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With Strings Attached Ch. 14

by maxout09©

Alice sat quietly in the passenger seat of Nicole's car, relieved that the first week back to school was finally over. Originally Alice was looking forward to getting back, she believed it would be a chance to escape the life she was being forced to live, a chance to try and talk with her friend Kim and hopefully bring some of sanity back into her life. To be a normal schoolgirl, not that she had much of a school life.

However she was denied her sanctuary thanks to the social media presence Susan had created for her. With access to both Nicole's and Alice's computers Susan had all of the photos Nicole had taken. Within days every girl at their schools had friended her wanting in on the reality show her life had become, per Susan's orders Alice could not deny any woman access. Not that boys also wanted in but Susan ordered, no boys allowed and for every four males accidentally let in Susan would post a rather revealing picture.

In one week, three and a half years of anonymity was replaced with infamy. All she wanted was to go back to being a wallflower, not worth mentioning not worth remembering. But after Kim and Susan convinced her to go to a party as Nicole's date all that changed. In the beginning it was fun playing the wild lesbian, to be staked by the beautiful huntress. Then Nicole told her she knew what he parents had done, that they would go to jail and they would lose everything unless she became exactly what Nicole wanted. So within the span of a few short weeks she had gone from never having a relationship of any form to a complex lesbian drama. Not only did she have a girlfriend, a very kinky girlfriend, but a number of other relationships as well. A casual relationship with a Hooters waitress who discovered she was bi while watching the little mermaid. A stripper named April who wanted to pretend to be her sister while having a supposed affair behind her girlfriend Nicole's back. All the while competing with her girlfriends bondage loving closeted ex girlfriend for Nicole's attention, which she did not want, and trying to hold off her would be dominatrix classmate Jaclyn, who Nicole insisted she mentor and string along.

"Okay, puppet safe at home," stated Nicole, pulling Alice back to reality. Due to Nicole's plans, Alice had the afternoon to herself before she had to get ready for their 'date' giving Alice a small window of what now passed as freedom.

"Remember the rules puppet, I want you looking your best for dinner tonight" stated Nicole as she turned to her captive passenger and began to slowly caress Alice's thigh.

"Yes mistress" replied Alice, playing along as best as she could.

"You have a 'play date' with Jaclyn this weekend so we will have to make the most of it," continued Nicole as she leaned in for a kiss. A kiss Alice full accepted, per her training. As Nicole reached down to release the seat belt Alice twisted to her side so Nicole could remove the handcuffs. Lifting her head and taking as deep of a breath as her corset would allow Alice pushed open the car door and slowly made her way towards the safety of her home.

However Alice's attempt to hide from the world was shattered when her neighbor asked her to stop over. Diverting across the lawn Alice made a conscious effort not have the anal plug affect her walk. No matter what Nicole thought about Miss Belmont she refused to believe that her neighbor, the woman who used to watch her, was nothing more than a peeping tom. She was one of the few people left in her life that was not caught up in the drama.

Yet, since Nicole planted the seed that her neighbor had been spying on her Alice had become nervous of Miss Belmont. She and her husband Roger had retired to Phoenix when Alice was born and thought of her as the kind old woman who kept an eye on her after school and gave her cookies.

"Yes Miss Belmont," inquired Alice as she walked through her neighbor's front door.

"Over here my dear" replied Miss Belmont, sitting in her favorite chair

Alice crossed into the carpeted living room, thankful that her shoes were no longer clicking on the stone tiles of the foyer. Stopping in front of her neighbor Alice's hand nervously began to play with the hem of her skirt.

Miss Belmont remained quiet for a few minutes studying the young woman who stood before her. Since her parents moved next door she had watched Alice grow and mature into the sexy creature before her. Going to a private school herself Miss Belmont always had a thing for school uniforms and intentionally sent her son and daughter to a private school just so she had a reason to volunteer and admire all the girls in their short skirts. Now she was once again feeding her uniform fetish, but instead of having to look through her neighbor's window she got to do it in person and if she was lucky she would get to to do much more.

"You look very lovely in your uniform my dear," stated Miss Belmont, breaking the silence.

"Thank you, Miss Belmont," replied Alice keeping the sense of formality she had with her neighbor since childhood.

