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An Orc's Slave Ch. 06

by simmaster©

I've tried to make this chapter longer. Compared to most stories on this site, my chapters are embarrassingly short. Hopefully I'll be able to change that.


In the morning I woke up when the floor hit me hard in the face. Shaking my head to shake off my drowsiness, I realized that I had fallen out of the bed. More specifically, been pushed.

"You better adjust quickly, slave," Bologal said. I looked up to see her already out of bed and dressed.

"This is the second time I have to wake you up instead of waking up with you already awake and ready to please," she continued.

I massaged my head and looked up at my mistress.

"Aren't you... affected by last night?" I mumbled.

Bologal shook her head and grunted. "Of course not. This orc is too strong to be damaged by mead. I had to drink almost a whole barrel only to get that drunk last night."

I was really referring to the fact that I slept in her bed. But I knew that a vague question like that would give me the answer I needed. And it did; she didn't seem to think it was a big deal. Then maybe she would let me do it again. Sleeping without the chain would be a huge step in the right direction.

Bologal grabbed me by the neck to make me stand up.

"Come, slave," she said and put the collar back around my neck. "We got lots of things to do today."

"I'm... I'm coming with you?" I asked.

"Yes. Having you here in the cave to fuck wasn't a good idea. Instead I'll have you close so I can use you whenever I want to, not just when I got time to spare."

I didn't know how to feel about this. On one hand it was nice to have some variation and not be stuck in the same room, and I had already come to the conclusion that escaping from here was pointless. Maybe I would have a better chance to escape if I was somewhere else.

But on the other hand, this meant more sex. I didn't like the thought of that. But what choice did I have?

I nodded obediently and followed her as she pulled the chain to make me walk faster.

We walked through the tunnel until we emerged in the main hall where some drowsy bandits were having breakfast, eating food that seemed to have been left there since yesterday. Most of it was large pieces of roasted meat, bottles of mead or loafs of bread. Not a fruit or vegetable in sight.

They'll all probably get scurvy if this is what they eat all the time, I thought. Not that it mattered to me. Managing to escape because all my captors had gotten a severe case of scurvy might not make for a thrilling story, but it would still be a dream come true.

Bologal sat down at the end of one of the long tables, picking up a chicken leg that she then began tearing the meat from with her large teeth. I sat down next to her, reaching for a loaf of bread when she suddenly grabbed my shoulder and pushed me downwards, off the chair and under the table.

"If you want to eat, you'll have to earn it," Bologal said and pulled her loincloth aside, letting her hard cock spring free.

I looked hesitantly at the veiny rod, but knew that there was no point in waiting. Besides, I was really hungry and the sooner I got this over with the sooner I could eat.

I positioned myself in a kneeling position in front of Bologal, and then licked her cock up and down. I felt the familiar taste of her dick, as well as the hard yet smooth and somewhat rubbery texture.

I didn't feel right about doing this when the bandits were around. It had been embarrassing last time and a table made little difference. However, just like last time nobody acknowledged it. But I knew that they must be thinking about it. And that made me feel worse about what I was doing.

As my mistress ate her breakfast I stopped licking her shaft, instead swirling my tongue around the tip. I licked up her precum that came pouring out, and soon I lowered my head until her entire length disappeared into my mouth.

I held my head like that for a while, trying to squeeze her dick with my mouth. Then I slowly bobbed my head up and down, trying to suck hard enough to create a vacuum. Bologal's moans between her bites were my signals that I was pleasing my mistress.

I picked up the pace and quickly pumped my head up and down her cock while playing with her balls. I was rewarded with a loud moan. I then tried humming to cause vibration on her cock, and she showed her approval with another moan. I soon felt her dick throbbing as she prepared to cum.

"Here comes your breakfast!" Bologal said in an amused tone and fired her load down my throat.

When I was this hungry any nutrition was welcome, so I actually liked this more than usual. Getting some kind of food was very nice, and it still didn't taste that bad. Maybe even better than before.

I sucked her softening dick clean and crawled out from underneath the table. I then stood up, and Bologal handed me a steak of some kind. I accepted and cautiously sat down next to her.

I was right, this was definitely leftovers from yesterday. The meat was cold and felt weird to chew. Still, better than nothing.

