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While I Watched

by Quin©

Like many other couples my wife and I had talked about having sex with others and fantasised on whether we would be able to handle the situation of wife-swapping. Just like most others that's as far as it ever got. Susan, my wife enjoyed flirting with other men, even in front of me but that was just how she was – it was all in fun. She would tell guys that come on to her that they would have to bring a few friends because they would be quite inadequate on their own. Usually she would purposely raise her voice for the amusement of anyone in earshot.

So, as she often talked and joked about sex to other men while I was there it was no big deal that when on holiday she let guys enjoy the sight of her charms when in her swimwear or at the bar before putting them down – and as normal I just looked on and laughed.

We were spending two weeks on the Greek island of Crete lapping up the Mediterranean sunshine. Both Sue and I were just short of our thirtieth birthday and had been married two years. Having no kids we went clubbing and partied on a regular basis but with the big three –O about to happen we wondered if it was time to slow down a bit. The thought of getting older had worried Sue a little which probably explained why she did what she did on that fateful holiday. However, I'll never understand why I let it happen – or maybe I'm too scared to admit certain truths to myself.

We spent the days either by the pool or on the beach in the first week with the intention of sightseeing the second. The nights were spent in bars and taverna's where we met many people enjoying the local food and culture. Inevitably we would finish up back at the bar of our self catering apartment complex. By the second night we had got chatting to three young guys who after admiring Sue had found the courage that comes with strong drink to buy us a drink a an excuse to join us.

You've got the picture – she flirted – they loved it – she teased them. It wasn't long before the lads made comments about what they could do for her and what a shame she had brought her husband along.

It was all in fun so when one said, "We would spoil you for any other man and make you beg for more!" we all laughed and no offence was taken.

Sue didn't mind one bit when they made comments about parts of her body saying what a nice pair of breasts she had and wonder how it would feel to have her thighs wrapped around them. It was the drink talking and the following morning they would be almost embarrassed and as polite as could be. When they actually apologised to me for their behaviour I told them that it was fine and I had got used to men drooling over her and that it reminded me of what a stunner I had married.

After that, and when they had had a few drinks they ogled her body more openly – and she in turn started to show that little bit more. One afternoon when they joined us on the beach for a while Sue did something she didn't normally go in for. Without warning or comment she undid the top of her bikini and waiting while every eye was on her she let it fall away saying she was going to do a spot of topless sunbathing.

All four of us males felt a rise in our swimming trunks when her tits came on view. Very cheekily, Sue let her eyes go from one bulge to the other and asked if we all liked what we saw. She spent the next hour enjoying the attentions of the boys – who, in spite of many other topless women on that beach seemed interested in only my wife.

Now normally I don't find anything sexy or erotic by sunbathers whether they are topless or not. I can admire a well toned body but it's much sexier to see a woman partly undressed or showing a little too much thigh than seeing her stripped and trying to become as red as a lobster. I think that's normal with most men – a woman in sexy underwear for instance is much more erotic than one in a bikini – even though it may be skimpier. Seeing the same girl at night in a little mini skirt sat at the bar, flashing her panties is much more arousing.

What made this event sexually arousing for me was realising my wife had exposed her tits with the sole intention of getting these guys turned on – it was different than her usual teasing. These boys, being younger than us at around their early twenties seemed particularly excited that it was a married woman flashing for them. To them, Sue, at thirty almost was a mature married woman that didn't do such things – or rather not so blatantly. For instance she made a big thing about rubbing cream onto her breasts and around her nipples, making them very erect! While she did that she simply smiled at the boys and let them take in the sight.

By the time late evening came and we had eaten I was looking forward to returning to the apartment bar to see how the guys would react after a drink had loosened their tongues. As we sat in the taverna finishing our drinks the guys appeared and joined us. Sue's eyes lit up and for another half hour she flirted and teased them. It was her who eventually suggested we should all go back to the apartments for more drinks.

