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Long Weekend

by Lily May©

Bob then asked the other three straight out if they wanted to swap occasionally as they had done. It became apparent after quite a bit of discussion that they would all like to but they would have to be discrete as Liz and Bob's company had a morals clause in their employment contracts which was water tight, if you are caught out in an extramarital office romance, you are out the door.

This amazed them because their Dutch employers, whilst having sin cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam in their country should be so puritanically minded.

On the Wednesday after their trip, Liz rang Carla and arranged for them to meet at the salon's hotel coffee shop for a quick lunch and this became a regular occurrence on Wednesdays.

Before buying his Bobcat, Bob had been a builder and had added on to the rear of the house a large entertainment room as wide as the house. It had a small polished world renowned Tasmanian Oak dance floor at one side of the room, the rest being carpeted and containing an 8 ball table, 2 large old fashioned armchairs, a couch, as well as a bar, TV set, DVD and Video tape player. As well, there was a compact sound system which could play CD's, DVD's and tapes. The house had 3 bedrooms, with one being used as Trevor's office. There was also a paved sheltered patio, ideal for entertaining.

They spent the evening cuddling and talking, listening to music and a little dancing before Liz and Trevor said that they must go because Trevor had a job the next day that could only be done at the weekend and as well, Liz had her housework and washing to catch up on. Carla said that she had to open the salon until 4.00pm and Bob was going into work for a few hours to catch up.

They parted with a mutual grope and arranged to meet at Bob and Carla's on Saturday in a fortnight for what they all hoped would become a regular fortnightly thing.

Both couples had very nice slow sex when they retired and again in the morning. They found that the increased variety in their lovemaking was great for them both and their lovemaking was happening more often.

They were all quite busy for the next 2 weeks and were very happy when their Saturday night came around. Trevor and Carla had had to work until late afternoon.

Trevor and Liz arrived with the customary 2 bottles of wine and dinner was not to be for about 2 hours until the roast was cooked. Carla said that they had about an hour before she had to get the vegetables ready and put them on to cook. They swapped and went into the 2 bedrooms for a quicky each. Legs were put on shoulders and the girls had their lights fucked out.

Their house had 3 bedrooms also with one being used for Carla's office in which to do her salon accounts. One side of the house was an open plan area which at the street end was the kitchen and small dining area, with a large carpeted lounge room containing the TV and audio systems a bit similar to those of their friends, a bar and armchairs and couches as well as 2 comfortable upholstered armless straight chairs. These proved later on to be ideal for having sex sitting down. The girl had the choice of impaling herself either facing her partner or facing away and perhaps watching the other pair fuck. The end at the rear of the house had the laundry, a toilet accessible from outside and a storage room, the other side being for the bedrooms with the master bedroom having an ensuite, and a guests bathroom between the other 2 bedrooms. They also had a nice timber decked patio for outside entertaining.

It was becoming more and more apparent that there were a large number of similarities with the 2 couples. Basically their houses were of similar size and facilities, both the women had glorious bodies and were only a couple of centimetres different in height. Both had nearly the same length long hair but with Liz being blonde and Carla being brunette and her hair only about 3 inches longer than Liz's, and both their pussys were as bald as when they were born. The 2 men were fairly similar in build close to being the same height, and most importantly, their cocks were both circumcised and although Trevor's was a fraction longer, Bob's was a fraction thicker. But the displaced volume of each was the same.

Neither couple were excited about porn movies, instead they both liked a story with a good plot with a bit of conventional sex interspersed throughout it.

The 2 girls both had small economical cars, Trevor had an enclosed work van for carrying his tools and gear as well as the truck, and Bob had an SUV.

After their quickies they each cleaned up their sex buddies genitals, dressed and met in the small dining area and had a drink while watching Carla at work in the kitchen.

During dinner Carla told them the she had been shopping and they were to have a surprise competition later on, it already having been established that due to no one having to work the next day, Sunday, there was no rush with anything they wanted to do.

After their meals had settled, she told them that she had bought 2 airline type sleep masks and that the guys were each to go to a bedroom with the masks on and wait 15 or 20 minutes for one of the girls to go into him.

