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A Stark Choice

by DPWestley©

"Sir. Ms. Romanoff is approaching the main elevator."

Tony Stark, genius-philanthropist-billionaire-playboy, put down the soldering iron and turned away from the circuit card to look at the security monitors. He could see Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff, or Nat as they called her now, in the wan light of the lobby walking calmly toward the elevator doors on the lower level of Stark Tower.

"Jarvis, did you miss a meeting reminder?"

"No, sir," replied the disembodied voice of Stark's sentient personal assistant. "This appears to be an unscheduled, nocturnal visitation."

"Huh," he mused, watching her on the monitor. Just as the first time he had seen her, then in her professional outfit, the black material clinging to every muscle and curve, Tony was moved by her subtle sexuality. Knowing that her sexy exterior deceptively masked an elite, experienced, and extremely capable killing machine only enhanced the effect for a man who was an unrepentant adrenaline junkie. Tonight she wore faded jeans, a light jacket, and underneath Tony could make out a dark t-shirt with an image of the Mark-III Suit under the words, "I love Heavy Metal".

"Jarvis, is that one of my t-shirts?" He went to the sink and washed his hands, examining himself in the mirror.

"No, sir. That was one of the designs rejected by Miss Potts. It's a knock-off that sold several hundred thousand units before your attorneys filed the injunction." Nat was now at the elevator door. She briefly checked her surroundings before looking directly into the concealed camera with a slight curve at the edge of her mouth.

"Let her up," said Tony, drying his hands.

"Are you certain that's wise, Sir?"

"No," he replied casually. "But, I'm curious to see what would bring her here at this hour." He watched her waiting; she seemed nervous or something. She was fidgeting. She linked her hands in front of herself and stretched them above her head for a couple of seconds, exposing a bit of taut abdomen above her low-cut jeans. "Just do it, Jarvis. And initiate a full AV record."

"Yes, sir." The normally-sardonic, British voice sounded reluctant and sullen as the elevator door opened and Stark watched Romanoff smile and enter. He picked her up on another adjacent monitor, watching her as he moved over to the bar and poured himself a Scotch. She rolled her neck a couple times and seemed to calm down from the abnormally agitated state she had been in outside. Tony downed the drink in one gulp and winced.

"Well, this should be interesting."


Natasha was relieved that Stark had let her in when he did. She still wasn't quite sure what was going to happen – or even exactly what she wanted to happen – but she had been thinking he might not even let her in. She had been getting cold feet. Natasha didn't often pursue the men she had the occasion to work with, but when she did, there were not many who had rejected her advances. Banner had been one of those men. She was deeply moved by the brilliant, tortured man inside the Hulk. She had fallen. That didn't happen often, either. There was Murdock; another tortured soul. Maybe she was detecting a pattern. Natasha needed a little bit of validation, but not just anyone would do. He would have to be someone who understood her life and all it entailed. Sure, she could just go to one of the posh Manhattan clubs and find suitable prey. She'd done so dozens of times on missions, but those marks had no idea what they were flirting with. Banner had rejected her knowing full well everything she was.

The chime broke her out of her thoughts as the elevator reached one of Stark's upper floors. Natasha took a deep breath and stepped into the room.

"You're up late," Tony said. "And on a school night."

"I haven't been sleeping much since Sokovia," she replied, moving slowly across the corner of the lab to a where Stark was sitting casually on a large sofa. "I needed to talk." She stopped short of the gathering area, working her fingers nervously. Tony stood up and motioned to the sofa.

"Have a seat," he said, moving over to the bar. Natasha sat down carefully, sitting on the edge of the cushion. "Can I get you a drink?"

"Sure," she said. "What have you got?" Tony cocked his head sideways, giving her an incredulous look. "Of course," she muttered. "You have everything. Stoli neat." He worked smoothly, working the bar like a practiced veteran.

"What's on your mind, Red?" Tony brought the tumblers over and handed her the vodka, keeping the Scotch rocks and sitting catty-corner from her on the adjacent sofa. Natasha smiled at the nickname, sipping her drink and glancing at her neck-length, scarlet hair as it hung down on either side of her face.

"Cute," she said. "I see what you did there."

"Yeah," he teased. "It works both ways, doesn't it? Seriously, though," he said, looking concerned. "What's up?"

