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My New Mistress

by EroticaGaussia©

After corresponding via e-mail and talking briefly on the phone, I am ordered to visit your house, and you are at the front door to greet me.

You take me inside the house to your living room and give me something to drink. It is made clear that refusing is not an option.

You bid me to sit on the couch, and you join me.

After we drink and talk, you lean in and take my face in your hand and study me.

Releasing me, you tell me to stand up and remove all of my clothes, and to kneel before you, hands on my thighs.

Devoid of my clothing, I kneel in front of you, as you sit on the edge of the couch. You fasten a pair of linked nipple clamps and I moan at the low level pain, wondering what their purpose is. They feel uncomfortable, but the discomfort turns me on and I realise that my new Mistress is

You slap me hard across the face, and tell me that I am you are my Mistress, that I am your fucktoy and that you will do with me whatever you please.

My face stinging, I simply say "Yes Mistress."

You stand and position yourelf over me, legs apart and push my head up between your legs and order me to use my mouth. As I move upwards, you force my head right into your pussy, commanding me to make you climax, but to do it slowly. I work my way around your labia, licking and sucking, occasionally pulling too hard on your labial piercings. Each time I do this, you pull sharply but briefly on the chain connecting the nipple clamps, and I yelp.

Now I know what the nipple clamps are for! The masochist in me cannot help but pull too hard on your piercings a few more times.

After I make you climax you order me to stand up and bend over the armrest of the couch and to stay still.

I hear you walk away from me, and then hear you return. I feel something soft around my wrists, and then feel the softness tighten. I am unable to move my wrists and realise that I am being restrained. I feel a similar sensation around my upper arms and know that I really have no control at all over my own destiny as long as you wish it to be the case.

Suddenly I feel something hard and wet slide around the entrance to my anus. And then feel the vibrations as the tool slips inside and is pushed in firmly, deep as it can go. I revel in the strange sensations, having never experienced them before. It hurts, but the vibrations make the pain exquisitely pleasureable.

I hear the smack across my bottom before I feel it. The sting is quite mild, but it gets stronger as the smacking continues, leaving a burning sensation across my bottom as it gets heavier and more painful, but it is offset by the vibrator which has been taking me very close to an orgasm, but not quite there.

The sensations change as your bare hand is replaced by something much harder and firmer and the stinging is far more intense. My bottom feels as though it is on fire and vibrator, while still pleasurable, cannot mask the pain. When you finish, the pain subsides to a lower level, finely balanced with the pulses of the vibrator against my prostate and start to feel as though I will come if this keeps up, but just as suddenly as the vibrating tool entered my anus in the first instance, it is withdrawn.

I yelp in surprise and ask why, but I am told,

"Be silent, you dirty fucktoy!"

I comply, shocked at the aggressive tone, but loving it.

I am given a chance to recover, bent over the couch, panting, wondering what is next. After what feels like an eternity but is really only a few minutes you tell me that we will continue.

"Stand up for me, fucktoy!" you command. I comply and stand in front of the couch.

"Do you have a need for the toilet, fucktoy?" you ask.

"Yes Mistress, I do, please let me go, Mistress!" I say.

You produce a large wine glass and hold it directly beneath my semi hard penis.

"Proceed, fucktoy!" you order.

"Mistress?" I utter, shocked at what I am being told to do.

"Piss for me, into this glass, fucktoy! Go on!" you order.

After some effort, I am able to relieve myself, and it is a relief, as the pressure on my bladder is considerable. I wonder what is intended with my urine in a large wine glass. I wonder if you are going to drink it, and I wonder aloud.

"No, fucktoy, you are going to drink your own piss. Now kneel for me!" you command.

I groan, partly horrified but partly curious. I have always liked to play with my urine, but never had the nerve to drink it. I kneel and you hold my head back with your hand grabbing my hair. It hurts. You put the glass to my lips and tilt it into my mouth.

At first I gag, but then get used to the flow. The urine tastes warm and very strange. I do not altogether like it, but the taboo nature of what I am doing excites me. But eventually, I gag and stop, panting and coughing.

"Have you had enough, fucktoy?" you say.

"Yes Mistress." I reply.

"Well then, you must have the rest another way!"

I am utterly shocked to feel my own warm urine splash all over my chest.

"Now get dressed, fucktoy, and get out. I will call you again when you are needed." you order.

"And no, you may not clean up. Get dressed and go. Not another word, fucktoy!" you finish.

I am shocked, but deeply turned on. I get dressed quickly, and leave the house, you ushering me out of the front door. I run to my car, smelling my own urine on the drive home and feel deeply humiliated and ashamed, but profoundly aroused. I am soaking wet from my urine, and also feel very damp between my legs from the lube used in my anus. I need to get home to masturbate and clean myself up. I cannot wait until I meet my new Mistress again.

Written by: EroticaGaussia

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