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Porn Job

by Penny_Tralia©

I needed a job so I took it. I’d never worked for a porno film company, but what the hell, it was a job and I needed the money. My boss, David was nice enough. Never made any kind of pass at me and never made any sexual comments to me, so it was just like working in any office. Except that the people coming in were all porno stars or had something to do with the industry. I’m not sexually uptight or anything, I just didn’t have anything in common with these people. But like I said I needed a job and this one was offered to me. Money wasn’t too bad either, better than minimum wage for sure. Even included a Christmas bonus. Nice huh?

Everyday was the same thing; check the calendar for appointments and meetings. Set up travel arrangements for my boss and a few others. Make sure the bills got paid on time, employees got their paychecks, you know just a regular Office Manager. In fact my job was pretty dull until one Friday afternoon. Then all hell broke loose.

“So what do you think of my new Office Manager?” The men gathered in David’s office just smiled. “She’s hot isn’t she?”

“Yeah, she is. I wouldn’t mind fucking her. A couple of times in fact.” blurted Bill. David, Mike, Adam and Jim all laughed and nodded in agreement.

“I bet she is a real wildcat in bed”, Adam said.

“She’s all prim and proper here but get her clothes off and she probably can suck cock pretty fucking good.”

“I hope she can.” David said with a devious grin. “I wonder what she would be like on film.”

“You will never get her to do that, no fucking way!” Mike answered.

David just smiled and said, “Bet I can.”

“There is no fucking way you can get her to do anything.” Mike said.

“Wanna bet?” David said pulling out his wallet.

“Hell yeah! There is no way you are going to get her to do a damn thing.” said Mike “I bet I can get her to do just about anything I want, for money that is. She needs it bad and I don’t think it will take much to convince her to do it.” David replied as he peeled off hundred dollar bills.

“Thousand bucks says I can convince her to do it.” David said as he laid the money on the desk.

“An easy thousand bucks for me,” Mike said smiling.

“I’ll call her in and work my magic”, David said as he pushed the intercom button.

“Hey Julie can you step in here for a minute?”

I opened the door already knowing that they would all be watching my ass as I walked by them.

Men are men I told myself as I made for David’s desk. Pad and pen in hand I stood in front of David’s desk ready to takes notes on whatever it was that he wanted me to do.

I stood there waiting, but David did not speak. Finally I spoke up and asked what he needed.

He smiled at me, and then got a look of concern on his face.

I waited until he finally spoke.

“Julie I have a bit of a problem and I think perhaps you can help me. In return you will receive a pretty hefty bonus.”

Well my ears perked up. I was deep in debt and an extra bonus was something I could definitely use.

“And how would I earn this bonus?” I said almost afraid to ask.

“Julie I need a fill in for one of the girls that canceled on me. I have the film crew ready to go and I cannot get anyone to fill in for her. Can you help me out?”

“You have got to be kidding? There is no way in hell that I am going to do that. I need the money but no way am I gonna fuck some stranger.”

“Well you wouldn’t have to fuck him. I just need someone to let us film her, sort of like a teaser, for the main stars. You know get the audience worked up. We just need you to let us film you semi nude. No big deal.”

My mind started to reel. Semi nude? Okay so I am topless. I have got great tits, I go topless at the beach so what the fuck. At least I would get paid for it, instead of it being a freebie.

“How much?” I said, my voice almost under control.

“A thousand dollars.”

“A thousand dollars to just let you film me semi nude?”

“Yes, you will not have to do anything that you do not want to do.”

I stood there thinking. My heart pounding. A thousand bucks would really get me out of the hole. Damn I needed the money bad.

“Okay” I said, my voice shaking.

“But I need a drink first.”

“No problem, help yourself to anything you want” David said as he pointed to the fully stocked bar in his office.

My shaking legs barely carried me to the cabinet, where I helped myself to a giant glass of Grey Goose. I might as well drink the good stuff I thought to myself. I drank it straight down and was already feeling a little more relaxed about the whole thing by the time it hit my stomach. I mean what the hell, it was just gonna be a titty shot is all. No big deal. I gulped down another shot of Grey and then turned around, feeling powerful and in control. I can do this I thought to myself. I am a woman sure of her own sexuality and besides I need the money. I looked each of them in the eye, took a deep breath and said,

“So for two thousand dollars who would I have to fuck?”

As soon as I finished the sentence I wanted to take it back. But I figured, hey none of them are bad looking. I might end up fucking them anyways, might as well get paid for it. Damn in the last 15 minutes I have turned into a hooker. No make that a call girl, classier. I laughed to myself thinking how stupid that was. I was a few minutes away from making my first porn I better get into it. What was I worried about? I had fucked plenty of men before; this was not going to be any different. So I suck a little cock and let him fuck me, no big deal. Better than doing it for free.

“Who would you like to fuck? David answered smirking.