Natasha looked down into her lap, considering her words. Stark wasn't stupid, and if she didn't play this just right, he might look for any excuse to back off.

"It's my fault Bruce vanished after Sokovia," she said. Tony squinted his eyes and studied her face carefully. She definitely had something bothering her, but this was not what he had been expecting.

"How so? I mean, I thought he was mad at me for, you know, creating a psychotic robot that almost destroyed life as we know it. But if you did something worse, I'm all ears."

"I asked him to run away with me," she said, refusing to meet Tony's eyes. They both sat in silence for a minute before Tony reached out and took her hand gently.

"Sorry," he said. "My default is smart-ass."

"It's okay. You didn't know," she said quietly. "And, really, I kind of like your default...most of the time."

"Yeah. So, I take it that didn't go well." Natasha sat for a few seconds, staring at Tony and choosing her words carefully. "What happened, Nat?"

"He had...reservations," she said quietly. She let her eyes well up a bit. She could see it was having the desired effect on Stark. "He said it would never work out between us." She turned away, pretending to hide the tears she now let fall. Natasha stood up and made as if she was going to pull away, but Stark was on the hook now. He stood with her and pulled her gently into a hug.

"Come here," he said as he embraced her. "It's gonna be okay." She melted into his arms and sobbed quietly into his shoulder. "He probably just wanted to protect you from, you know, the big guy."

"Maybe," she said, still clinging to him. She was pressing her tits into his chest and breathing deeply, as if to control her emotions. The slight movement was beginning to arouse her nipples. She could feel his chest plate under his shirt lightly touching her tits. It was strangely erotic. "I thought it might be me."

Tony backed out of the hug and grabbed Natasha by the shoulders, holding her close and looking into her glistening green eyes.

"Don't do that," he admonished her. "You're an incredible woman. Smart, talented, brave..." Tony trailed off as they stood there, inches apart, losing himself in her eyes.

Black Widow made her move.

Romanoff tip-toed up into him and kissed Stark in rush of passion and lust, her tongue lightly exploring his lips as she exuded all of her pent up frustration and need at him. For a split second, Tony was so startled he instinctively responded to her kiss. He had certainly had hundreds of beautiful women in just this situation before; throwing caution to the wind and throwing themselves at billionaire Tony Stark. And he had let them. You don't get a world-renown reputation as a playboy without banging dozens and dozens of lingerie models and up-and-coming starlets. A little champagne, the red carpet, the paparazzi, and finally the penthouse was all it took before undisputed hotties were sucking and fucking their brains out, doing anything for a little validation and a few orgasms from Tony.

But that was before Iron Man; before Pepper. The thought broke him out of the kiss. Natasha's lips and tongue pressed forward, seeking more of what they had both been lost in moments before.

"Wait, wait, wait," he stammered, barely holding her off as he retreated backward. "I shouldn't be doing this. We shouldn't be doing this." He forgot where he was and came up short against the sofa. Natasha gracefully climbed on top of Tony as he sat down unexpectedly. She held her gorgeous face close to his and ran her hands through his hair as she burnt away his resistance with her eyes. She ground her pussy on his crotch and panted into his face.

"You don't sound too sure," she said in a husky voice. Tony could see her eyes had lightened a shade or two, and her pupils had dilated. He was transfixed by her arousal. This vision had played out in his dreams so many times, but those dreams seemed like shadows compared to the light of Natasha Romanoff hovering an inch from him, her heavy breathing in his ears, her hard nipples grazing his chest, the smell of her starting to reach his nose, and her hot pussy grinding on his growing cock. Apparently his manhood had already forgotten about his girlfriend.

"I'm in a relationship," he weakly protested. "I can't mess that up." Tony could feel the heat of her crotch radiating against his hard-on, now fully erect and uncomfortable in his pants. So many lap-dances in his past, but he seemed incapable of remembering any of them. Natasha leaned in and nibbled on his earlobe.

"Stark," she whispered, "I'm a spy. I know how to keep a secret." She licked and nuzzled his neck while his mind whirled. Her hands were making his scalp tingle as they combed through his hair and held his head close to her undulating body. "I'm not sure I could handle any more rejection right now." She moved her hungry lips to his mouth and kissed him deeply. She tasted like strawberries and smelled like sex. Tony's eyes were closed and his hands had involuntarily moved to her hips as she rubbed her swollen pussy against his boner. She broke off the kiss and looked into his unfocused eyes.

