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Dark Weres Ch. 02

by Iread2relax©

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to the world of Werewolves and Indians. This series, Dark Weres, introduces Betty's family from the south. We learn a bit more about the Jackson Pack in this chapter. This is not intended to be a raunchy sex tale, but a well told story; so if sex is all you're looking for, please feel free to move on to another story that can satisfy your needs. I have decided that I will write this story and stay true to my own vision. I certainly hope you enjoy it.

Thank you Andi for editing this chapter and supporting me as I created this story.

For your enjoyment, I present Dark Weres Chapter Two.


Ryelle visited the Kingsley Pack for about a week. Within the week, Ja'Mal had a conference call with Alpha Alphonso and Betty had a chance to speak to her father for the first time in decades. It was very emotional for Betty, because she knew how upset he was when she left. She knew he had his reasons for his beliefs, and she lived through a lot of it with him. She resisted Carl when she met him, but her wolf would not be denied. Carl even tried to resist the pull towards her. After meeting members of her pack, he got the message loud and clear. The alpha would not approve. His wolf would not give her up, and eventually he had to face the furious alpha.

Alpha Alphonso did not mince words and Betty recalled the hateful things he spewed at her mate. Carl did not disrespect him, nor did he back down. Momma begged her to reconsider. There were males in the pack that were available. She pleaded with her to pick one of them, but the fates gave her Carl.

She was so angry. However, Carl spoke. "Betty, your parents are amazing and I understand. I wish things weren't like this. If I were dark, then he would not have a problem with me. But I'm a white man. Even I can understand why he is upset. I have lived many years, and he has every right to be wary. Although, I understand, that does not mean I can walk away from you. You are my mate, my heart, Betty. I will show your father respect, but I will not walk away from you."

"It's not fair. I know he went through a lot. I know he was a slave, but it's not like that anymore. He knows that a mate can never hurt you. I don't' understand." She cried. Carl held his mate and he knew. Tomorrow, this beautiful brave woman would have to make a decision that would change her forever. He prayed that she chose him. She did.

Ja'Mal spoke with his grandfather and had to admit a part of him was angry. For his whole life he felt alone, defective, yet he had an entire family. One morning as his uncle visited, Ja'Mal called. He needed to speak freely with his grandfather, and he did not want to have to censor his words. So he checked on his mate, and she and the kids were fine. Then he asked Jacob to make sure he had two hours of uninterrupted time. He needed to call Alpha Alphonso.

"Good morning, Grandfather. I know it's early, but I needed to speak with you." Ja'Mal explained. Alphonso sighed. His grandson was not one to mince words. He was proud of that. It spoke volumes on how he was raised. The fair were that fathered him did a great job teaching him. Alphonso was aware that Carl was killed decades ago when his grandson was a boy. He felt a strange kinship with the young man even as his pride in him grew.

"You knew about me. Yet, you never tried to check on us. I don't understand grandfather. She was still your daughter, yet you never checked on her." Ja'Mal surmised.

Alphonso took a deep breath. "Son, I have no excuse. I was stubborn and angry. It became easier to pretend that Abettia defied me instead of admitting I was wrong. I know I don't have the right to ask and you have every right to refuse, but please let me back into your lives. Let me become a part of your family once again." Alphonso pleaded.

Ja'Mal sighed, still hurt, still angry. Closing his eyes, he recalled the taunts from the other wolves his age; as a youth he recalled being watched in human society. He had no one that understood besides Momma. Momma never spoke ill of her parents. She always said that one day he would understand, yet he did not. He looked at Layla and his unborn son. He could never see a time he would dismiss his children without so much s a word. However, something about his grandfather intrigued him.

After talking with Alphonso for some time, the two disconnected and Ja'Mal took some time to compose himself. Love, do you need me? Kerri sent.

I love you, Kerri. I'm fine. We can talk later. He sent a shaft of love to his mate.

Meanwhile, Ryelle was with Abettia. She was amazing, his sister. For decades he worried, torn and afraid. What no one knew was that he and his brothers defied fathers decree and searched for their sister. They found her and Carl and Carl spoke with all of them. He told them that he would protect and love their sister. They needed to go home and help their father. Ryelle wanted to refuse and stay, but Carl was right.