Oh I knew that he was hoping I would pick him. I could tell by the expression on his face, you know that look that men get when they have conquered a hard to land female. That look of triumph. I knew right then I would not fuck him. No way would let him get that satisfaction. So I smiled back and looked around the room. Not bad, not bad at all. Or was that the Grey talking? Did it matter? By the time I sobered up it would be over with. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad; I was actually getting wet just thinking about it. Damn it’s been too long since my last good fuck for me to be doing this. I looked each of them over trying to decide, who do I fuck. Oh better yet who do I fuck first. Oh yeah this was getting better by the minute. I am actually thinking about fucking all of them. Man it has been a long time.

“So who will it be Julie?” David asked smiling.

Well who would it be. Bill? He’s nice looking. Blonde, blue eyed, muscular. Probably has no problem getting all the cunt he wants. A little on the cocky side though, not really my type. Adam, hmmm. Dark spiky hair, cute definitely, but a little too baby faced for me. No he won’t be first, but I definitely want to taste that. Jim, well he was tempting. Good looking, built, I think ex-Marine. I bet he’s the dominating kind. Maybe not as the first one, but I might enjoy fucking him, and the bulge in his jeans let me know he wouldn’t mind fucking me. Let’s see, there’s Mike. Definitely my type. Long dark hair, mustache, goatee and those brown eyes wrapped in the longest lashes I have ever seen. I realized I had been staring at his mouth the entire time. He had those kind of lips you just had to kiss. He had that dangerous look. You know the one you would not bring home to Mom and Dad. He always had this smoldering look about him; guess that’s why I found him so sexy. Like underneath that calm exterior was maybe the best lay I would ever get. Oh yeah, he would definitely be the first.

“I’ll fuck Mike first.” I said matter of factly.

David handled the disappointment well, almost no change in his expression. What did he think; he’s the boss so he gets first dibs. Nope, I would be the one making the choice this time.

“So you ready?” I asked almost without any quaver in my voice. “Which room?”

David was the first to get up and led the way for the rest of us. “I think the Dark Room would be best” he said as he looked back at me smirking.

“Great”, I said thinking to myself, yeah great you bastard. That’s the bondage room. Well if they wanted to be tied up and tortured no problem, but if they think I am going to let them do that to me, they are out of their mind. Actually I always found the Dark Room enticing. It was done in a beautiful Victorian design, straight out of the 19th century, well if you ignored the racks and such. I turned to them suddenly and blurted, “One rule, no one gets to hurt me. I won’t do it otherwise.”

Mike walked up to me, wrapped his arm around me and whispered “I won’t hurt you, I’m just gonna fuck you.” Then he winked at me. Fuck he was sexy. I’m so glad I picked him first, but the others just might be a disappointment after him. Maybe should have saved him for dessert.

David made it to the room first and swung the door open. I loved this room. Dark, quiet-well most of the time, definitely was made to have sex in. Everything in there made you think of fucking. From the erotic paintings hung on the walls, to the thick red carpeting and the lighting that turned the room an unnatural red color, to the dark woods and the four poster bed hung with heavy velvet draperies. Just walking into the room made me want to fuck someone. I stood there as they filed into the room. I was the last to enter and by the time I did they had all seated themselves comfortable and were just watching me. David turned on the stereo and slow seductive music began to play. I listened for a moment and realized that it was a recording of a woman cumming. Okay then “Show time!” I thought to myself.

I walked slowly, with a sexy swing to my hips. I really did know how to move my body. I was going to make sure they were worked up as much as I could get them and in the process I was getting hotter and wetter. I danced in front of each of them, swaying my hips as I stood in front of them. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse, peeling it off my body and throwing it on the floor. I reached back and unbuttoned my skirt, sliding it over my hips and letting it fall to the floor. I was down to bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. I knew what I looked like; I had checked myself out in the mirror this morning as I got dressed. I always dressed as if I was gonna get fucked that day. Made for one hell of a sexy feeling all day. I ran my hands down my hips and across my ass. A couple of them even helped themselves to a quick feel of my ass. I leaned forward just enough to let them get a peek at my cunt through my lace panties. I turned and looked at each of them. Oh yeah, they all had hard-ons. This was going to be better than I thought.

I walked towards Mike, and reached my hand out for him. He took it, almost shyly. I realized that I was in control. Well at least for now I was. I led him to the enormous bed centered in the room. Reaching up I pulled his mouth towards mine I began to kiss him as my hands ran down his back, my nails tracing lines deep in his skin. When my hands reached his ass I gave him a good squeeze and pulled him towards me. I could feel his hard cock even through his jeans. I pulled his t-shirt out of his jeans and lifted it over his head. I scraped my nails across his chest and he shuddered. I undid the button and pulled the zipper down, then slid his jeans down, letting them drop to the floor. As soon as the jeans cleared his cock, it popped straight up almost clearing the top of his boxers. I slid my hand inside his boxers and grabbed for his cock. I wanted to feel it, have it in my hand. I pushed him gently onto the bed as I pulled his boxers all the way down. I knelt before him, reaching for his cock again. My fingers were about to wrap around him, when he grabbed my hands. I looked up and he had a sly grin on his face. He held both my hands in one of his, then reached over with his other hand, grabbed my hair, forced my head down and shoved his cock into my mouth. I was about to struggle against him, but the feel of his cock in my mouth was so good. Feeling that silky skin with my tongue was enough to make me stop struggling and start sucking him. I worked my tongue up and down his cock, wrapping my lips tightly around him, letting him push my head down further. His cock was shoved all the way to the back of my throat. I could feel his cock start to thicken more and I knew he was going to cum. He started to lift his hips up to fuck my mouth harder and then groaned loudly as he let go of my hair and pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot his cum all over my chin and tits.

