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Midnight Snack

by Bryant Layne©

The sex-hazed sibling shakes and trembles to the waves of climaxing thrills as her brother's sperm lands on the sweaty body. She humps and shoves a leaking cunt into her mother's face. The hot teenager lifts off the sheets in a tonic bliss.

Finally the pretty brunette drops flat on the bed. She pants and gasps. Her body was covered with a sheen of sweat and juices.

Louise lay on her back. Tonight her daughter was one unstoppable fuck machine. Her son's being part of this only added to Caryn's and her lusts.

"It time, my brother," Caryn huskily states, "It time for you to take care of our mother's pussy." The hot daughter says to her mother, "You son's dick is awaiting his whore mother's cunt."

Louise didn't say anything. She smiles and slowly moves over to Chris. She positions over him. A young dick hardens.

The hot mother takes the teenage cock into a soft hand. It is aimed at a dripping pussy. Louise rubs the stiff cock teasingly on the wet pussy lips.

"My Gawd mom," Chris moans, "You're such'a fuckin' bitch!"

Chris feels the tight mature pussy with the tip of his dick. Louise moves the steadying hand away. A firm ass descends down on the young rod. Slowly his dick penetrates her.

She moves faster and faster. Louise leans forward brushing him with the rounded breasts. Chris grabs her ass. Louise curls her hands around a young strong neck. The mother rides the taboo cock with long, deep thrust. She moves up and down the rigid shaft completely. An experienced pussy seals around the hot tool. "Oh yes, baby," Louise moans, "Fuck your mother. Cum all up in me!" "Ride me, Mom," Chris moans, "Be the whore like your daughter." This was the first time Caryn had ever seen her mother fuck another person. The fact it was her stud brother plunging into that fantastic cunt was even more exciting. These two people were the ones she had loved the most. It was a beautiful sight.

Louise could feel the climax rising. It was vibrating her soul. It was going to be a hard cum. She starts fucking wildly.

"Oh gawd, Mom!" Chris moans louder, "Ride me faster! Oh gawd! Faster!"

"Oh son!" Louise wails pumping faster, "Oh I'm cummin'! I'm cummin' lik'a leaky faucet!" Chris feels the warm fluids ooze out of his mother's pussy and onto his groin. It stimulated the son to hump upwards into the tight mature cunt. A set of large balls retracts. "I'm cummin' mother!" He screams through clinched teeth, "I'm gonna fill your pussy with my cum!"

Both mother and son bodies hump and bump wildly. They were out of control as the nerve shattering climaxes radiates. They flex and twist as the pleasure waves travel every inch of their souls. Louise falls onto her son's chest. They pant and wheeze to gain breath. Both were wet from sweat. They hold each other until tightly.

"Do'ya wanna ass fuck me?" she suddenly asks. Yeah!" he says excitedly.

Louise turns over and sits up on knees and elbows. Presenting a rounded hard ass, she teasingly notes, "You know it ain't a complete act of incest until you butt fuck me."

"You're gonna love fuckin' our mother's ass," Caryn hotly encourages, "She's gotta fine ass!" She leans over and says to Louise, "There've been a few nights I'd fantasized my brother's cock leavin' me with a sore butthole."

Louise reaches behind grabbing a pair of fine ass cheeks. A pink anus was offered. Shapely sexy legs slightly widen. "Fuck me, son," she bags, "Fuck your mother up the ass." With an inviting ass wiggle she adds lustfully, "Butt fuck your whore mother raw!"

Chris needed no more encouragement. He mounts Louise and positions a stiff cock to penetrate the alluring asshole. A purple helmeted head is positioned at the opening.

"Mother," Chris promises while shoving the shaft in, "prepare for the best ass fuckin' you're ever had!"

"Ohhhhhh, shit!" Louise reacts, "It feels so gooood!"

Chris was up to the balls in the forbidden ass. It was warm, tight and wonderful.

"Ooooooh Mommy," Caryn coos, "You look so hot bein' humped like a dog in heat." The sexy daughter kisses Louise saying, "You're such'a slut!" She adds, "You're such an easy piece o' ass!" Nibbling on Louise's ear and neck she says happily, "I'm so proud of you. You're a wonderful bitch!"

"As are you," Louise moans enjoying the cock.

"Mom," Chris says pumping her hard, "you're ass is so firm. So good!" He impels deeper into the willing orifice.

"Faster!" Louise implores, "Faster! Make your slut mother cum!"

"That's exactly what I'll do!" He increases the rhythms. Chris shoves as deep as possible up Louise's ass. The feel is was just too good to believe. The son regretted not trying to butt-fucking this ass years ago.

"The two people I love the most," Caryn moans, "are butt fuckin'!" She was fingering a wet cunt. "It's the most breathtakin' sight I've ever seen!" She cheers him on, "Go, my dear brother, fuck our mother's ass!" The fingering motions intensify, "Then fuck that whore's cunt!" She promotes lustfully, "An' eat that cunt!" Spreading her legs wider, Caryn added with abandoned lust, "Just fuck the hell outta our slut mother!"

"That's he's doing!" Louise chirps in, "He's givin' me the best ass fuckin' I've ever had!" She announces, "I'm gonna cum!" She orders Caryn, "Feel my cunt! Feel how wet it is!"

Caryn places her other hand on Louise's wet pussy and begin to masturbate the clit while still bringing herself to a climax. They both begin groaning and talking dirty to each other. They were in a lustful haze of excitement.

"I'm cumming!" Chris yells.

Louise hunches her ass back into the plunging rod. She wants ever ounce of her son's cum up her bowels.

"Ahhhhhh!" he screams from the delightful sensation.

What seems to be a gallon of cum is fired up Louise's ass. Her anus sphincter tenses around the hard shaft. It was so tight he couldn't move. It was the closest hole he had ever had a cock in!

Between her daughter's finger and her son's cock, Louise had a multi-climax. She twists and contorts in pure pleasure as the hot fluids gush. Pussy juices drip onto the sheets from the incestuous love tunnel.

Caryn brings herself to a climax as well. She yells out in lust how much of a whore she is. Firm hips rise and fall with the motion of the pleasure making fingers.

Chris pops out of Louise's ass and collapses between the two women. He kisses Louise and then Caryn. Louise leans across and gives Caryn a deep kiss. The two then laid their heads on his chest.

"Damn!" Chris awes, "This was one helluva midnight snack!"

Written by: Bryant Layne

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