I looked at the bandits sitting around the table. More had joined us since I went down on Bologal, and I took a moment to observe them all carefully.

They were all dressed in furs, leather or cloth, all in shades of black, grey and brown. A few even had some metal on them in the form of chainmails, bracers or something along those lines. Most were hardy, dirty men with messy beards and hair. But there were also some women. They too looked quite strong and unpleasant, with hard muscles and tanned skin. Most were still skinny, though. They all either had their hair tied into braids or dreadlocks, or cut short.

I listened to them chatting and laughing. They seemed to enjoy life here. I wondered if they wouldn't rather leave the mine. Sure, they were no longer prisoners and they had access to food, drink and whatnot, but didn't this place get boring after a while?

Of course, the silver that the miners dug up was probably enough to keep them around. I wondered how big their share was. If they got any. And what they used it for. Based on what I knew they had at least one dealer, but Bologal seemed to be the one doing business with him. Maybe they got to vote on what to use the silver for?

I stopped brooding about it and focused on eating. When I finished, Bologal was still eating. Seeing how she got a head start and also ate faster than me, I wondered how much she needed to eat. Someone that big obviously needed lots of food, but just how much?

Three large chunks of meat and lots of mead later she was finished. She then stood up, pulling the chain to make me do the same.

"I'm going to count the silver that the workers have dug up this week," she said and started walking. "I hate it, but I don't trust anyone enough to have them do it instead."

We left the main hall, walked through a tunnel and ended up in front of a thick wooden door. The rock just outside it had been dug out to form a small cave, and next the door was a sack full of silver.

"Looks like it was a lot this week," Bologal noted and picked up the sack. Then she unlocked the door and opened it.

Inside was a larger cave full of chunks of silver, either in sacks or lying in piles on the floor. It shimmered in the light from the dying torches on the wall that Bologal went to replace with new ones.

I was amazed that there was so much. I thought silver was much rarer. Maybe this mine was just a really good one. One thing was for sure, if I had all of this I would probably be able to quit working as a merchant and live in luxury for the rest of my life.

After lighting the new torches Bologal sat down by a large table with some kind of scale on it. She emptied the sack of silver and placed a chunk on the scale, noting how much it weighed. Then she kept doing this, looking incredibly disinterested. I didn't know what to do, so I just stood beside her and waited for her to finish her mundane task.

I had to admit, I never expected to see an orc doing something like this. Heck, based on what I had heard about orcs I thought there weren't even any that were able to read or do anything but the most basic math.

"Gods, this is boring," Bologal sighed. Then she looked at me with an unsettling grin. "If I'm going to finish this, I'll need something to make me less bored first."

I knew what that meant and offered no resistance when she pushed me against the wall and lowered me to a sitting position.

"Open up. This time I'll do all the work," she said and removed her loincloth.

I reluctantly opened my mouth, and then she leaned her hands against the wall and slowly slid her hard cock into my mouth. When my lips hit the base she slid it back out, just as slowly as she had put it in.

When only the head was left in my mouth she suddenly rammed her whole length down my throat with great force and speed. Then she slowly moved her hips back again to ram it down once more.

Every time she did this I gagged loudly, and I had a feeling that the sound was turning her on. Whenever I did it her cock throbbed in my throat and she let out an almost inaudiable "Mmm".

Now she moved back faster, soon fucking my throat at high speed. I felt my head getting slammed into the wall behind me with every thrust. I watched the green, veiny rod that took up most of my view pump back and forth, the large ballsack swinging underneath it that hit my chin every time she pushed forward, and the rock hard abs that moved away from and towards my eyes, covering my vision whenever Bologal rammed her cock down to the base.

I looked up at her, seeing her ample breasts bounce from her movements, slapping loudly against her skin. And above them, her face that was grinning down at me. Looking down at someone in this position must give a powerful feeling of dominance. I knew for sure that looking up at someone in this position made me feel tiny and controlled.

When her climax drew near she stopped sliding her dick almost all the way out, instead only sliding out half before pushing back in, doubling the speed of her thrusts. I watched her face as she closed her eyes and moaned, looking up towards the ceiling.