I reached up and wiped some off my tits with my fingers, then looking into his eyes, sucked my fingers, licking all the cum from them. He moaned and his cock stirred back to life. He leaned forward, reached behind me and undid my bra. I held my bra in place, not ready to share with him just yet. I let the straps fall away, then slowly lowered my bra, turning away from him as I removed it. I looked back over my shoulder at him and winked. Oh, he liked this. I turned slowly around giving him a full view of my tits. I have great ones I know and I could tell he appreciated them as he licked his lips. He reached forward and pulled me to him, then placed me on the bed and slid my panties down. All in one move. I could tell he practiced this move quite a bit, it was smooth. I was naked and on my back before I knew it.

He got onto the bed and leaned over me. His fingers traced circles around my hard nipples, as he watched me. His hand worked its way down my body to my cunt. His fingers gently teasing me, brushing lightly against my skin. All the while just watching me. I squirmed, lifting my hips, trying to get his fingers inside me. He was driving me crazy and not only did he know it, he was enjoying it. His finger slid between my pussy lips and started to rub my now swollen clit. I started to moan with pleasure; he knew what he was doing, touching me just the right way. Stroking me, slowly at first then a little faster, across then up and down. A little more pressure, then he stopped. I moaned for him not to stop and he lowered his mouth to my pussy, spreading my lips with his tongue. Slipping his tongue in and pressing against my clit. Holding it there, pressing harder. I reached down and held myself open for him, I couldn’t stand it. I wanted his tongue on my pussy, in my pussy. I wanted him to suck and lick me. He leaned forward a little more and placed his mouth over my clit, taking it gently into his mouth, sucking it. Then gently taking it between his teeth and flicking his tongue across it. Fuck, I was gonna cum already. He slid his fingers into me. I don’t know how many, but it was a tight fit. He was stretching my pussy with his fingers as his tongue worked my clit. Wiggling back and forth across it. His tongue so warm and wet, so delicious. I began to cum once again in his mouth. He licked at me harder trying to get all my cum into his mouth. I laid there waiting for my breathing to slow down.

When I finally sat up, I saw that the other men had already undressed themselves and were waiting. Standing around the bed, naked, and each with tremendous hard-ons. Mmmmm, surrounded by hard cocks, what a perfect moment. I sat there thinking who I was going to fuck next, but the answer was already decided for me. All of them. Each climbed onto the bed and began to kiss me. Kiss my mouth, my tits, my stomach, my ass. David lay down on the bed and beckoned me to him. I straddled him and without hesitation, slide his cock into my pussy. I began to fuck him when I felt hands on my ass, spreading me open. I leaned forward to make it easier for whoever it was. I wanted a cock in my pussy and my ass. I turned around to see that Adam had his hard cock in his hand and he began to work it into my ass. His cock slipped into me and I felt him fill my ass as David filled my pussy. I was being stretched both ways and it felt so good. I began to moan, but my moan was cut short by first one cock then another one being pushed against my lips. I opened my eyes to see two cocks in my face. I began to lick at them, back and forth, licking the cum off them.

I felt myself almost being torn open by the two cocks already stuffed inside me, but I took more cock into my mouth. I licked and sucked at them. Sucking one then the other. Them watching me suck them, then watching me being fucked. I tried to get both cocks into my mouth at once, but they were too much for me. And so I sucked them as David pumped my pussy and Adam pounded at my ass. Each of them trying to fill part of me with their cum. David came first, grabbing my waist and slamming me down on him. Adam shoved into me even harder as he watched David cum. He watched as I sucked both cocks, taking them each into my mouth. Licking them and sucking them harder each time. Jim couldn’t hold back any longer and began to cum in my mouth. Cumming so hard and sending so much cum in my mouth I could not swallow it all. His cum dripped down my chin onto my tits. Watching cum drip down my face was enough to finish off Adam. I felt his hot cum shoot into my ass. I began to cum again, feeling his cock fill me over and over again. I moaned as I sucked Bill’s cock harder. His cock thickened as he shot cum down my throat. I sucked on him until I sucked all the cum from him.

We all lay there, not saying a word. Each enjoying our bliss. Then David just casually mentioned that he had forgotten to turn on the video camera. “And I did say $2000 for you to fuck someone on film.”

I lay there for a moment, thinking. Then smiled at him and said, “Well I guess that means we will have to do it again. Anyone got a problem with that?”

No one did.

Written by: Penny_Tralia

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