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Joe's Apartment Pt. 04

by joehard_007©

I don't know how she did it, but Misty had me completely under her control! I had never cum so much in my life as the past few days. Ever since she walked in on me jacking off, she had made me do so many exciting things - like some kind of puppet master.

So when she texted me to meet her at the apartment clubhouse and pool, I was more than happy to completely drop everything and head over.

When I got to the area, Misty was in one of the lounge chairs by the pool. There were several people in the patio area between the clubhouse and the pool, but Misty really stood out from the crowd. Sure, she was Tom's girl, but hey - if she wanted to spend time with me, who was I to complain?

Her tits were firmly packed into a red bikini top, and her shaved pussy was straining against the tiny triangle of cloth on her bikini bottoms. She glanced at me over the top of her aviator glasses. Her gaze ran down my swim trunks, lingering on my package just long enough to give me a thrill just remembering how well she had treated my cock.

"Joe," she purred, "will you do my back?"

"I would be delighted to," I answered, pouring out some lotion from the bottle she handed to me. I rubbed it all over her back, allowing my slick fingers to work under the thin straps and all over her warm skin. As I was doing this I noticed a guy across the pool trying not to stare at her tits as she arched her back for me. She must have seen him too, as she was pointing her double cannons right at him.

Unfortunately for him, the brunette laying beside him also noticed the show, and gave him a sharp poke in the ribs to bring his attention back to herself. I laughed just a bit at the situation. He was reclining in his chair, the brunette was now sitting up and lecturing him as he was shaking his head, apparently denying his voyer activities.

"Oh no," I whispered to Misty, "looks like you have caused some strife."

She just laughed and leaned back as I continued to work in the lotion. Her warm back pressed into my bare chest. Since she didn't seem to mind, I began to allow my hands to work further forward, beginning with her arms. I pushed her arms tight to her side as I stroked them downward, my fingers just lightly brushing the sides of her firm breasts. Then I moved up to her shoulders, allowing my hands to stray downward to the top of her globes - not too far to be obvious, but enough to get my kicks.

The brunette was glaring at the poor guy, who could not seem to keep his eyes off Misty's hot body across the pool. She rose up in a huff, and began to walk away. He began to follow, and just then I glanced around to be sure no one else was watching, then I lightly pushed on the sides of her tits, mashing them together and forward for him to ogle.

He froze in mid rise, catching a great view of the tits, before continuing on to follow the brunette off.

Misty just sighed and I knew then that she was really enjoying being the center of so much attention. It made me wonder if perhaps I could do some manipulations to her - you know, like she had been doing to me so well.


Misty took her time at the pool, but after a while I had to head to class, so with a longing look at what I'd be missing, I took my leave and headed off.

Several hours later I returned to the apartment. As I came in I heard giggles coming from the living room. Walking in I was surprised to find Jenny, Misty and the brunette from the pool all having a laugh on our sofa.

"Joe!" Misty exclaimed, jumping up to greet me. "We have been waiting for you. I want you to meet Sue."

"Hi, Sue," I said, trying to be nonchalant. "Nice to meet you."

"I bet," slurred Sue, clearly drunk. "You think I didn't know what you were..." She hiccupped, "doing there by the pool today, but I did." She giggled a drunk girl giggle. "I shaw you rubbing her tiddys, I shaw it!" She giggled at me as she looked me up and down.

Jenny looked at me and smiled as she shrugged.

Misty was laughing as she watched the drunk Sue try to point at me with an unsteady accusing finger.

"I think we need another drink," announced Misty gathering the glasses and coming over to me. "Make Sue's drink just plain Coke," she whispered.

"How many has she had?" I whispered.

"Only one!" laughed Misty. "But you were kind of mean to her today, so I think you sort of owe her. I told her you were going to serve her drinks tonight to make up for your bad behavior."

I shrugged. "Fine by me," I said as I took the empty glasses to the kitchen bar.

Returning a few minutes later the girls were all waiting expectantly on the couch. I handed the Coke to Sue, who just giggled and refused to take it.

"Oh, not so easy mister rubby hands," she said. "You are not dressed for the part yet."

"Yes Joe," said Misty win a formal manner, "we have made a new rule in the apartment."

What the hell? This was my apartment. Tom and I leased it, but I figured I would play along. After all, it usually turned out pretty good for me!

