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My First Gangbang

by subiana©

That Friday I came home from work early. My husband Baz had phoned me earlier to tell me to wait for him in the leather corset. That was his last week's gift to me and we'd already christened it, but this time I wanted to take it further. The corset started a couple of inches below my breasts, leaving my melons hanging free and loose, and finished a couple of inches below my waist, extending into 4 leather garters. It was very tight on my voluptious body, however, there were 2 rows of hooks and eyes, and today I decided I would strap myself into the tightest fit. But first I had to prepare my surprise for Baz.

I poured myself a hot bubble bath, sank into it, and after a luxuriating soak grabbed Baz's shaving cream and razor and proceeded to shave my pussy bare. When I finished my pussy was as smooth as a baby's bottom, but it would be a lie to say it looked like a little girl's; I'm all woman, and my pussy is too, with a pronounced mons, puffy lips and a purple fold of skin, home to my clit, protruding between them.

As soon as I dried myself I started pulling on black fishnet stockings, knowing that once I tighten the corset onto my body I wouldn't be able to bend my waist. I then enveloped my torso in the leather and started hooking the eylets. It took me time and effort, but it was worth it: when I finished I could hardly breathe from the pressure on my diaphragm and stomach, and my waist was cinched almost wasp-like - so much so, I knew Baz would be able to encircle it with his two hands. Below the waist my hips flared out and rounded into my firm but fleshy buttocks. I attached the stockings to the garters and slipped on strappy 5 inch stilettoes that showed off my red toenails and bony ankles, and then proceeded to apply a hooker's makeup: loads of black eyeliner and false lashes, and red red lipstick further than my natural lip line.

I was just admiring my reflection in the mirror wall in the bedroom (it doesn't actually reflect the bed, I have to say) when I heard my husband's key in the lock.

"I'm upstairs" I shouted, and within seconds my darling Baz was in the room with me. His eyes widened and I could clearly see a bulge in his trousers forming when he saw me strapped into the tightest leather, standing on sky high heels and in fishnet stockings. The black garters only intensified the effect of my smooth, hairless pussy, and above all that my massive tits were gently swaying with each shallow breath I was taking.

"Woman!" he said, his voice hoarse and deep. "Slut!"

I caught my breath, I loved it when he was verbally abusive to me, his own wife.

"Here, play with this while I wash my hands", and he handed me a large bouquet of flowers. I knew exactly what he meant as I immediately spotted a large red anthurium, or "naughty flower" as we called it. We'd often played with one or two of those and I love just slipping the "erect" part of it into me, anywhere, but I'd never seen one so big. It was almost the size of Baz's little finger, and I quickly pulled the flower stalk from the rest of the bouquet and slid it up between my milky white thighs, into my by now totally dripping pussy. The red pointy spathe covered my bare pubis hiding the fact that it was now hairless, and then I turned so I was facing the mirror sideways and tried to bend down. As I suspected, my waist was so tightly cinched that I couldn't bend my spine, but keeping my back straight I bent from the hips, all the while squeezing the flower "finger" with my vaginal muscles.

Baz returned naked and erect to find my ass high in the air, tits hanging towards the floor and a flower stalk sticking out of my pussy.

"Don't move", he said (I just love it when he gives me orders - I must be a closet submissive) and stood by my side watching us in the mirror. With one hand he started massaging my lower back and with the other he slowly removed the flower from my pussy and started sucking on its "finger".

"Mmm, you're so sweet, my wife, and your cunt is soaking wet - what are we going to do about it?"

I moaned as he took hold of my jiggling breasts and pulled me back into a standing position. He continued to massage my heavy tits (and they are big, I'm tall and strong but they are an E-cup - Baz's both hands cannot encompass a single one) and squeeze my nipples while kissing and nibling on my neck.

"What do you need my love, my slut?" he continued teasing and I closed my eyes from embarassment and excitement before answering "I need to fuck".

"What do you need where?", he slipped one of his hands down to my already slippery hairless cunt lips.

"I need your cock in my cunt, pleeease" I moaned.

