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Dark Weres Ch. 03

by Iread2relax©

In an attempt to explore other genres. This story could be placed under BDSM, however, it is mostly nonhuman. All of the actions and events are strictly figments of my overactive imagination. There is no intent to offend anyone. If you are offended. I apologize in advance.

All characters are above the age of consent.

Thanks Andi for editing. Hope you all enjoy.


Jebutu had heard enough. He was appalled when LaTonya found him and told him what Lavinia was up to. At first, he simply planned to address her and remind her that she was one more strike away from being banned. He left straightaway for her apartment. She was sleeping. He would wake her and get to the root of everything once and for all. Suddenly, he stopped. At home, she was in control; she needed to be taken out of her comfort zone. He called two betas.

"I want you to go get Lavinia and bring her to the cabin. I don't care how you get her there, just bring her." He ordered. The males went to do his bidding. Jebutu turned around and went to the Alphas home. He needed permission for his next stunt, but he was certain father would agree. He went straight to Alphonso's room and told him his plans. Alphonso frowned, but then Jebutu told him why he needed to take such drastic measures. This news disturbed the alpha but he gave his son his blessings.

In the mean time, the males arrived at Lavinia's apartment. They stood outside her door and took a deep breath and then knocked. Lavinia awoke, annoyed. She looked out and saw the betas She was ticked. Couldn't these idiots tell time? She fumed.

Leaving her bed, she snatched the door open. "What?" She demanded as she opened the door.

"Jebutu sent us to bring you to him." One of the males explained.

Lavinia looked at them dismissing them. "Tell Jebutu, find someone else tonight. I'm tired." She proceeded to close her door when one of the men blocked it with his foot.

"What do you think you are doing?" Lavinia demanded. "Alpha Alphonso will hear about this."

The males shared a look, humped their shoulders, and grabbed the uncooperative female. Jebutu said bring her and they would. "Let go of me. Do you know who I am? You'll be beaten," she threatened.

Other Weres looked as the men took Lavinia from her home. One of the older males started to speak, when one male told him Jebutu wanted her. He went back inside his home. Lavinia screamed all the way to the car and fought as the two men forced her inside. Both men climbed in beside her and she attacked. Grabbing her hands and holding her down, the male beside her was furious.

"Look, Bitch, we just took you from your house. No one said a damn thing. Do you really think anyone would care if your ass disappeared? Sit down, and shut the fuck up." A big dark-skinned male growled. He did not like this woman. She was vile and selfish. Why Jebutu wanted her was a mystery, but, he did and they would deliver.

She fought even harder. The men held her tighter finally they tied her up and gagged her. Blindfolded and subdued, Lavinia was now terrified. In a desperate move, she struck out at her captors with her foot. He grabbed her leg, twisting her ankle painfully. "Strike me again, bitch. That's your last warning." She calmed.

Her heart raced. She did not know how long they rode, but she knew they had left the safe haven f their compound. They were on a highway of some sort. Soon the road became rocky, and the car lurched to a stop. The men removed her, but this time she did not fight. She had many enemies and needed to bide her time. She heard a lock turn and then was carried inside. The men threw her to the floor locking her in a dark room as they walked away, but not before snatching off her blindfold. Lavinia screamed. "HELP! HELP! Somebody, please!" What is Jebutu thinking? I will make him pay for this. She thought.

"Shut the hell up, Lavinia." Jebutu ordered, "No one can hear you."

"Jebutu, your father..." he cut her off.

"You know what, I'm tired of your mouth," he flipped a switch. Lavinia then realized the danger she was in. This room was a torture chamber. Only two people were in there, her and Jebutu. She needed to convince him that she was nice.

Changing tactics, Lavinia flashed him her sweetest smile. Using the most innocent voice she could create, she attempted to placate her captor. "Listen, Jebutu, I was coming to you. I didn't mean to upset you. You know I care about you, right." She purred as she tried to move closer and caress his arms. Jebutu growled and shoved her away.

He glared at the woman before him. He questioned the fates. What had he done in a past life to deserve this? "You threatened my baby sister. She is a few days old and you threatened her. Bitch, you better pray you leave this room alive. I could destroy you right now, and no one would miss you."

