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Marriage with Miranda: Cousin Claire

by brethard©

Nine months after her steamy shower with her husband Martin, Miranda Kelly-Roberts gave birth to fraternal twins Patrick and Kylie. The newborns were quite a handful, and the combination of high-pressure legal careers and high-pressure parenthood eventually took its toll on Martin and Miranda's sex life. Miranda in particular was too drained from work and motherhood to even think of sex.

Martin, however, still wanted to make love to his beautiful Australian wife, and felt a great sense of frustration when Miranda told him she didn't have the energy. He turned his sexual attention elsewhere, spending every spare moment on adult sites and masturbating almost constantly. Sometimes, Miranda would wake up to check on their babies, only to come back and see Martin pumping his big black cock in his hand.

Miranda became nervous about Martin's unmet sexual needs. She started noticing how often he would stare at the attractive young female associates at Laine Lerman, how much he would subtly flirt with them, how long he would wait to release their hands after a handshake. The associates knew Martin and Miranda were married, and yet they wouldn't hesitate to tell Miranda how hot and sexy her husband was, how jealous they were of her, how they wished he was still single.

Nervousness soon became paranoia. Miranda would check his unlocked phone to see if he was texting any of the associates, and went through his e-mail to find out if there was any evidence he was cheating on her. There was no proof that Martin was having an affair, but he certainly had ample opportunities to do so-what if another opportunity availed itself?

Miranda thought of Martin going to bed with a younger, hotter associate, cumming into the tight pussy of a lady who could please her husband in a way she did prior to the pregnancy. The thought made her angry, depressed, confused. She loved Martin and did not want to lose him. Yet she knew he had strong sexual desires, desires that marriage and fatherhood would not and could not diminish.

Then Miranda had another thought: what if she could control who Martin had an affair with? It wouldn't be so bad if she knew the person he cheated on her with. It even would be OK.

That thought made her smile.


"So, welcome to New York!"

Miranda and Martin hugged Claire and helped pull her luggage from the taxi. As they made their way up the elevator to their condo, Martin couldn't help staring at his wife's cousin.

Claire Robyn Kelly had just turned 22 years old, and was hotter than the 92-degree temperature that early-July afternoon. She was tall and tanned, with waist-length curly blonde hair and blue eyes; right above her jean shorts and right below her hot pink tank top, Martin saw a small star tattoo. He looked at her large gold earrings, her gold sunglasses and gold bracelets, and found himself unable to restrain sexual thoughts.

Claire had done some modeling in Perth, and had taken some acting and dancing classes; she had also won several singing contests and had recorded a number of demos. This was her first trip to New York, and Martin thought that with her looks and personality, it would not be the last.

"Wow...this place is fucking gorgeous!" Claire remarked as they entered the condo.

"Thanks," Miranda replied, pulling the luggage near the sofa. "You're sure this will be big enough for you?"

"Yeah, this should be fine," Claire replied.

Miranda smiled. "Martin, stop staring at Claire and help us out!"

"Oh, right," an embarrassed Martin replied, jumping back in shame.

"No worries, mate," Claire laughed.


After they unpacked, Claire asked to see Patrick and Kylie. The three walked over to the crib nearby, where the twins were sleeping.

"Oh my God-they're so gorgeous!" Claire said softly as she looked at the twins. "I am so jealous of you, Miranda-I so want to be a mum."

"Well, it's certainly not that easy."

"I know, I know...but still, I'd love to. I think it'd be cool to be a younger mum. Especially to a baby girl-we could be almost like sisters!"

Martin nodded his head.

"Well," Miranda replied, "you'll certainly find out what it's like before the end of the summer!"


Claire was an extraordinarily hard worker, and she impressed Miranda and Martin with how well she took care of Patrick and Kylie. Her love for her cousin's children was genuine; she sometimes seemed upset when they went to sleep, since she wouldn't have a chance to keep playing with them.