I looked down at her cock that was throbbing violently in my mouth. From this angle I could see it grow and shrink as her cum was pumped forth, and then I felt the hot substance fill my throat as Bologal rammed her dick down to the base, holding it like that while moaning loudly and pumping cum into me.

With her abs in my face I swallowed the cum being shot into my mouth in large gulps, keeping it up until finally no more would come out.

Bologal pulled out her cock and teasingly slapped it into my face while I gulped down the rest of her cum. Then she put her loincloth back on and sat down at the table again.

I sat in place, the feeling of Bologal's throbbing dick raping my throat still fresh in my memory. I didn't want to stand up, somehow worried that announcing my presence in any way would make her horny again.

She finished weighing the silver chunks and put the final one in its correct place. I didn't know what system she had, but I hadn't really been paying attention to that either.

Bologal stood up and grabbed my chain, pulling me with her out of the treasure room.

When she locked the door behind us a bandit came running. A female bandit.

"Boss, there's king-dogs outside the mine askin' for whoever's in charge!" she said once she had stopped in front of Bologal.

Bologal groaned. "What do they want? No one is supposed to show up here today!"

The bandit shrugged. "They didn't say. Only that it's important. You want us to throw 'em to the wolves?"

"No, that will only make things worse. I'll deal with it. Watch my slave for me, I can't bring him for any of the king's men to see. Slaves being illegal and all."

The bandit nodded as Bologal let go of my chain, walking past the bandit and through the tunnel.

Soon I was alone with this woman, sitting in front of her feeling embarrased about my lack of clothing. I tried to keep my privates concealed with my legs.

Maybe my standards had been lowered by the thought of being stuck here all my life, but I found this bandit woman to be quite beautiful.

Her hair was blonde and dirty, reaching down to just above her shoulders. She had it tied into several thin braids while letting the rest of her hair hang freely. Some hanged over her face, partly covering her brown eyes.

She was dressed in dark and light brown furs that didn't do much to conceal her body. There was nothing resembling sleeves, leaving her arms fully exposed, and her stomach was completely uncovered. A little cleavage could also be seen.

Around her hips was a fur skirt reaching down to her knees and on her feet she wore a pair of fur boots.

Her body was slim and muscular. Her exposed stomach sported a vague sixpack, her arms were strong and sinewy and her breasts were a little bigger than average.

Her skin was slightly tanned and she had red stripes painted on her face. For a moment I wondered if it was blood, but I shook off that thought.

The woman walked around me in a circle, as if inspecting me.

"So you're boss's fucktoy, huh?" she asked with a cruel grin. She kept glancing at my crotch, trying to get a glimpse of what I tried my best to hide.

"It's been years since I got any myself," she said, her voice getting a suggestive tone. "I wouldn't mind tryin' you out."

She licked her lips seductively, making my penis harden and more difficult to hide.

"Shame you already belong to boss. Doubt she's willin' to share. Besides -" She started to sound playfully cruel again. "- I bet you're used to bein' on the recieving end."

"I don't exactly like it!" I protested. I had no idea why I felt a need to explain myself to her.

"You better get used to it," the woman said with a shrug as she stopped in front of me. "If you haven't already noticed, boss is hard to keep satisfied. Before you got here she was beatin' off most of the time. Bet she'd fucked us if she didn't like havin' us around."

This felt like a good time to get some answers to the questions I had. Alone with a bandit, and no Bologal in sight.

"Why are you even following her? Is she forcing you?" I asked.

"Nope. When she took over the mine, she asked how many wanted to leave and how many wanted to stay here and get rich in exchange for doin' what she says. Some left. We who stayed were told to kill 'em to make sure they wouldn't tell on us. As proof of loyalty, y'know?"

"That only answers part of my question. Why do you follow her?"

The woman shrugged again. This time she also held out her arms for added effect. "She's got the muscles to break skulls by accident and the smarts to keep this place runnin' with no accidents. Also, livin' here is pretty much all perks. We get our share of silver to buy whatever we want from the bronze-skins when they pay a visit, we always got more food and drink than we can stuff ourselves with and she rarely gives us anythin' to do. Some suckers have to pretend to be guards or some other borin' task, but lucky lasses like me can just slack around all day long. Oh, and there's also boss's plan to put her ass on the king's throne. Doubt she'll succeed, but if she does I don't wanna be on her bad side. Havin' helped her get there, on the other hand... Bet I'll be nicely rewarded for that."

