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Daddy's Slut Girl Ch. 02

by Dirty Slut©

Guilt hung like a heavy storm cloud of low-lying fog throughout the house for a good month after the night I seduced daddy in our living room. Or at least I figured it had to be guilt on his part as the next three nights he didn't come home from work, and after that he simply avoided being around me by working in his study with the door locked when he did come home. So that we only saw each other at breakfast each day when we were fully clothed. As for me, well, at first I was hurt, but then I just figured that he needed a little time alone. So I started to spend more time swimming in the pool in the back yard, or working at my beauty parlor. I knew we both needed time to think this out before going any further. After all, we had both committed incest, and had both loved doing it with each other. Of course as incest is a socially unacceptable practice, not to mention against the law I indulged his moral dilemma for the next three weeks while planning my next move.

You can imagine my surprise then when I came home from work early one day, and found another woman in my domain, to be more precise, in my swimming pool frolicking around with MY daddy. Well, perhaps frolicking around is a rather harsh jealous wording for two people doing laps side by side. However things went decidedly down hill the moment I saw that it was my twin sister Heidi.

Heidi is a couple of minutes older than me, and we use to be friends in our childhood. That is until I confided in her about sneaking peeks at daddy when he was peeing. I'm sure she was the real reason dad started to lock the bathroom door from that moment on as she must have told mom what I'd said. In any event I blamed her, and our friendship ended as far as I was concerned at that point. I'd successfully managed to avoid her for the last six years thanks mostly to her moving to the other side of the country to go to Berkley.

We aren't identical twins in any way that I can see though dad says we're both alike in other ways. Her hair is a sun bleached blond color, and she has tits like a fucking cow, but she's still very beautiful, I'll give her that. I love her, she's the spitting image of our dead mother, but I also hate her, she's always been such a prude. However seeing her rise out of the water just in front of daddy in that blue French cut bikini that was basically just three tiny triangles had me spluttering green-eyed drool. The cloth barely covered her nipples, and molded to her slit.

"Look who's home Jill!" Daddy's voice rose to a high squeak at best as he followed her out of the pool to greet me.

"Well if it isn't the wandering Cow," I said sarcastically, "by the looks of you I'd say that you finally lost that prized hymen you valued so highly. And what's this? No wedding ring!"

"No," she replied, then gave me a peck on the right cheek, our way of being sisterly, and I pecked right back, "no wedding ring, but I do have three engagement rings. Does that count?

"Only if you're wearing them," I snapped back.

"Indeed, I'll show them to you later if you wish," and she actually cooed like a dove saying it. Leaving me standing there open mouthed, and with nothing else to say.

"Go ahead, and take your swim Jill," Daddy broke in, "Heidi and I will get started on dinner."

As there was nothing else to do, I leaped into the cool refreshing water then. But I could have sworn that as I dove in to the swimming pool I heard my sister's voice say: "Nice ass." It was so out of character for her that I came up out of the water spluttering, and coughing up half the pool before I could concentrate on doing my daily laps. As I completed each lap her words rang in my ears compelling me to wonder just whose ass she'd been commenting on, daddy's, or mine. And what was all that about showing me her three engagement rings if she didn't have them on her finger?

After finishing up my laps, I dried off, and wrapped my towel around my waist like a sarong to join them for dinner. Evidently I was in vogue as Heidi had done the same thing with her towel, and by then daddy was in polo shirt, trousers, and sandals helping her put the food on the table. A simple meal, salad, spaghetti, and meatballs, with a nice California Chianti to help ease the tension. With all of the breast meat staring dad in the face it was easy to understand why he had changed clothes. And for the first time since I'd sighted Heidi in the pool I was actually glad that she was here. With all of this lush female flesh on display daddy's defenses were quickly crumbling right before my very eyes. And then I took a quick look towards Heidi, and almost choked on my wine.

She'd spilled some spaghetti sauce on herself. Specifically on her right boob, and the patch of blue cloth that barely covered her nipple. However instead of dabbing it away with a napkin, and water she'd simply lifted the boob, cloth and all right to her lips, and licked it clean right in front of us. That's when she caught us staring at her.

"Sorry, just hate to see good food go to waste," and she shrugged after letting go of her udder.

