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Pee'ing in Love

by PLJ©

During the drive to his house, which takes about 45 minute, I realized I should have gone to the restroom at the restaurant before we left. As we walked up to the front door I really had to pee, and I knew that when we walked inside into the warm air I would just about explode.

We hurried up the front walk to the door, and my boyfriend William (Will) whom I am really in love with, followed behind me. I stood waiting at the door, and as he usually does he put his arms around me and started to kiss me. I whispered in his ear that I really had to go to the bathroom, and please let me in the house. He responded by unbuttoning my jeans and sliding his hand down the front of my panties. I just about froze. His hand was now covering my vagina. And his fingers were playing with my clitoris. He gently held me in his arms, and carefully played with me. I again whimpered to him that I really had to pee. And could we finish what he was starting after I pee’ed. He simply kept holding me in his arms. I just melt when he holds me. Then he whispered back something to me, and I just about fell over. “Go ahead Lisa” he said, “You can pee right now” “here?” I said “Yes darling” he responded, I knew I couldn’t hold it much longer and that this was a loosing battle of wills. I whispered in his ear again asking if I could go pee in the bathroom, but he held me close. I had no choice, and put my arms around his neck and gave in to him. I started to let loose very slowly, hoping that he would decide to let me pee in the bathroom if he felt me getting wet. But as you can imagine, no luck. I pee’ed just a little and squeezed it to stop. He felt me squeezing and slowly pushed his finger into my vagina I couldn’t squeeze and let him in so I relaxed and began to pee right there. I felt the pee running down the insides of my legs, I was so embarrassed and felt him rubbing my vagina. He could feel me pee’ing, just like a little girl, I pee’ed my pants.

He started kissing me and telling me that it was ok. “I love you,” he said. “You are sharing more and more of yourself with me.” “I want to know everything about you” he said I felt so good being in his arms. I continued to pee, and wanted to be held by him and him alone.

Since the neighbors are not close at all, I knew only he would see me now with pee stained jeans. He slowly began to unzip my jeans and began pulling them down my legs “We are outside take me inside your house if you are going to strip me.” I said, what if someone drives by?” but he continued to pull my jeans off, I stepped out of them, and stood in front of him in my wet panties, and my white top. My socks and shoes were wet from the pee, and of course he began removing them too. I wanted to go in the house and be with him, be he didn’t make any move to open the door at all.

He started lifting up my top, and I obliged by lifting my arms over my head. There I stood, with wet panties and my bra outside my boyfriend’s house. I was becoming more and more embarrassed, “Please take me inside, please,” I begged but no response. Then he put his arms around me again and kissed me. I put my arms around his neck and moved as close to him as I could. Then I heard a car coming down the road. “Oh my god… a car, take me inside, someone will see me.” But he stood still and held me. The car drove by without stopping. I felt him release the clasp on my bra and I shuttered. It was plain now to me that he intended to strip me naked outside. “Oh please take me inside.” I said. “Please” I was now very embarrassed, and wanted to hide from anyone but him. He held my clothes in one hand and then put his arms around me again.

His kisses were as tender and loving as I had ever known. I felt him moving his hands down my back, I squirmed a bit to slow him, but I knew what was next. His fingers went inside my panties and then started to pull them down. “I, I oh please no” I said, but he continued, until I was standing in front of him, outside, naked, The cool night air felt cold against my wet skin and he stepped back to look at me. I stood coy and embarrassed in front of him, and could feel the pee on my skin.

He put his arms around me and began kissing me again; I put my arms around his neck and stood naked next to him brushing my nude body against him. His kisses were so sweet that I became lost in his love.

My intoxication with him was halted when I heard a car pull into his drive way behind us. “Oh no its Mark and Tammy” I said “They can’t see me like this. Let me in the house now” I shouted. Will just stood there and said, “wait and see”.

Mark got out of the car and walked around to Tammy’s side, and I could see he had to unlock the door from the outside, strange but I had worse things to think about. I stood behind Will trying to hide myself while trying to grab my clothes from him.

Mark finally opened the door but Tammy would not get out of the car. I saw Mark pull on what looked like a leash and Tammy reluctantly got out of the car. She stood behind Mark and was also naked a black collar was around her neck and not a stitch of clothes on.

Mark walked towards us and pulled Tammy along by the collar, she resisted a bit but finally walked behind him trying to hide behind him as best she could. I hide behind Will, but realized soon that Mark would be close enough that he would see me naked. I started to cover myself with my hands, and then Will stepped aside so Mark could see me. I was so embarrassed I was blushing from head to toe I pushed Will to try to get behind him again, but that didn’t work so their I stood facing the house naked knowing that Mark was eyeing me up from behind.

Will was watching Mark and Tammy walk towards the house, and yelled his hellos to them. Mark yelled back as he got closer. They seemed to be having a great time at our expenses, but I couldn’t do anything about it. As our friends got closer I looked around and noticed that Tammy was wearing what appeared to be a very small white strap around her waist. As she came closer I saw that she was wearing a kotex and belt poor Tammy, not only was she stripped naked in front of my boy friend, but she was having her period too. I could see she was blushing bright red from what was happening, but was obediently following her guy.

Will turned to me and took me by the shoulders and wheeled me around so now I was facing Mark and Tammy as they walked up. As Mark got closer I felt him eyeing me up and down, Will did the same with Tammy. Both Tammy and I are shaved bare from our necks down, so there was no problem for Mark to see my womanhood clearly.