"You know I also went to a private school," reminded Miss Belmont as she leaned forward, "however in those days our skirts were required to touch the floor when we knelt down or we where is serious trouble. A rule, by the looks of things is no longer enforced."

"No Miss Belmont," answered Alice nervously. While Alice had always been comfortable in short skirts she was always a little shy when it was only her being singled out.

Taking Alice's hand in hers, Miss Belmont pulled it away from the hem and laid it flat against Alice's thigh and proceeded to do the same with Alice's other hand. Tracing the tips of Alice's fingers on her hips with her nail Miss Belmont could not help but smile. It had been a long time since she had another woman under her control, longer since she had one who just reached the age of maturity.

"Although we did have go-go skirts in the 60's that were about the same length," continued Miss Belmont, "I guess it just took the schools a generation or two to catch up."

Alice was too nervous to reply and just stood before her neighbor as she caressed her hips. Miss Belmont's replacing her own hand in playing with her hem.

"However I'm not so sure about the 'O-T-H-E-R' things you do," continued Miss Belmont in a more serious tone."

Alice tried to step back as she gasped but Miss Belmont would have none of that, not when she was this close. Moving her hand as fast as she could she grabbed the top of Alice's skirt and forced her to hold her place.

"Your should consider yourself lucky, when I was your age girls were not supposed to do those things with boys and certainly not with other girls, society would not allow it. We had to live in secret, get married and raise a family." Miss Belmont thought back to her youth, the confused feelings. Back then you dare not say you thought you were different. There was no one to talk to, no information, no internet. The way she felt about the other girls in her school, to nervous to try anything for fear of it getting out. But she learned to use that to her advantage the summer after her senior year.

Jean was a shy girl from a wealthy respectable family, an only child. They were paired up during a volunteer event, Jean's parents hoping some of her partners strong character would would rub off on her. Miss Belmont took advantage of that shyness to bed the girl. From there it was easy to ensure Jean's cooperation, Jean could not let it be known that she was intimate with another girl and was unwilling to call the bluff of exposing them. So Jean spent the summer as Miss Belmont's plaything. Unfortunately neither knew anything about how a girl was supposed to please another girl. So she only kissed Jean, made Jean finger her.

How she liked that, having another woman under her control was like a drug. She liked making Jean do things and telling her how to dress. However what she discovered she liked most of all was having women worship her feet. Even after Jean, after she learned to be pleasured by another woman she continued to want to have her feet worshipped.

"Do your parents know what you are doing," inquired Miss Belmont. "What you are doing in your room with your girlfriends? I especially liked the strap-on session you had in that sexy white lingerie. That was more than innocent experimentation, would you like for that to get back to you parents."

"Oh god," gasped Alice as she placed her hands on top of Miss Belmont's but not attempting to free her grip.

A small smile appeared on Miss Belmont's face thinking Alice was worried about her parents finding out about what their daughter was doing. However what terrified Alice was Miss Belmont watching while she lost her virginity. What should have been a special private moment with the boy of her dreams was taken by a woman she was forced to be with and not only filmed but witnessed by an audience.

"I also like the 'modifications' you made to you room," added Miss Belmont. "However I do not feel I can allow this to continue without your parents being made aware of what is happening."

"Please you have to let this continue," blurted out Alice, worried about what would happen to her parents if Susan followed through with her threats.

Miss Belmont smiled as she heard this statement. Releasing her hold on Alice's skirt she leaned back into her chair. "Well then it seems you need my support,"

"Everything is fine, honest," blabbered Alice, hoping to keep Miss Belmont from causing everything to collapse. "I do not need any support; really. Nicole and I are just having fun, I like everything we do honest."

"Nicole," purred Miss Belmont, "is that the lovely brunette who just dropped you off?"

"Yes," breathed Alice.

"The one tying you up, doing very naughty things to you? Taking pictures of you and all the other things you 'like' doing," continued Miss Belmont.

"Yes," squeaked Alice, too ashamed to explain herself.

"And what about those other women, hmm," inquired Miss Belmont. "Does your Nicole know about them? The things you are doing?"

"Well yes, I mean it's complicated," stammered Alice not wanting to explain how her girlfriend likes her to be with other women for fear of what Miss Belmont might want.

"So you are lying to your sweet girlfriend," accused Miss Belmont.