This we did and I noticed she was drinking faster than normal, getting very merry. The boys too had drunk their fair share and when most of the other guests had retired for the night things got a little raunchier. Sue's shirt had popped open and she took delight at pointing out to the boys that her breasts were almost exposed again – like on the beach. She said that as they had already seen them bared that maybe they would no longer be interested in looking. It seemed to me a pointed question and I saw how delighted she was when they told her that they would love to see them again.

The talk got sexier and louder and eventually it became clear that we had to cool it and let the barman close up. He was a big Greek guy about fifty and had been taking all this in listening to every word. I told Sue it was time we went to bed and she laughed telling the other guys they would all be needed to satisfy her! As we all rose up from our seats and started to walk off Sue whispered in my ear.

"Can we invite them back to our room for the last few drinks – I'm nowhere near ready to sleep yet?"

When I pointed out she was becoming a little outrageous she maybe a little drunk she retorted, "So? I thought you liked the thought of me being sexy for other men?"

It was the drink talking again I told myself but as she was enjoying this holiday and knowing how she liked to tease I thought I would let her have her fun. It wouldn't be long before she would probably pass out on the bed and fall asleep. The guys were a good sort and why not let them have something to wank over when they fantasised about shagging my wife. The thought gave me a thrill too!

When I asked the guys if they wanted to come back for a nightcap they all eagerly agreed and Sue rushed up to the barman and asked him to sell her a bottle of scotch. Wickedly she told him that we would need a drink after she had tired us all out. He looked unbelieving at her and must have thought she was a slut – he had a lecherous look in his eye – or was it envious?

We piled into our sparsely furnished rooms and the three guys just managed to sit themselves on the couch.

"That's no good!" said Sue, "There's not enough room – let's go sit on the bed – it'll be more comfortable."

We all followed and Sue got glasses before sitting on the floor while the guys sat half lying on the bed. I offered to bring a chair but she said no then when I noticed how she had bent her knee to rest her arm I realised that the guys would be able to see right up her skirt. I felt a twinge of excitement and decided it would be best if I took the little seat in the corner of the room – so I could see all!

For a time we all drank and chatted, laughing and joking – Sue making sexy jokes and comments. I was becoming aroused a little when I watched the guys look between her legs – I didn't know then whether she was aware of how much she was showing. She didn't seem to be reacting any different to what she normally was but then she stood, and after pouring more drinks said she was becoming uncomfortable on the floor. She dropped onto the bed in between two of the guys.

I became quieter feeling somewhat disturbed by this turn of events until I was almost forgotten about and left out of the conversation. The guys were too busy enjoying the close proximity of my wife whose skirt had ridden up quite a lot. I listened with surprise and shock at how the conversation progressed. My wife actually asked them if they had been turned on by the sight of her breasts that afternoon. She told them that she had had enjoyed the attention. I caught my breath when I heard her say that it made her feel aroused when she knew men were giving her lustful looks.

It went on and to my surprise she didn't seem drunk anymore – she didn't slur her speech and spoke rationally. As though I wasn't there she rested her body against one of the boys who it was clear, didn't know what to make of this! But they looked unabashed at her bare thighs and tried to catch a glimpse of panties because her skirt was only just hiding her pubic area. She stretched out a leg as though helping them get a better look – and the boy that was almost behind her and left out moved to her front and sat on the floor. Now he could see her panties and she looked rather pleased at this smiling down at him.

To my horror she began to tell them that we had talked about swinging and how the thought aroused us. She laughed when she pointed out that having three men in the bedroom was probably the best chance we had of making our fantasy come true. The hand holding her glass began to make small circular movements – on one boys' thigh.

It was only a matter of time before one of the boys found the courage to do likewise and I watched with baited breath as he touched her thigh and let his fingers run from her knee to almost her hip! My wife kept talking slowly and the conversation was serious now as they listened to her tell them that married couples could have other sex partners without it causing trouble if both were agreed. I gulped when I realised that these boys would take that as an invitation and that she was implying that we both had been building up to this.

