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An Orc's Slave Ch. 03

by simmaster©

Bologal and I entered a small cave with a natural pond taking up most of the floor. The water was steaming, so something in the cave was keeping the water hot.

I looked at Bologal who had changed back to her loincloth. In her right hand she was holding the chain that kept me from running away.

She looked back at me and unlocked the collar around my neck, letting it slam into the ground.

"Wouldn't want that thing to rust," she said "It's not like you can escape right now anyway. Get going now."

I carefully stepped into the water, feeling how hot it was. I noticed that it immediately got deeper a little further out, creating a perfect sitting spot at the edge of the pond. I sank deeper into the water, enjoying the comfortable feeling.

Then I heard a small splash and turned around to see Bologal sitting completely naked in the water, leaning against the pond's edge. The water made her green muscles and her huge breasts shine in the light from the torches.

"Thought I might as well join you while we're here. I'm pretty dirty myself," she said, and then smiled menacingly. "In fact, why don't you come over here and clean me, slave."

I hesitantly moved closer, unwilling to disobey my mistress. I looked around for a soap or something to use, but saw nothing.

When I was standing close to Bologal she said: "This part in particular is in serious need of some very... thorough cleaning."

She held up her erect cock and gave me a wicked smile. "Get cleaning, slave."

I looked at her huge dick for a moment, not enjoying the thought of once again having it shoved down my throat, but obeyed and lowered my head.

The water was high, so despite the length of Bologal's massive cock it was underwater. I wondered how this would work, but didn't have time to think before my head dipped into the water.

As the water forced me to close my eyes I searched for my mistress's green cock. Eventually my lips touched the tip and I opened my mouth. Immediately water flowed inside and I quickly pulled my head back up to the surface. Rubbing the water out of my eyes, I opened them to see a displeased Bologal.

"How am I supposed to do this underwater?" I complained, trying not to sound rude to avoid angering the orc.

"So my slave needs a little help?" Bologal said with a sly smile while running her hand through my wet hair.

"Then help is what he's gonna GET!" she said and grabbed my head, forcing it below the surface again with incredible strength. I opened my mouth just in time to swallow her entire cock, and only a little water got through this time.

Bologal moved her hand up and down to force me to quickly bob my head along her shaft. Her violent movements and the lack of oxygen made me panic as my face was slammed into the base of Bologal's cock over and over again.

Just as I thought I was going to drown, Bologal pulled my head out of the water. I gasped for air and breathed heavily a few times before my head was once again forced underwater.

This went on for some time. Her hand forcing me to suck her off, my lungs almost exploding, me getting a brief moment to breathe, repeat. It was like some twisted version of water torture.

Despite the sensation of drowning, the feeling of orc cock in my throat and the complete lack of control I tried to calm myself. I wasn't going to drown. I'm of no use to Bologal dead. Instead I might as well make my mistress feel as good as possible.

My head was once again rammed into Bologal's crotch, and I attempted to use my tongue to increase her pleasure. It was hard due to my very limited control over what was happening, but I had a feeling I was at least making some difference.

Bologal started thrusting her hips into my mouth, and I assumed this meant she was getting closer to her ograsm.

As I mentally prepared myself for swallowing her load, I suddenly felt her pull me back up. And this time she didn't force me down again.

I saw that the reason for this was that one of the bandits were standing in the tunnel opening, turned away from his leader to avoid the sight.

"What is it that is so important you have to interrupt me at a time like this?!" Bologal shouted.

"Well..." the bandit mumbled. "Shakim's here. He wants to talk business."

Bologal groaned. "That slimy little human? I'm not expecting to see him today!"

"I know, but he says he's 'displeased with the terms of the current aggreement' or some fancy words like that. He wants to discuss that."

"He better not be getting greedier," Bologal growled and stood up, letting go of my head and thus causing me to drop into the water with a splash. "Keep him busy while I get ready."

The bandit nodded and went back through the tunnel.

Bologal got up from the pond and muttered while I got up as well.

"Great, just great! I can't just be interrupted like this! That's not how my body works!" she complained and pulled me up to my feet with one hand. "You are going to finish what we started while I deal with that sleazy human."

"What?" I asked. "You mean at the same time? How will that -"

Bologal ignored my protests and put the collar around my neck again. Then she dragged me by the collar's chain, out of the cave and through the tunnel. I noticed that she hadn't gotten dressed; she was holding her loincloth in her other hand.

Eventually we reached the main hall where most of the bandits were to be found as always, but now they were all silent knowing that there would be business talk soon. Bologal sat down on her throne, flicking the chain to make me sit down beside it.