"My cock?"

"Your cock, any cock, I need it in me, in my cunt, and then in my ass and mouth! I NEED COCK!"

"Alright, my cocklover, you shall have cock - I told you how slutty my darling wife was!"

Baz's last words didn't really register in my mind until I heard chuckling. My eyes snapped open and I was horrified to see my cousin George and Baz's business partner Tad behind me, yanking their erect cocks, watching me, pussy shaven, bound in leather and fondled by my husband! I mean George! And Tad! We sociallise with their families every week, they both have children - George had been married for 20 years (he's 10 years older than me and married young).

But admittedly, they were both really good looking - George was taller even than Baz, had Clooney looks, and really had he not married while I was still a kid, I would have tried something... And Tad I only knew since I married Baz, he was boyish although older than me,and quite a charmer - his wife just bore him their second child last month, for fuck's sake! Which means he probably didn't get it for over a month and his balls would be bursting...

I found myself breathing even more shallowly than before and I thought my breasts were shaking with the beating of my heart. Baz kept a firm hold of my upper arms, still kissing my neck but observing my face sharply in the mirror. I glanced at the two new cocks again, George's was as big as Baz's, only not as veined, and Tad's appeared smaller, but incredibly thick for such a lithe man. I licked my lips almost involuntarily as a word formed in my mind. Gangbang. I will be gangbanged. My knees buckled under me and my breath caught in my chest as I realised my most secret fantasy was about to happen in real life. I exhaled noisily and whispered "Yes!" Baz smiled triumphantly and loosened his hold on my arms, and while I noticed bruises appearing where his fingers were, I moaned loudly:

"Yes! Let me have it!"

"Bend over, slut", Baz said and I obeyed. He brushed the tip of his cock up and down my wet slit, from my clitoris to my asshole and back again, teasing me even more. Two big strong men with large erect cocks were watching me, slutty makeup, high heels, tits hanging unimpeded, torso encased in tight leather, pussy dripping wet and bare of even a tiniest hair, about to be penetrated by my husband's big veined dick. I almost came from their looks, but Baz finally lodged the tip of his cock in my cunthole and suddenly thrust so deeply into me I felt him hit my cervix and his cock hair tickling my anus. My clitoris got mashed onto his balls and that sent me over - I came thrashing and screaming while he kept his erect tool buried in me, standing still, holding me by my hips so as not to fall down.

He rode my orgasm with ease and pulled out as soon as I calmed down a little. I had come, but I was not relieved, if possible I was even hotter, and wanted to, needed to be fucked to an inch of my life.

"Now, fuckslut wife of mine, you will suck my cock while my friends fuck you one after the other."

Baz's words served only to inflame my cunt even more while they arranged me on the bed. I was led to lie on my stomach over a carefully positioned bolster cushion and pillows so my ass was tilted upwards and my tits were hanging over the edge of the bed. Baz sat on a chair in front of me and fed me his cock while Tad and George stripped naked and started fondling and licking me between the legs. I obediently bobbed my head up and down my husband's cock all the while feeling fingers in my cunt and ass, rubbing my clit, opening my pussy lips...

"Tight ass", I heard Tad comment, "virgin?"

Baz laughed and said "No, but still tight! Fuck her there! In fact, fuck her in all holes, that's what she's good for, isn't that right, slut?"

I moaned around his dick as I heard George say "Sorry, Tad, family first - take THIS, bitch!" and he slammed his cock all the way up into my hungry pussy. He started fucking me so hard he made me deep throat Baz, as with his every thrust my head was pushed into my husband's crotch. I couldn't believe it was me in the mirror, this leather-bound high heeled hooker with two men fucking into her, one in her cunt, another in her mouth. The third man was kneeling by the bed, squeezing my tits and biting my nipples. I was nearing my second orgasm, and when I felt my husband pull his dick out of my mouth and spurt his seed on my face and tits, I lost it and had an orgasm after orgasm as George madly banged into my churning pussy.