Mark started up the steps and noticed the puddle and asked, “what happened here?” Will was about to say something but stopped, and looked at me I was now bright red. Would he tell them what I had done? “Lisa would you tell our friends what this is about” he said. I was now almost tearing up, I felt betrayed, and exposed. “ I looked up at Will and whispered in his ear “don’t make me say it…please, don’t.” Will looked at Mark and said “well my little Lisa had a accident and pee’ed her pants, so I took them off her so they could be washed later, and then continued to strip her until well you see her now.” I was now more embarrassed than I have ever been. But looking at Tammy I noticed she was trying to hid behind Mark, and then he stepped aside to expose Tammy. She was blushing too, but all that was visible of her private parts were her tits, which were round and perfect. The pad she wore between her legs covered her vagina so Will could not see her most private parts.

Will, not having seen a belt and pad before (I wear tampons, which he has changed numerous times) walked to Tammy and looked carefully at the pad and belt. Tammy was clearly very embarrassed she moved to stand behind Mark, but that didn’t work, he just moved away. I saw Tammy move close to Mark, and she whispered something in his ear. He motioned to the grass, and said, “There will be fine. “ Tammy whimpered a bit and stayed standing beside Mark. “Well since our girls seem to be exposed, why don’t we have some fun.” said Will.

He took me in his arms and began kissing me again, I was very uncomfortable being naked and being fondled, but I started to melt in his arms again. Will kissed me so gently that I started to get excited. We sat in a big outside chair together (me in his lap) Wills hands made their way between my legs. I started to spread them instinctively. I had forgotten about our friends watching us. Will started softly stroking my clitoris. And I started pushing my hips towards him.

Tammy and Mark made their way the other large outside chair and she was seated on his lap too. From our position Will could see Tammy clearly. Mark slowly moved his hands over Tammy’s pad, and then began stroking her. You could see that Tammy was uncomfortable. I heard them talking and then Tammy got up off Marks lap. She walked about 10 feet from us and then moved behind a tall shrub. Mark said “Tammy out here where we can all watch.” I looked up to see Tammy slowly moving out from behind the shrub, and then she slowly started to pull down on the belt that was around her waist. “ Mark, please come here.” Tammy said, Mark walked over to Tammy, and put his arms around her. I saw his hands moving down Tammy’s back, he hooked the belt with his fingers and pulled down. The belt and attached pad that was now visibly stained red was on the ground between Tammy’s legs. He pulled her forward and she stepped out of the belt and pad, and left them lay on the grass. Mark walked behind Tammy took her by the shoulders and turned her facing the two of us on the chair. He slowly started to rub his fingers over her butt, and she started to blush “Mark, do I have to?” Tammy asked, “Yes Tammy when you are ready” “But I want you to tell all of us when you are ready to start understand?” “Yes Mark I do.” said Tammy.

Tammy was as bright red as I have ever seen her. She stood naked facing my boyfriend and me, with just a small stain of blood running down the inside of her legs, and then I heard her say, “ Will, Lisa I have to pee. Please watch me Mark wants you to watch me pee.” I could see that she was almost crying when she said this to us. Mark moved both hands around Tammy, placed them on either said of her vagina and pulled her open slightly. Tammy stated to pee, and sprayed pee at least two feet in front of her. She laid her head back onto Marks shoulder so she didn’t have to look at us watching her pee.

Mark held her upright until she was done; He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a small vibrator, and began slowly pushing it into Tammy. She naturally opened herself and took the vibrator inside her vagina, and Mark turned it on “Ohhh “ she moaned. We could see that Mark was now nearly holding her upright. He continued to excite her until she was pushing her hips towards the vibrator. I saw Mark whisper something into her ear. And then Tammy whimpered again.

I continued to push my hips until I was very excited and asked Will if he wanted me to cum. “Will, can I cum.” I asked. Will slowly kissed me and I moved to the next level of excitement. I pushed my hips again and again into Wills fingers “Will please darling may I cum.” “No darling” was all I heard.

Tammy was now so close I heard her ask Mark something then she cried out to Will and I “Please, Will, please oh please may I cum” Will responded with a swift “No Tammy not yet you are not to cum yet.”

I felt that I was now so close that I was going to cum no matter what my William told me, and I told him so. “Will, please let me cum I have to, I just have to” I felt him push his fingers into me and he moved to my g-spot, deep inside of me. I cried out and I pushed my hips towards his fingers.

At the same moment both Tammy and I bore down and begged our boyfriends if we could cum and they both looked into our eyes, and responded with “Yes my darling. Cum for me and I want to see you wet yourself” I started to cum and cum. I started to pee uncontrollably. Will looked up at Tammy and she too was cumming, she was pee’ing and her blood from her period was now flowing from her.

We both lay back in the chairs and were nearly asleep.

I awoke to the feeling of someone wiping me. I looked up and to my shock Mark was wiping my vagina with a soft wet washcloth. He spread my vaginal lips and wiped deep inside of me. He gently wiped me dry, and kissed me on the forehead.

I looked over to Tammy and saw Will doing the same to her. She was somewhat uncomfortable, and the cloth was showing the redness from her period. She was clearly not enjoying the cleaning, but could do little to stop it. Will pulled out a tampon from my purse, opened it and slowly interested it into Tammy. Tammy pushed her hips towards Will to make the insertion easier.

We both dressed and went into the house for a nights sleep.

Written by: PLJ

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