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Cock Teasing Mom Ch. 01

by Just Plain Bob©

Mom and dad led a tumultuous life and I think that the only thing that kept them from killing each other was the fact that dad was an over the road truck driver and he was gone for days at a time. Both mom and dad were borderline alcoholics and most, if not all, of their arguments came after they had both been at the bottle. From mom's side it was always about dad going off and leaving her alone so much. From dad's side it was always about how when he was gone she was never alone. He never caught her, never had any proof, but he "just knew." He was right even though he was the cause of it. His being gone all the time wasn't the cause; the cause was that mom finally decided that if she was "going to wear the name, she was going to play the game." After two years of being accused she went and did it.

She rarely brought her gentlemen friends home with her because she could never be sure when dad was going to come home, but I could always tell when she had been with a man. She would be more laid back, mellower and just a little bit slutty. Her running around on dad had a major effect on me because when she came home she was always different around me than she was usually. It is hard to explain, but it seemed like when she had gotten laid in the afterglow she either forgot who I was or she got some perverse pleasure out of sexually teasing me.

Things that had never happened before started to happen. Mom would go to bed and leave her bedroom door open and sleep naked on top of the sheets. I would be in the bathroom and she would walk in on me wearing only skimpy panties and a bra and say "Oops, excuse me" and then take forever to turn around and go back out. She would come home and I would be watching TV and she would sit down in the easy chair across from the couch and pretty much put herself on display. Two or three buttons would be undone on her blouse and she would be showing plenty of cleavage. Her skirt would be hiked up and her legs would be spread and I could see all the way up to her panties. She would sit there with a glass of Seven Crown in one had and a bottle of Stroh's in the other and watch me with a little smile on her face.

Other times she would come home, curl up on the couch with me, put her head in my lap and go to sleep. Her skirt would be up where I could see the soaking wet crotch of her panties and her blouse would be open enough so that I could see an amazing amount of tit. Mom was a damned good looking woman with a great body and I spent a lot of time with a stiff dick in my pants. I'm almost certain now that it wasn't accidental on her part. I'd be willing to bet that all those times that she was supposed to be sleeping that she wasn't. The problem then was that I was a very shy kid and had zero experience with girls so I didn't have a clue as to what was going on. Mom finally got tired of trying to coax me into making the first move using passive displays (at least that's the way I see it now) and decided to get aggressive.

She was sitting across from me in the easy chair and I was watching TV. Her legs were spread open and I could see the garter belt that was holding up her nylons and the wet crotch of her panties - wet with what I now know was the cum of whoever she had picked up at the bar. I had a hard time keeping my eye on the TV because they kept wanting to stray over to mom's legs. She had great legs and she always wore high heels and nylons and that was (and still is) my biggest turn on.

"Daniel" I looked over at her and saw her grinning at me,

"Come over here baby." I didn't know what she was saying.

"Come on over here baby" and she crooked a finger at me. I got up and walked over to her. "Have you ever taken your girlfriends nylons off of her?" She knew damned well that I'd never had a girlfriend, but I just said, "No mom, I haven't."

She took a sip of her Seven Crown, chased it with Stroh's and then said, "Well you need to learn how baby, so you will know what to do when the day comes. Reach under my skirt and unhook the garter snaps."

I just stood there and stared.

She chuckled, "Come on baby, mommy won't bite. Just kneel down and run your hands up my legs and unsnap the garters."

I did what she told me and my hands were shaking and I had the daddy of all hard ons.

"That's it baby, be gentle. You don't want to snag the nylons and get a run in them."

I got the garter snaps loose and then she said, "Okay now, roll the nylons down the leg."

As I rolled the right one down she took another sip of her Seven Crown and said, "Now the other one baby" and I rolled the left one down.

"Now the garter belt. Just reach up under my skirt and around my waist in the back and unhook it." Her legs were spread wide and I was between them and to reach around her waist I had to scoot forward. She lifted her hips to help and that pushed her crotch right into my erection and I know she had to know I had a hard on. I got her garter belt off and then I told her I had homework to do and I hurried up to my room and beat myself off.

Her next one was two days later. I got home and she heard me come in. "Daniel? Can you come up here please?"

I went up to her room and found her sitting in front of her vanity mirror. She had on high heels, nylons with garter belt and had her bra in her hands. Her tits were out in all their glory for me to feast my eyes on and I did. Mom gave me a really long look at them and then she said, "Daniel, stop that. After all, I am your mother." Then she said, "I hurt my arm today and I can't reach behind me to snap the hooks on the bra. Will you help me please?"

As inexperienced as I was even I knew that you could put the bra on hooks to the front, fasten them and then twist the bra to the back. But I did help her and I looked into the mirror in front of me and saw those two magnificent globes and I also saw her looking at my reflection as I looked and I saw her little smile.

"Thanks baby, but I'll need you to help me zip my dress too." She got up from the vanity and slowly walked over to the closet where she struck a pose and pretended to be deciding what dress to wear. Skimpy panties, a bra that almost wasn't, standing there in her sexy high heels - I wanted to run to my room and relieve myself. She picked a dress and then turned to me, "What about this one baby, does it go with my heels?" I said it did and as she walked toward me I saw her look down at the tent in my trousers and I saw that little smile again. I zipped her up and then I hurried to my room where I abused myself until I was sore.

The next day it happened again. I had no sooner come in the front door when mom called down to me, "Daniel, is that you?"

"Yes mom, I'm home."

"Good. Come on upstairs baby, I need your help again."

I went up and just as I hit the top of the stairs she came walking out her bedroom door - naked! I stopped dead in my tracks and just stared at her. She stood there looking at me with that little smile on her face and then she said, "You think I look all right Daniel?"

I stuttered out a yes and she said, "Thank you baby, a girl always likes to know that she looks good. My arm is still hurting baby, I need you to wash my back for me. Can you do that for me?"

I have a best friend that I am extremely tight with. Troy and I are closer than twin brothers and I have no secrets from him. We are opposites; where I am quiet and shy he is loud, aggressive and very extroverted. We both shared a common malady - at eighteen we were still both virgins. I because of my shyness - even when I dated a girl I could never even work up the courage to kiss her goodnight. Troy for just the opposite reason - he was so aggressive that he scared them away. Anyway, I was sitting in the Student Union telling Troy about the weird way my mother was acting lately and he said, "Hell dude, she's sending you a signal."


"She wants to get laid dude. She wants to play with your pickle."

"But she's my mom."

"Don't mean nothing if she's horny, wants a dick and you are available."

I looked at him as if he were nuts and he laughed, "If you don't want her dude, I'll take a shot at it. Hell man, I'll do you a deal. I'll swap you my mom for yours."

That would be interesting. Troy's mom was every bit the fox that mine was. But that was a pipe dream and I knew it. The rest of the day what Troy said bounced around in my head. Was Troy right? Was my mom trying to get me to make a move on her?

Written by: Just Plain Bob

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