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A Little Convincing: a Lot of Fun

by elpavilion©

Gordon led Alexis by the hand to the living room. He could tell that she was nervous for sure, but excited too. They had never done or seriously considered anything like this before, so Gordon was gentle as he led her.

By the time Jack was rubbing sunscreen on her shoulders, and Gordon was, at the same time, slipping her soft, white tits out of her bikini top, he had subtly, yet persistently, coaxed her into this situation. She, just as gently, resisted, but then he began to win out. Of course a glass of wine or two helped his argument, and just as one fat, soft, bountiful boob bobbed beautifully out of her bikini and into the sun, Gordon figured he had finally convinced her that it would be fun to have fun with Jack and him at the same time.

"We can go at your pace," he had whispered softly in her ear. "We won't do anything you don't like and we can stop any time. I promise."

"What if I'm too scared to stop?"

He knew she would be nervous. In his head, he had run this scenario a hundred times. He figured she had probably run it zero times, so he was way better prepared. "I tell you what," now he was whispering, but moving his face away from her ear, "if you put both hands over your eyes and leave them there, I'll know you want to stop." He did not want her to put her hands over her eyes.

"And Jack's OK with this? Isn't it weird?"

"Oh, I'm OK," Jack was drunk enough to just barely slur his words.

Gordon looked at Jack and nodded almost imperceptibly, and Jack moved with the sunscreen lotion to stand near Alexis' shoulders while squirting a generous amount of the thick, white cream in his hand. Gordon was still moving slightly away from Alexis, but still sat on the chaise with her, so he could reach the front of her bikini and pull it up over her boobs one at a time. They shined white, like a sacred prize against the tan on the rest of her body. Jack was rubbing her shoulders as her tits came into view.

"Wow," he said calmly. "Those are really nice Lex." He rubbed her shoulders and stared, mesmerized by her bountiful chest.

She tipped her head up at him and smiled nervously. "Th-th-thanks."

Gordon saw some resolve come over her. She looked him in the eye and leaned forward to kiss him. He knew that he had somehow convinced her and she was up for an adventure. As they kissed, he reached up and untied the bikini straps that went behind her neck and then did the same to those behind her back. When she backed away from him, she still clutched the bikini to her, even though it wasn't covering her at all anymore, but she leaned back with her eyes closed and allowed Jack to massage her shoulders.

He rubbed the thick lotion over her shoulders and timidly down over her tits waiting for her to stop him. After a few minutes with her offering no resistance, his confidence grew and he began kneading them gently, lifting them, letting them fall, pushing them together and apart, the smile on his face a testament to how much he was enjoying it.

"Well. OK. That's actually really nice," she said softly, and her hands clutching the bikini slowly relaxed and fell to her sides.

"Good. I think it's fucking awesome. You are the best wife in the world," Gordon said huskily. He bent to kiss her belly, and slipped his fingers under the band of her bottoms. She tensed slightly and put her hands on his, and he knew that it was too soon, so he moved his hands up her belly to start playing with her lotion slicked boobs along with Jack. She relaxed.

The sun seemed to get hotter as they worked on Alexis' boobs. Somewhere over a few yards, a dog barked and a weed eater buzzed. Gordon heard all this as white noise. All he could focus on was his wife and the smell of the coconut in the lotion. He was as hard as a 17 year old on prom night and could feel his dick throbbing against his bathing suit, trying to get out.

Slowly he moved his hands down her stomach and over the fabric of her bottoms and then down her legs to her feet, rubbing the lotion he had accumulated from the generous amount Jack was using on her tits. He watched Jack work with her chest the whole time. At her feet, he stood up and moved to the back of the chaise, staring at them as he moved. He lifted the back up and then moved the support so that as he let it down, the chaise lay completely flat. Alexis' boobs lay perfectly round on her chest, gravity helping them with its need for symmetry.

She was flushed and red now, where she used to be ivory white. Gordon could see her breathing in catches as Jack rubbed and tenderly tweaked her nipples, which were tight and erect. Gordon moved near one of her hands and guided it under the hem of his bathing suit, which was baggy enough for her to easily reach up to his hard cock and begin stroking it. He moaned. She moaned more softly.

"Oh man, you don't even know how hot I think this is. You really are amazing," Gordon told her. She just moaned softly in response.

He knew that every advance in this kind of play was going to have risk. He didn't want to push her too far too fast, but he knew he wanted this experiment to go the distance. He leaned awkwardly over her to take her other hand and put it on Jack's leg, right above his knee. She just held it there without moving, while she still stroked Gordon. He willed her to get more into it and start playing with Jack, mainly because he just wanted her to lose control. In his fantasy world, she would be overcome with passion and wouldn't care who she was with, whose cock she tugged or sucked. He had gotten her to that uninhibited, intensely sensual point before, at least he thought he had, but they were alone then. Now they had Jack here, and he wanted to help her find her uncontrollable passion and ride it like a wild horse. He wanted to direct this play just enough to let her know that it was OK to let go and do whatever felt good, and then they could all adlib the rest.