"Look, Jebutu, I don't know what Suni said to you. I never..." Jebutu grabbed her shoulders and shoved her into a huge iron chair. As she argued with him, he snapped her wrist and legs in place securing them with a clamp. "Jebutu, let me go. You cannot do this. When Alpha Alphon...mmmm" he shoved a huge ball gag into her mouth silencing her.

Then he kneeled before her, "Let's get this straight, Lavinia. I don't like you. No one likes you. You are just a cheap piece of ass. You're only good for a fuck. So, until you learn you place, you will stay here. Out of sight and out of mind. Ever heard of that saying. In the meantime, I am going to train you. You are mine now: mine to use, abuse, fuck, and treat any way I want. Don't worry about father; he knows. He's relieved actually. So you can make this easy on yourself or hard. Learn fast, or we will take as long as you need."

Lavinia fought even harder, Jebutu laughed. "I'll bring you breakfast in the morning and let you relieve yourself. Night Lavinia." Then he left.

Lavinia sat in the dark cold room screaming until her throat hurt. The ball gag restricted sound, so even if someone walked by they would not hear.

Hours past and she heard someone at the door. She'd play nice. She'd tell Jebutu whatever he needed to hear to get him to let her go.

He walked in and looked at the toffee colored woman sitting precariously in the chair.

"Morning, Lavinia. I'm removing your gag, but if you spew anything vile, it goes back on." He explained

He unfastened the gag,

"You idiot... " she started as Jebutu moved to place the gag back in place. Lavinia flinched, but went silent.

"Good, I see you can learn." Jebutu stated. "Now, let's get you showered and fed."

Lavinia stood and Jebutu escorted her to the bathroom, Lavinia walked inside and he followed. She faced him, but Jebutu simply smiled.

"Undress." He ordered.

"As soon as you leave, I will." Lavinia answered saucily.

"Ok, ten lashes, now again, undress." He ordered once more.

Lavinia stood her ground, "No."

"Twenty lashes then. Lavinia, really, I'm not leaving and you reek. Undress, so I can bathe you." Jebutu explained.

She still refused, so he lifted her and placed her in the shower fully clothed. Soaking her completely.

"You bastard, you monster," Lavinia screeched.

He stopped, "Now, undress." She did.

She did. Jebutu waited not allowing himself to be drawn into her beauty. Lavinia was a beautiful woman. She knew this and used it to her advantage. He steeled himself, reminding himself that she had not only slept with him, but both his brothers and his father as well.

Grabbing the shower wand, he made short work of washing her body. Helping her from the tub, he wrapped her body in a plush towel. After drying her, Jebutu took his time admiring her body.

She was well proportioned. Her breast were the right size to fill a man's hand, her stomach flat and toned, his eyes moved lower to her shaved mound. He sneered. "Let the hair grow back. You aren't a cute little girl. You're a full grown woman, look like one." Then he ordered her to dress in a plain gray sweat suit.

"Now, you smell decent. Let me explain how things will be from now on." Jebutu placed a hot plate of food in front of her. "You may eat, but you must listen. I already owe you twenty lashes, I will add to them."

Lavinia opened her mouth, but wisely chose to close it. "First, as of last night, you became my pet. I am your master. You only talk to me. That won't be hard. I'm the only person that will come see you. Since, you are my pet, you will need a name. Kitty, I'll call you Kitty. You will answer me by calling me Sire."

He paused, "Do you understand?" He asked.

"Look, Jebutu..." He grabbed her hand, squeezing tightly. "What did I just tell you?" He asked.

"Ow, Ok, Sire." She replied.

"Add twenty more lashes." Jebutu stated.

"Second, you're mine Kitty, I will not share. When our time here is done, you can only be with me. No other men. Not my brothers, my father, anyone else." Jebutu continued.

"Look, Jeb... Um Sire, I am a free too..." He twisted her hands once more, causing a sharp pain. She stopped talking quickly.

Jeb stood and walked to a wall full of straps, rods, and paddles. Lavinia watched. She wanted to scream, but she was up to forty lashes. She also knew no one would come. So she went silent. He picked a medium size paddle that was made from a rich oak and leather. He stood, taking a wide paddle from the wall, Lavinia cowered.

"Stand Kitty, it's time." He ordered.

Is he serious? He expects me to let him strike me. Lavinia wondered.

