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Wife's Massage Voyeur Ch. 05

by gonzi2©

My wife Carol and I had been adopted as children by the same family so grew up as if we were brother and sister. Carol Jones and I Ken Smith eventually fell in love and married when we were both eighteen, I was a month older than my wife and we were both virgins until our wedding night.

We lived in a country cottage and massaged clients of our own sex until I'd been crippled from the waist down. Reluctantly my wife took over my male massage customers. I was jealous and drilled a spy hole to watch her; eventually to rescue our chaotic finances she did sexual favours for her customers.

Amazingly watching my wife with other men stimulated me so much I'd regained some feelings in my lower body. Later a sixty five year old man offered her badly needed money for a topless blowjob, which she eventually gave him. Later he becomes only the second man to fuck her and the first to have her arse. He also persuaded her to initiate his hermaphroditic 'son' into sex.

With my health improved by my voyeurism I was able to have sex again; my wife agreed with me we should try for a baby. We'd even set a date to start attempting impregnation, after seven years of marriage we were as much in love as the first night.

However on the very day that should been our happiest we received a letter each in handwriting neither of us recognized. My wife started to read hers first but after taking in just the first few sentences collapsed white faced in a state of shock! I asked her what the problem was, she stammered, "I ----just can't believe, this -- it must be wrong I---- open your letter and see what it says, I can't even tell you it's too shocking." She sobbed uncontrollably; "read the letter Ken, for gods sake read your letter!"

I opened the letter with trembling hands, what could it say that caused my wife such anguish? Could it be I was to be exposed as the compulsive wife-watching voyeur I'd become?

The letter didn't mince words it started, 'Ken my name's Jack, Carol has just told me the two of you are about to try for a baby, unfortunately that wouldn't be wise in your case!

I have a secret that I must explain and I hope you will forgive me for telling you and probably shattering your worlds. There's no way I can soften the blow so here it is.

Ken, your wife Carol and you are brother and sister in fact twins, I'm your father!

I realize you've been completely unaware of this as your mother and I took great pains to cover it up.

Several years later we had our third child Daren, your brother but as you know there was a problem as he was diagnosed as a hermaphrodite or the third gender.

We were both shattered at what that condition would do for our child and decided just in case it was caused by us being twins we should have no more children. We remembered as you two were perfect it was probably just coincidental and not because of our incestuous relationship. But we couldn't take the risk so in the end Jenny your mother had herself sterilized.

The problem is, as well as you two being brother and sister, your twin's born by your twin parents incestuous relationship. That could double up any abnormalities in the gene pool so children you have could inherit lots of problems!

I urge you, please don't go ahead with your mutual impregnation plan! I'm so sorry to give you this news that I'm sure will devastate your lives.

If you don't believe me I'll understand, its all entirely my fault but things just happened, we were only human after all. If you don't hate me too much already there's more details in the other envelope plus some photos of your mother!'

We were both sobbing now, completely shattered by these incredible revelations. We hugged each other shaking uncontrollably, with great difficulty I tried to speak. "Carol this is-- implausible – outlandish, can't be true can it?"

Carol looked sadly into my eyes and sobbed out, "Its staggering if it's true, Ken, surly it's impossible – perhaps Jack's just jealous of you?" "Yes of course," I replied with some relief, although I dare not let on I knew Jack had been shagging my wife. "Lets just ignore it Carol and start making our babies?"

Carol seemed more in control now but said, "I want your babies so much Ken, but I think we should just check the rest of the letter and photos to see how far he will go to try to kid us?" I wasn't sure about this but against my real inclination I agreed. With shaking hands I lifted out the next sheet and began to read it out loud.

"You have birth certificates that show you as being Ken Smith born on the 21st of June and your wife as Carol Jones born on the 10th of July the same year.

The truth is these are forgeries I had made up to protect you, or so I thought. You're really Ken Brown born on the 31of July at 11.45 your wife is Carol Brown your twin born on the 1st of august at 0.25.

