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by Sugarsprinkles©

I imagine myself at the kitchen sink, in my flowered nightshirt, washing last night's dishes. You sneak up behind me, silently, out of nowhere. Instantly you wrap your strong arms around me. Your hands cupping my large breasts firmly...squeezing them...pinching my nipples...HARD!

You lean down and begin to kiss my neck hungrily...almost biting it! I can tell you want me...and you want me NOW!! You will not be denied. There will be no must be RIGHT HERE...RIGHT NOW...YOUR WAY!!

You take one hand from my breast and reach down under my nightshirt and finding I'm not wearing any panties you begin to stroke my pussy...then suddenly you thrust your fingers in! OMG!! As soon as you feel me getting aroused you grab me by the shoulders and turn me around to face you. Wrapping one arm around me, you take my chin in your other hand and tip my head back and lean down, mashing your lips hard against mine...forcing your tongue into my mouth...prodding, poking, piercing it's way in until you find my tongue. Our tongues dueling, dancing that eternal dance of nature's passion.

While still embracing me and kissing me you turn us around so that my back is no longer against the edge of the sink and begin to walk me toward the nearest bed. As soon as we reach the bed you let go of me and pull my nightshirt swiftly off of me. You then push me down onto the bed. Instantly you're on top of me! I can feel the huge bulge in your jockey shorts pressing into me! Your hands are all over much so that I wonder if it's only you or is there someone else also touching me? Surely only two hands can't touch so many places at one time.

You grab and squeeze my breasts again...running your hands up and down my body...down my legs and then again between my legs...OOooohhh!! DAMN!! You find my soaking wet slit and again jam your long slender fingers in...this time using your thumb to massage my button.

All the while you're savagely kissing my neck, my chest and all down my body until your mouth meets your hand between my legs. You pull your hand away and lap eagerly at my outer lips. Using your tongue like a dagger you find my opening and force your tongue in! Still grabbing and grasping and running your hands all over my body, you begin to fuck me with your well-trained tongue! In and out and in and out and then flicking that talented tongue over my clit...then back in and out some more. You keep this up until I cum and cover your face with pussy juice! OOOOohhh's soooo goood!!

As soon as you can tell I've cum you quickly strip off your shorts...and using one knee force my legs apart. As soon as they're apart enough, you plant your other leg between them and force my legs as far apart as they will go.

Taking your magnificent cock firmly in hand you rub it's mushroom head up and down my slit. You do this a few times to moisten it. As soon as you feel it's wet enough you aim it at my hole and with all the force you can muster RAM IT IN!! All the way in, with just one hard thrust!! Then you oh-so-slowly pull it out until just the very tip is touching my pussy. Your just hold it there...for a few pounding heartbeats...and RAM it home again!! Over and over you do this...pausing less and less between thrusts until you build up a stroking rhythm. Faster and faster - deeper and deeper- harder and harder like a piston in a race car engine! So hard...over and over ...again and again until we both cum in a crescendo of ecstasy!! You pump every possible drop of your love juice into me while my pussy pulses and throbs all the while with my pussy muscles I try to squeeze that wonderful pleasure tool and milk every last drop from you!

Exhausted and spent you collapse on top of me, while I run my hands up and down the silky smooth skin of your back. You finally gather your strength, raise yourself up, kiss me oh so very tenderly and say "I couldn't help myself, I just had to have you! I love you, Baby! "

I respond..."Oh Baby you were wonderful! You can have me anytime you want me. I love you too! "

Written by: Sugarsprinkles

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Category: NonConsent/Reluctance Stories