"And if she backstabs all of you?"

Another shrug from the woman.

"Then I'll stab her back. Guess you could say I'm somethin' of an expert in the art of backstabbing. Boss may be smart, but not smarter than this lass."

I nodded and looked down on the ground trying to think of more questions.

"Name's Ebba. What's yours, fuckboy?"

I hesitated for a moment. I wasn't expecting her to tell me her name.

"Thomas," I said.

Ebba bit her lower lip and looked up at the ceiling. "Too fancy for an orc's bitch. I'll call you fuckboy instead."

I tried to protest, but suddenly she kicked me to knock me over on my side. The new position left my penis exposed, and she leaned over a little to take a peek. By the time I sat up and covered myself again she was already grinning at me.

"Too late," she said teasingly. Her tongue quickly slid across her upper lip, making my erect penis twitch.

Then she leaned against a wall with her arms crossed, sighing and glancing at the tunnel to see if Bologal was coming back.

"Is she good?" she asked.


"Boss. A dick that big is wasted on a woman if you ask me, but it'd be even more of a waste if she didn't know how to use it."

"I'd... rather not talk about that."

"Aw, feelin' embarrased? No need to, down here we're anythin' but prude. Bet more people than just you and boss would fuck in the open if anyone else here wanted to fuck each other."

"So you're not interested in the other bandits?"

"Gods, no. Not my type at all. Thing about bandits is that most of us don't wanna fuck other bandits, only nicer pieces of meat like hostages we take."

"If you don't mind me asking, what exactly were you sent here for?"

Ebba looked puzzled as she tried to remember her crimes.

"Let's see here... I don't know if they ever found out about my past as a hooker. Was a young and stupid lass back then, tryin' to get gold sellin' my body when I could be dumpin' others' in some river and run off with their stuff. Had to flee from my home town after gettin' a married rich guy drunk, rapin' him and takin' whatever treasures and trinkets I could find on him."

Ebba sighed. "If only he had been less cute and his response to my advances hadn't been 'Sorry, I'm married'. Anyway, then I spent a couple years in the wilds, learnin' to survive and muggin' bypassers. Then I was taken in by a band of bandits, and when it got borin' hangin' out with them I killed them all in their sleep and took their stuff. And then... Let me think.. Right, then I got greedy and tried robbin' some really fancy lad with guards and stuff. Killed a few, but they captured me. When the law-lizards had seen a list of my crimes and my strong build, they thought it'd be a proper punishment to put me in this mine for a lifetime or so."

Ebba glanced down at me. "That's my story. And yours?"

"Um," I started. "I was a merchant. I travelled the land with my childhood friends, selling wares and... well, doing merchant things. Then we took cover from the rain in the wrong mine. Simple as that."

Ebba raised an eyebrow. "C'mon, there has to be some juicy parts. No one lives a life that borin'. Have you ever killed a man?"

I shook my head.

"Fucked around with the prices to rip people off?"

I shook my head again.

"Ravaged a woman?"

This time I hesitated before shaking my head once more.

"Huh. A nice, law-abidin' little virgin. That is borin'. Well, it'll be fun to see what livin' here will do to you."

"What do you mean?"

Ebba rolled her eyes and smirked. "Places like this changes people, fuckboy. Emotional weaklings come out cold and strong. If they come out, that is. You're already goin' through some pretty major changes. You're not technically a virgin anymore, for instance. Whether you'll break or harden will depend on you. Let's let a year pass and then look back at what you were like right now. Then we'll see how this place has shaped you."

Heavy footsteps were heard in the other end of the tunnel, and Bologal soon became visible. She looked furious.

"Close down the mine?!" she yelled. "Those annoying, squishy little... Gah!"

"What's wrong, boss?" Ebba asked.

"I've been too greedy. Keeping all the silver and tell the king's men that we haven't found any has made them think that the mine is drained. They're considering abandoning the mine and moving all prisoners to a different one."

"Well, that would be sure to fuck us over. Any plan?"

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