Normally I wouldn't have continued staring at her breast accept that with the little patch of cloth all wet once again I noticed something that I hadn't before when she'd climbed out of the swimming pool. Heidi had a ring pierced into her right nipple. And by the looks of it, it was one of those engagement rings she'd mentioned earlier.

"Yes, that's one of them," Heidi giggled, and one look at her face, and I saw the imp that she had been before our fragmented relationship began.

"Ahem," daddy cleared his throat then, and lifting his glass of wine; "to having all of my girls under the same roof again."

"To daddy!" Heidi countered.

"To daddy," I agreed then threw him a wink.

He chugalugged his glass of wine as he blushed in response. Probably hoping that Heidi would think the wine had turned his face red.

"I have an early day tomorrow girls, so I'll say goodnight now. I trust you two will be comfortable sleeping together in your old room. I'm sorry there's only the one bed now Heidi, but it's a queen size, so I'm sure the two of you will be comfortable in there."

"He's probably gone to jack off," Heidi whispered once daddy was out of earshot. Her next statement taking me totally by surprise. "Have you fucked him yet?"

"Him…? Him… who?" I managed to stutter out.

"Daddy, of course," she barely managed not to giggle it out.

"Don't give me that innocent look, Jill. I know you've had the hots for daddy since we were kids. And with mom gone I just figured it was only a matter of time before you seduced him. So have you?"

"I won't even dignify that question with an answer," I spat back, and started to clear the table.

"Listen Jill, I'm not here to condemn you," she got up and helped me, making the labor light. "In fact I came home to see if we could become friends again, maybe even more. I know it was my fault that we fell out, and I'd gladly let you spank me if it would help. The truth is, I've changed a lot since I left home, and I'm no longer the prude I used to be. In fact, I'm quite the slut these days."

"Oh really." My eyebrows went up at her last confession. And went higher as she continued while we cleaned up.

"Those three rings I mentioned earlier? Well, each one was an engagement ring that I received from three black men. The first one was for sucking off my first black man. The second one is for fucking the next black man, and the third is for giving up my ass cherry to the third black guy. It was a sorority initiation, but I'd have done it with those three black men just the same. I had the three rings pierced into my nipples, and clit hood as a constant reminder to me of just how good black cock is. In fact I haven't had any white dick since then, though not because of any reason other than I haven't had any time for other men. My sorority sisters kept me pretty busy eating pussy when we weren't fucking every swinging black cock in California."

"You… a, um… eat pussy?"

"I told you, I'm a real slut now, Jill. You have no idea what it's like for me to be standing here next to you, and not be able to touch you. To show you what it's like to have girl/girl sex. I'm so wet I'm about to flood this room."


"Don't you know how gorgeous, and yummy you are to look at?"

"Well, you're not exactly a bag lady either," I conceded.

"And that's why I asked you if you'd fucked daddy yet. I figured if you'd committed incest once, you wouldn't mind doing it again. Maybe try a little taste of lesbian incest this time. Then… maybe after that… we could join forces, and seduce daddy into a three way with both of us. My latest black boy friend/fiance sent me home to have daddy knock me up with a blue-eyed blond little girl. If it works he'll breed me, and we'll have a little black brother for her to play with."

"And if he has fucked me, then you'd have no problem getting him to knock you up, right?"

"In a word? Yes."

I could barely believe my ears hearing my sister's obscene proposals, let alone the fact that she'd turned into as much of a slut, if not more, than me. But if it meant another chance for me to get in bed with daddy, and maybe make it a permanent arrangement then I was all for it. Besides, it would be a good way to get back at my sister, watching her turn into an obese pregnant pig with udders that needed bridge cables to keep them from dragging on the ground.

"Okay, I'm in. But I'll have to warn you sis, he's been pretty stand-offish since we did it. And that was over a month ago."

"Yeah, but did you see how he couldn't take his eyes off of my tits, and ass since I got here?" And we both giggled at that as we headed up to bed arm in arm. Each with a hand full of the other's ass.

I was a little uncertain as to how to proceed once we arrived in our old bedroom, so I let Heidi take the lead in this incestuous lesbian tryst as she had the experience. I simply stood next to the bed, and slipped the towel off waiting for her.