The competition was that the guys were to guess who they were shagging. The girls both put their hair up, used that same perfume and lipstick and did not speak when they went to the guys so as not to give them any clues who was who.

But what the girls didn't know was that Trevor had on the weekend of their first adventure sussed out that Carla kept her small diamond ear studs in all the time and Liz always removed her bigger dangly ear rings at the first sign of hanky panky. Bob had sussed out that Liz's flaps really dropped when she was aroused, whereas Carla's did not. As it happened, the guys drew their own wives but said that they could not solve the puzzle.

After they regrouped for a drink, they went to bed with each others wife and had a very cuddly time before dropping off to sleep.

After all showering in the morning Bob and Trevor said that it was now their turn to have to select who they would be shagging in about 20 minutes. The girls each went to a room and put on the masks and waited until the guys went into them, licked them up a storm then proceed to shag shit out of them.

Little did they realise that also on that first weekend, that Liz had sussed out that Bob's hands were quite a bit smoother than Trevor's manual labour hands, and that Liz had sussed out that Bob wore a wedding ring. Trevor, like all machinery operators never wears a ring due to the danger of snagging the ring on something and having the finger torn off.

The girls of course correctly identified their fuck buddy but unlike the men they crowed about it.

They showered and dressed and Carla said that she wanted to put a load in the washing machine before they had breakfast, so Liz started getting breakfast for them.

When they had eaten, Carla said that she could hear the washer start spinning now and signalled Liz to go to the laundry with her. The machine was a large capacity machine that had come with the house and it vibrated quite a bit. Carla picked up a box of Coke cans off a shelf and put it on the floor in front of and at a corner of the machine. She winked at Liz then climbed up onto the box and pressed her mound onto the vibrating top corner of the machine. She pointed to another Coke box and Liz placed hers near the other corner of the machine. Here they were both being wanked off by a vibrating washing machine. By the time the machine switched off, they were both feeling pretty good and only had to fiddle with their diddles for a few seconds to bring themselves off.

The visitors went home for Liz to do her chores and Trevor to catch up on his accounts and they did not shag until bed time.

They had now reached the stage where if one or both of the girls was having her period, it made no difference to their regular trysts, vaginal sex is only one way of enjoying a woman.

One evening when the 2 girls were having a marathon phone conversation, Trevor asked Liz to ask Bob if he could meet him after work on the off Friday night at the local pub for a couple of beers. Bob sent back the message yes and that became as regular as the girls lunch meetings. For the occasional all weekender, Trevor had arranged for one of his mates to fill in for him if necessary so he could have the day off.

Carla was able to get an ex employee, June to fill in for her when she wanted the Saturday off. June's husband worked a 5 day week so could look after their kids while June worked the 9.00am to 4.00pm shift at the salon.

The girls had arranged that they meet at Liz and Trevor's place again on the Friday night 2 weeks on and to plan to stay the weekend.

They were looking forward to it and Carla and Bob turned up at around 6.00pm to find that Liz and Trevor had visitors who were introduced as Liz's younger by 2 years brother Sam and his wife Sue.

Sam said that they had turned up hoping for a bed and had had to make the trip at very short notice. Bob and Carla were a bit embarrassed because they had taken their overnight bags and clothes on hangers in without any knowledge of the visitors expecting to stay the weekend.

Liz had planned on having pizzas delivered for dinner that night so ordering another was not a hassle. The 6 of them sat down after getting rid of 4 pizzas and Liz explained to Sam that he should have contacted her as Bob and Carla were staying the weekend.

After Bob saying that it was no drama and he and Carla could go home and visit another weekend, their hosts said bullshit, we will fit you all in somehow. So that was resolved.

As the night went on wine and the beer Sam had brought loosened up the tongues, especially Sue's, things became very raunchy. It was she who twigged that there was something going on between the other 4 and she blurted out, "don't mind us, we are very broad minded and we also have swung."

Liz and Carla's faces were a dead giveaway and they were dumbfounded when Sam told them that they were exceptionally liberally minded.