One Friday night in mid-July, Martin had to go on a trip to a conference in Virginia. Miranda and Claire spent that evening playing with Patrick and Kylie before putting the babies to bed.

Afterwards, Miranda pulled Claire into the bathroom and shut the door.

"Hey, can I ask you a question?"


"You get along with Martin, right?"

"Yeah. He's a great guy, he's very really got a good one!"

"OK. But do you like him?"

"Yeah, yeah...what do you mean?"

Miranda grabbed Claire's hand.

"I need you to do me two favors."

Claire was puzzled. "Uh, what kind?"

"Well, first..." Miranda reached into her purse and pulled out $500. "Take this-I need you to go in town tomorrow and buy the sexiest outfits you can get your hands on-the shortest skirts, the tightest T-shirts, everything. I need you to look as hot as possible. Also, you need to throw out all of your bras-no more bras around here."

"Uh, OK..."

"Second, I'm going to be out of town in two weeks for a meeting in Miami. It'll only be a couple of days. While I'm gone..."

Miranda paused, and looked right into Claire's eyes.

"I want you to fuck Martin. I want you to seduce him."

"Wait, what?"

"Yes. I need you to do this. I need you to fuck him. Please."


"Look, we're..." Miranda bit her lip. "We're having problems with our marriage. Ever since the babies...Martin has a high sex drive. He wants a lot of sex. I can't...I can't satisfy him that way. I love him, but I can't satisfy him like that."

Claire nodded.

"I'm afraid he may be preparing to have an affair. He...he loves white women, as you might have guessed, and there are so many white girls at work who just want to throw themselves at him."

"I understand."

"I don't want him to cheat on me. I don't want him to have an affair...but I figure that if he has sex with somebody I know, somebody I can trust...and it's in my own home...then it's not really an affair. It's not really cheating."

"All right."

"Claire, I'm asking you because I trust you. I'll pay you for this. I'll help you out with your career-we have a lot of entertainment clients, I can pull some strings. But I need you to help me with this. Please."

Claire sighed.

"Uh...I don't want to break up your marriage."

"You won't. Don't worry about that."

Claire paused.

"Is he big?"

Miranda smiled, and spread her hands about ten inches apart.

"Crikey!" Claire yelled. "I should pay *you* then!"

The two Aussie ladies laughed.

"But I do have one question."

"Sure," Miranda replied.

"What if he says no? What if he says he doesn't want to fuck me?"

"He won't say no. Here's what you have to do..."

Miranda cupped her hand over Claire's mouth and whispered in her ear. Claire nodded excitedly.


Two weeks later, in her Miami hotel room, Miranda turned on her iPad and activated an app that allowed her to see the live feed of the hidden camera she had set up in the bedroom before catching her flight. She could see Claire and Martin talking. Claire was wearing a tight black tank top and black hot pants; Martin was wearing a striped blue shirt and black pants.

There was no audio, but the video's image was sharp enough for Miranda to make out what they were saying by reading lips. Claire gestured to the kitchen, and appeared to say something about wanting a snack. Then, she clearly said something about wanting some chocolate, and whipped off her tank top to expose her breasts.

As if drawn by a magnet, Martin quickly moved towards Claire, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her nipples. He ripped off his own shirt and T-shirt, pulled down his pants and boxers, and exposed his massive black cock to her.

For the next hour, Miranda watched as Martin and Claire groped, kissed, licked and sucked each other. At one point, Martin bent Claire over and pounded her doggy-style, gripping her long blonde hair and slapping her firm ass. Shortly thereafter, Claire's long legs were in the air as Martin's ass bounced up and down, his big black American cock pleasing her sweet white Australian pussy. Claire's fingernails dug into Martin's back as she hollered in lusty pleasure.

Miranda nearly dropped the iPad as she played with her pussy. The sight of her husband embracing, kissing, licking and fucking her cousin was just too erotic to bear. Miranda groaned as she brought herself to orgasm, the iPad finally falling to the plush carpet.