We left you on the steps of an orphan's home; Carol was abandoned at a police station over a thousand miles away from you a month later. I'd had the fake birth certificates made so that we couldn't be traced and nobody could guess you were born of our incestuous relationship. Your own certificate was left with each of you and we hoped they wouldn't check up on the authenticity of them.

So you see there should have been no way you would be connected as siblings. We thought it was for the best. It was only a month ago that I was able to trace you both. It took me a long time to piece together what had happened to you in the intervening years.

It was purely coincidental that Carol was moved to the same home as you. It seems the manager of the northern home where the police had taken your sister moved south to take over the home that you were also living in.

They wanted to adopt the beautiful blond blue-eyed girl and got permission to transfer her when they moved. Unfortunately his wife died and Carol was put up for adoption again. When another couple picked out our lovely daughter she was toddling round with a blond boy.

You were the other child and they adopted both of you believing you were unrelated, as it seems your fake certificates hadn't been queried. For some reason they didn't change your names to theirs but left you with these false ones.

So you were brought up thinking you came from different families and married. Legally your marriage isn't valid, if the truth got out it would be annulled. However you didn't know you were related so were blissfully unaware you were committing incest!"

I could write so much more but it would be better if I could meet you both and answer the many questions you must have, then it gives his phone number.

That was the end of the letters, "What do you think Ken?" Carol said with a quiver in her voice. "I—don't really know Carol," I replied, "The man knows our names and that our birth certificates were found with us, but he could have found this out from the homes records! Well I suppose we'd better check the photographs?" "Ok," she replied with tension still evident in her tone.

I picked out the first print and it startled both of us, as it was an exact copy of the one Carol had treasured since it was left with her when she was abandoned. The second print made us both gasp, it looked like a picture of me and Carol dressed in old-fashioned clothes. But what made it more poignant was the two babies in the woman's arms. The words on the back spelled out Jack and Jenny Brown with their twins Carol and Ken.

This was the clincher, "What shall we do Ken?" Carol said in a panicky voice, without discussing the photos, there was no point as it was now cut and dried Jack was telling the truth after all. I felt faint but replied. We'd better phone Jack and get him to fill us in with the details don't you think!" "Yes," Carol said in a quiet voice, I'd better phone him as I've met him before.

God yes she'd met him all right, he'd fucked her kitty, bum and mouth, shagged his own daughter, that was deliberate incest after all! My own father had cuckolded me; the trouble was I wasn't supposed to know that was I. So I just mumbled "OK." My wife kissed me and said, "I want babies so much Ken I was so looking forward to making them with you, now --- I just don't know."

Carol phoned and arranged the meeting, when Ken our father arrived he hugged us both and said how happy he was to meet me for the first time, as he already knew Carol. I thought yes you know her in the biblical sense as well, but couldn't let on at that moment perhaps I'd tackle him about it when Carol wasn't around.

Jack our father said, "I'm sorry we weren't around to look after you. I'll explain it a bit at a time if that's alright?" We both nodded agreement while still stunned by the turn of events. "Don't try to make sense of it all at once just ask me questions," Jack said,

"I'll answer them and we can try to get our lives into some order again.

I asked him, "Jack, you said in your letter you arranged forged birth certificates for us, how come you could get ones that were so authentic looking they were taken as real?" Carol said, "Yes Jack I was wondering that as well?

Jack answered, "Well my children the reason was that your birth certificates were authentic forms filled in correctly, it was just the information that was bogus. Jenny had given birth to you but she'd refused to name the father. As she said she was in enough trouble as it was without others knowing her own brother had impregnated her in an incestuous act.

We wanted you two to have legitimate birth certificates as far as possible, it was your mother Jenny that came up with a possible solution. Our next-door neighbour Jane worked in the office that issued the certificates. Jenny told me to beg the lady to take a couple of copies for us, as she reasoned if she asked her the woman may insist on knowing who the father was first.

Now do you want me to tell you just the bare bones of what happened or all the grizzly details?" Carol answered, "Please tell us everything that you and our mum did, don't hold anything back, I need to know all the whys and wherefores so I can get my head around my, our changed lives!" I agreed with her so he started to answer this part of his tale.

