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Maeve's New Job Description Ch. 04

by Wants2benaughty©

I wake up when the door opens, The Devil, Aedan and a strange woman walk in. She is wearing all black; corset, fishnet stockings, boots and a mask. She has a riding crop in her hand. This is rather intimidating. I am glad I am under the blankets, covering my nakedness. I should know better, soon I will be asked to get out of the bed.

The Devil unbinds me and orders me to kneeling position. I do as requested.

"What are we doing now?" I ask.

The riding crop comes down on my inner thighs twice. I bite my lip to hold back a groan of pain. I am feeling slightly defiant and angry right now. I know I need to change my attitude; I just don't know how.

"You shall not speak unless given permission, slave. When you speak you address me as mistress, Aedan as sir, and of course your new master as master. Do you understand?" She tells me.

I gulp, "Yes, Mistress."

"Stand with your legs spread, put your hands behind your head; look straight ahead." She tells me.

I do as instructed without a word. She hits my upper inner thighs; I take that as a hint to spread my legs further.

"Good Girl." She tells me.

My checks burn, again it seems like I am being treated by an animal. She walks around me, touching me in different places. She takes each breast in her hand, as if weighing it. Her fingers rub my vagina and anus. I bite back my shock and shiver.

"So it looks like so far you have treated her roughly. If you really want her to give men pleasure, you need to train her to enjoy it. You already have her; your blackmail scheme should be enough." She tells The Devil.

"I want her to show me the proper respect." The Devil responds.

"You can do that without beating her. If you keep up at the rate you are going, you will leave scars. You need to take care of your slaves. There are ways to cause pain without bruising or causing scars. Again, if you want her to be a good sex slave, you also have to use pleasure. If she only does it out of threats, she won't be eager to please. She will be eager to get it over with. The people you give her as a gift too will sense that, and for most it will take away their pleasure." She responds.

"Go lay on the bed slave." She tells me.

I do as requested.

"Bind her spread eagle." She instructs.

The Devil and Aedan do so.

She climbs on the bed with me. She starts gently caressing my body, my breasts, runs her hands down my sides.

"Poor slave, you have been mistreated so far. Pain and pleasure need to be mixed to create a good sex slave." She says.

Her hands keep up the exploration. She moves down to carass my legs, paying special attention to my inner thighs. Then she takes one of my nipples into her mouth, one of her hands continues to carass my inner thighs moving closer to my pussy.

"Come on little slave, let me give you some pleasure." She tells me.

She takes the other nipple in her mouth. I relax into the feel of her.

"Good girl." She coos.

Her hand from the upper thigh moves up to feel my pussy. I realize it is getting wet.

"Very good girl." She says softly.

She kisses my mouth deeply as she slips her finger into my wetness. Something I never could have imagined since this started, I am getting aroused.

She slides in two fingers, and moves her mouth to my breasts again. Circling each nipple, sucking it in, then adding a small bite at the end. My body has never felt so alive, so wanting.

I can't help myself, "Please Mistress."

"Please what little slave?" she says.

I can't answer, I really have no idea what I want. More? Impossible.

She inserts three fingers, slowly fucking me with them. I start to thrust my hips in response. She moves down and uses her other hand to rub my clit. Oh my, it feels so good.

"Cum for me little slave." She says.

Surprisingly, I do. Hard, thrusting my pelvis up to take her fingers deep. She continues to rub my clit, taking it and rubbing it between her fingers. I cum again. I can feel my clit swollen. Pleasure I have never felt before coming in waves.

"Good your slave is multi-orgasmic." She notes.

She keeps it up, as orgasm after orgasm rocks me.

"Get the harness and the wand, and put it on her" she says.

I feel a rope or strap being put around my waist and upper thighs. Something cold is pressed against my clit, it moves further in as the bindings are tightened. She moves my pussy lips so they are not blocking my clit.

With her fingers still fucking me, she turns it on. I scream, my clit is so swollen and the pleasure is almost painful. I cum a couple more times, until the wand is turned off.

"Now little slave, are you ready to be trained to enjoy and give good blow jobs? When you are doing well, the wand will be turned on, and you will feel the pleasure." She asks me.

I don't believe it but the words come out "Yes, Please, Mistress. I want more."

"Do you want to suck cock?" She asks.

"Yes please, let me suck some cock." I say.

Who am I becoming?

To be continued...

Written by: Wants2benaughty

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