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Mermaid Sisters Pt. 02

by ThomChen©

Part two here. Might be shorter than the first one, but will be expanding the next part further. May include new partners/characters, suggestions are welcome.

All characters are 18+

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As Tom sat there on the stone floor, resting for a moment after having inseminated what was once a creature of fantasy but was indeed very real, a beautiful mermaid with red wavy hair who lay there in front of him, her large perky breasts with stiff pink nipples that bobbed up and down as she breathed, and her long green tail that led to large translucent fins. Excess cum oozed from her tight hole, the product of his multiple ejaculations inside of her.

Tom's view of Elaina was suddenly blocked by Emily who pressed her lips on to Tom's, with her breasts pressed on to his chest were as soft as dough. Their tongues interlocked in a passionate kiss, intimately exploring one another's mouths. Tom could feel himself ready to go again and Emily could feel his cock pressed between them grow harder and pressed it further on to her stomach. She slid down and nestled the length of his cock between her breasts, her eyes never leaving his as she lowered her head down to kiss and suck on the tip.

The sensation of his dick smothered between her soft breasts and her tongue licking all over the head like a popsicle was almost too much for Tom. Emily giggled watching Tom's expression and as he shuddered from the oral service she was giving him. Most of the length of his dick was entirely engulfed between her breasts, and as Emily pressed her breasts together with her hands, kneading and moving her soft skin against his dick, this combined with her blowjob was too much for Tom. Emily could feel his dick swelling between, knowing that he was nearing his limit, she stopped licking his dick and suddenly gripped the base with her hands, making Tom groan in pain at being held back from releasing his sperm. Emily looked up teasingly, "Please, don't cum just yet. Let it out inside of me instead." With that she released him after sensing that he wasn't in danger of blowing his load just yet, though Tom was still at his limit.

She lifted herself up, straightening her arms and moving her thick tail to position her hips over his erect cock, her large breasts hanging pendulously inches from his face. She lowered herself slowly, guiding his cock with her hand as the head rubbed upon the entrance of her love hole, eliciting soft moans from them both. She was trembling with pleasure as his rod slowly entered her, meeting resistance as it slid further in. Tom couldn't hold on any further as his dick slowly entered the moist warm folds of her pussy, and before he could say anything he couldn't control himself and came. His ejaculation caught Emily off guard, his hot stuff burst forth into her with such force that she couldn't maintain her balance with her tail any further. Her tail gave way, causing her to fall forwards, smothering Tom's face with her full breasts and as their hips met, the entire length of his dick was thrust all the way into her, causing her to cum as well.

Tom lay there with the gorgeous mermaid Emily atop him, his face buried between her breasts as his dick was impaled deep into her. Catching her breath, Emily tried to push her tail to raise her hips. Tom was suddenly overcome with a sense of not wanting to let go of her, and much to Emily's surprise as she managed with some effort to raise her hips up with her tail, Tom quickly crossed his legs around her and wrapped his arms around her back as well, further pressing her breasts onto him. Before she could say anything he started to pump his hips, his dick going out halfway before disappearing deep into her as their hips smacked onto each other. Emily managed to keep her hips up, propping her hips upwards with her tail as he rhythmically drove his member in and out of her. Each thrust sent wave after wave of pleasure into her, causing her to moan and cry out in delight as she became lost in pleasure, losing count of her orgasms. Tom could feel himself about to cum again, the walls of her tight hole clenching onto him and squeezing his cock, as if coaxing him to release his sperm into her. As he came again he gave one final thrust into her, sending copious amounts of his semen inside of her. They held that pose for awhile as his cock sent dollops of sperm into her, filling her completely. He held his hips there as he felt his dick bucking inside of her tight hole, the excess cum mixed with her pussy juice leaking out and lathering his balls before dripping down onto the stone floor.

Emily, with Tom still attached to her, gently lowered her hips slowly down, allowing the now drained Tom to uncross his legs. She gave him a long loving kiss before slowly lifting her hips up. As she did the tight walls of her vagina seemed unwilling to let go of Tom's penis, her pussy squeezing his cock as if trying to wring out any more of his sperm as it slowly slid out until it emerged from her pussy with a slight pop. She rolled over to the side, laying there with cum spilling out from the creampie she received as she savoured the feeling of her insides filled with warm cum. She looked over to Tom and giggled as she moved closer to give him a passionate kiss. Their lips parted soon after as Emily moved down to lick his dick which was still erect and drenched with their cum. She took her time cleaning his tool, licking and tasting the entire length before ending with a long loving kiss at the head.

"Don't forget about me!", cried out Elyon. Tom looked over towards her and was greeted by quite a sight. Elyon had raised her blue fish tail up high, presenting her small pussy lips and round perfect ass to him. Elaina lay atop Elyon, their breasts pressed against each other. Both looked over to him, enticing him over to them.