Jebutu stood, removed the jacket he wore and wanted. "Since this is new to you, I'll give you a chance. I am Sire, you do as I command. Now, I owe you forty lashes. Make it easy on yourself and come to me." His tone captivated her. She stood, moved to him. He untied her pants causing them to drop. He sat on a straight back chair and leaned her across his lap. "Now count, and if you mess up I start over." Lavinia braced herself.

Pow, pow! She was so shocked she did not say a word. The pain was intense.

"This is wrong. I'm reporting..." Jebutu replaced the gag, effectively silencing her.

"Kitty, I don't hear you. Now count." He struck again, Lavinia squealed out a one. Several more blows followed, soon they were at twenty. He wanted her to keep counting. Closing her eyes, she counted each blow until they reached forty. Jebutu noticed her bottom was a deep red. "Stay here." She lay on her stomach as he rubbed a cooling gel on her bottom.

Lavinia cried, and was grateful when he rubbed the cold cream on her aching bottom. "Say, thank you, Sire." Jebutu ordered.

Sniffling, Lavinia mumbled the words. "Th...Thank you, Si... Sire." Jebutu wiped the cream from her body and helped her to stand. Tilting her face forward, he kissed her. He kissed her so gently, so sweetly, unlike anyone had ever kissed her before. If she was naïve, she would have mistaken that kiss to mean something more. He stepped back. Then he gave her a booklet. The name said My Pet. "Read Kitty, you need to learn." He left, locking the door behind him.

Lavinia threw the book across the room. She was not reading it.

Jebutu stood on the other side of the door listening. Lavinia Bordeaux was beautiful, and a natural leader. However, she was misguided. Any one that threatened a baby had something seriously wrong with them. She wanted to be Madam Alpha, but that was not her lot in life. She would become a head Beta and she needed to be ready to accept that role. Jebutu closed his eyes. Despite everything in him screaming no, Lavinia was his mate. If something did not change he would lose her. As much as she annoyed him, he had to try and help her come to terms and realize he had everything she needed.

So right now, he would train her. Once she calmed and could grow to accept him, he'd tell her who and what she was. Finally, she stopped crying, and he went about his day.

She sat, crying silently. She cried for a long time. She had not been treated so cruelly since she was a child and her father was with her. Bored, she picked up the book. He said she needed to learn, and then she'd see what was he trying to teach her.

Kitty, I know you think I am being cruel but that is not so. I am trying to save you. You are on a dangerous path my dear, and only I can help you. For the next three months, I will teach you. I'll teach you so that you can become the woman you are meant to be. Do not fight me Kitty. Listen and learn. She turned the page.

Part One: Our relationship.

Kitty we are in a unique situation. I am your master and you are my servant.

Being your master, I have responsibilities to you. I will always take care of you and teach you. You will want for nothing. When you meet my expectations I will reward you, but when you fail me, you must be punished. Learn quickly my Pet because each punishment will increase in severity. You can demand nothing of me because I will give to you freely. You are to show respect to me at all time. Outright defiance will led to you being locked away and spanked.

You will learn that all spanking is not bad. I will teach you to love pain and let it arouse you. All I ask is that you respect and obey. You know what has brought us here. I have watched you whore yourself to many men, and it stops now. You are mine, Kitty. Mine alone.

Think about the things you have done that have brought us here. You know some things were uncalled for. Now we shall begin to make things right. I will be back later Kitty. Try to simply rest. Stop reading here and tomorrow, you may read the next two pages.

Close the book.

She obeyed, closing the book as if Jebutu was standing right behind her issuing orders. He said they were in a unique relationship. She never asked for this. Rushing to the door, Lavinia tried to open it and it was locked. She ran to a window and the shutters were closed and locked as well. At least he didn't tie her up as he had last night.

Lavinia sat and began to think. Jebutu was not a cruel man. He could be reasoned with. She just had to be nice and get him to see things her way. Lavinia smiled to herself, No man ever turned down time in her bed. Jebutu was simply frustrated. She'd assuage his needs and then she'd go after her goal.

She began to look around. Other than the room that he held her in last night, the cabin was nice, rustic. Overstuffed sofas donned the living room. The kitchen was simple but efficient. She checked the refrigerator, and it was enough food for her to make a nice lunch. She was not hungry. She was pissed. She walked down the hall. There was only one bedroom. It was fantastic. Deep dark walls and dark blue tones filled the room; African art displayed on the walls showed their homeland. His scent filled the room and she knew this was where he slept last night. A small part of her smiled at the fact that he did not leave her alone. It was not much, but it was something.