"You have to roll the dice to see what waiter attire you will wear," announced Jenny as she proudly handed me a sheet of paper which she had written out. On it were six numbers, corresponding to various outfits. She handed me a red dice, and she really seemed to be excited about the adventure.

It was had to let Jenny's excitement down - she was so nice all the time I figured that playing along was in order. I glanced at the list. A roll of a one made me wear a cowboy outfit. Where the hell would I get that, I wondered. The two was a astronaut, three a policeman, four was biker, five was judge, and six was stripper. Oh my. I had a feeling I knew which one I was going to end up with!

Gamely taking the dice, and making a show of it I rolled the die on the table.


Figured that would be the case!

"Oh boy, another naughty stripper!" clapped Sue, clearly enjoying the situation.

"You may change in Tom's room," announced Misty. "And come out in character, you big stud!"


I opened Tom's door, and there were two guys sitting in front of the TV in chairs playing Call of Duty on the Xbox.

"Joe!" called out Tom as he glanced back. "Shut the door!"

The guy in the other chair looked familiar. "Hi, I'm Mike," he said as he continued to play the game. Sure enough, it was the guy from the pool, Sue's boyfriend.

"Hi Mike," I said. It was just a bit uncomfortable. Not because I had basically flashed Tom's girlfriends tits at him earlier in the day. That was not uncomfortable at all. After all, he was a guy, and he was clearly enjoying the show. No, what made it uncomfortable was the fact that both of them were dressed in bow ties. And cufflinks. And thongs. And was that glitter on their chests? Crap.

Mike had on a yellow thong, which was bulging noticeably making me aware of how tiny the cloth was. And Tom was in neon green. Of course I knew exactly what was on under that fabric!

"Um, what is going on," I stammered.

"Dude, you know the dice was loaded, right?" said Tom as he focused on the screen. "It's that trick dice I got from the magic shop."

"Let me guess," said Mike as he pounded away at the bad guys, "you have to dress up like a male stripper, right?" He laughed and shot me a glance which told me that we were cool from the earlier incident. "The girls went shopping, your stuff is there in the bag."

I went to the bed, and saw a pink bag. Opening it I found my required bowtie, cufflinks, and a very skimpy blue piece of fabric.

"You have got to be kidding, right?" I said as I held up the thong. I was not sure which was the top, it was so skimpy.

"Does it look like we are kidding?" said Tom as he blasted away. "We both did it, now its your turn. Come on," he said as he reached down and handed me a beer.

Taking the bag, and the beer, I headed into Tom's bathroom and shut the door. I quickly drained the beer for some liquid courage, and decided I better take a shower.

"Yeah dude," came Tom's voice calling from the bedroom. "Better get squeaky clean!"

Ignoring his taunts, I jumped in the shower, and quickly washed off my body from the day. I decided to shave my pubic area, borrowing his shower razor and gel. In just a few minutes I was indeed squeaky clean, running my hand over my penis which was getting hard just thinking of what might happen soon with the three girls in the living room. I was nervous, but I was really getting into this!

I figured out the tiny blue thong, sliding it up into position. My dick was really hard though, and it simply would not point down yet. The briefs were pretty low cut, and had a pouch in the front. I realized that I'd have to really pull it out far in order to coax my hard dick into the suit. Of course, when I did this it pulled the back fabric deep into my ass crack. I felt foolish, thinking seriously about not doing this.

"Um, they are calling for you Joe," called Mike from the room. He and Tom were laughing at this, knowing full well what I was trying to do in the bathroom.

"I'm coming," I announced.

"Dude, not yet!" laughed Tom. Clearly they were enjoying my situation.

Ignoring the laughter, I put on the silly bow and cuffs. I looked in the mirror, and I had to admit I looked like a Chippendales model, albeit one with a puny chest, tiny arms, and pale white skin. I felt like a total fool. But there was nothing else to do about it.

I opened the bathroom door and hesitantly walked into Tom's room. The guys were waiting for me, sitting in the chairs drinking beers and laughing at me as I walked in the room.

"Oh, you are going to knock them out!" laughed Mike. "Banana Hammock!"

"Fuck you," I answered back.

"Glitter's over there on the dresser," pointed Tom.

"Aw, really?" I pleaded.