That put the cat among the pigeons and before very long the 3 guys had swapped partners for some heavy petting. Bob with Liz, Trevor with Sue and Sam with Carla. The 6 of them stripped and the guys had the girls all sit on a couch, then they kneeled down and gave them all a good simultaneous licking until eventually they all climaxed big time. Because the guys had not yet had their potatoes strained, Liz, as hostess called out "switch and fuck."

After switching it was Bob and Sue, Trevor and Carla and Liz and her brother Sam. This was tricky because sex play between siblings was not generally accepted in polite company. Bob lay Sue down on the carpet on the floor of the dimly lit lounge room and mounted her missionary style with her legs wrapped around his waist within seconds, Trevor mounted Carla doggy, and this left the siblings frustrated but horny.

Bob and Trev had weeks ago come to the consensus that if a doggy style fuck was to be only a quicky, then the girls hips should be used for purchase, but if it was to be long and languorous lovemaking, the lovely hanging breasts should be used for both stimulation and purchase.

Liz then remembered that an American President once decreed that anything but vaginal penetration was not sex, so by her reasoning giving her brother either a blowjob and/or a hand job or both, was not incest, so she got him to slide his bum down the couch seat and when he was in position she hilted him into her lovely warm wet mouth. It was a huge dose of protein he injected into her stomach via her throat.

The room by this time smelled like they imagined a Chinese brothel would smell so when the 3 guys had had their potatoes strained, the girls threw robes on and opened up the back door and all windows for a half hour while they had a drink and a chat. It appeared that Sam and Sue had been swinging for over a year and fortunately had never had any bad experiences.

Liz then called out "it's orgy time."

Trev got a pair of king size sheets from the cupboard and lay them on the lounge carpet before turning the lights down low enough so that only shapes could be discerned not faces and the 3 couples lay down and they groped who and what they could. With the guys, when they found themselves touching male appendages moved on until they found female body parts.

Liz, as self appointed Ringmaster/mistress was calling the switches every 20 minutes or so and really nobody knew who was caressing, mauling sucking or fucking who. Trev, Bob, Liz and Carla forgot about identifying each other by earrings, labia, wedding ring or hand skin texture and just went for it. By Murphy's Law, Sam absolutely must have either knowingly or unknowingly fucked his sister, but the old saying," what the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve" applied.

When they were all knackered, and it was bedtime, straws were drawn for how the 3 men and 3 women would share the 2 beds.

It worked out that Sam, Carla and Trev would share one bed and Sue, Bob and Liz would share the other. Other than some fingering, licking and caressing, they all calmed down and one by one they went to sleep.

In the morning the revitalised crew woke up and those who needed to, went and either peed or piddled depending on their gender. Once back in their beds, the erotic situation hit them and everyone felt up whoever they could reach, and that meant all of them felt up all of them.

In very short order the scenario was like this; Sam and Trev were DPing Carla, and Sue astride Bob's chest fucking his mouth with her pussy while Liz was fucking him cowgirl fashion.

Eventually they were all satiated and the guys picked their shower partner by the "blind man's bluff' method, that is, with your eyes shut the first body you touch with boobs or pussy was your shower mate.

There was a lot of soap and energy used and by the time they had all been cleansed, Sue had had her first ever knee trembler, courtesy of Bob.

They all went out for breakfast and returned about midday to have a light lunch then sat down, the guys cuddling someone else's wife, and watched a football game.

They went out for dinner to their favourite Chinese restaurant then returned to the house and each guy, for a change, made love to his own wife, just for novelties sake.

Later on, Sue told them that although she enjoyed an occasional poke in the poop chute, she had never been double penetrated, so Mrs Ringmaster had Sam lay on his back on the covered carpet, Sue to straddle his thighs and slide her pussy down his cock, lean forward then a slick and slippery dicked Bob slowly entered her rectum, bearing in mind that some of the available space was occupied, although separated by a thin membrane, by Sam's cock. Then Mrs Ringmaster conducted their inning and outing like an orchestra conductor so that they synchronised their shagging to a fine pitch and have Sue start climbing the wall figuratively speaking. As soon as Sam had his cock zigging while Bob had his zagging, Sue was attacked from the front at mouth level by Trevor's cock. One by one the guys filled the appropriate holes with semen, and then lay back exhausted.