"I'm cumming!" he called out, and Baz quickly shouted "Inside her, fill her cunt - fuck knows the bitch is a scumbucket!" In response, George dug his tool even deeper into my vagina and let his semen explode into me in long bursts, bathing my sore cervix with its heat and lubricating even more his last few thrusts. My head was still spinning from the fantastic orgasms, but Baz's words, more than our actions, made me feel like a real slut, a grouping of holes who was there to collect seed and nothing more. My thoughts were broken by Tad's cock pushing into my ass.

"KY, please", I pleaded but Tad only laughed.

"I ride bareback, bitch, the tighter the better!" I froze, but realized that my asshole was well lubricated with my own juices and leaking sperm, and tried to relax my anus for the inevitable. He shoved his prick into my ass again and I screamed. He'd only wedged the head of his cock into my butthole, but it was bigger than anything I ever felt in my ass. Whimpering and in tears I looked at my husband, but he and my cousin were looking at my discomfort and laughing.

"Spear the bitch, don't spare her!" Baz punned, and I felt Tad's thick cock pushing forward into my bowel. I bit on my finger to stop screaming from pain, and dare I admit it, pleasure, as I felt my nether channel being stretched wider than ever in my 32 years of age and stuffed full of cock.

"Now I understand why Dana [Tad's wife] doesn't let you fuck her in the ass, look at our fuckslut, her eyes are popping out of her head! Here, bitch, this'll help", and George started to milk my tits, pinching them and squeezing the steel-hardened nipples roughly.

Tad had by then penetrated my ass fully, I could feel his stomach on my back and his balls on my buttocks, and I dreaded the fucking I knew was going to come. And it did. Tad gave my husband high five and then suddenly withdrew his dick almost completely, and slammed it to the hilt back again. I opened my mouth to scream but George filled it with his cock, and I could only moan around it as I felt my butthole tearing from Tad's forcefull fucking. I'd never been buttfucked so roughly before, and I couldn't believe how good it felt! When Tad started pressing on the small of my back, flattening my already cinched waist, while he pumped my ass mercilessly, I felt my clitoris shaking with orgasm as I came and came for what seemed like hours.

And still Tad kept fucking my ass tirelessly, harder and faster, harder and faster, and I was sucking off my husband and my cousin alternately, until at last I felt Tad's nuts tighten on my buttocks and he filled my bowels with spurt after spurt of his hot cum. Spent, he collapsed onto my back and let me slowly squeeze his shrinking organ out of me. "Man, this was something! Best piece of ass I ever... Man, I envy you! My wife... Never, ever, an ass like this!" Tad was gushing and I felt a sense of pride that I was such a good slut to my husband's friends. Baz smiled and said:

"Yeah, now stop talking and start fucking! You think you can take all three of us at the same time, fuckslut?"

I had been utterly fucked in the cunt and in the ass and my jaw ached from cock-sucking, but I was still not satisfied. I looked deep into my husband's eyes and said:

"Fuck me. Fill me. Plug my holes. I want to feel all your cocks inside me. Fuck my brains out!"

They all laughed and Baz said "Well, you heard the lady... Sit your ass on my cock, slut!"

I did just that with comparative ease, my ass still stretched from Tad's vicious humping, and then laid my back on Baz's chest while lifting and opening my knees, allowing cunt access to George. My husbands prick filled me between the legs so fully, I couldn't see how another one could fit in there, but, boy, did it fit! George penetrated my pussy inch by inch until both cocks were in me to the hilt, separated only by a thin membrane of flesh. So this was double penetration, I thought, on brink of another powerful orgasm.

My innards felt stretched to the max and then they started to fuck me. I screamed and growled my cumming, until Tad stuffed his dick into my mouth, grabbed me by the hair and started face-fucking me. I was truly filled in all holes, totally plugged, watertight. I lost all track of time, the three men kept pounding into me for what seemed like hours before filling my bowels, womb and gullet full of semen.

After that, Tad and George got dressed and left, and I fell asleep in Baz's arms, all sore and sticky with sperm...


Written by: subiana

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