He had hoped that putting her hand inches from Jack's cock would give her the sign to move the last few inches herself and start handling the first strange dick she'd had in her hand in 15 years. Despite his practically popping a blood vessel in his head trying to mind-control her to take the next step with Jack, her hand remained where he had put it. He thought it was good that she had at least not moved it away.

He leaned over again and reached the tube of lotion. It popped open with a snap when he pried his thumb against the cap. He took her hand, the stationary one, and turned it palm up. She let him. He squirted a large dollop of lotion in the center of her upturned hand and then let go of it. And waited. He figured there were two ways to go: she could start rubbing the lotion on her own boobs, or she could get bold and repay Jack for the nice work he was doing on her, which had turned into him rubbing her thoroughly from shoulders to bellybutton by now.

After the briefest pause, her hand moved back towards Jack and slid up under his bathing suit. Jack stiffened and stopped moving his hands on her for a moment. Gordon wanted to tell her she was a good girl, but thought it best to just say nothing. He could see her hand moving under Jack's bathing suit. He could tell she was rubbing from balls to tip and then wringing the tip a bit before moving back down again. She had warmed up to this pretty quickly. The sight of her like this nearly made him shoot a load of another type of cream into her hand, so he moved away from her so she couldn't reach him anymore.

Jack moaned quietly. His hands were on her tits, but he wasn't moving them over her now. He just squeezed her as she rubbed him. Gordon moved to her waist and again put his fingers under her the elastic of her bikini. Without pause, he just started pulling her bottoms down towards her feet. She didn't resist or stop him this time. In fact, she lifted her hips to make it easier to remove them. He got them untangled from one of her feet, but didn't bother with the other before he moved her legs apart and practically dove at her pussy with his mouth, rocking the chaise as he did.

He rubbed her firmly with his fat tongue, going right up the slit to her engorged clit. She might have been nervous, but her body betrayed her: her pussy was moist and soft and engorged before he even touched it with his tongue. She instantly pushed her hips up to meet his mouth as he moved his tongue up and down on her.

They moved like this for a few minutes, Alexis moaning as she gyrated her hips on Gordon's busy tongue, Jack again kneading and rubbing her red tits and moving his hips into her slick hand. It was hot from the sun and hot from the passion and excitement of what they were doing.

Suddenly Alexis squeezed her legs together and pushed Gordon away with her free hand. When he looked up, he expected to see her with her hands over her eyes, but they weren't. He breathed a mental sigh of relief. She had released Jack and breathed raggedly.

"I need a little break," she panted. " was about to cum!" she finally blurted.

She turned over onto her stomach. Gordon and Jack looked at each other. Gordon nodded towards her feet, grabbed the lotion and moved down beside them. Jack did the same. Gordon squirted some lotion in his hand and then began rubbing her foot and firmly squeezing it. Alexis instantly moaned earnestly. Jack copied him on the other foot. Alexis moaned even louder.

"Oh man. Oh man. Oh man," she repeated softly.

Jack and Gordon slowly moved their massage up her calves and then the back of her thighs, kneading and squeezing and rubbing, and also, almost imperceptibly, moving her feet a little farther apart with each inch they moved up. She was putty. Her limp body moved freely from the force of them rubbing her, and by the time they got to her ass, her legs were spread just enough that they could take turns easily accessing her still wet pussy. They would each rub up her pussy and over her asshole and then massage her ass all the way around to the top of her legs and then do it again. Her hips rose and fell against their hands.

A sliding door swooshed open over the fence in the yard behind them. They heard voices coming into the back yard, mere feet away from where they were pleasuring a naked Alexis. She tensed and squeezed her legs together, cutting off access to her.

"Shit," she whispered. Gordon could see her looking around desperately for the scant clothing she had shed or a towel or anything to cover up.

"It's OK," he whispered in her ear. "They can't see over the fence. We haven't been loud. They don't even know we're here. It's OK." He rubbed her back as he talked and tried to calm her. She found her top and realized the bottom was around her ankle. She seemed about to really panic.

"Let's go inside," Gordon said softly and began to stand, taking her arm and leading her up as he did. She looked around, looked at Gordon, looked at Jack, looked down at herself, then giggled a little at the ridiculous sight of her trying to cover herself with a wadded up bikini top and the matching bottoms around one ankle. Her face turned red, but she stood and walked with Gordon as he gently led her into the house with Jack following.

As they moved to the living room, Gordon could tell she was nervous, but she was still here and hadn't put her hands over her eyes. He didn't want to force anything on her, but wanted to get things back on track quickly before she lost her nerve.

He handed her a bottle of wine he had grabbed as they passed through the kitchen. She held it in one hand, and still clutched her bikini against her with the other.

"I want to show you something," he told her as he nodded at Jack, who untied his bathing suit and helped it fall to the floor revealing a solid, straight, hard nine inches of cock that Alexis had never seen before, never tasted before, never had inside her before. "Who is the best husband in the whole wide world?" he teased her.