"Now shut up and fuck me," she ordered him.

The last of Tony Stark's resistance evaporated. He reached up and entwined his fingers in her red curls, drawing her into a full, wet kiss. Nat peeled off her jacket and began working Tony's t-shirt out from his pants. She traced her nails over his abs as she slowly worked his shirt up, exposing his blue-glowing chest plate. She pulled out of the kiss and stared down at the device embedded in his chest. Tony was licking his lips and watching her as his hands groped her ass. She put on a devilish smile and slowly slid down his body, biting and kissing his neck, collarbones, and then around the implant. The odd taste of skin, sweat, and metal was electric on her tongue.

Natasha now straddled Tony's thigh as she licked and nipped around the chest plate. Tony's hands had moved to her tits, greedily cupping and fondling her through the t-shirt and bra. She continued working her oral magic on his chest while he reached under the shirt and deftly undid her bra. He moved his fingers to roll her nipples between them, feeling their stiffness and the puckered areolae surrounding them. She gasped and shuddered at his touch.

"Oh, yeah," she moaned between kisses. "That's it." She sat up, clamping her thighs and grinding her clit into his thigh. He looked into her beautiful face as she reached into her sleeves and worked the loose bra out of one side. It was a lacy black bra and Tony wondered if it matched anything else she would soon take off. He used the moment to pull his shirt over his head and discard it on the floor. They both kicked off their shoes.

Natasha began working her hands on the bulge in Tony's crotch, rubbing his cock through the fabric and licking her lips as she gazed into his eyes.

"Ooh, nice," she moaned. "Iron Man, indeed." Tony smiled and leaned his head back, getting comfortable and enjoying the sensation of her hands on his cock. She slowly rose off of his thigh and straddled his legs, bending at the waist to keep her hands on his erection. He had a nice view down the neckline of her shirt at her breasts gently swaying as she moved. She reached to his belt buckle and undid it, never breaking eye contact with him. She undid the top button, and then the second before his cock began emerging from his pants. She noticed his eyes on her chest and smiled.

"You wanna see, don't you?" She stood up and swayed slowly, dancing only for him to unheard music. She moved her hands slowly up her thighs, moving one to her crotch as the other slipped up under her shirt between her tits. She started rubbing herself, one hand on her pussy and the other taking turns on her breasts. She moaned and threw her head back, grinding under own touch. "Mmmm. God, you make me hot. I can feel my pussy getting so wet."

She reestablished eye contact and moved her hands to slowly peel her shirt over her head, exposing her breasts for him. She could see he was pleased with what he saw. The head of his cock was throbbing visibly, and she grabbed her tits and worked her hands over them, squeezing them together and pinching her nipples. She straddled him again, rubbing her pussy against his erection and lowering her tits near his face, offering them to him. Tony flicked out his tongue and gently licked at the nipples and in between her perfect tits. Her skin tasted clean and a little salty. He could feel she was using her pussy, hips, and feet to slowly work his pants down, freeing his cock from his jeans.

Natasha was getting very wet as she worked his pants down over his rock-hard erection. His mouth was working magic on her tits and his hands worked their way around her waist and over her back. He began playing again with her hair, and she took the cue to move down and kiss him. Her chest pressed onto his, and he could feel her abdomen on his hot boner. She broke the kiss and worked her lips slowly down his chest, tracing the line of his abs down to his belly-button. His fingers were still in her hair, and she could tell he knew what was next.

Tony was dreaming. He told himself that was the only explanation. He had fallen asleep while soldering and this was just a dream; a really awesome dream. But in his dreams, he never actually felt the firm tits slide down over his stomach and over his dick. Never felt a warm tongue licking and teasing the tip, slowly planting kisses down the shaft, licking from the base back to the crown while hands pulled down his pants. He opened his eyes, looking down to see Nat staring up at him through her red curls as she worked her tongue up and down his cock, kissing and gently biting it.

Nope; definitely awake. He worked the last of his pants off while still holding her gently by her hair as she worked on his cock. She knelt between his parted legs and grabbed his cock in both hands, pulling it away from his belly and sliding her hands gently up and down the shaft. Natasha broke her gaze away from Tony to take a good look at her prize.