Even on the journey back, they were stopped by the police several times and held simply because the police said they looked suspicious. Even when they clearly had no reason to detain them at all, because they were strange men from some other place, they were often questioned. Jebutu was struggling with his own anger at how they were treated. Jebutu often wondered if his child had lived, would he still have to face the same injustices they dealt with on a daily basis. But his child was gone, simply because his mother didn't want him. He searched for his face in every place they drove through. Ryelle's heart broke for his older brother, but now in this place he was overjoyed because his oldest nephew lived.

He talked with Ja'Mal on several occasions as Marcus eyed him suspiciously. He had not had the opportunity to approach him and he was cautious. Before he left, he was talking with his other nephew. However, he had gotten to know Abettia's son well over the few days. Ja'Mal had gone through so much in his young life. Ryelle understood. It was not easy being a black man, let alone a dark were. Even when you did nothing wrong, you were always eyed with suspicion.

He was so happy that he and his mother found a safe haven with this pack. Now he needed to talk to Marcus. If his feeling was right, then he found his other nephew. Jebutu cried for over a year when Cecily left. When they found her body and no evidence of a child, it crushed his older brother. But first he needed to talk with him. He was returning home in a few days, and he would talk with Marcus and learn what he could about him. Ryelle was up early and ready to go. As he exited his room, his niece Layla waylaid him. "Unka Ryelle, ride." She cried wanting a piggy back ride.

Kerrie joined him and laughed. "Ryelle, I tried to warn you. Now you do know the others will want one too." Ryelle smiled and simply enjoyed his family.

Ryelle joined the alpha pair for breakfast as Marcus helped his mate serve. Ryelle frowned a bit. At Jackson, the males would never serve food. That was work mainly for women. "Uncle, you will find that here at Kinglsey, we do what is best for the pack. Hell, even I help serve dinner when extra hands are needed." Ja'Mal explained. He then noticed Marcus's mate, Patricia was her name. She was beautiful and his nephew was a lucky man. It seemed both of his nephews mated with fair Weres as well.

Marcus noticed that the guy watched him, and today we were getting to the bottom of it. As soon as everyone was eating, Marcus excused himself from the morning crew. He approached Ryelle. Ryelle started to speak but chose not to. "Look, you've been watching me, Ryelle? What are you up to?" He demanded.

"Marcus, I meant no harm. You reminded me of someone." He explained. "My brother, you look like my oldest brother. He lost his child decades ago and well, you look like both of them." Then his sister joined them.

"I told you who my parents are. They raised me from a pup. They are my family." Marcus declared. Then he looked towards Ja'Mal. What if? His wolf questioned.

"Father would have told me where I came from if he knew. He would have said something." Marcus whispered.

Love, what's wrong? Patricia asked. Her mate was upset and she needed to comfort him.

Babe, I'm fine. I was speaking with Ryelle. I'm OK. Marcus replied.

Ryelle waited. "I don't mean to upset you or your family. If you are my nephew, I want you to meet your birth father, my brother. I won't pressure you, but please don't dismiss us."

"Do you know how hard it was being different and not knowing?" Marcus asked, but stopped. He never cried. When he was younger he cried and then he met his best friend, Keamon. They shared an oath and he never cried again. He took each day one day at a time. When he met Ja'Mal he was so excited to meet another wolf that looked like him. Betty mentioned her home pack, but explained that she had been banned. Marcus could admit being curious, but he had a family now and didn't need to seek out that pack. Betty saw him every day and never hinted that he looked familiar, yet the other day she told Ryelle that she to saw a resemblance to her brother and a woman he never knew. She never said anything. He understood why, but what if?

Ryelle stood, waiting, hoping. Marcus looked at him and sighed. "I can't blame you. I know how the world is. I want to meet them and learn the truth, but right now, I need time." He sent Patricia a hug and walked off. Ryelle stood and waited.

Betty walked up to him and placed her hand on his shoulder. "Brother, this is not your fault. We will find a way to work through this." she whispered. Ryelle hugged his sister. She was always so wise so compassionate. Now to learn a pack exists, how could he not have heard of a pack of Dark Weres before meeting Betty. "Ryelle, I read the letter. I never meant to hurt them, but he was my mate. You know a mate cannot be denied." She whispered. Ryelle smiled. I do and so does father. Call him. He really wants to talk with you." he whispered, and he hugged his sister before she had to go care for her young.