"They will make you wear it," answered Mike, "trust me." He stood up so I could clearly see the glitter on his chest. I had to admit, he was much more suited for the outfit than I was. His chest stood proudly out, and his yellow thong was tightly wrapped around his penis, leaving little to the imagination.

"It's just for fun, and you really don't want Misty to go into revenge mode against you if you chicken out," said Tom. He shot me a glance that let me know that he was at least partly aware of some of the dirt the vixen held over me.

I looked at him in his neon green thong, and his tie and cuffs. I wondered just exactly how much he really knew as I glanced at his package, remembering how just a few nights earlier I had given him a blowjob while he was blindfolded. He gave no indication of the incident over the past day, so I decided he either knew and was cool with it, or he was totally oblivious to it. either way, I was not going to say anything.

"You are right," I conceded. I went over to the dresser and began to apply the liquid glitter to my chest. I ran it over my arms and down towards my crotch, careful not to get any on the suit.

"Here," said Mike taking the tube from me. He lifted my chin and used his finger to put a dual strip of the glitter on my neck. I tried to keep my eyes from glancing at his face as he ran a stripe under each of my eyes. This was weird standing next to a stranger, letting him put makeup on me as we book wore such skimpy outfits.

He stepped back just a few inches and looked me up and down. I could not help but feel my dick twitch just a moment as he glanced at it, but he never said anything to acknowledge that he saw the movement. But I caught a glint of light as his dick subtly shifted in his own tiny metallic yellow fabric.

I ignored his twitch as he had done with mine. After all, we were in a highly charged sexual situation, so doubt hoping to get action from the girls later that evening. And we were wearing stripper outfits for crying out loud!

He went back to his chair and handed me another beer.

"Go get 'em, lover boy!" he laughed as he took a deep pull.


Trying to be as cool as possible - dressed in a blue metallic thong which barely concealed my manhood - I walked into the living room where the girls were sitting and giggling on the couch.

"Whew," exclaimed Misty as she knowingly looked me up and down - mostly down. Her eyes seemed to slide over my cock as she looked on with an approving gaze.

I glanced at Jenny, hoping for the same reaction. I don't know why, but she was the most sensible of the girls, and I hoped I was not making a fool of myself. Unfortunately, she was playing it cool. She smiled at me to encourage me, but frankly she didn't seem all that impressed. Of course, since she was in Medical school studying to be a dick doctor, I'm sure she saw a lot of penesis. I'm not crazy enough to think that I'm that notable in the downstairs area, but I had hoped for more of a reaction.

Sue, on the other hand, was positively giddy with excitement. She clapped like a schoolgirl on cheerleading tryout day, and whistled with appreciation. I gave her a big bow - like I was on the stage of a show - and smiled at her. She clapped again, and I felt like doing more for her.

I tried a little side to side shifting of my hips, imagining some electronic dance music as I let myself sway to the music. I meant it to be sexy - but the laughter from all of girls made it clear that it was just funny. I decided then and there that the only way to get through this was to put aside all my pride, and just focus on making them have a good time.

I put my head down and began to buck and thrust my ridiculous outfit right at them - pointing it at each of them in turn. That brought a smile to everyone - even Jenny. Misty pulled out a dollar bill, and handed it to Sue. She drew her finger at me beckoning me to come closer, which I did. I moved until my package was only about a foot away from her as she stared right at my cock.

I glanced down, and saw that every outline of my penis was clearly shown against the bright blue fabric. It really was kind of cool. It was like I had a blue penis - one which was getting hard with every thrust of my hips.

Sue held up the dollar bill to tip me, but made no move to put it into my shorts. So I danced forward more until I was just on the edge of brushing against her face. She seemed to freeze just sitting there staring at my dick, and holding up the dollar. Suddenly Misty slapped my ass - hard! The force of it thrust my dick forward bumping into Sue's face.

She looked up at me with a look of surprise, with my blue cloth pushing against her while I struggled to regain my balance. It only lasted a second, but she didn't seem to mind. She smiled at me and said, "You are a naughty boy."

Misty took the cue quickly, "Yes, Joe," she smiled with a wicked grin, "you are a naughty boy. Sue, what should we do to punish Joe?"

"Mmm, lesssee," slurred Sue. "I think he should be neekid."

