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Sandy and Frank Ch. 19

by SteveLee1146©

It's amazing how quickly you return to your routine after you return home from an adventurous or unique time away. Often, that exciting time somewhere else seems to have been a dream in which someone else did all those things you remember. At her office, the members of the group acted much as they had before, all quite discreet. Frank sat at his desk, Sandy at hers and the others at theirs, with no conversation about their wild activities. No one asked Sandy if she were wearing panties. When Sarah or others made their comments about Frank's lack of interest in their charms, no one told them why.

There were exceptions, of course. When Sandy, as promised, sent the pictures from the beach to everyone, plus sending sensitive ones only to those directly involved, they each, in effect, whispered something like 'My god, I don't remember doing that!' The pictures were amazing in many ways. The house and area were beautiful, but more interesting were the many showing erotic activity involving everybody, many of the "candid snapshot' variety. When something amatory was occurring, it seemed that someone would grab the camera and photograph it. Literally everyone, including Sandy and Frank, was captured in sexual activity, usually fucking when those semi-private cabanas were actually non-private. Sandy was shocked to see a picture of her with Frank's cock in her mouth when the cabana side was pulled away. No one really cared at the time, but, afterwards they often were startled when faced with a photograph.

In some ways, the most surprising type of picture was when everyone was just being casual, not doing anything special. There were many of the girls sitting around semi or completely nude. Quite a few of those was of Sandy walking on the beach or standing in the water, several with Frank's arm around her. Others were group pictures with an interesting illustration of something - I'm not quite sure what. Rather than female modesty and male bravado, the women frequently were completely naked while the men wore suits! It was certainly more edifying and attractive than the other way around!

In some ways, though, the best pictures were the ones of Sandy coming down the stairs in her little nightgown. They, and she, were beautiful and she was honestly shocked at how she glamorous and sexy she looked. She had said that she felt like a Ziegfeld girl at the time, and the picture showed that - except for the very long legs on those tall girls - she actually did. Of course, the ones showing her holding her skirt up by the van on that last day were funny - and sexy.

The rest of the school year went rapidly, with several parties. The difference was that after each party Frank brought Sandy home and they slept together in the suite. A few other times he drove over, parked in the alley and met Sandy in the suite and spent the night. The camera still recorded the action, but primarily so that we could look back if Sandy thought that something special had happened, which was unusual. I rarely watched them - I had seen the show. The only time I remember looking in was the first time he slept over. I was interested in seeing them sleeping and waking up together.

The few times Frank and I met, we acted just as we had before - no acknowledgement of any kind that I knew that he was fucking my wife or that he knew that I knew, or that I knew that he knew that I knew, etc., etc. There was one time that their relationship was recognized de facto although nothing was said directly and that came after several significant events occurred.

The final exams were completed and the graduate students had their annual "end-of-the-semester" party at Judy's, the last party there since she had her master's degree and was moving on. Whether she and Ed would continue their relationship was up in the air. Tom and Claire were off to Utah. Ruth and Bob were moving to Virginia - near Virginia Beach - both having gotten teaching jobs at a community college. It was an evening of goodbyes and a lot of tears and promises to "keep in touch." Frank and Sandy were downcast as they arrived back at the suite, because, their own relationship was changing also. Frank's prelim exams were scheduled for two weeks later and, most difficult of all, he had received a teaching job back in Maine - something much to be desired, but it wasn't near Sandy.

It had become obvious that my concern about Sandy and Frank's affair had been correct. As I said long ago, I wasn't worried about her becoming too attached to him, but I did see the possibility of him caring too much for her. To his credit, he recognized that she was devoted to me and our marriage and that he accepted that she loved him, but not in the way he loved her. So, while he honestly told her that the job was perfect for him in many ways, he was reluctant to accept it because he wanted to stay near her. As she told me, they lay in bed discussing the situation with the inevitable conclusion that he had to go.

