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Laundry Act


I never considered that day to be anything other than a typical Sunday morning, with the usual crowd or lack thereof, given that it was after all when half the population were asleep and the other half were probably dozing off in church while pretending to listen to some moron rail against the very sins that they committed the night before. Yeah, I'm a cynic, so sue me. There was a reason that I wasn't in church and hadn't been for the past couple of years.

Anyway, I was minding my own business, putting clothes in the dryer for the last cycle, when I saw her. Yeah, her. Long, jet-black hair, skin a reddish brown hue, eyes a shade of brown that was nearly black itself, and one of the finest pairs of tits to be on display despite her baggy sweatshirt. Sure, she wasn't a perfect ten by the standards of those phonies in Cosmo or Vogue, but I never read those magazines and didn't give a flying fuck about that. All they care about is the skinny waistline. All that sickening heroin chic crap. No, this was a real American woman, with real curves, flesh and blood, with enough beauty and sex appeal to more than impress me, and then she smiled...nervously, sure, but she smiled when she saw me, a true smile that reached her eyes, not a plaster smile of the sort that I used to see in Sunday school and Bible camp.

"Hello," I said, breaking the ice for the poor gal, "haven't seen you here before."

"Nope. I just moved in. Well, we did. Mom and I. Had to start over," she answered awkwardly.

"Yeah, I know that feeling. I had to move somewhere when I left my wife," I told her.

"Divorced, huh? I should be so lucky. I'm 25 and still live with Mama. The kicker is that she is 43 and looks so young that people think that we're sisters," she chuckled at her own situation.

"Maybe that sense of humor is why, if you got it from her. One of the few Bible verses I still agree says that laughter is a great medicine, or something like that. I haven't been to church or even said grace over meals in two years," I laughed at myself and my loss of faith these days.

"Disgruntled Christian, then?" she teased me.

"Yeah, somewhat. Jaded about the Old-Time Religion crap. If you ask me, a good dose of irreverence is what we really need. People not taking shit like that too seriously. What good does that crap do, anyway? My ex was a completely pious bitch, but it didn't stop her from committing adultery. Nor did it stop the pastor," I admitted, rolling my eyes.

"She fucked your pastor? Damn, that's just...wrong. Sick. The whole time, dragging you to church just to listen to her boyfriend rant and rave at you. Insult added to injury, if you ask me. I hope that you nailed him good," the cutie reacted as I hoped that she would, with shock and outrage at the hypocrisy.

"I'll say. I stood up in church, announced to my wife and the entire congregation that I was leaving her and them, and told them all exactly why I was. You should have seen the looks on their faces, the whole lot of them. Especially when I used rather salty language to describe her carnal knowledge of our pastor, old sailor's habit, and had her served with divorce papers right there in her pew, in front of more than a hundred witnesses. I heard later that his bishop instigated disciplinary action almost immediately and his wife filed for divorce, forcing him to get a real job to pay child support. He sells imported cars now. Served him right. I'd feel bad for his kids, but he was never much of a real father to them. I could tell that. After that, I moved out of state, got an apartment, and thanked my lucky stars that she and I didn't have any rugrats already. Divorce is so much cleaner when it's just the two of you. I don't know what she's doing these days. To quote Rhett Butler, 'Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn'. She made her bed and she can lie in it," I grinned as I recalled my payback to that lying hussy and her boyfriend, the man of God...I even used my best Clark Gable impression for that line, too.

"Wow, the pastor screwed your wife, but you really screwed both of them back. Good for you. I like you already. I'm Melissa, by the way," the sexy, somewhat plump young woman told me with a grin that spoke volumes.

"Jed. Like Jed Clampett in the Beverly Hillbillies. No kidding, I was named after him. It was Hell in boot camp, I tell ya that. Imagine drill instructors making hay of all that," I recalled with some dry humor now, but it really was unpleasant when I first enlisted.

"Yeah, I got picked on back at the rez for having such a white girl name. Not my fault that Daddy was white. It's just luck of the draw. Bullies can be so vicious when you're that age. Still, overall they were nice to me. Mama's Navaho, so I'm Navaho. Doesn't matter that I'm not full-blooded. She is and that's what counted. Still, she got a position at the hospital here, so we moved so she could give me a better life. Still visit family now and then, though," Melissa smiled wider now.

