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Our Buddy (Jeremy)

by jmm90©

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Michael asked Nicole.

"Of course I do, I wouldn't have agreed if I didn't want to at least try it." Nicole replied.

Michael and Nicole are a couple in their early twenties, that have been together for just over a year. Michael was tall, worked hard on keeping his body in shape, with dark brown hair, and hazel eyes. Nicole was tall as well, about for inches shorter than Michael who stood six feet two inches tall. Nicole worked hard on her body as well, but focused more on light weight training while Michael was more of a runner. She too had dark brown hair, but her eyes were green instead of hazel like Michael's.

"Okay, I just wanted to make sure one more time before he gets here." Michael said to Nicole.

"I know," Nicole said with a smile as she leaned over and kissed Michael gently. "I think this will be fun for us both." Nicole said.

Michael smiled back at Nicole as they sat on their couch waiting for their friend Jeremy to arrive. Jeremy was a friend of the couple, whom they met at their gym a few months back. The couple could immediately tell Jeremy was not only a very sexual person, but a very sexually open minded person. Earlier in their relationship Michael shared with Nicole that he is bisexual. If she was comfortable with the idea, perhaps one day they might explore that as part of their sexual relationship. After being together for almost a year, Nicole said she felt she was ready to see how Michael's bisexuality might fit into their sex life. Not really knowing anyone that would be open to doing something like a threesome, the couple decided to see if they could meet anyone and through developing a friendship figure out if they would at least be open to the idea.

After meeting a few people through local bars, and the gym the couple went to, they met Jeremy. Jeremy not only became a good friend, but was very comfortable talking about subjects of a sexual nature. The couple was pretty sure he would be open to the idea, since their first introduction to him was him hitting on Nicole at the gym while Michael ran on the treadmill. Michael finished his run while watching Jeremy talk to Nicole, and once he was finished went over to introduce himself. From there the three hit it off, and after a few months the couple approached Jeremy with the suggestion.

"So remember about a week ago I told you about what Nicole and I were trying to do?" Michael asked Jeremy.

"Yeah man, the whole threesome thing?" Jeremy asked back.

"Yeah, well we were wondering what you thought of the whole thing." Michael told Jeremy.

"I think it is a fun sounding idea, I mean Nicole is super hot and if you can find a guy that either finds you attractive too or at least is cool doing stuff with another guy involved, I think you two could have a lot of fun." Jeremy said.

"I agree, and we were wondering if you would want to do it?" Michael asked.

Jeremy looked slightly shocked when Michael asked him. Jeremy always felt Nicole was attracted to him, since she always was flirty with him, but he was never sure anything would happen with it. Being bisexual himself, he had found Michael good looking as well. Both guys took great care of their bodies, Jeremy being two inches shorter, but much more built than Michael since Michael was more of runner with a tone body and Jeremy lifted weights more and had a muscular body.

After a few moments Jeremy replied "Yeah, I think it would be great!"

"Awesome, I will let Nicole know and get back to you with a day that works for all of us." Michael said.

"Great man, looking forward to it." Jeremy replied.

It didn't take long for the three to lockdown a day, and the closer it got the more excited Jeremy realized he was to finally see what Nicole was like in bed. When the day finally arrived he could barely think about anything else all day. As he drove to his friends' house he could already feel himself getting excited. He was wearing just a t-shirt and workout shorts with his flip-flops since it was a pretty warm evening. Jeremy parked just outside their house, and walked to the door where the anxious couple waited inside.

"I think I heard him pull up," Michael said to Nicole.

Nicole jumped up from the couch, wearing her shorts and a tank top, and looked out the window to see.

"Yeah, it's him." Nicole told Michael, as she turned back around to give him a smile.

Michael stood up and approached the door just as Jeremy knocked. Michael opened the door and was greeted by Jeremy with a smile and handshake.

"What's going on man?" Asked Jeremy.

"Nothing much, excited for this." Michael replied.

"Me too," said Jeremy, coming into the house and closing the door behind him. "How about you Nicole?" He asked as Nicole came to greet him.

"Very excited," Nicole said as she gave Jeremy a hug.

As Nicole began to slowly pull away from Jeremy, Jeremy kept her held close and started kissing her. Michael watched as his friend started kissing Nicole, and got excited just from seeing that.

Jeremy pulled back a bit from the kiss and asked "weird?"

"Not at all," Nicole said, slightly flushed.

"Good," Jeremy said with a smile, leading Nicole over to the couch.