Of the entire group, the person who came out best in terms of most convenient and career enhancement was, happily, Sandy. She, with excellent recommendations, had interviewed for a teaching job at a nearby community college and was virtually assured of being hired. Fortuitously, before she accepted, a small state university, ten miles away, had a professor leave on sabbatical and Sandy was offered the temporary job as replacement until he returned. Even better, there was a good chance that the department might be enlarged and, if she did well, her appointment would be permanent! So, by fall, her dissertation would be finished, we would have a second Dr. MacAndrew in our house and she would be a university professor!

As far as her affair with Frank was concerned, there were two significant events that occurred as the semester ended. First, was something reminding us that one year before they had fucked on a blanket in the middle of the lawn on a moonlight night. Once that came to mind we remembered speculating what it would be like doing the same thing in the daylight. Actually, it was the outrageousness of the idea that had the greatest appeal. We had marked the exact place where the blanket had been put down, and the more we thought of it, the more that it seemed to appeal to Sandy.

A year ago she indicated that the idea was exciting but that she never would have the nerve, but her public nudity over spring break made her less fearful. We had checked afterwards and had realized that the spot was shielded from the neighbors by trees, so there was little risk that way. In addition, while you could see cars going by, trees lining the road provided a barrier in that way.

Finally, on a warm, sunny afternoon in early June, the audacious act took place. Frank was taken with the idea and, when assured that it was safe, he enthusiastically accepted the challenge. I, conveniently, would be gone all afternoon, leaving the way open for an adventure. I had the camera aimed at the historical spot with the telephoto setting activated. After receiving a call from Sandy telling me that the coast was clear, I returned home to a very happy wife who had enjoyed another unique experience. She was bubbling over as I connected the camera to the TV and watched a very erotic display of outdoor sex.

As soon as she saw Frank's car turn into the drive, she had turned the camera on and hurried down the meet him at the door. She was nude as she greeted him and after some kissing and fondling, she handed him a blanket and they walked out onto the lawn. The picture didn't see them, of course, until they suddenly appeared as they came into the camera view. It was startling seeing her suddenly coming into range, completely naked with Frank's arm around her. She stood there as Frank spread the blanket, seemingly totally comfortable in her nudity. She lay back as he undressed, but instead of lying there waiting for him to come down with her, she knelt up and took his cock in her mouth.

It was fascinating to see. They were in profile so the picture showed exactly what was happening - his half-hard cock went into her mouth and you could actually see it come to full erection as she slowly sucked it. She continued for a short time before he pulled away and they lay down together. She was flat on her back and he partially over her as they indulged in a long series of kisses, her hands on his back while his roamed all over her body. Seeing their two naked bodies lying there together in the bright sunlight, even on the recording, was more graphic and explicit than when they were on the car seat or the bed.

As he pulled back from her, her nipples and triangle of pubic hair stood out as if they were in 3D. He moved down to her feet and, as she raised and spread her legs widely, I could see that her cunt lips had already parted and her opening clearly was available. The telephoto setting was perfect - not so close as to miss the overall picture, but close enough to permit seeing details such as interior color of her vagina. Of course, his head blocked that view as he began a long and very effective cunt-licking. Its impact was shown by her increasingly active gyrations - her hips flexing up and down, her legs flailing around, her hands flat and pushing down as if to drive herself closer to the licking tongue and sucking lips. It was unquestionably an intense orgasm as her mouth opened and closed, gasping in ecstasy. That was the first time I had seen him carry her to orgasm by cunilingus - and, obviously, she loved it!

Her legs flopped down and he moved up and lay on her, his weight on his elbows as he sucked her nipples and, as was shown later, covered her tits with 'love marks' that would mar her skin - and look very sexy - for most of the week. She slowly revived from her explosive climax and, after a few minutes, Frank pulled back onto his knees, placed her feet over his shoulders as he had at spring break, and slowly slid his rigid cock deeply into her cunt. They were, again, in profile so the picture was showing mostly the side view. You could see the cunt lips, but not between them, but as they began fucking, the picture clearly showed his cock plunging into her and pulling out. Even in that position which, somewhat, restrained her motions, it was quite evident that the arousal was mutual as her hips rose to meet each inward thrust. That was also shown by her facial expression as her mouth was open, her eyes shut.