Now this is the point were I should have stopped it and put things right – but I didn't. I sat still wondering just how far it would go and my mouth had gone dry and head was spinning. My wife gave me the tiniest of glances before she made an announcement.

"I'm a bit nasty keep teasing you all like this I suppose you hoped for a good ogle. Well, if it's OK to do it on the beach then there's no harm doing it here – after all it's what you see in magazines nowadays – I'll give you a little treat."

She very slowly unfastened her shirt and when she had let them feast their eyes on her flimsy black bra she asked if they would like it if she took it off.

"Do you want another look at my tits?" she said grinning.

They all nodded and licked their lips – not one of them looked for my approval or reaction.

Sue looked at each none provocatively as she allowed her bra to slip away and when her nipples came into view she smiled at their gasps. Now someone did look my way but Sue reassured them.

"Don't worry about him," she said dismissing me, "He won't do anything."

I nearly choked as when she had uttered this she then held her breasts high with both hands and sat upright to show them off. She smiled glad that she was pleasing them and turned to each one then she noticed the one on the floor.

"Your friend down there is getting an eyeful looking up my skirt!"

Letting go of her breasts she pulled her skirt all the way to her hips to show off her see through panties then returned her fingers to her tits this time playing with her nipples.

"Now you can all have a good look," she said, "Watch me play!"

The boy stoking her thigh was creeping dangerously close to her crotch but she simply smiled at him and her hips began to wriggle slightly. For two or three long minutes this went on before she almost screeched.

"Fucking hell - I'm so turned on – I want you to touch me!"

The boys needed no more invitation – Sue took the hand of the boy on her right and placed it on the tit nearest to him. Looking at the one on her left she whispered to him.

"You can let your hand go higher if you want"

He hesitated for just a second before he shakily let his fingers creep between her legs and she grabbed his wrist placing it just in the right place.

"That's right!" she told the third boy as he too moved to sit on the floor between her legs and joined his friend in tickling her pussy.

My wife looked ecstatic as the guy's gave her pleasure playing with her nipples and pussy. Only once in the next few minutes did any of the lads cast a glance my way, instead they were mesmerised and fascinated by my wife's willingness to let them take the time to explore and touch every inch of her body. This was new to them - young guys like this usually just get the wham bam thank you ma'am kind of fuck or maybe a quick wank. Having a woman that allowed all three to touch – and watch how his mates faired – was a very exciting and erotic experience.

As for me and my wife – well she was living out one of her fantasies – and I was confused and disturbed. Was she treating me with disrespect and making a fool of me - or remembering how we had discussed group sex was this a performance for my benefit and pleasure? Had she come to the conclusion that I took my pleasure from being a wife-watcher – that this voyeurism was my secret favourite desire?

Whatever – I didn't stop it – I just carried on sitting there being ignored – quietly watching.

The boys playing with her pussy were both having difficulties. Both wanted to pull apart the flimsy panties and let their fingers enter her wet cavern. Sue wriggled around and was becoming impatient to experience more sexual delight.

"Do you want to take them off?" she purred to the boys, "They're getting in the way aren't they.

All the time she had just been sitting with half closed eyes - sighing and smiling with a look of almost exaggerated joy. Her hands had been massaging the boy's thighs and more than once she had brushed over the bulge that was their erect penises that wanted to break through their trousers. I swallowed hard as I watched her lift her hips to allow the shaky hands of the boys peel down her panties. The other boy, smiling broadly at his mate's actions got visibly aroused and squeezed harder on her nipples pulling them as though it was his dick being masturbated. My wife let out a little yell and her eyes rolled – then she uttered an almost inaudible "yes" before her face broke out into a wide smirk that matched the lads. Now that fingers played in and out of her cunt she moaned freely and guided them to the best place with her own hand.

I kept repeating the question to myself, "Is she going to let them fuck her?"