Michael sat next to Nicole on the opposite side as Jeremy, as Jeremy leaned in and started kissing Nicole again. Nicole put her left hand on Michael's leg as she kissed Jeremy. Michael relaxed as she started running her hand up and down his leg. Michael was dressed similar to Jeremy, only in a t-shirt and workout shorts. Michael could feel himself getting hard as he watched Jeremy and Nicole, and felt Nicole touching closer to his crotch. Jeremy took hold of Nicole and pulled her on top of himself, and Nicole could feel Jeremy's hard cock in his shorts. Michael moved to a chair in the living room where he could get a better view of what was happening, and not overwhelm Nicole with two men right away. Michael watched as Jeremy's hands traveled over Nicole's upper body, and Nicole began to gently grind into Jeremy as they kissed more deeply. Jeremy found his way to the bottom of Nicole's top and started to pull it up. Nicole took the hint, and leaned back so Jeremy could pull her top off and toss it to the side. Jeremy took a moment to check out Nicole in her bra, her 36C breasts looking perky in front of his face.

"We can take that off too," Jeremy said with a smile.

Nicole smiled back, and unhooked her bra without saying a word. Nicole tossed the bra to the side too, and Jeremy slid both his hands up and cupped her perky breasts. Jeremy massaged them for a few moments before leaning in and taking her right nipple into his mouth. Nicole moaned gently as Jeremy sucked her nipple, and Michael could feel himself getting rock hard in his shorts.

After sucking on Nicole's nipples for a little while Jeremy asked, "should we move to the bedroom?"

"Yes," was all Nicole could say as the two got up and headed to the bedroom, followed by Michael.

As the three entered the bedroom the two guys removed their shirts. Nicole looked between the two, admiring both Michael's tone body and Jeremy's muscular body. Nicole reached to her shorts and slid them off.

"I think we can all get a little more comfortable," Nicole said with smile.

The two guys looked at each other and then pulled their shorts off, Jeremy wearing nothing underneath and Michael wearing boxer briefs. Nicole couldn't help but stare at Jeremy's large, hard cock. Michael did not have a small cock, but Jeremy was at least eight inches and pretty thick around. Michael's bulge showing through his boxer briefs was about six and half inches, and thick.

Nicole moved to her knees in front of Jeremy and took a gentle hold of his cock. She tilted it up and slowly slid it into her mouth. Jeremy ran his hand through Nicole's hair and took hold of her hair, gently. Nicole took her time becoming comfortable with sucking a cock the size of Jeremy's. Michael sat on the bed and watched as Nicole worked Jeremy's cock slowly back and forth in her mouth. Michael removed his boxers, and began to stroke his cock as he watched. Jeremy saw Michael stroking his cock, and had Nicole stop.

"Get on the bed and suck Michael's cock, and Michael eat her out while she does." Jeremy ordered the couple.

Nicole got on the bed as Michael leaned back, and the two got into one of their favorite positions, the sixty-nine. Michael looked up at Nicole's shaved pussy and, grabbing her butt gently, leaned up to begin licking her pussy. Nicole moaned gently around Michael's cock as he started licking it, and Michael moaned into her pussy as he felt her lips around his cock. Jeremy watched the couple, and stroked his own cock gently. He knelt down and reached into his short's pocket, removing a condom. Jeremy took the condom out and slid it over his cock as he listened to the couple pleasing one another. Nicole's pussy was getting very wet, and Michael's cock was throbbing in Nicole's mouth. Jeremy got onto the bed behind Nicole and tapped Michael's head to get him to move his head. Michael moved his head and before Nicole could protest at him stopping, Jeremy slid his cock into Nicole's wet pussy. Nicole moaned deeply as she felt Jeremy's large cock slide inside her. Michael's face was inches away as he watched Jeremy's hard cock penetrate Nicole's wet pussy deeply. Nicole wrapped her lips back around Michael's cock as Jeremy slowly began to fuck her. Jeremy grasped Nicole by her slim waist and began to pick up his pace. Michael watched, moaning, as Jeremy really began to fuck Nicole. Nicole was moaning more deeply around his cock, and the pleasure from it was bringing Michael close to orgasm. Jeremy gave Nicole a playful slap on this ass, and the surprise sent Nicole's mouth further down Michael's cock and the depth combined with her deep moan sent Michael over the edge, and he began to cum into Nicole's mouth. Nicole swallowed Michael's cum as it entered her mouth, as she usually did, and kept her mouth there till Michael's cock finished throbbing in her mouth.

"You cum already Michael?" Jeremy asked, withdrawing his cock from Nicole's pussy.

"Yeah," Michael replied, sliding out from under Nicole.

Jeremy smiled, taking hold of Nicole and tossing her down onto her back on the bed. Michael took a seat at his desk chair and watched as Jeremy slid his cock into Nicole from on top. Michael heard Nicole's deep moan as Jeremy slid back inside her and, as Jeremy entered her balls deep, Nicole wrapped her legs around his waist. Jeremy took hold of both Nicole's wrists and pinned them down to the bed as he started really fucking her hard.

