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An Orc's Slave Ch. 05

by simmaster©

Time for some character development! I guess this chapter got pretty short, but I have a thing for ending when the characters fall asleep. Anyway, I won't spoil anything else and instead let you read for yourself. I hope you enjoy, and if not, tell me why so I know how to improve.


Bologal stood before me, naked and drunk. Her dick was erect and her face had a look of sexual desire.

I crawled backwards, away from my mistress until my chain straightened and kept me from moving any further. I knew it was pointless to avoid her, but I was so afraid of what she would do to me. She was rough normally, so who knew what she was like when drunk? I didn't want to know.

Bologal walked closer to me and forcefully flipped me over on my stomach. Then she put a hand on each of my arms to keep me lying down. I gritted my teeth, mentally preparing for what was next, but still screamed when she slammed all of her cock into my ass at once. Usually she started off slowly. Now she didn't, and it hurt.

She also moved differently this time, but not in the way I imagined her to. Before she had pounded me fast and hard, but now she was going slowly. But harder, much harder. When all of her dick was inside she kept pushing her hips forward, pressing me into the ground and squeezing my lower body between her and the stone floor.

Every time she did this I closed my eyes and waited for the crushing pain to be over. When it was, I took a moment to appreciate the lack of pain before she pushed it inside again.

I found myself disliking the painful feeling of being pressed into the floor so much that I started to find greater pleasure in the feeling of Bologal's cock going in and out of my ass. In fact, my own penis soon got hard from it, which unfortunately made being crushed into the floor even more painful.

Bologal leaned forward, pressing her chest into my back. The soft feeling of her breasts against my skin made my penis twitch.

"If only my tribe could see me now," she growled with her head close to mine. I could feel her hot breath against my cheek and the strong smell of mead.

"Fucking my human slave in my lair full of humans that serve me as their leader," she continued. "Do you know why I'm not with them? My tribe."

"No," I answered through gritted teeth as she once again tried to force her cock deeper than it could go.

"It's because of my dick."

Bologal's voice suddenly sounded sadder. The mead must have made her a little more emotional.

"An orc woman should be strong, like the men, but she must also be able to bear strong children to continue the bloodline. I can't, because I have nothing to give birth with. It didn't matter if I was the strongest fighter among the women AND the men, I was still just a freak."

Bologal got angrier and angrier as she spoke, making her movements even harder.

"They banished me. Said an orc with breasts and a penis is not a woman, nor a man. Nothing but a freak who doesn't belong among orcs. But I am a woman. I know that. And I'm stronger than any of the men. At least now I am. One day I will return home and make them worship the part of me that got me banished. Warriors and chiefs alike will be sucking my cock no matter if they like it or not. It will become an honor. People will beg me to fuck them, plead to pleasure me. And if I accept, they will brag about it later."

Bologal's own words excited her, making her fuck me at a faster pace. But no softer than before. I lay there with gritted teeth and closed eyes, trying to pay full attention to my mistress's voice in order to take my mind off the pain.

"That's why I came here. To a land where no one knows me, filled with fragile humans. My plan was first to fight my way to the top, but since I was imprisoned I've come up with a better one: I will keep up this mining business until I got enough silver to buy my way into the king's court. People might not like the idea of an orc in such a position, but if I make sure the king gets into an... accident, and I save him, he will have to trust me."

I could hear Bologal get more and more triumphant. She was proud of this scheme. She couldn't wait to complete it.

"Then, when I'm alone with him, I will fuck him into submission. Until he's willing to do anything for a taste of my cock. Then I will get him to marry me, and one tragic accident later I will be queen. Then every single human in this kingdom will be forced to pleasure me if I ask them to, and I can invade my homeland to show them how foolish they were to banish me."

I saw issues with this plan. I strongly doubted the people here would be willing to serve an orc queen, especially one like Bologal. If her plan succeeded, which would take huge amounts of luck, it would most likely result in a revolution and the whole kingdom would descend into chaos. I hoped that this was just a distant dream she would never fulfill, because if not things could get really bad really quickly.

"But don't worry," Bologal whispered in my ear. She was now pounding me with quick, hard thrusts. "You will still be my favorite sex slave. Imagine how many people will envy you. The queen's royal sex slave. A title many will want to have when I'm on the trone."

With those words she came in my ass, pushing her hips deep into me and causing me to get pressed into the stone floor as her throbbing cock shot out a load of hot cum.

We both lay on the floor for a while. I listened to Bologal's panting and felt our sweaty bodies rub against each other. Her dick was still inside my ass, and in a strange way I found it... comforting. It wasn't as disgusting as it had been the first time.

Eventually Bologal slid her soft cock out off my ass and stood up, walking over to her bed and collapsing in it.

I stayed in the same spot, warmed by our activity. But the cold of the room soon announced its presence again.

Suddenly Bologal got out of her bed and grabbed me by the neck.

"You're sleeping with me tonight, slave," she muttered and dragged me to her bed. She realized the chain would get in the way and unlocked the collar, letting it fall to the floor next to the bed.

"Why?" I asked and massaged my neck.

"Because it's cold in here and I'm too tired to get the fire going again."

Bologal pushed me into the bed and got in as well. Lying on her side she hugged me close to her chest, her large breasts surrounding my head.

She then went quiet, and judging from her breathing she fell asleep soon after that.

This was good. Aside from the wonderful feeling of her tits against my face, she was letting me sleep without the chain. Sure, I was still trapped inside the grip of her large, muscular arms, but if I could get her to sleep like this regularly I might eventually get a chance to escape while the others slept.

But for the moment, all I could do was enjoy the situation. Bologal's body heat did chase away the cold, and I found myself liking being trapped like this.

I moved my head backwards to get a better view of my bed companion. I had never been much for muscular women, but I still had to admit that Bologal's body was impressive.

Making sure she was really asleep, I took the risk to feel her body. I put my hands against her abs and stroked them. They were rock hard and there wasn't enough skin to grab it between my fingers.

I felt my way up to her soft breasts and stroked them gently. I had never touched breasts with my hands before, and it felt amazing. When I felt brave enough I grabbed them, letting my fingers sink into them a little.

Bologal grunted and I quickly let go, but she didn't wake up. I carefully returned my hands to her tits, playing with them. Eventually I turned my attention to the dark green nipples. I licked one of them, tasting it as well as the metal of her nipple ring. With my one hand I gently grabbed her other nipple ring between two fingers and pulled a little.

Bologal moaned slightly, but remained asleep. I kept playing with her impressive breasts until she pulled me closer in her sleep, pressing our hips together.

I felt our penises touch. She may have been a lot taller than me, but when her breasts were on eye level with me our penises were on about the same height.

Bologal's slack penis mashed against mine, which had gone hard from playing with her tits. I tried to move away, but that only made her grip tighten. I noticed that my work on her breasts and the stimulation her cock got from the contact with mine slowly made it harden.

At first this felt unpleasant, but as we were lying there with our hard dicks pressed against each other, I began tolerating it. The heat it sent out felt nice somehow.

I ended up snuggling closer to her, sliding my head in-between her tits and trying not to think about the fact that our dicks were touching.

Soon after that, I too fell asleep.

Written by: simmaster

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