Sure, she'd had bigger, and smaller, in her years, but this had to be the hardest cock she had ever handled. It felt right in her hands, one over the other; not too thick, a slight curve near the tip. That was going to feel amazing prodding her G-spot. She leaned forward and placed it between her breasts, holding it there with her fingers as she dropped some more spit on the moist shaft. She worked her tits around and up and down to get her lube working.

Tony slid down a little further and let her get in closer. She was now sliding her tits slowly up and down over his shaft, his dick gliding in between the warmth of her. On the down stroke she would lick at the head and slobber on it to keep things moving. His hands were still in her hair. Some girls didn't like it, but Nat seemed at least not to mind. He watched in rapt attention as she worked, moving her breasts over his cock and licking and teasing him. He could see her hips bucking slowly up and down with the rhythm.

"Mmmm," she moaned as she bucked against the seam on her jeans. Her cunt was swollen and tingling and she could feel her juices spreading past her thong onto her pants now. Natasha slid herself once more down Stark's cock and finally took the tip into her mouth, releasing her tits to grab his throbbing member in her hands. She milked it with both hands while sucking on the head, tasting the first of his pre-cum leaking into her mouth. Tony's hands were on her head now, urging her down onto his shaft. She released one hand and started rubbing his balls, while she let him move her head down, slowly taking more of his cock in her mouth. She made happy little humming sounds around him, caressing his sack and stroking his shaft as she eased it deeper and deeper.

When his cock tickled the back of her throat, she began to slide her lips and tongue slowly up and down while the hand wrapped around his shaft followed along, twisting and sliding in her spit. She spared a glance up at Tony who was watching with fevered eyes as she brought him closer to climax. She kept eye contact, wondering if he would be able to recover if she finished him like this. With his reputation, and her skills, she was pretty sure she could get him up again. His scrotum was tightening, but she wasn't ready for him to cum yet.

Tony looked in her eyes as Nat slobbered and sucked on his dick. He was getting close, but wasn't sure if she'd pull away or finish the blow job. She was doing this marvelous thing with his balls where she would let them tighten up like he was going to cum, but then gently pull on the scrotum and hold him at the next plateau. He could feel her spit trickling down over her hand and onto his nuts. She broke eye contact and pivoted around to climb on the sofa, never losing his cock from her eager lips. The new angle in her mouth brought new and dangerous sensations, and he laid his head back and moaned.

"Mmmm. Oh, wow," he muttered. "You are good at that." Natasha hummed appreciatively around the mouthful she had. "I don't know how much longer I can hold out." She continued bobbing on his knob and working his balls. Tony reached out and found her pussy with one hand. The crotch of her jeans was soaked with her juices. She felt his touch and bucked, moaning and moving a little to give him a better angle. He found her clit through the layers and she popped off his cock in an involuntary spasm.

"Don't disappoint me, Stark" she gasped. "I'm going to want this down there soon," she said, squeezing his shaft with her hand, "but right now I want to taste your load." She took his head back between her lips and renewed her efforts. The new angle afforded her a better opportunity to try, so she slowly slid more and more in. Tony's fingers were working her clit and getting her close to an orgasm. She felt his cock near the back of her throat, braced, and slammed it all the way in. She swallowed convulsively around his dick, fighting the gag reflex, feeling him lose his attention on her cunt for a second. His balls tightened again, and this time she let it take its course. She pulled back to the tip and slid all the way down again, feeling it get easier, feeling his pubes tickling her nose, and wanting his seed more than anything.

Tony was surprised when she deep-throated him, to say the least. He almost shot his wad right then. He refocused his attention on her clit, hard and sensitive under her pants. She was taking his entire length in and out now, slobber dribbling all over it. She had stopped her magic scrotum trick, and it was going to end soon. He felt the tingle start in his calves and work its way up to his thighs.

"I gonna cum," he managed between strained breaths. She managed a muffled 'Unh-huh' around his hard-on and slid even faster up and down. "Now! Now, oh shit!"

She grabbed his cock and kept it just inside her open mouth. She was panting heavily and stroking his dick, urging his semen into her mouth. His fingers were a flurry on her cunt. The first spray of his load hit the roof of her mouth and it triggered the orgasm Tony's fingers had been conjuring. He groaned and strained under her grip, spraying jizz into her waiting mouth as she voiced her climax.

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