"Go tell Shakim I'll talk to him now," Bologal said, and one of the bandits ran out of the hall. Bologal then looked down at me.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Get sucking."

"Here and now?" I asked. Was she seriously planning to have an ordinary conversation with a naked man's head between her legs?

"Here and now!" Bologal said in a harsh tone.

I obeyed and crawled up to her, sitting right before her throne. She spread her legs apart to give me easy access to her still hard penis, and i slowly wrapped my lips around its head before starting to bob my own up and down.

"Take it slow," Bologal warned me. "I don't want to cum in the middle of the meeting. That will make things messy."

But a slave giving you a blowjob WITHOUT making you cum, that's perfectly okay during a discussion with someone, I muttered in my head while her thick shaft slid into my throat.

I heard several pairs of footsteps and the noise of heavy armor, telling me this "Shakim" had arrived with some armed company. Then I heard a loud, jolly voice from the other end of the hall, causing a slight echo.

"Ah, my favorite orc trading partner! I swear, you get more and more beautiful every time we meet! Have you been exercising, by any chance?"

His accent confirmed what I had guessed from his name: He was a bronze-skin. I didn't know what they call themselves, but in this land they are dubbed bronze-skins because of their brown, tanned skin.

As a merchant I had met many of them. People from the deserts in the south coming here to sell their exotic wares. Usually trinkets, carpets or their potions and powders which supposedly have amazing effects. My guess was that it was just a cheap lie to trick people into buying them. Especially since they had a reputation for being thieves and involve themselves in whatever illegal activity it took to get rich.

But what concerned me about this particular bronze-skin was that he seemed to be ignoring me completely. I didn't know whether to feel relieved because he was at the very least not laughing at me or offended because he didn't acknowledge me despite my very unusual situation.

"What do you want, Shakim?" Bologal muttered.

"Ah, always so brief. That's good, it saves time. And time is money, and with money you can buy time, and more time means more money, and then it goes around and around -"

"Get to the point!" Bologal shouted.

"Ah, yes. You see, I have been asking myself if this arrangement of ours truly is... beneficial. If you had been anything like the people I usually deal with, it would have been all 'buy wares, pay coin' just like most deals work. But since you don't have a single non-wanted face around here to go shopping for you, you expect ME and my men to do that. I don't like paying with wares. It's messy and confusing."

"So you're here to complain about the very basics of our agreement? You should have whined about this earlier if you find it too 'messy and confusing'."

As Bologal spoke I released her cock from my mouth and instead started licking the shaft up and down.

"Oh, it's nothing too bothersome. The only really bothersome part is the fact that my men go through all the struggle of getting you everything you ask for, and there is no bonus included. It feels wrong to accept shopping lists without an additional lump of silver attached. So what I'm trying to say is, I want more silver if you want me to continue serving as your errand boy."

"As I said, you should have brought this up when we put together our agreement," Bologal said as I swirled my tongue around her cockhesd before letting her dick slide back into my mouth. "It's too late for second thoughts now."

Shakim was quiet for a while and then said in a sly voice: "It certainly would be a shame if the king recieved an anonymous tip about your little... activities here, hmm?"

"It would," Bologal answered. "After all, you would lose the only one with great amounts of silver who wants to trade with you. And you need lots of silver for your business, right? Besides, it would be even more of a shame if someone here told the guards about where to find you, should they ever show up here for some strange reason."

Again there was silence from Shakim for a while.

"On second thought, I could probably find a gullible client who will be more... tolerant to the idea of increased prices if offered a good excuse. Someone who can pay this fee on your behalf, unknowingly."

"I knew we could work this out,," Bologal said in a kind voice, with an obvious warning hidden underneath her breath.

"Well!" Shakim exclaimed in the same happy tone as he had used before. "That was all. I shall now depart and let you return to whatever activities you have to return to. Come, friends. This ghastly place reeks of palers."

Once again footsteps were heard, getting less and less audiable as Shakim and his men left the mine.

"Annoying man," Bologal muttered. "Shame we need him."

I looked up at Bologal, who nodded. I started moving my head faster and sucked harder, and soon I felt Bologal climax. Her cum shot down my throat and I managed to swallow it all before releasing her dick with a pop.

"Good slave," Bologal said and petted my head. "Now, you haven't slept since you got here, so I think it's time for the both of us to return to my chambers."

She rose from the throne and I stood up, then we walked into the tunnel that would lead us to her room. I realized now how tired I was and I hoped my mistress was finally satisfied. I was not in the mood for another session. I just wanted to sleep.

Written by: simmaster

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