"So, what happened with your father and all?" I asked, curious as to how he wasn't still in their lives.

"Too many differences in the end. Too many fights. She regrets a lot of it and so does he, but they're both so damn stubborn at times that neither of them could get past the anger. He remarried, anyway, became a fucking Mormon, and now has a nice, fancy white-bread Mormon family life with the seven half-sisters that he gave me. Yeah...half-sisters, all of them. Not a boy in sight. Serves the prick right for forgetting that I exist. I get that he couldn't make it work with Mama. She can be a handful, especially to a white guy not used to Navaho culture and the dominant role of women in it, but he could still have shown up at my Little League games now and then. That wouldn't have killed him, would it?" Melissa pouted now.

"Would it help your mood if I told you how adorable that pout is?" I asked her, guessing how she might react.

Melissa burst into somewhat embarrassed laughter and covered her face with her sweatshirt for a moment, exposing her belly somewhat in the process, and a tattoo of, not something very stereotypically Navaho, like an eagle or a loom, but a dick...a very notable piece of male equipment, with balls attached. Why she had that inked on her belly, I just had to find out.

"So, what's with the tat?" I asked her.

"Oh, that...well, too many shots, I guess. Far too many. No, I'm not the typical drunk Injun that you see in movies. I'm no lightweight. I can handle my booze, but still, a girl should know her limit. Apparently, eight Bloody Maries are about three or four too much for me. Next thing I know, I'm face down on a stranger's bed, with tattoos that I never saw before on my body, looking into a mirror as he pumps me full of his cum. In my ass, no less. Yeah...I took it up the rear. Wasn't too bad, except that I wish that I was sober enough to remember deciding to lose that cherry. Funny thing, I still have the other one," Melissa recalled that bizarre incident, her first case of sodomy.

"Other what?" I sought clarification.

"Virginity. Flower. Maidenhood. I'm still technically a virgin," she giggled at the oddity of her situation, having taken it up the butt, but not yet in the pussy.

"Wasn't that actually rape, then? You and him. Going to brown town while you were out like a lamp?" I reacted to that part first, because I'd always heard that if a girl blacked out and you were screwing her, it was rape.

"You know, I guess it kinda was. Hadn't really thought about it that way at the time. It didn't feel like rape at least. Maybe because I had gone out that night looking to lose my cherry. Well, I lost it, just not the one that I had in mind," Melissa remembered, "not saying that you're wrong. Just that it never occurred to me that it might be rape. Anyway, I was more worried about not getting caught by Mama, but, of course I was. This was a few years ago, mind you. I have always lived with Mama. It turned out that my fears were a bit exaggerated in my head. Mama just sat me down and told me that if I wanted to fuck, I should make sure and use protection. I was a grown woman and my choices were my own, though. She agreed with me on that. Leave it to a registered nurse to think that way, of course."

"Know what's funny?" I asked her.

"What?" Melissa was curious now.

"I'm an RN, too," I laughed.

"So am I! No shit! What a small fucking world!" Melissa punched me playfully in the arm, but then apologized, "sorry, was just getting a little goofy there."

"Same hospital as your mom?" I asked her.

"No, they have a rule about relatives working the same facility. Not far off, though. University medical center, you know. Really nice hospital, in fact. Just got my nursing license, though. It's my first gig. Wish me luck, please," she laughed again and dropped a freshly washed shirt in the process.

When Melissa bent over to pick up her shirt, I got just enough of an eyeful of that fine booty of hers from her baggy sweatpants dropping a bit, and boy did my cock grow very hard indeed! It was a large bottom, no doubt of that, but it was very nicely shaped and had almost perfect butt-cleavage, if you know what I mean. It was also very smooth, of course. I suspected the use of hair removal cream, but I could be wrong about that. The worst of it was when she stood up and caught me staring...her reaction was priceless.

"See anything that you like?" Melissa teased me.

"Um...actually, yes. Does that bother you?" I coughed.

"Bother me, really? Dude, maybe I should drop another shirt, if you know what I mean. I might get lucky and you might start fucking me right here and now, take this pesky virginity off my hands. At 25, I've outgrown it," Melissa snickered.