It was obvious that they both were approaching their climax - her second - by the increasing speed and power of his drive into her and her upward surge as she tried, writhing and rubbing against him, to get as hard a contact as possible. It was almost startling when the point of orgasm was reached and all motion stopped as he held tight against her, pushing into her and grinding against her as if to penetrate even more deeply. With her legs held high, her ability to move was limited to that upward surge, matching his efforts to maximize that penetration.

As the mutual orgasm was complete, its ending was almost as sudden as its start. It was like the air leaving a balloon - one second they were welded together, working to get more from their climax, and then they instantly collapsed. He pulled back out of her, moved to the side as her legs fell to the ground, and they just lay there, totally exhausted. Truthfully, lying there beside Sandy there in our bedroom, I had been so deeply intent in the show before me, that I just fell back and let out the breath that I didn't realized that I had held. Sandy also exhaled, having been caught up in watching herself being fucked and reliving the moment.

I must say that I believe watching the two of them having sex that afternoon was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. Obviously, part of that reaction was the fact that I was watching my wife being fucked. However, by that time I had seen that event numerous times - to the point that I wasn't bothering to look at them when they were in the suite. While I knew, obviously, that the naked woman out there in my front lawn being fucked by a naked man was my wife, my arousal, I honestly believe, would have been about the same with another woman. They were the embodiment of two people deeply into sex to the exclusion of anything else. It really was an experience to watch, and I could hardly imagine what it must have felt like. I paused the picture while we recovered and I asked Sandy about what contributed to such overwhelming and satisfying sexual intercourse. Not surprisingly, she had no simple answer.

"You and I have had wonderful sex ever since that first time after I returned from Spain. I have had very good sex with Frank, but this was different. I don't know if it was the situation or what, but being naked on a blanket on our front lawn in broad daylight certainly was part of it. I'm sure that the illicit nature of what we were doing contributed. I really was aware of all of that as I heard cars going by and, when I looked over, even seeing them through the trees. I think that exhibitionism was part of it - nothing was likely to be seen, but I really was aware of the exposure.

"In addition, I think, for me, was the continual arousal. I walked out naked which was exciting. I think that he was still a bit hesitant about the whole situation and his cock wasn't hard when he undressed. On impulse, I knelt there and sucked it and got it really hard which was exciting. Then he licked my cunt and clit for a long time which felt wonderful. As I said, he had never before stayed there licking until I went off, but this time he did. Then, shortly afterwards, while I was still recovering, he put his cock was in my cunt and - well, you saw the result. I just think that everything contributed. I don't think that there was any one thing it, but that may well have been the best sex I ever have had. I think that it was a unique combination of things coming together. I'm glad that we have this photographic recording because it helps me remember how it felt! And, oh yes, there is one more thing coming."

I started the video again and, for some time they lay together on the blanket, just lying in the sun and talking. He was fondling her tits and, occasionally, running his fingers through her pubic hair as they just relaxed together. Sandy was on the far side of him with his right arm around her and, other than being nude, they could have been any couple lying out enjoying an afternoon in the sun. Again, as could happen in any park, Sandy raised up on her elbow, leaned over and kissed him and said something. He replied, positively, and she slid down a bit, kissing his chest and continued down his body until, of course, she was level with his cock. Without hesitation, she took the cock in her hands and continued the kissing.

Her tongue came out and she ran it up and down the shaft. Finally, opening her mouth, she took the head in and, shifting her head up and down, gradually engulfed the full length into her mouth and throat. She began a slow cock-sucking, sliding her mouth to the base of his cock and withdrawing with light suction. She paused and repeated the motion, time after time. While she continued the suction, gradually accelerating as he became more aroused, her right hand was fondling his balls. Her head began bobbing up and down more rapidly as his hips began pushing upward to meet her mouth as it came down. It was amazing how clear things were - in the bright light you even could see the cock shining from her saliva as well as her cheeks hollowing as she sucked while pulling back.