"Jane was a big fat lady of indeterminate age," Jack said, "who did little to look after her appearance. We both felt sorry for her however as her husband was a massively fat drunkard who we could hear through the adjoining wall of our semis screaming abuse at her when he returned drunk from the pub he frequented every night.

It was common knowledge he was a wife beater and poor Jane was seldom without a black eye or other evidence of this revolting mans violence. However she never reported the beast, making excuses for her bruises, like she'd hit herself on a door. I'd overheard her confide to another woman that she accepted this as part of married life. She said she'd taken her vows seriously to love and obey her husband and in any case had nowhere to run to.

The husband Alf who always smelt of alcohol had no such qualms, loudly proclaiming that all females were sluts for his amusement. The drunkard would try to grab any female's breasts or arse if he got near enough. Leering at them while he made remarks about their bodies, telling them not to be silly when they inevitably pulled away in disgust. He proclaimed in self-righteous tones he knew they all wanted him to fuck them, or accused then of being lesbians for resisting his charms.

We both felt sorry for Jane and when I called one evening to ask her for help, she was sympathetic to my request. However she said she was too scared to steal the certificates, as she'd lose her job if they found out. As her disgusting husband had never worked a day in his life they depended on her money to live and the beast expected enough for his boozing. Jane started to cry saying Alf would do for her if she couldn't provide his beer money he considered was his right.

She started to cry so I held her in my arms to comfort her. Then holding on to me tight she told me her other problems. She said she was thirty-nine years old; the poor woman looked more like fifty to me with her fatness, unkempt look and lined face from perpetual worrying.

She went on to say that she'd married to have children, but Alf who was twenty years older than her didn't as he said it would use up his beer money. Then the poor woman really shocked me by saying, "Jack do you know I'm still a virgin after nearly twenty years of marriage? Alf won't have vaginal sex with me in case he makes me pregnant and it affects his lifestyle.

By now I'd heard more than I wanted to know and tried to get her back to obtaining our certificates. She hadn't finished however and continued, "Jack he won't give me a baby but he still makes me have sex with him the way he demands.

Jack he buggers me, he sticks his little cock up my arse or makes me suck him off!

That's if he can get it up with his usual brewers droop. But that's not all he lays me down on my front and spanks my bum with his hand, belt or cane.

When he's made my buttocks red raw he stuffs his fist inside my vagina and pumps it in and out roughly. Calling me a slag and accusing me of fucking every male in the neighbourhood while he's out boozing, which is completely untrue.

The terrible thing is after all that abuse although I try not to, I cum, I've got used to being abused, even to like it in a perverse way. I'm just as bad as my ogre of a husband; after all Alf says I'm fat and ugly so no other man would look at me! Do you think its all my fault Ken for being so unattractive for him?"

I looked into her tear filled unmade up eyes, the poor woman was not pretty but she had the lost vulnerability of a child. I held her closer and said, "Your husband's wrong you're a very attractive woman!" Then kissed her tenderly.

This was meant to be just a peck to reassure her but it released all her pent up emotions in an avalanche of repressed passion. She fastened her lips on mine holding me to her in a vice like grip. She kissed me and forced her tongue into my mouth, despite myself I was responding to this big soft woman.

Soon her hand forced its way into my trousers and grabbed my cock that she started to wank slowly. Jane said, "Jack please take pity on me, make love to me, if you do in exchange I'll get the certificates you want and have them filled in and counter signed, anything you say if you'll just fuck my cunt!

What could I do but say yes? I hadn't fancied this old looking fat woman, but I was sorry for her and as she'd made my cock hard I was easily persuaded. Jane literally ripped my clothes from my body and stripped herself nude in seconds. Still keeping me hard with her wanking hand.

I looked at her body her massive boobs were not firm like Jennies but hung down with their own weight to her navel. I'd never seen anything like this and far from being put off it made me lust for her body. I buried my face into her pendulous breasts and sucked on her two inch long distended teats.