"Would that be lucky? Sounds like an invitation to me," I grinned widely.

"Maybe...maybe not," Melissa said, dropping another shirt and bending over to flash me her ass again.

That was too much temptation for any even halfway straight guy to resist. I wasn't made of stone, though my cock was hard as a rock. I grabbed that ass of hers, caressing each cheek and helping slide it down all the way to her ankles. I rubbed my fingers up against her dripping snatch, which revealed just how turned-on Melissa became during our sexy banter, and this was even more obvious once I inserted said fingers into her soaking wet twat.

"I don't have a condom on me," I warned her as I began playing with her pussy with one hand and fondling her butt with the other...including both the crack and the buns.

"Hey, Jed, you were married for how many years? I'm a virgin, at least technically. Come on, we both need this and neither of us is a high-risk candidate for a disease. Call it an assumed risk. We're both taking it of our own free will. Just fuck me, please," she begged me now.

"Have it your way, then," I told her, easing my cock inside her pussy...noting the lack of a hymen, but that was hardly a surprise.

She could very well still have been a virgin, not that I cared very much at all. Melissa gave out a sharp breath as she first felt my entry, but then she started moving her body, bucking her hips in response to my strokes inside her. Her juices made her cunt ever slicker, her thighs now drenched with them as well. I made a few teasingly slow strokes for a moment, but Melissa pushed back hard enough to send the distinct, wordless plea that I quit fooling around and fuck the hell out of her. I took the hint and started screwing Melissa far more vigorously, thrusting harder with each stroke as I held onto her waist and kept moving in and out of her.

After a while, I noticed how strongly Melissa felt about things, because her juices gushed all over my dick and she moaned loudly enough that I worried about drawing unwanted attention. It was evident that she had been waiting for so long to give up her cherry to a guy that she liked that she was extremely horny and she just had to cum...and keep coming. All that pent-up sexual tension, frustration, etc. all came together to make her nearly scream her release, but she stopped herself just in time, her scream silenced by her own fading self-control.

Finally, however, there was no stopping Melissa from letting out a guttural sort of scream, very primal, as I plundered her pussy and drove home inside that wonderfully warm and wet hole...which squeezed tighter by the second on my dick...she was a virgin, after all...and God, it felt incredible to me! I was in Heaven, ramming my hard cock farther inside Melissa by the minute, just taking her as a man does a woman, no complications in the way now. Race, religion, past relationships, none of that mattered. All that mattered to me right then was plowing Melissa's pussy, screwing her out of her mind.

What brought me over the edge, however, was a pair of very soft, feminine hands caressing my buns as I rammed Melissa, with a very wet pair of lips and equally wet tongue moving along my crack. Someone was quite literally kissing my ass, and I had to know just who it was, but not yet. First, I had to shoot my load, and God, did I ever...emptying my balls as best I could tell into Melissa's no longer wasted pussy.

As Melissa rose unsteadily to her feet, she grinned and I turned around, only to have a very sloppy, wet French kiss planted on my mouth. I almost walked backward into Melissa and fell over, but she stopped me, each of us supporting the other's weight in the temporary absence of balance right at that moment. Before I could react further, a very familiar mouth slid its way down my chest, my belly, to my cock and balls, stopping only once the lips of said mouth opened wide to receive my dick. Then I felt the tongue from the same mouth, licking lovingly at first the head and then the base of my cock to pleasure me.

Just when I didn't think that it could get better, Melissa parted my butt-cheeks and started slipping her fingers into my ass to stroke my prostate, while the other woman started caressing my balls with her hands. I grew hard again, groaning as the new lady yanked down her yoga pants and bent over to invite me to fuck her. Unthinkingly, I drove balls deep inside this second woman, while Melissa descended to her knees to rim my ass.

This impromptu threesome lasted longer than expected mostly because I already came inside Melissa earlier. I just did what came naturally, taking this other woman forcefully, no hint of kindness or tenderness right then. I pulled her hair, thrust harder in and out of her, and reveled in the greedy way that she begged me to keep doing exactly that to her. All this time, Melissa didn't stop licking and fingering my ass, which certainly helped prevent me from going soft, not that I could have gone limp, anyway, with this very fine and recognizable cunt engulfing my dick.