Logan spoke with him before he left for work, as did Jacob. Betty and Ja'Mal were loved and protected. Even his other nephew had unwavering love and support. Ryelle returned to his room and packed his bags to return home. He would leave at noon, and he wanted to make sure his family knew he wanted to return. Ja'Mal and Kerri were with him as he departed.

"Ja'Mal, father is not the monster many imagine him to be. He has made mistakes. I hope you can find it in your hearts to give him a chance and get to know him." Ryelle stated finally. Ja'Mal nodded, but kept his expression bland. Kerri laughed and she and Betty hugged Ryelle wishing him a safe journey. As he drove away, Betty sent her son a questioning look.

"Momma, you owe Grandfather nothing." Ja'Mal reminded her.

Betty nodded. "Ja'Mal, I raised you to believe in family. After Carl," she paused, "well you know. It was not easy. I know they despised us yet I kept the faith. Your father loved us, and fought for us. When he died, I stayed because they were our family. I should have called father, and maybe we could have gone back to Jackson, but I chose to stay there. Many hid their dislike, and some did not. When Sharon tricked you, I knew our time there had ended. I have been isolated from my family for nearly four decades. My brother, Ryelle, begged them not to make me go. Carl stood with me and in the need to keep from causing dissension in our pack, we left. Father told me to never return. Mother told me I was a fool Carl didn't really want me; he was using me. I walked away from her. When you were born, I reached out to them, but for father, the wound was too raw. You see, to understand father, you need to know the history of the Dark Were. I never told you the history, maybe I should have." Betty stopped talking.

Marcus waited. He faced Betty. "Why did you brother act as if he knows me? You stated that at first, you thought I looked familiar. Why have you not said anything?" He asked. Both men faced the dark female before them. The two thought they were the only males of their kind, aside from her original pack mates. But now a whole new world opened before them. Marcus was curious. He knew not where he came from. Alpha Jermiyo raised him. He never knew of his past. Now her brother looked at him as if he knew him.

"Ryelle referred to a woman named Cecily. Was this Cecily woman his birth mother? Could he and Betty and Ja'Mal be related after all?" Marcus wondered aloud as his heart pounded. Logan had gone to work, but he could feel a sense of disturbance from his mate. Betty, what is it? he sent.

Marcus and Ja'Mal have questions. That's all. I need to talk with them. She replied.

Logan hugged her mentally and promised to be home soon. Ja'Mal, Betty and Marcus sat on a nearby bench. Betty spoke, "Marcus, years ago a female in our pack slept with one of my brothers. She conceived. Not being mated, she was furious." Marcus and Ja'Mal froze.

"What? She conceived and was not mated." Marcus questioned. For Ja'Mal it made sense. He recalled his mother warning him time and time again to be careful. That's why his dalliance with Sharon upset her so.

"Marcus, Dark Weres have the ability to father children with any female they have relations with. They don't have to be mated." She explained. "It's a left over trait from when we were slaves. The dark were had to adapt and our genealogy allowed the male to father young. My father fathered hundreds of children as a slave, and he has always regretted it. Before he mated with mother, he father children with several different women," Betty stopped talking.

Marcus froze, "I was with a few women, could they?" he asked.

Betty nodded. "You can check and see; if they did conceive, I'm sure you would have been contacted."

Ja'Mal faced his mentor. If what mother said was true, could he have gotten Sharon pregnant as well? He froze. The thought of his child being left in that vile pack, bothered him. Ja'Mal, what is it? Kerri asked. Patricia called Marcus as well. The two men shared a look. They needed to talk with their mates.

The three walked back to the alpha home where Betty collected her young and the males held their women. They needed to talk.


Ryelle returned home. Father called him immediately. He was not surprised, but what did surprise him was how Lavinia seemed to think she was head bitch. Upon his arrival she greeted him."Welcome home, Ryelle, Your father and I have been waiting." she purred.

Instantly repulsed, Ryelle backed away. Fortunately, Damian walked up. "Lavinia, go spread you venom someplace else and leave my brother alone." He ordered. The she wolf hissed at him. She could not stand him. Just because Alphonso was his father, did not give him any rights over her at all.

