face and landed on her tits, she didn't care because she was out of her mind with pleasure.

As Gin returned to Earth she realized she was still giving Adam and Obie hand jobs. She kept going with Adam, but used her mouth to clean up Obie as well as her hand. "You were told to swallow it all and you failed, Gin. You let his delicious cum go to waste. What do you have to say for yourself, Gin?"

"I'm sorry Mistress and Sir I didn't mean to waste your delicious cum" Gin said with her head down, disappointed that she did not please her Mistress.

"As punishment Gin you are denied the right to climax for twenty-four hours plus another twenty-four for cumming without permission. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Mistress" Gin replied quietly. Two whole days without release, that going to be hard if not impossible, thought Gin.

"Adam you did a good job controlling your orgasm," praised Gloria to her husband.

"Thank you, Mistress."

"What should I do with his hard cock, Vivian?" asked Gloria.

"Well we still have about half an hour until we reach Sottomesso. Why don't you have him lay on the floor so you can ride his cock and I can sit on his face" replied Vivian.

"That sounds lovely. Adam switch places with Gin and lay down. Tina, strip and suck Obie until he is hard enough to fuck you from behind, while you eat Gin's pussy again" ordered Gloria.

Everybody moved around and in no time there were two threesomes going on in the back of the limo. Since the partition was down Hank was getting an eyeful in the rear view mirror, so were any cars passing them on the highway.

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