That evening, Jebutu returned. He managed to go by her apartment where her sister had packed her essentials. He also had bags packed for himself. Lavinia was glad when he arrived. Not that she would admit it. Sitting in this cabin isolated was driving her insane.

"Look, I want to go..." He looked at her. His expression was clear. Unless, she wanted more punishment, shut up.

Lavinia knew to shut up. She also realized she broke an important rule. She spoke and did not address him properly. "Look, Jebutu, Um Sire..." She started to plead.

"You are either a stupid bitch or just plain dumb. Let me finish the rules for you. When I arrive, you wait for me at the door. Do not speak until I give you permission. You can never question me for any reason. I am in charge and you have no say." He glared at her. She saw how much he hated her in his eyes. Lavinia dropped her eyes.

She was hated. Sse knew this and often she pretended others were simply jealous of her beauty. It was not anything new. Glaring back at her captor, Lavinia spoke. "You can't keep me here."

Jebutu laughed. Grabbing her by her collar, he dragged her back into his special room. "You just earned twenty more lashes."

Lavinia flinched. She was not giving in to him. He was a kidnapper and soon someone would miss her. "What lie did you tell my sister?" she demanded.

"Forty lashes, you don't question me, remember." Jebutu growled as he chained her with her arms extended, exposing her back side for his perusal. Lavinia fought. Jebutu laughed, "You are making this even more enjoyable for me, Lavinia. Speak and I'll add twenty more lashes. Do you know how many in our pack would love the chance to literally spank your ass."

She swallowed. All day she waited and listened. No one came by. No one seemed to care. She noticed her bag. Jebutu tossed it to her. "I stopped by your apartment and your sister packed some things for you. I made sure you only have the things you truly need."

Lavinia watched as he opened the bag. She saw simple clothes and underwear, no toiletries. Jebutu spoke. "I will provide all of your needs. As my guest, you will want for nothing as long as you stay in your place." He waited. "I'm being nice to you, Kitty. What do you say?" he queried.

"Thank you," She hissed.

"Excuse me," Jebutu queried raising an eyebrow.

"Thank you Sire." She whispered. She was already up to forty lashes and did not desire more.

Jebutu took his favorite paddle from its hook. Lavinia cringed. Last night he paddled her with that thing and her bottom was still sore. Jebutu walked over to her and ordered once again, "Count." He struck her and she counted. For over fifteen lashes, she did not cry. If she cried, then he won. However, around number twenty a tear slipped, and Jebutu continued.

As he was spanking her, he knew there was a critical part he needed to onform her of. In this relationship, the power was not all one-sided. As of right now, she had no power, no say so. However, he knew that was not true. He had to explain what their relationship entailed and he needed to do so soon.

"Thank you, Sire." She sobbed. Jebutu smiled and stood to lead her from the room.

Jebutu smiled. "You learn quickly. You must be starved. I picked up a meal for us from the den. Since I won't be able to come around for lunch; the ladies sent things for you to make a decent lunch for yourself." Jebutu started unpacking their meal as Lavinia watched numb. The direness of her situation dawned on her, No one seems to be worried about me. LaTonya just gave him my things. Did she even question him? The alpha gave him permission to do this. Momma wouldn't even ask about me. He can do whatever he wants to me and no one really gives a damn.

Jebutu sat at the dining table leaving a stunned female staring after him. "Kitty, serve us. I'm waiting." He demanded. Lavinia moved and prepared their plates. She was so quiet. Too quiet. She said nothing as they ate. He noticed that she twisted in her seat, but that was expected. She had just received forty lashes. Soon they were done eating and Jebutu told her to help him clean. She moved, with no resistance at this point.

"Kitty, I need to make sure you understand something. It's about our relationship I need you to comprehend what is happening between us. Our relationship is not that unusual. Many people enjoy this. I want you to enjoy being with me as I enjoy being with you." Jebutu explained.

Lavinia was silent. "Have you ever heard of a Dom? I know you have, because we have role-played before. That's when I recognized you as a true submissive. You have always been my submissive Kitty, but I failed in training you properly. The next few months will rectify that. I want you to know that I will never really hurt you. I will always protect you and take care of your every need." He spoke softly.

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