When I saw her hand slowly unzipping a boys' fly I let out a yell. I was almost embarrassed by my outburst as two of them threw a quick look my way. My yell was not one of anger – I had now shocked myself into having to admit that I was getting something from this – that my dick was just as hard as the other males in that room. I was content to carry on watching my wife orchestrate these three guys into giving her sexual satisfaction.

Almost covering my face to hide my true feelings I froze as my wife's head turned toward me and she just gazed at me. No real expression – no clue to what she was thinking – or even to wonder what I was thinking – she merely stared me in the eye. I felt uncomfortable and my mouth went dry then I felt an intense feeling of humiliation as out of the corner of my eyes I became aware that as she gazed at me she was actually taking out the boys cocks – not one, but both boys sat either side of her. Still she stared me in the eye unmoved as her hands began to pull their fore-skin in unison. While she unemotionally kept her eyes on me she expertly and eagerly masturbated the two boys.

The boy between her legs turned on but feeling left out by this sight almost begged for attention. Just pausing long enough to express her needs my wife took her eyes from me and gave a little command to the boy.

"Stand up – come nearer!"

He did as he was bid and my wife stopped masturbating the boy on the left and plunged his hand into her pussy before resuming her work with his cock. The boy standing looked a little lost but my wife showed him what she wanted. Once again I let out forth a strange noise as I saw her open her mouth and wait expectedly for the lad to take the hint.

For a second he didn't believe the offer then holding his erect penis in position he stepped just a fraction closer and inserted his dick into my wife's mouth. Greedily she gulped and sucked like a child trying to devour its candy lest someone should take it away. The hands working on the penis's quickened and her head began to bob to and fro.

With a feeling of guilt and embarrassment I nervously unzipped my trousers and let my aching cock spring free. Almost hoping no one would notice I gave in to the desire to masturbate - slowly and purposely – while my eyes never left the scene before me. Still I covered my face with my free hand as though it would hide my thoughts.

When my wife speeded up her motions then so too did I – the boys, in quick succession came, noisily and with great volume. My wife moaned when she saw and felt the sticky white liquid on her body and when she finally released her grip on the cocks she took hold of the hand on her pussy and proceeded to finish herself off. All this was too much for the boy being sucked and he stiffened as his sperm shot into her mouth. She didn't mind – she slurped and drank his juices while she patiently waited for him to exhaust his seed. I became aware that the other noise I could hear was coming from me – a grunt and groan that kept pace with the rapid movements of the hand that was busy wanking on my cock.

The humiliation I felt when my climax came was beyond belief. I could nothing about it when at the same time the first spurts shot across the room everyone had turned to look my way. Suddenly, when I hoped they wouldn't, I was once again noticed. Nothing was hidden – the expression on my face as I sat there in the corner of the room enjoying watching my wife having sex with three guys while I masturbated told them all they wanted to know.

My wife's face still gave nothing away – it was just a look. I felt as though she was telling me that it was OK for her to indulge in this sexual kink but that I was weird and perverted by being there to watch. Not many words were spoken as we all finally adjusted our dress and as the boys bid us goodnight I declined to answer. My wife disappeared for a shower and I lay quietly on the bed wanting to be alone with my thoughts. For most of the night I lay there thinking about the events and what they meant.

The next day we spent the morning by the pool and though the conversation seemed normal there was a nervous atmosphere between us. The only reference to the night before was when my wife suddenly commented out of the blue.

"It was you that first put the idea in my head you know – you're the one that started it!"

There was no mention of what "the idea" was but it didn't really need to be spelt out. I wondered just what she thought of me. Was she shocked that I didn't stop it – did she think I was perverted and maybe a wimp for just sitting there watching? Maybe she was going to excuse her own actions by blaming the drink. What did she really think about me when she turned to see me pulling my cock and climaxing because I had enjoyed watching her swallow another mans sperm while she masturbated two others?

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