"Oh, that may be too much," replied Misty as if she were pondering the whole situation. I knew she was up to something. "I do think that he should be made to pay though." She looked at me with a devilish grin, "Joe, you need to change outfits. Wear this little thing I picked up at the store."

With that she reached into her purse, and produced a tiny piece of cloth. I was confused as she handed it to me. It was only a tiny, stretchy gold cloth with some elastic on one end. Suddenly it dawned on me what this was - a cock sock!

"Oh no!" I exclaimed. "I'll wear whatever you want, but not that!"

"Oh, come on Joe," said Misty. "Be a sport."

Jenny just looked at me with a smile. "Oh, go ahead. It will be fun!"

"Show us what you got, buddy boy!" exclaimed Sue as she wiggled on the couch in anticipation.

"Fine, but this makes us even," I said.

I took the little fabric and went into the hall bathroom. I was not about to go into the room with Tom and Mike. This was much more revealing than the thong!

I closed and locked the bathroom door, and just looked at the tiny sleeve. I knew that this was going to be a tight fit, but to make it worse, my cock was growing in anticipation of parading around in the room with the girls wearing nothing but this tiny sock on my dick. I was afraid I might just punch out of it with my hard cock.

I took off the thong, and tried to slip the sock on my penis. By now I was fully erect, so it was definitely tight! But the gold fabric stretched nicely to fit on my member. At the base was a pouch which fit over my balls, and the elastic held it in place. It was a stretch, but it held.

Determined to do this before I lost my nerve, I opened the door and went into the living room. I was greeted with whoops and hollers from the crowd - because now the guys were back in the room with the girls! How embarrassing to be sporting a hard on in that gold sock with every eye in the room on my penis. I thought it was only the girls, but Misty had sucker punched me again.

"Oh, that is nice Joe," said Misty as she looked at my penis.

"I love it," said Jenny. "Don't you think it is nice Sue?" Jenny was trying to help me out, which I greatly appreciated.

Sue didn't say anything. She just stared at my dick, covered in the gold cloth. The shiny fabric really didn't cover me, so much as highlight every part of my cock. Every vein, my cock head, and even the slit were clearly outlined in the tight cloth.

"Honey, you are staring," said Mike who was watching his girlfriend gaze at my penis. He was trying to joke with her, but in her drunk condition she only kept staring.

"Dude, I gotta hand it to you," said Tom. "You got balls!"

That cracked us all up and suddenly the tension was gone. We all laughed and even Sue began to giggle - her eyes still fixed on my cock.

"Makes you want to touch it, doesn't it?" whispered Misty to Sue. I glanced at Mike, and he gestured me to move closer to Sue.

"Let's see if she will do it," said Mike trying to be cool about the whole thing. He edged closer to the couch, so he was standing next to Misty. His yellow thong was really stretched out, clearly he was excited at the prospect of his girl touching another man's dick.

I stepped closer to Sue who was on the couch between Misty and Jenny. My dick was rock hard and pointing right at her. I moved until it was about a foot from her and stopped. She never looked away from my cock.

I had never been more naked in my whole life than I was at that moment. Just standing there with a flimsy wrap on my erection, all eyes in the room on me. I looked down at Sue and said, "It's okay. You can touch it if you want to."

Her hand slowly reached up, moving ever so slowly towards my manhood. My cock twitched in anticipation, which caused her to pause. Then she slowly brushed her fingers against the slick fabric. Her light touch was electric to my cock, causing me to twitch again in pleasure. I moved forward just slightly to her hand, which lightly enveloped my dick. It felt so good.

Slowly she slid her hand up my shaft to rub my head. Her thumb lightly rubbed back and forth just under the tip of my penis. The feel of her fingers on my dick was intensified by the stretchy, slick gold fabric. It was like getting a handjob with silk gloves!

I glanced at Mike to see his reaction. His yellow thong was stretched out like a banana, clearly sporting an impressive erection. He didn't look as if he minded at all. His big dick was also dangerously close to Misty who looked up at me with a sultry look.

I knew what she was going to do before she made her move. At least I thought I did. But then she surprised me by reaching out her hand and placing on top of Sue's hand on my penis!

"Sue, you are a natural at that," she whispered. Sue just nodded, her hand still on the head of my cock. "Slide it down now," whispered Misty.

With Misty guiding her hand, Sue slowly stroked me down my shaft, sending a thrill shooting through my penis.

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