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An Orc's Slave Ch. 04

by simmaster©

I'm glad so many of you support my story. I recently figured out how to write in italics, so I'm going to write these notes from now on.

Just a heads up, this is mainly a filler chapter. Continuing to the point of something relevant happening would make it too long, but I did add in a handjob to make it feel less empty. If you decide to skip this one, at least consider reading the last of it so you won't be lost when reading the next one. Please leave feedback to let me know what I can do better :)


Bologal and I entered her room, and she led me to the center where she attached my chain to the floor. She then threw her loincloth into a corner and got into her large bed.

"You're sleeping on the floor," she said and rolled over. Then the room was filled with silence aside from the noise from the fire.

I lay down on the ground and stared into the fireplace. To think I hadn't even been here for an entire day. I wondered how slowly weeks would go by here. Or months. Or even worse, years.

I had to escape this place. With or without the others. On one hand I would never forgive myself if I managed to get out but left them behind, but on the other hand I had a feeling I would eventually be willing to do anything for a way out. Otherwise my everyday life would be reduced to the same underground surroundings, the same people that were all criminals which didn't care the tiniest bit about me, and on top of it all I was a slave with no rights forced to serve as a shemale orc's sex toy. Nobody would care if she did something horrible to me. She had showed me, after all. She made the rules, so she could kill me or torture me however she pleased if I disobeyed her.

My options were either to serve her as well as possible, hoping that she would one day grow sick of me and set me free as a reward for being a good slave, or to find a way to escape and alert the king of what was going on here.

I decided to do both. If Bologal was in charge of everything I would want her to like me as much as possible, but I would never stop looking for an opportunity to escape.

As I thought of ways to get out of this situation my eyes shut and I eventually fell asleep, my flawed escape plans spinning around in my head.

I woke up from a sudden pain in my chest that made me bounce off the floor slightly. I opened my eyes and looked up to see Bologal standing above me. She must have kicked me to wake me up.

Her green figure towered above me, giving me a great view of the undersides of her large breasts, but also her dangerously hard penis that swayed slightly from side to side. I knew what was coming.

"Jerk me off, slave," Bologal grunted. "I got things to do today, and I don't want my sex drive to ruin my concentration."

If she needed sex this much, how had she gotten by before I came here? Frequent masturbation? Or had she forced her bandits to pleasure her?

I decided to save that question for later and got up to a kneeling position, hesitantly putting both of my hands around Bologal's cock.

"You're a good cocksucker and your ass is nice and tight, so now let's see if you're good with your hands. If so, I have a sex slave as close to perfect as I could hope for," Bologal said with a grin.

I looked up at her face for a moment and then down at her cock. I began stroking it with slow, firm movements. My hands slid over the veins underneath the green skin, and as the tip started leaking precum both my hands and her dick were soon lubricated. I tried squeezing a little to see her reaction, and a small moan indicated that she liked it.

Soon I was jerking her off rapidly, and it wasn't until now that it hit me: I was pleasing a cock. An orc's cock. An orc who is female, despite not really looking female aside from her breasts, face and wide hips.

I don't know why, but this was the first time I really thought about how weird it was. Maybe it was because this was the first time I wasn't either concentrated on sucking her off to be set free, fearing for my behind to be split in two, drowning or listening to a business discussion. It could also be the angle. I could perfectly see Bologal's big dick, my hands around it as well as Bologal's colossal frame with her eyes looking down at me. No matter what it was, this felt a lot stranger than before. And wrong.

I liked women. That meant breasts, vaginas and feminine behavior. And Bologal had only the first of those, which wasn't enough. Especially when the part I was made to focus on wasn't her breasts, but the one usually found on a man. Also, I wanted sex to be a choice. If my partner didn't want to, I would respect that. If I didn't want to, she would respect that. This... This was wrong. I was being forced to do this, and I didn't want it to be like that.

But I knew I had no choice, so I kept going until Bologal got close to her climax.

"Here it comes," she moaned. "Remember to swallow it all. If anything gets anywhere else, you'll clean it up with your tounge."

I jerked her off harder for a moment before quickly moving my head forward, filling my mouth with her hot, throbbing cock. Moments later she reached her orgasm and pumped my throat full with cum while moaning in pleasure.

I swallowed it the best I could in this position and then slid her cock out of my mouth, gulping down the rest. I tried to tell myself it wasn't really cum, but something else. That would make it easier. The taste wasn't so bad, it was knowing what it was that made it unpleasant.

"Seems like you can give good handjobs too, slave," Bologal complimented while she put on her loincloth. "I'm off to deal with my duties. I'll come here if I need your... help."

She gave me a wicked grin before leaving the room.

As soon as she shut the door I stood up and started looking for something, anything, that I could use to escape. I opened the barrels and dug through them, looked in the sacks and checked the chests. I found nothing but food, drink, chunks of silver and many other things that wouldn't help me get out of here.

After closing the lid of another barrel my eyes were drawn to the containers in the corners. The ones that my chain wouldn't let me reach.

I tried to move close enough to check at least one of them, but no matter how I struggled the chain wouldn't let me get to them.

I sat down on the floor, my mind forcing me to fantasize about all the things that could be just outside my reach. A spare key to my collar. A weapon of some kind. A magic lamp with a genie that could get me out of this situation with the snap of a finger.

I shook off those thoughts, trying to get myself to think it was the same useless stuff as in all the other containers.

Bologal came in three times during the day. Twice for a fuck, once for a blowjob. I didn't know how much time passed between the sessions, and it really bothered me to have no way to keep track of time. But it didn't bother me as much as the idea of doing this every day. I doubted I would survive for long if I kept getting sexually abused this often.

I heard a sizzling noise and noticed that the fireplace had burned out. Only a faint red glow from the firewood remained.

This made the room a lot darker, and colder. It didn't take long before the heat had vanished completely and I was shivering.

I wondered if Bologal would show up soon. She would probably light another fire. For the first time I actually wanted her to be here.

I looked at the warm pelts on her bed. Those were within my reach, but what would she say if she saw me borrowing them? I didn't dare to, the possible consequenses were too frightening.

After lying on the floor with my arms wrapped around my chest for who knows how long, I heard the door open. I rolled over to see Bologal standing in the opening. She looked unsteady and she was holding an empty bottle in her hand.

She must have gotten drunk with the bandits. And I didn't like the thought of being alone with her in a drunk state. She was scary enough sober.

She closed the door and walked closer to me, almost tripping a few times. As she removed her loincloth with a frightening smirk I started to miss the time when the room was cold and empty.

Written by: simmaster

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