The brothers embraced. "Abettia, you saw her. How is she?" Damian asked.

Ryelle smiled. "She is well. Her mate Carl died a few years ago. She has a new mate, Logan Kingsley. He is also white. Father won't like it, but he loves her." Ryelle exhaled.

Damian knew why he was worried. Their parents suffered at the hands of white men and women. His mother, Elizabeth, was not immune. She was raped repeatedly and her master fathered at least ten children with her all of which she watched be sold. She was turned by Alpha Alphonso over two centuries ago. They were lovers, but she knew and respected the fact that she was not his mate. Alphonso had many women, but he was careful.

He remembered his mother telling him about his birth. Mother never changed her story. She was a few decades old and she and Alphonso had a special relationship. She was not his only lover and did not pretend that she was. He was extremely cautious, although he fathered a few children with women of Bertrand's pack in the past. Those females left the pups in his care. The pack surrounded them and they grew up knowing they were wanted and loved. Elizabeth cried when he realized she was pregnant. She expected Alphonso to lash out. Her slave master did, but he was calm. He swore his child would be protected. He even asked if she wanted to mate, but she refused. He was not her true mate. That changed nothing. Alphonso took care of his child. Damian stood with his younger brother and understood that times had changed and their sister needed to come back home.

"Ryelle, we will convince Abettia to return if only for a day." He whispered.

Soon Jebutu arrived and hugged his younger brother. He too asked about his sister. Ryelle told him the same information. Jebutu, at first wanted to question Abettia's mating, but decided that if this man loved her as Ryelle described, then he would welcome him. The problem was would father welcome him. As the oldest brother, he was determined to bring his sister home. Soon the three boys entered their father's office. Alphonso faced his sons. He was ready to hear Ryelle's report.


Across the compound, Lavinia returned to her small space. She was ticked off. How dare Damian speak to me that way?! She fumed. When I'm Alpha Bitch, I'm kicking his ass and his mother out of the pack.

As the brother's entered their father's home, Ryelle and Damian mentioned Lavinia's actions. Jebutu frowned. Lavinia was trouble. She set her eyes on father. In his vulnerable state, he might give in to her. This was something he would not allow. Not just for father, but because she was not meant to be alpha bitch. He wanted to share his thoughts with his brothers. They talked, completely unaware of the turmoil Jebutu was going through. His brothers despised Lavinia, his father used her for his pleasure, and even he questioned the wisdoms of the fates at times. Nevertheless, he would make sure Lavinia did not get her claws into his father. That simply would not happen.

Lavinia entered her small two bedroom apartment that she shared with her younger sister. Other than the fact that she was the oldest, she and LaTonya could have been twins. They shared the same toffee colored complexion, both had naturally long curly hair, and were voluptuous. "Lavinia, how are things going with Alpha?" Her sister, LaTonya asked.

Lavinia smirked at her younger sister. The two of them were born into the pack years ago. For decades they competed for male attention. Most of the times, Lavinia came out victorious.

Lavinia smiled when she remembered catching the eye of their alpha. Alphonso slept with Lavinia for the first time when she turned eighteen. He was a highly sexual creature, and everyone knew of his prowess. Even then, Eva turned a blind eye to his dalliances. He and his mate were at odds over their bitch of a daughter at the time. He regretted it immediately. Normally, he was with older females that knew it was physical only. Lavinia prayed that she conceived but she was not so lucky. A few years ago the weak Alpha Bitch killed herself. In his grief, Alphonso turned to her again. As quickly as he used her, he dismissed her. At first, Lavinia was hurt, but she had one goal: Become Alpha Bitch. She made herself available to him at all times.

Last year, he slept with two more bitches. They both got pregnant. Although she tried to convince Alphonso that they were lying to him, he became frustrated and was about to dismiss her for good. To save her spot, she made nice with the two bitches. Only one could really harm her, and she made sure to show her who really was in charge. Suni Blackmon was not a challenge for her. Now Mari, she would watch her from afar. She was the type of girl you had to be ready for a moment's notice. It seemed Suni caught on as well, because now she and Mari were friends, best friends it seemed. So Lavinia would just keep an eye on the two females for now. She made sure to let them know that Alphonso was off limits. They could be his baby mamas, but she would be his wife.

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