"Lying," screamed Alice in her mind. The only lies she was telling were that she was a lesbian. That she was enjoying everything that was happening to her.

"I see," stated Miss Belmont mistaking Alice's silence for agreement. "I will allow you to continue to indulge in your ... affairs but you will need to abide by my conditions. One; you will always keep your window uncovered. I have to make sure that you are safe given some of the things your... inamorata's like doing with you. Two; I see you have taken to cleaning your house in the most darling uniform. You will come dressed to perform similar duties for me once a week after school. At which time you will also worship my feet."

"You want me to do what," asked Alice still in shock from Miss Belmont's demands. "Miss Belmont, please I don't know if..."

"Enough girl," interrupted Miss Belmont, "I do not want to hear any of your childish excuses. Go home and think about which future you want and let me know by the end of the weekend. Now go!"

Miss Belmont smiled as she watch Alice run for the front door her skirt bouncing and revealing her bare ass. She could not tell exactly what was going on but something was not right about the way Alice was acting. However she did not want to know more than she needed to know. Now all the evidence pointed to Alice being a perverted little lesbian who had a thing for dominant women. Anything more and she would not be able to deny she knew what was really going on.

Alice rushed into her house bracing her back against the door as it closed, unable to hold back the tears she slowly slid down until she was sitting on the floor. How did her life come to this. Not only was she being blackmailed into a relationship with a lesbian, she had to compete with her former lover, Katy, for her affections. All while stringing along a Hooters waitress, a wannabe dominatrix classmate, and a stripper who wants nothing more than to pretend to be her sister and have an incestuous lesbian affair. Now to top it all off her neighbor, who was old enough to be her grandmother, wants her to worship her feet.

Not knowing what to do Alice knew she needed help. No longer able to talk to her friend Kim or her mother Alice called the only person who could tell her what to do, her mistress.


Nicole was sitting in a coffee shop when her phone started to play "I'm a slave for you," Nicole placed the phone to her ear. "Hello puppet."

"Mistress, I need you," stammered Alice as she tried to breath normally.

"That should be a given puppet," laughed Nicole, "but it sounds like more than that."

"Its Miss Belmont," explained Alice, "she knows what I, we have been doing. She threatened to tell you about all the woman I have been cheating with and to tell my parents everything unless I do what she says."

"And what does she want you to do exactly," added Nicole defensively.

"She saw me dressed up in my maid's uniform, she wants me to wear it while cleaning her house every Tuesday after school," shouted Alice.

"Just to clean," inquired Nicole, knowing there was more."

"No," whimpered Alice. "She wants to teach me to worship her feet...with my mouth, to kiss and suck her toes!"

"Wow that is one perverted old lady," stated Nicole. "But no matter. Her perceived treasure is fools gold, I know everything and we can take the fallout from your parents."

"Mistress, I cannot have my parents stop me from seeing you," cried Alice thinking about what could happen to her parents yet not being about to explain her true reasoning.

"Your devotion is touching," purred Nicole thinking Alice did not want to lose her out of love. "However I have no intention of letting you go and I'm sure we can keep your parents from making you stop seeing me." If all went according to plan this weekend Alice's mother Janet would be hers as well and have no will or desire to keep them apart. However Nicole could not share her planned seduction.

"Mistress its more than that," moaned Alice "I cannot really explain it."

"Well than there is only one solution," interrupted Nicole believing Alice was seeking permission. Like all of her other wants Alice liked to pretend she was being forced into her actions. She could still not feed her cravings unless she had an excuse. And now she could get it from two people, Miss Belmont's blackmail and her ordering Alice to go through with it.

"Mistress," begged Alice as she listened to what Nicole was suggesting.

"Do not question me puppet," barked Nicole. "You having to pay homage to your neighbor does not effect me. In fact I think I would like to have my own feet serviced. Now go to the bathroom and clean up, you sound like a mess. Then go to your room and strip down to your corset, make sure your blackmailer can see you are not wearing underwear. Then put on your black stay-ups, bending over as you do so she can see the plug in our ass. Then put on the sleeveless black maid uniform with the four inch stilettos. Make sure your makeup is perfect and go give your neighbor our answer."