Perhaps the most unexpected thing was the way she was working on his balls. Her fingers had been fondling them, but as his excitement grew, you could see her hand seeming to grip them. As his climax approached, as evidenced by his hip movements, her head went up and down rapidly while her hand really slapped his balls. Suddenly, as his hips rose up as he ejaculated into her mouth she seemed to grip his balls and hold them. He surged upward into her mouth several times until finished. Sandy kept him in her mouth, gently caressing it with her tongue until she pulled back, letting it fall out.

I had seen her suck him and swallow his cum a number of times, but this, by far, was the clearest picture. When she finished sucking, with me or Frank, she automatically brought her fingers to her face and wiped the corners of her mouth. As she fell back off of her elbow, this time I could even make out small amounts of cum that had leaked out as he shot into her. However, it was not only the clarity of the picture that made this entire act extraordinarily sexy. I had seen that same act performed on porn tapes, but there is a world of difference between watching a woman sucking a cock for love as opposed to an 'actress' doing the same thing for money. Just knowing that it was 'for real' instead of being part of a job, seeing the look of mutual affection afterwards - these things changed it from a rote act to something special. Of course, knowing that the woman involved was my wife added a fillip of excitement that was missing from professional presentations.

I paused the picture again, wanting to comment on what we had just seen. "I was surprised that you decided to suck him like that. I just assumed that after lying there relaxing that he would fuck you again before he left."

"That is what I expected, too, and that probably is what he intended to do. For some reason, I suddenly wanted to suck him. It's hard to explain because I don't completely understand it myself, but I actually wanted to do it. I had already gone off twice, myself, and I just didn't feel an overwhelming urge to go again, so that probably was part of it - I don't know. Regardless, lying beside him I just got an urge to do for him what he had done for me, use my mouth to set him off.

"That is one of the changes that have occurred in me in the last year and a half - I like to suck! I did it with you, of course, but it never was a big part of our sexual repertoire. We did it primarily when I was unavailable and we concentrated on screwing the rest of the time. We used our mouths on each other more as foreplay than anything else. With Frank and me, until recently, we were in the car, on the desk or other places where we couldn't even fully undress, much less fuck. So, occasionally, he would use his fingers to get me off by playing with my clit in the car or lick my cunt if we were safely alone in the office. More often, though, him taking his cock out and me, inconspicuously, bending over and sucking it was the rule.

"Anyway, I must have done that thirty or forty times now and I've come to actually enjoy having his cock in my mouth and sucking it. Having that firm but soft shaft going in and out just feels good - maybe like a baby's pacifier! Regardless, it gives him real pleasure and that makes me happy and, I guess, gives me that degree of submissiveness that I seem to enjoy. Anyway, I did it and it worked very well."

"You certainly did! One thing, though. I was really surprised, startled, at the way you handled his balls. It looked as if you were really squeezing and slapping them!"

"Yeah, I was. I don't understand it, myself. Actually, the first time that I did anything at all like that was the first night when you were in Boston. When I knelt down and sucked his cock, I was fondling his balls and they were very hard and I squeezed them a bit as he went off. It felt nice and obviously didn't hurt them. Then, when we were on the beach in our cabana we weren't screwing at first because we thought that it was too public. So, we did a lot of...well...cock sucking and cunt licking!

"I was doing just what I was doing today, lying beside him and sucking while playing with his balls. Just like today, as he got close to going off, I remembered how he reacted that other time and I started squeezing in rhythm with my sucking. He began moving more actively as I did so, so I did it harder and, shortly afterwards, really exploded in my mouth. When he had finished, I asked him if it had hurt. He replied that he was surprised, but it actually felt good and really added to the climax. The next time, as his arousal mounted and the balls got hard, I began squeezing and, even, twisting them a bit. As he began surging up to meet my mouth coming down, I heard him gasp out, 'Slap them!' I did so, very tentatively at first, and then, three or four somewhat more forcefully. He came very hard, sending bursts of cum into my mouth and down my throat. Shockingly, to both of us, if his balls were very hard, slapping or, even, hitting them made him come more vigorously. As you saw in the video there, it really works. One time he even had me use my fist for a short time!"

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