She tipped the wine bottle up for a long pull. When she brought it away from her lips, she said "I haven't seen another man's...dick, at least not in person, for 20 years. I'm really impressed, Jack, but honey, I'm really kind of nervous. I mean, can we really do this?"

"We can do whatever you want, sweetie. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable. In fact, I want just the opposite. I want you to feel great."

Jack had been mostly quiet the whole time since the adventure first started, but he said softly, "I'm OK either way, but I'm also a dude, and I don't have a single problem with doing anything you want Lex, or doing anything to you. Put a naked girl in front of a guy and she'd have to be covered in more moles than Larry the Cable Guy's sister for him to pass on having sex with her, and even then he'd probably still do her."

Gordon moved to her and took the bikini and wine from her and set them down. He wrapped her naked body in his arms and squeezed her to him. Jack moved behind her and wrapped them both in his arms, his big, hard cock pressing into her back as he did so. Gordon felt her relax slightly. Then Jack was rubbing up her ass crack and between her legs with one hand. Gordon could tell she had spread her legs a little to provide easier access.

He tipped her chin up and kissed her. As he did, he lowered himself to the ground and she went with him until they were on their knees. When he stopped kissing her, Gordon moved back and lay down so that she was between his legs staring at his erect dick.

She hesitated, looked back at Jack, then looked at Gordon with her eyebrows raised as if to say "are you sure?" Gordon didn't answer verbally, but lay his head back on the floor and closed his eyes. He smiled when he felt her lips on the tip of his dick, and he moaned as her mouth moved wetly and slowly down and up taking more and more of him smoothly into her warm mouth. She moved slowly and deliberately up and down until she had nearly all of him in her mouth, swirling her tongue at the base of his shaft.

Then she was moving up to the tip again and using her tongue there, then back down. She continued like this for a few strokes and then she wasn't as smooth. Her mouth jerked as she went up and down and she moaned and grunted around his dick in her mouth. Gordon opened his eyes and could see that Jack was on his knees behind her upturned ass and was holding her hips as he pumped his big meat into her, jarring her with each thrust. His pace picked up with each passing moment.

Alexis dropped Gordon's dick out of her mouth and said, "OH GOD!" over and over again with each of Jack's powerful thrusts. She looked up into Gordon's eyes. She tried to stroke his cock, but couldn't concentrate on anything except the pounding she was taking from behind, so she eventually gave up and just held him in her hand. Gordon marveled at her. She was so beautiful and so hot and so fucked. He couldn't wait for his turn. He knew that they were both about to orgasm, but he would not wait and would move right into Jack's place and try to match the pounding fuck that she seemed to be enjoying right now.

Soon she was bucking forcefully back into Jack, her tits bouncing and jarring. The pace quickened and quickened until Gordon thought that they couldn't get Jack's dick in and out of her any faster, they both moaned and Alexis finally said loudly "FUCK ME!" and pushed herself back onto Jack so hard that he could not move her. She repeated "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god," over and over as she came on Jack. Jack's face was twisted in the unmistakable "O Face" any man could recognize. He was cuming too.

Gordon moved towards Jack's position when he thought that Jack might be finally done dumping jiz into Alexis. "Can I take over?" he said.

"Certainly," Jack moved away towards Alexis' head and took Gordon's position.

Jack moved quickly and plunged his rock hard cock into her messy cunt and started his own slow pumping. Alexis gasped and opened her eyes to see Jack in front of her with a softening cock. Gordon knew she loved to give head, and like he imagined she would, she took Jack in her mouth gently to clean him off.

After watching her with Jack for the last bit, and after the dick hardening action outside, he had basically been about to shoot his load for the last 45 minutes, so it didn't take long for him to feel like he was nearing his own climax and his pace quickened.

Suddenly, Alexis squirmed away from him and his nearly sputtering dick fell out of her. She quickly turned around and took him full in her mouth and began to furiously pump her mouth up and down on him, gently caressing his balls at the same time.

It only took two or three pumps into her mouth before he was tensing and pumping cum into the back of her throat. He could feel her sucking on him as he came and her tongue swirled around near the base of his meat.

When he finished, she slowly let his dick out of his mouth and looked up at him with her mouth open and full of his juice, then she closed her mouth and swallowed it. She rose to her knees and wrapped her arms around him and squeezed him hard. As soon as she released him, she stood and walked to the bathroom, returning by way of the kitchen with a bath towel wrapped around her and carrying three beers.

Gordon sat back against the couch with his knees up. Jack lay on his side, propped up on one elbow. Alexis sat in one of the chairs near Gordon. They all drank thirstily for a few minutes in silence.

"Whew!" Alexis finally said as she stood from the chair. "I'm suddenly starving. How about you guys?" She moved to the kitchen with the towel loosely wrapped around her. As she walked, it fell to the floor. "How about if you guys come in here and help me fix some steaks for some more energy?"


Author's note: I hope you enjoyed this short piece. I appreciate your comments and votes.

Written by: elpavilion

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