Alice looked at her reflection in the hallway mirror, no longer able to cry or show emotion, as she checked her appearance one last time. Her long red hair flowed freely down her back, the small maid's cap floating in a sea of red curls. Her eyes were done up in pink eye shadow and black eye liner. Her cheeks were a soft pink complementing her glossy pink lipstick. Around her neck she wore a black choker. The maid uniform was a perfect fit as the stretchy material hugged her corseted torso before flowing outward from her hips by the pink petite coats, lifting the hem well above the pinkie rule and exposing the tops of her black stockings.

Taking a deep breath Alice walked to her back door, her heels clicking as she went. Miss Belmont stood by her open door a smile of victory on her face as Alice approached.

"Bonjour Mii Belmont, je suis prêt à vous adorer," said Alice as she curtsied.

"Oui vous voulez mon petit ballerina" replied Miss Belmont leading Alice back to her favorite chair.


Nicole placed her phone back in her purse thinking she had unleashed a lesbian monster. The inexperienced shy girl she started to mold into her perfect companion was beginning to move down the slope of depravity. However she still needed some excuse to justify her actions. Something Nicole liked as it fed her fetish to be in charge. Looking up Nicole pushed the thoughts of her lover to the side, she had another goal to accomplish.

"Hello Nicole," announced Janet excitedly as she approached. "I'm sorry I'm a bit late, my last client refused to stop talking after the showing."

"Well dressed like that I can see why," replied Nicole as she looked over Alice's mother. She was wearing a form fitting grey dress that showed off her curves to the point that it would have been inappropriate for the office if not for the matching jacket.

"You know men," laughed Janet. "Give them something to look at and they will try and talk to you for hours."

"I do not really care what boys think," purred Nicole, "but that dress defiantly wants me to keep you around."

With a wicked smile on her face Janet slowly removed her jacket revealing the deep scoop of the neckline. "Then I'm glad I wearing it," replied Janet in a playful manner as she sat across from Nicole.

Nicole surveyed the lush mounds on display across from her as Janet made no effort to discourage Nicole's gaze. A small smile appearing on Janets face as Nicole noticed her nipples pushing out the front of her dress proving she was not wearing a bra.

"No you will not be leaving me soon," stated Nicole not fully removing her eyes from Janet's cleavage. "Peter is out of town for the weekend correct."

"Yes," squeaked Janet at the mention of her husband's absence. She did not want her family life pushing into her fantasy. She did not want to think about starting an affair with her daughters 18 year old girlfriend while her husband was at a Las Vegas convention .

The trip was scheduled months ago and at the time she suggest he go without her for some fun in sin city. Since then Nicole had entered her life and after New Years Eve things had gotten much more complicated. Per Nicole's request she sought out another woman to share a kiss with Peter and herself. After scanning the room she knew who that woman would be. Professor Lisa Kalmer was a highly sexual woman who made it no secret that she was interested in both of them, flirting with Peter in the office on a regular basis. Professor Kalmer was more than willing to accept Janet's suggestion and with the door open the professor embedded herself into their relationship.

"Excellent," purred Nicole. I have arranged for Alice to spend the weekend with her classmate Jacklyn so it will be just the two of us.

"Really," popped Janet, her mood brightening. Not even thinking about the fact that her daughter will be spending the weekend with a girl she met once. "It's not that I want to spend the weekend with Peter but I think Professor Kalmer went with him."

"The older woman you convinced to make you a lesbian for the year," inquired Nicole.

"I really did not need to convince her, more like allow her," laughed Janet.

"I see," replied Nicole while thinking how she could use this information. "She sounds aggressive, likes to be in control."

"That about sums it up," agreed Janet. Ever since that first night Professor Kalmer had been practically stalking the couple, calling and texting both her and her husband as well as sending erotic photos of herself. All of which her husband shared with her, allowing Janet to see that far more were going to Peter and much more explicit was well. Then he suddenly stopped, Janet knew it was on Professor Kelmers direction. Janet also believed the good professor and her husband were doing things behind her back. But she felt powerless to stop them. She did not feel she could complain to her husband since she was the one who suggested it and she had no proof they were doing anything. When she pressed Peter on what he was telling the professor he seemed defensive. When she questioned him on whether Professor Kalmer knew it was them that broke into the lab she knew he was lying. Now Professor Kalmer had something over them ensuring they would have to play by her rules.

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