Heidi's face took on that look that a cat gets when you put out their food. And she quickly shed what little she was wearing giving me a complete view of her magnificently lush body. I was surprised at how little sag there was to those massive teats of hers. In fact she was swollen in all the right places, and tucked in at the waist. I had to admit, if just to myself, that for a woman, Heidi was absolutely gorgeous, and mouth watering to gaze upon. She was absolutely what most men would call a comfortable ride. I could see all three engagement rings now. One in each erect nipple, and the other in her swollen clitty were made of gold with a one karat diamond sparkling in the light of our room like a triangular constellation. The little mousy blond pubic hair that she did have after a bikini wax was shaped like a thin arrowhead on her mons above her slit pointing at her clit ring. But what she hadn't told me about was that she had a tattoo, and that it looked a little like a meat packer's seal of approval, just above, and to the left of her pubic thatch. Her bikini bottom had barely covered it.

"Grade "A" Nigger Pussy," she said when she caught me staring at her tattoo, and knowing I was too far away to be able to read it. "My current fiance had me get it as a sign of our ever lasting love."

My nose curled at the "N" word. Our family has never been bigoted, but I knew that her fiance had other plans for my sister if he made her get that. And a vision of my sister getting gang banged by groups of black men with big dicks flashed through my mind as Heidi got down on her knees before me, and nudged me backwards onto the bed. I fell back onto the cushioned mattress with my legs going up, and wide apart, my arms flailing wide as well.

It was then that Heidi's lips, and tongue molded to my slit like a suction cup. Her tongue slid into my pussy, and my mind nearly exploded as my body went into a ballistic orgasm exploding through me liked rapid fire lightening bolts. And I tingled from my curdled toes to my sheet raking finger claws as she brought me from one multiple orgasm to the next just with her tongue, and lips.

Just knowing that it was my own sister licking at my twat was enough to make me orgasm, but the talent behind that tongue really made it multi-orgasmic. I was instantly in a daze with bright super nova spots going off before my eyes as my ass hunched up at her face, and my legs spread as wide as I could get them to give her even better access to my molten hot, cauldron of sin. My arms were flailing, flapping at the mattress, and the air as my head nearly swiveled as it thrashed back and forth. No man had ever eaten my pussy like this, and I was soon bathed in my own perspiration sweating like a pig in heat. Her hands gently squeezing my ass cheeks with her face mashed up against my cunt as she groveled in my groin.

I was in incestuous lesbian bliss, and yet I wanted more. Right then, at that very moment I wanted to wallow in her slimy pit the very same way she was in mine. I wanted to taste her the way she was tasting me. Oh not that I'd ever tasted another woman other than myself when I played with my pussy. But if she tasted just half as nasty good as my own pussy tasted I was more than ready to take Rt. 69 with her. And either she was reading my mind, or it was just her own need, she hopped up on the bed inverted over top of me, then squatted down on my face.

There was a tart aroma, and a tangy, somewhat salty taste to that gizzard like orifice she plastered to my face that was simply fascinating. Brand new to this experience I once again followed her lead at first doing what she was doing to me. Then I expanded a bit, and tried a little exploration on my own. Doing to her what I knew that I loved having done to me. In seconds we were rolling back and forth on our bed, she on top of me, then me on top of her, and back again. Our tongues and lips dueling with each other's pussies as we rang the brass bells, going from one orgasm to the next again, and again, and again…

The very air that I breathed was full of pussy, my face soiled in her essence, and yet I hungered for more. Up until now I'd only used my lips, and tongue on her just as she had on me. So again I experimented, and brought my fingers, and hands into play. With my right hand I slipped two fingers easily into Heidi's cunt. Too easy in fact, so I added two more, and then my thumb as I shoved two fingers of my left hand into her puckered butt hole at the same time. Her moan of approval at that juncture had me squeezing my whole right hand up into her cunt, and balling it into a fist.