"Fuck mmm yeah," Nicole moaned softly as Jeremy fucked her harder than she had ever been before.

"You like that?" Jeremy asked as he plowed into her.

"Mmm yes oh yes," Nicole moaned in reply.

"Then cum on my cock Nicole, cum for me." Jeremy said down to her.

Nicole moaned hard, grinding back up into Jeremy as he fucked her. Her pussy was soaking wet as his balls smacked into her ass every time she brought herself up to meet his thrusts. With a few more powerful, deep thrusts Jeremy had Nicole orgasming on his hard cock.

"Fuck, fuck mmm yes, yes." Nicole moaned out as her pussy tightened around Jeremy's cock, soaking it with her juices.

Michael watched in amazement as his girlfriend came hard on his friend's cock. Even though he wasn't getting hard again, he enjoyed every moment of what was happening in front of him.

Once Nicole relaxed from her orgasm Jeremy said, "my turn."

Jeremy pulled out gently and moved onto his back. Nicole didn't have to be told what to do, as she climbed onto Jeremy's hot body. She placed the tip of Jeremy's cock against her pussy and, looking at Michael, slid herself down onto Jeremy. The two moaned deeply as Nicole began to slide herself up and down Jeremy's cock. Michael started to get aroused again watching Nicole's hot body move up and down Jeremy. As Nicole got gradually faster her sexy breasts started to bounce with her, and her ass slapped against Jeremy's muscular thighs every time she buried his cock inside her completely. Jeremy grabbed Nicole's ass tightly and started guiding her motions on his cock as he began moaning deeply, her tight, wet pussy feeling incredible on his thick, long cock.

"Just like that mmm ride me baby," Jeremy moaned, giving Nicole's butt a playful slap.

Nicole worked Jeremy's cock inside her, biting her bottom lip and moaning as his cock felt so good inside her. Jeremy's grip tightened as he thrust up inside Nicole, orgasming hard as he held her down on his cock. Nicole couldn't help herself either, feeling Jeremy's cock deep inside her caused her to have another powerful orgasm on his orgasming cock. Michael watched the two riding out their orgasms, and stopped stroking his cock knowing Nicole could take care of him again later.

"Oh my god," Nicole moaned as the two relaxed.

"That was great," Jeremy said as Nicole slowly climbed off his cock.

"Was definitely a hot experience," Michael said.

"So I take it you are both submissive?" Jeremy asked.

The couple looked at one another before Michael replied "yeah, we actually looked into some stuff about domination and submission, but since we are both submissive never really thought much of it."

"Well we can definitely take things up a notch if you two decide you want to do this again." Jeremy told the couple.

"Really? You'd be into that?" Michael asked.

"Yeah, I mean I have never done it with a couple, but I am down to give it a try." Jeremy said. "Also, I know a couple guys who can really take it up to another level for you guys if you want." Jeremy informed the couple.

"Something to consider," Michael said looking back to Nicole.

"Up a notch sounds interesting," Nicole said with a shy smile.

"Well I will give you some numbers of guys who I know have dominated couples, and actually you might already know one of them. Do you guys know Randy the Pilates instructor at the gym?" Jeremy asked.

"Yeah, I have known him since high school." Michael replied.

"Wow, and he never told you that he likes to dominate women and couples?" Jeremy asked.

"No! Wow that is crazy," Michael said.

"Tell him you want a private lesson, and he will take it from there." Jeremy told the couple. "Just promise me you guys won't forget about doing this with me," Jeremy said to them.

"Of course not," Nicole said, walking over to Jeremy and giving him a kiss.

"Good," Jeremy said. "Next time you and I can do more as well Michael," Jeremy said to Michael as all three put on the clothes they had taken off in the room.

The three headed out of the bedroom and downstairs where a couple more pieces of clothing were. After getting completely dressed Jeremy gave Michael a couple other numbers, skipping Randy's since Michael already had it.

"Well this was fun guys, hope to do it again soon." Jeremy said.

"Absolutely," Michael said, giving Jeremy a handshake.

"See you soon," Nicole said to Jeremy, hugging him tightly.

Jeremy went out to his car, and Michael closed the door behind him.

"What did you think?" Michael asked.

"It was so hot and sexy. I think we have so much more to learn about all this, and I am so curious about being dominated." Nicole said.

"Me too, I think we need to contact Randy first." Michael said.

"I agree, I mean he is a good looking guy, and it will be nice to do this with someone we are already friends with again." Nicole said.

"For sure, you were so hot." Michael told Nicole.

"Mmm thank you baby, so were you." Nicole replied, kissing Michael deeply.

Michael brought Nicole close to his body, and Nicole could feel his bulge against her.

"Mmm lets go take care of that," Nicole said.

The couple headed back upstairs, anxious for what their future held.

Written by: jmm90

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