When I'd feasted on them for several minutes I had a burning desire to suck her kitty so licked my way down over her big flabby tummy to her over fat thighs. Jane didn't trim her pubic hairs that was certain as I forest of thick black thatch met my lips. I was having difficulty finding her pussy between her rolls of fat and the copious hair.

But she spread her legs wide and back over her head, opening her pussy lips wide with her hands. The sight was erotic in the extreme her outer lips were massive, hanging like two slabs of dark brown liver, while her inner labia were soft and pink like a young girls.

At the top of her vee this surprisingly sexy woman had a clitoris over two inches long sticking out from its hood, quite obviously engorged with blood by her passion. Lower her virgin vulva was like a bright red cavern that had been widened by her violent husbands pumping fists.

I had to have this wonderful woman's cunt, in her case that was the only description, it was too huge and earthy to be called a pussy or kitty! I said, "I've got to fuck you Jane where are the condoms?" "Silly boy," Jane replied, "That prat refuses to use one or have them in the house. But don't worry, fuck me bare back and impregnate me if you can, I want a baby desperately and I can tell him he missed my bum hole when he was drunk and did me properly!

Within seconds I put my cock right into her and with the first thrust broke her hymen. She gasped but grabbed my bum and pulled as much of my nine-inch cock in her as possible as she writhed it continuous orgasms. Screaming at the top of her voice, "Fuck me Jack, cum up me lover, impregnate my womb, do meeee!

I could feel her two massive wet labia slapping against my balls, my throbbing cockhead caressing the velvety walls of her clasping cunt. Then my cock head met the soft end of her tunnel and was clasped by a second warm ring deep inside her tube, which pulsated around my cock head.

The extra stimulation was so exquisite I couldn't hold on any longer and shot my wad right into her womb, I grunted, "I love you Jane I'm putting my baby in your fat cunt now!" Yesss she screamed, make me have your baby give me as many as possible, twins, triplets I don't care just fuck your sperm right up me.

Even then we couldn't stay still, Jane was still writhing in continuous orgasms with the release of years of sexual tension. With such an intense internal cunt muscle massage my cock didn't deflate and we fucked solidly for over an hour. Jane having countless earth shaking orgasms and me spewing four loads of cum into her unprotected and completely vulnerable uterus.

We were so engrossed in our shagging marathon neither of us noticed the time and the spell was broken by the sound of her drunken husband stumbling and crashing up the only stairs. I was trapped; the monster would kill me for cuckolding him for sure!

Jane said, bloody hell, get into the wardrobe and I'll let you out when he drops into his drunken stupor. "I'd just managed to gather my clothes and hide naked in the closet before her drunken husband burst into the bedroom.

The beast shouted, "Have you been fucking all the men in the street again you slut!" Jane replied, "No husband just one toy boy tonight!" "Don't you be cheeky to me you fucking slag!" the drunkard yelled, "I'll whip you for that" With that he laid her across the bed with her big fat arse towards me as I watched through the slats of my enforced prison. He ripped the knickers off that she'd hastily donned before he arrived.

If he hadn't been so drunk he'd have seen the white streams of my spunk running like a stream from her vagina. He didn't notice the sticky goo and started to slap her arse time after time until it was red. My first instinct was to rush out and punch him to the ground but it would give us away. Then I noticed with surprise I was becoming turned on by watching this happen, I was enjoying being a voyeur to others sex acts.

He'd finished beating her and dropped his trousers and baggy underpants and shoved his small cock up her arse hole. In just three thrusts his fat bum twitched as he came and immediately pulled it out. Then violently he thrust his whole fist inside her massive cunt, not noticing the cream pie of my spunk and her juices. She shuddered in orgasm from his violent entry but he didn't seem to care, he wanted dominance over her not for her to get pleasure.

Within seconds he'd collapsed onto the bed and was snoring in a deep drunken sleep. Jane opened my temporary prison door and noticed my once again hard cock. She looked at me and said, "So you enjoy watching others sex acts as well then Jack, we mustn't waste this opportunity must we?" "Lets get downstairs then." I said. But she'd have none of it and pulled my cock into her cunt right there on the bed where her husband was still sleeping it off.

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