Heidi let out a muffled bark then that I was sure that daddy could have heard from his bedroom, but I didn't care. Her ass began to vibrate, and bounce up and down on my fist as I continued to lick, nibble, and kiss her sweet pussy, and ass all at the same time. I knew then that she had indeed been fucking some really big cocks if she could take me fist fucking her this way. Hell, I was in her up past my wrist, and she was loving it. She hadn't been lying; Heidi really had turned into quite the slut after all. So I added a third finger to her butt, and fucked her ass at the same time with those three fingers.

I was so wrapped up in what we were doing that I didn't notice that we had an audience. At some point in our lesbian love making we'd made such a commotion that daddy's curiosity had gotten the better of him, and after peeking through the keyhole to see what we were up to, it must have been too much for him. I don't know when exactly, but somewhere between Heidi inverting herself over top of me, and me shoving my fist up her cunt, daddy had entered our bedroom to get a much better look than he could from behind that keyhole. I was on my back with my head at the edge of the mattress when Heidi did finally spot him.

"Hey sis," she said letting go of her lip lock on my privates, "guess who's come to join us? You are going to join us, aren't you… daddy? Damn Jill! You were right; he does have a big one. Oh yes! Daddy is definitely going to join us."

For the first time Heidi's fingers came into play, but she didn't thrust them up my slit, she used them to pull me open. The next thing I knew my pussy was stuffed full of hard throbbing daddy dick, and I screamed in pleasure/pain as I came instantly just knowing that daddy had chosen to fuck me first over my sister Heidi. In and out that incestuous prick fucked me, making me cum over, and over again as I fist fucked my sister, and she and I licked at each other's bottoms.

I don't know how long daddy fucked my pussy before he too came, but I felt his molten liquid discharge, and felt instantly both filthy, and content. I guess Heidi, and me continuing to lick each other's cunts must have kept daddy's cock as hard as a rock because he soon moved in behind her with his balls hanging in my face. That's when he pulled my left hand away, and my fingers popped out of her ass. Daddy wasted no time in replacing them with his slime-covered prick, and in a jiffy stuck it up his own daughter, my twin sister Heidi's dimpled round ass. And now the smell of sex; hot, raw, dirty sex smothered the air around me. I was in seventh heaven with a close up view of what I must have looked like when daddy fucked me in the ass that first time. After all, below the chest Heidi and I looked almost exactly alike, as if we were from the same body mold.

It was fascinating watching that big old prick of my father fuck in and out of my sister's butt. Seeing her asshole all distended, stretched wide out of shape gave me just a little more happiness knowing that it had to hurt like hell what with my fist still balled up her cunt. Who knew revenge could be so vicariously pleasurable? I couldn't wait to see her bloat out like a blimp after daddy knocked her up. And I swore to myself right then that I would indeed help her to get knocked up by our father. It was the least I could do for her bringing daddy and me back together again, and too for teaching me the delights of girl/girl sex.

That queen sized bed rocked, rolled, creaked, and banged against the wall all night long as we continued our incestuous orgy into the wee hours of day break before falling asleep from sheer exhaustion. Me with daddy's cock in my mouth, and the two of them each with a mouth full of soiled sweaty daughter, or sisterly furburger to munch on in their sleep.

I woke up alone hearing the shower running shortly after high sun. A quick run to the bathroom to pee, and I found the rest of my family taking a shower together. As I released the water in my bladder I peeked behind the curtain to find Heidi bent over in the police-frisking stance facing the plumbing as daddy's prick plowed into her from behind. Seeing Heidi's udder's wobbling on her chest had me giggling, and that's when daddy noticed I was there.

"Oh good, the other slut of the manor has joined us," he said, but his grin took all of the sting out of his words, "you here to get knocked up by your daddy too sweet meat?"

"Not really dad, but I would appreciate it if when you finish knocking up the bitch that you share a little daddy dick with your younger daughter."

"Fair enough," and this time his grin covered his whole face.

Heidi was knocked up before leaving to return to Berkley, and her black fiancé. And true to her words she sent us a picture of her naked when she was eight months along with her fiancé's big black prick stuck up her ass doggy fashion. I had the picture blown up, and hung it on my bedroom wall. I can't help but giggle every time I look at it seeing those four black hands squeezing her jugs, and mother's milk spraying out of her udders as she sucks on another black dude while her fiancé fucked her in the butt.

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