Sue was ecstatic, Carla and Liz had only been double penetrated, whereas she had been around the world and triple penetrated and the only way this record could be beaten was if some guy with a needle dick could either fuck a nostril or ear hole.

About 11.00pm they were all tired enough to want to go to bed and this time Sam, Carla and Bob slept in one bed and Trevor, Sue and Liz slept in the other. Carla slept sandwiched between Sam and Bob until around 6.00am when she was forced up like a Chinese cabbage, by shit, and consequently woke the 2 men up whilst climbing over Bob to get out. When she returned there was a group grope but no serious sex occurred.

Trev slept pressed between the 2 girls with Sue pressing her boobs and fanny into his back, and Liz doing the same to his front, but the difference was that he went to sleep with his stiff cock laying nestled along her pussy.

After showering, with only a bit of sensuous caressing and soaping, and having breakfast, both visiting couples packed with Bob and Carla driving the 2 kilometres home and Sam and Sue heading off to their home interstate.

Our 2 couples got into a routine of meeting at alternate homes every 2nd Friday or Saturday night or all weekend, and sometimes going into the city on a week night for a snack before going to see a movie or a show. The girls had lunch together every Wednesday and the 2 guys occasionally met after work on an off visit Friday. They became very very close both as friends and sexually, and one Saturday morning after an exceptionally enjoyable night they discussed the wives swapping for that night with them staying at the others home with their friends husband.

At about 7.00pm each of the girls drove to the others home expecting to enjoy a nights stay with the others husband. They each nuked the already prepared meals and then sat down on the couch for some smooching whilst watching TV.

At around 10.00pm Liz stood up and said to Bob that this was not working. She said that although she had limitless affection for him and knew that he would never hurt her or subject her to anything she did not give her consent to, the main thrill she got while the four of them were together and having extramarital sex was the fact that she knew she had the infinite love and adoration of her husband and that she knew that he was immensely enthralled with her while actually seeing her shagging Bob or knowing that she was only a room away him and Carla fucking. They both knew that she was his alone and he was hers alone.

Little did they know that at nearly the same time, Trevor and Carla were having basically the same conversation. Each girl apologised then left to drive home and actually they crossed on their short drive to their homes.

When they each got home there was at each house an emotional declaration of love and each couple agreed that they had grown as loving people and that their love had grown since becoming so close to the others.

One Saturday night during a discussion, Carla reminded them that she and Liz had been short changed on their first meeting and she felt it was time for them to "pay the piper." This was put on the back burner.

On their next Saturday night tryst, they went out to dine and dance the night away at a new city night club and for the occasion the girls went shopping after work on the Friday and bought identical low cut sleeveless tops that were meant to be worn without a bra, and very short wrap around skirts, Carla's in light blue and Liz's pink. When presenting themselves to their husbands for their approval in their new outfits finished off with sheer, seamed stockings held up by a garter belt and wearing matching high heeled fuck me shoes, the guys were overcome with the sheer beauty of them.

In the cab on the way into the city they told the guys that they had a surprise for them that they would find out about later in the evening.

After an excellent meal they got up to dance and every couple of dances they swapped partners.

The girls did what girls do and went to the restroom together and after a few minutes exited the restroom door and started to cross the, at that time, empty dance floor when the guys noticed that they had swapped tops. Their minds flew into overdrive at the thought of 2 lovely big tight sets of breasts had been momentarily bared in the restroom. When they got about 3 metres from the guys they "accidentally" dropped their purses and the guys thought that the move was to give them a look down inside the tops to allow them to see almost to their navels. They then noticed that some people on the other side of the dance floor, and consequently behind the girls looked startled and one guy even pointed. Our guys assumed that the others were getting a look at 2 delightful bums and either thongs or bikini panties.

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