Martin and Miranda looked through the window as Claire waved goodbye and climbed into the taxi. It was a cool Labor Day weekend, and Patrick and Kylie were taking a nap.

As the taxi pulled away, Martin suddenly burst into tears. Miranda touched his shoulder and asked him what was wrong.

"Miranda, I have something to tell you."

"What is it?"

Martin sighed.

"When you were in Miami..."


"When you were in Miami, Claire and I...we got into a little conversation. It was was about nothing at all, nothing important..."


"Well, uh...during this conversation...uh, things took an unexpected turn. I don't know what happened..."


"But, thing led to another...and...uh...Claire came on to me...and, was in the heat of the moment. I wasn't thinking...and..."


Martin sighed.

"She came on to me and...we...we...I...I...we...we had sex. I-I had sex with her."

Miranda tried to restrain a smirk.


Martin's jaw almost fell from his body.

"What? 'OK'?"

"Well, it's not like you fucked a stranger."

Martin didn't know what to say.

"Look," Miranda said. "Claire is sexy, and you're a guy. Something's gotta give, right?"

"No," Martin replied. "I was wrong."

"Did you like fucking her?"


"Well, did you like fucking her? It's OK if you say yes. I won't be offended."


"It's OK," Miranda replied. "Martin, I'm not mad at you, OK? I forgive you. I forgive you and I love you."

Miranda kissed Martin and patted him on the shoulder.

"Now, if it was one of those girls at work...I would have thrown you out, filed for divorce and sought sole custody."


Martin's sense of guilt did not fade after Miranda said she forgave him; in fact, the guilt seemed to kill whatever remaining sexual urges he had after he fucked Claire. The guilt became even more intense on the first Sunday in November, when Claire called his wife from Perth.

"Big news," Claire said. "Been waiting a little bit to tell you. I'm pregnant!"

"Really!" shouted Miranda as she ran into the bathroom and closed the door behind a stunned Martin, who could not hear Claire's words.

"Now, Martin's the only guy I've ever been with who wasn't wearing a condom, so it's pretty obvious he's the father."

"Wow," Miranda smiled. "So, what do you plan to do?"

"I want to keep the baby," Claire replied. "I always wanted to be a mum, and a young mum, so this is awesome! I'm so thrilled."

"Don't know if Martin's gonna be."

"Look," Claire said, "Please tell him not to worry. I don't want him to feel any obligation. I know I can handle this by myself. It won't be easy, but I know I can take care of this and be a good mum."

"I know," Miranda whispered. "By the way, I meant what I said-I'll take care of you. I owe you. You saved my marriage. Now, it might be easier to do that if you come back to New York and have the baby, because so many of my connections are based here."

"Yeah," said Claire. "Look, I have to think about that-a part of me wants my baby to be raised in Australia, to know the country his mum came from. But you're right, career-wise, going to New York is probably better."

"OK. Well, it's up to you."

Martin broke down when Miranda told him that Claire was pregnant, and that he was the father. He began to cry uncontrollably, telling Miranda that he never meant to hurt her, that his night with Claire was a mistake, that he would never cheat on her again. He then called Claire and begged her to move to New York, saying he could not live with himself if his child grew up not knowing its father, promising to spend whatever he could to help, even if he had to starve. He told Claire that he didn't want to be another absentee black father, and that he didn't want his child to think he didn't care.

"Please, Claire!" he yelled. "Please come back to New York! I know you love Australia, and I know you'll miss it, but please come back to New York!"

As she watched Martin's agonized tears, as she saw him pleading into a cell phone, Miranda was touched by his concern. This is a truly good man, she thought.

Martin hung up the phone, and Miranda walked over to hug him. As he wept on her shoulder, Miranda smiled. Because he's a good man, she thought, you've got to do whatever it takes to keep him-even if it means making your cousin his mistress.

Written by: brethard

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