When Melissa began sucking my balls, I lost it...I unloaded again, this time into the other lady's pussy, causing her to climax herself, shivering, shaking, and screaming as she felt the powerful orgasm seize control of her body like some kind of fit. Only then, too late, did I notice that this new woman had a wedding band on her ring finger. She was married? I kicked myself for just a second until I realized why she was familiar. It was the same reason that her kiss and her mouth were familiar, the same reason that her twat was familiar...the same reason that she felt so comfortable with my body without any real nerves or anxiety about what she was doing to it.

As she rose to join Melissa in kissing my lips, I saw the face of a still very lovely ex-wife. Somehow, she had tracked me down and found me in the arms of another woman, only to decide to join us, not try to break us up. I was floored and my knees began to give out, but both women held me steady as they gave me a rather abrupt group hug.

"So...Melissa, this is Tricia, my ex-wife. I'm surprised that you bothered to track me down, though. And to keep my wedding band on," I commented, not with cruelty, but with genuine shock.

"Honey, we're not divorced. It was never finalized. You skipped town and I contested it, citing a desire to reconcile with you. In your absence, the judge granted my stay and so everything is still half yours, including everyone that I have invested into our house the past couple of years since you left. It didn't hurt that I ate her pussy, since you had deserted me. Not that I blame you for fucking this fine young woman. She played her role very well. Quite convincing, wasn't she?" Tricia snickered, while Melissa at least had the decency to look ashamed.

"You mean...that was all a story?" I said, feeling very betrayed.

"No, not entirely. Some of it was, some of it true. You'll just have to find out how much, because, Tricia, no offense, but you can keep your money. I'd rather have your husband and my self-respect. Sorry about the deception, Jed. It worked, but I felt dirty for lying to you. I should have told you that I'm an actress and drama class teacher who has had financial problems due to taking care of her sickly mother and agreed to accept this gig to help pay back her student loans, among other things. It was wrong and I am very sorry. Please forgive me, Jed," Melissa began crying suddenly.

"Hey, you're forgiven. You made a mistake, that's all. No need to kick yourself around. It was a fuck-up, that's what. Think that I haven't done things of which I'm embarrassed and ashamed from time to time, often when I was in desperate shape? I try to keep that to a minimum, in order to respect myself, but hey, we're all allowed lapses now and then, aren't we?" I said as I held Melissa, who surprisingly was not in a major rush to pull up her pants just yet.

"Does that forgiveness extend to your wife, by any chance? I screwed up worse than she did. I know that now. I had to give up on the self-pity at first and realize that it was my fault that the marriage failed, that my occasional coldness and my infidelity that were the issue, that you were bitter with me because of those things, and that if I wanted you back, I had to work extra hard to have you I hired Melissa, to get you some strange, as it were. Now,, I really enjoyed watching the two of you together. You made beautiful love to her and to me, even if it was a bit rough. It was both fucking and lovemaking in a way. Trust me on that one. What's the word that I'm looking for here, to describe such an arrangement for what I propose for our future...," Tricia struggled for it.

"Ménage a trois. Meaning a long-standing love triangle between three people, though they do not all have to be equally involved with each other. As long as at least two of them have the same partner in common, it's a ménage a trois. I majored in French in college," Melissa informed us.

"I guess that it paid off. Yes, that's what I mean. So, how about it? There is love between you and her already, I can tell. It's just how you are. You fall in love so easily during sex, sometimes before that, Jed. Just as you did with me. I think that you still love me, too. Or maybe you love me again. I'm not sure which, but whichever it is, no one could take me with that much passion and not feel at least something for me. We don't have to be lovers if Melissa doesn't want it, she and I, but I am open to it if she is. More to the point, the focal point of our marriage would be you, not God. I used to believe that putting God first made a marriage stronger. Maybe in some cases, but not in my experience. You're my God now, anyway. The only one who matters to me," Tricia rambled, looking more nervous by the second.

"Tricia?" I asked her.


"Just shut up and kiss me," I told her, meeting her halfway for a kiss before planting yet another one on Melissa's lips as well.

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