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Hot Flashes Ch. 01


Keri saw her fear. She wanted to say something to make it all better. But she wasn't sure what to say. She wanted to hold her tight like a mother should. But another part wanted to hold her like a mother shouldn't.

Keri licked her daughter's moisture off her lips and said, "Holly...mmm baby taste like strawberries..." And with that Keri returned to the job at hand. Or tongue.

Holly whined like a teenager who didn't know why she was being punished, "Uhhh...oh please mommy...what did I do?" The wet tongue slid up to her swollen clit and began to flick it repeatedly.

"AH! AH! OH! OH! Uhhhhh..." Luckily the dryer drowned out most of the moaning. Being down in the depths of the basement had its privileges. In the basement, no one can hear you scream yourself to orgasm.

Keri's tongue stuck straight out like a little cock. She began bobbing her head back and forth into little Holly. She tongue fucked her small twat like an oil drill.

Holly's hands gripped the sides of the washer as an orgasm rocked her violated body.

"AHHHhhhhh..." Holly whined. She threw her head back and clutched her mother's hands, which still rested on her thighs.

Keri stood and pulled Holly's face to her own. Their lips touched and mother and daughter kissed...again. They made out like this for a brief period of time, each female groping and squeezing whatever body parts were easily accessible.

Keri broke the kiss and inched away from her daughter. She reached down and removed her red cotton panties. Pushing forward she urged Holly on top of the dryer. Then she opened the washer and added her panties to Holly's laundry. She added detergent, and then turned it on.

Holly pulled her knees up and she hugged them to her body. Her feet crossed in front of her naked, dripping pussy. She put her face between her knees and gasped softly.

Keri listened to the sounds of the washer and dryer going at the same time. The sounds almost brought a sense or normalcy to the situation.

'Perfect.' she thought.

Keri then hopped up on the washer and faced her daughter. The washer buzzed under her bottom and sent vibrations through her body.

She stroked Holly's hair back. Her hair was matted to her forehead from perspiration. Keri thought it made her all the sexier.

The horny mother opened up her daughter's trembling thighs and pulled her legs apart. Then she opened up her own. She brought her legs across and intertwined them with her.

Holly gulped hard.

Keri reached behind her daughter, took her squirming bottom in her hands, and pulled her little girl into her until their legs scissor each other. Keri pulled her again and Holly's shaved pussy rubbed against her own trimmed lips.

Holly's hands went behind her for support. She didn't want to fall off the dryer and break her neck. A jolt of electricity shot through her as their pussies sawed into one another.

She looked at her mother.

Keri breathed hard and looked back at her. She bit her lower lip. Then Keri reached for the washer knob. She cranked it onto the spin cycle.

Holly's eyes widened. She shook her head in defiance. "Mommy, please don't. No more. I can't take it."

Keri reached up and took hold of Holly's chin. She said in a straightforward and commanding manner, "You can, and you will young lady."

The washing machine began a steep build up in vibrations. The inner cylinder spun at an incredible speed. The washer was shaking wildly. The two females on top began to moan.

Keri held one of Holly's legs close to her so their pussies would not break contact. The friction caused by the machines gyrations caused their lips to mesh into one another's like two Lego's trying to join together.

"Uuuhhh...uuuhhh..." Holly moaning started soft and began to crescendo.

"Oh honey pie...Oh! Oh!...Oh baby girl..." Keri helped the sensations along by thrusting herself into her daughter. Her hips smacked against Holly violently, then steadied to rub their clits together, and then began smacking together again.

Holly fell back on the dryer. Her head and shoulders hung off the side as her mother grinded their pussies.

Holly cried out in defeated pleasure, "OH! OH! OH GOD!" She reached forward and started slapping her clit fiercely with three fingers.

When Keri saw this, she decided to do the same.

Now both mother and daughter lay atop the appliances, pussies rubbing and smacking, and each girl deliriously spanking their overly sensitized clits. The scene would've made any porno look dull and under-dramatized.


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Category: Incest/Taboo Stories