Tom moved over to them, leaving Emily to fondle herself with her fingers in her pussy. As he get closer Elaina used her fingers to spread Elyon's wet drippin pussy to him. Having a gap between where their thighs were but were instead the beginnings of a fish tail meant that the mermaids could have their love holes penetrated from either the front or behind, but if their pussies were already tight for someone like Tom, the entrance was even smaller from behind. He teased her at first, rubbing his cock between her butt. She could feel his hot thick member running along her ass, the tip of his cock poking the entrance of her pussy,

Elyon raised her tail and hips higher, she couldn't wait any longer and wanted him to impale her with that that wondrous cock of his. As Tom held the tip of his cock and nudged it at the entrance of her pussy, Elyon could only bite her lip with anticipation as Elaina looked down bemused at her sister's lust filled expression and looked back, her own pussy soaking from the sight of Tom's thick rod. But much to Elyon's surprise, instead of feeling her pussy split apart from having a hard cock enter there, Tom had suddenly moved slightly lower and poked his cock at her rosebud of an anus.

"That's not were you're supposed to-"

Before Elyon could finish, his cock had entered her ass, initially meeting some resistance before it gave way, splitting it wide open as if in full bloom.

Elyon could only gasp in this sudden intrusion to her anus. Never before had she felt such a sensation before, and the sudden feeling of pain was replaced by a new pleasurable sensation of having her ass penetrated.

Her warm orifice was extremely tight as he drove his cock further into her ass, but she seemed to recover quickly as her anus began to clench onto him, squeezing his cock as he began to thrust in and out of her. Tom braced himself by holding onto her blue tail which was slung over his shoulder, the cool, somewhat slimy scales of her powerful fish tail a contrast to his warm body. The damp, cool cave echoed with the sound of flesh hitting flesh, the smacking of his balls upon her pert ass each time he thrust into her, their moans and grunts amplified by the stone walls. Every few thrusts caused Emily to leak love juice from her pussy, which dripped down and lubricated his cock as he pounded her.

Elaina watched her sister, eyes closed in the throes of pleasure, moaning in unabashed ecstasy as Tom pounded her with his cock. Elyon did not resist as Elaina pressed her lips on to hers, muffling her moans as their tongues intertwined. Their bodies were pressed together even closer, their full breasts squished upon each other. Watching the two mermaid sisters kiss and make love to each other drove Tom further closer to climax, and as he neared his limit he pulled his cock out and drove it into her wet pussy. Elyon gasped and parted lips with Elaina as she finally felt his hot meaty rod being inserted into her slick vaginal hole, stretching the walls and feeling the bulbous cock head poke at the entrance to her cervix. She could feel his cock pulsate, on the verge of cumming, and her pussy walls clenched as he pulled back slowly.

He then thrust his cock forward again, and as he did so her cervix seemed to descend to receive him, for his cock managed to force its way into her uterus just as he came, plastering the insides with his sperm. Emily was panting, gasping for air, shuddering as she felt her insides filled with his hot, creamy spunk. Elyon came as well as the warm walls of her vagina seemed to massage and stimulate the length of his cock, trying to milk out as much of his seed while he continued to deposit load after load into her. He held there for awhile, clutching on to her tail, hips thrust forward, allowing wave after wave of pleasure to wash over him, feeling his dick buck slightly inside of her warm, tight pussy each time he released a shot of his dick milk into her. He slowly pulled back, feeling her inner walls contract as her pussy seemed unwilling to let him go and trying to squeeze out as much as it could before the head finally emerged with a slight pop, the excess cum oozed out thick and creamy like, pooling on the cave floor.

Elyon lay there with her eyes closed, cheeks flushed, mouth parted as she continued to pant from the intense copulation, her chest heaving causing her large, round breasts to rise and fall, wobbling and jiggling slightly as she trembled from the overwhelming pleasure she felt. Her raised up blue fish tail displayed her tight pussy, which was dripping and oozing out his thick cum mixed with her love juice.

Tom leaned forward, pressing Elyon's fish tail on her voluptuous breasts as they kissed, running their tongues along each other's, Elyon's eyes fluttering as she tasted her lover.

After awhile their lips parted, and Tom moved back, gently lowering Elyon's tail to the stone floor. She moved her hips to the side, curling her tail slightly, allowing the excess cum emerging from her pussy to slide down her shapely ass and pool around the floor.

Tom stood up slowly, surveying the three mermaids who looked up towards him adoringly with their insides filled with his cum. He couldn't help smiling, for despite being shipwrecked here he was with three of the most beautiful creatures who had pledged to serve him and give themselves to him.

"I'm going to enjoy my stay here", he thought to himself.

Written by: ThomChen

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