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Sensitive Research Ch. 07

by Bob_Aganoush©

I strongly suggest you read the earlier chapters of the series, as they provide important context about the characters and themes of the series.


With Lady Amber leading her by the hand over to her submissive client Nicole, Tara looked at me once again, with eyes begging me to rescue her. I knew I could not stop Lady Amber, or LA as I called her in my notes, given how I had submitted myself to her yesterday. I glanced away from Tara's terrified-looking eyes and busied myself in the notes on my laptop.

Tara started to say something to LA, but before she could get the first word out of her mouth, LA stopped and put a finger to her lips, mouthing a quiet, "Shh." Knowing that I would not protect her, and unable to resist herself, she gave in and allowed LA to continue to walk her over to her client. I looked up from my laptop screen, and when they reached the sofa, LA switched her hand from gripping Tara's to placing it gently on the back and guiding it to Nicole's wide ass. Still holding the back of it, she moved it along first one cheek, touching every square inch, and then the other. She repeated this, so that she had run her hand twice over each of Nicole's pink-marked hemispheres. She then lifted Tara's hand up and released it.

She walked to the front of the sofa where Nicole's head was, and reaching down, said, "Open." Nicole must have opened her mouth, as LA retrieved her panties and dropped them on the floor next to the sofa. "You're very well marked, my pet," LA said to Nicole. "Did the touching help soothe you?"

"Yes, Mistress Amber," the submissive responded, "thank you for easing my pain."

"Oh, it's not me you should be thanking," LA chuckled in response. "That was Tara who was helping soothe you."

I could not see the look on Nicole's face, with her head buried in the cushions of the sofa, but her body seemed to jerk in response to this news. "Yes, my little slut, Tara is participating in your debasement. Do you have a problem with that?"

"No, ma'am," she responded, without hesitation.

"Good, because you know when you are here for a session, I call all the shots and you'll do everything I say, won't you?"

"Yes, ma'am."

LA patted her gently on the head. "That's a good girl."

Tara again started to say something, and once again, LA put a finger to Tara's lips. She took Tara's hand, led her back to me, and bent down to quietly whisper in my ear - loud enough for Tara and me to hear, but not loud enough for Nicole to hear us. "I'd like you both to step outside with me for a minute."

I rose, placing my laptop on the chair, and joined LA and Tara as they headed for the door. LA did not say anything to her client, who I gathered was used to being left in the session room in the past while LA stepped out of the room.

We walked up the stairs, and LA closed the door behind us. LA asked Tara, "Are you interested in gaining some firsthand experience as part of your research, Tara?"

"I don't know," she responded, looking at me. "Would that be ethical?" she asked.

"Well, there is some tradition in psychology of participatory research," I responded. "It's somewhat rare, but not unheard of. I'm okay with it if you are."

Tara hesitated a few seconds before she said, "I was thinking about continuing this line of work in my own dissertation research, so maybe it would be helpful for me to get this kind of experience." Turning to me, she asked, "But shouldn't you be gaining this experience as well."

Before I could answer LA jumped in. "Oh, don't worry about her, Tara. She's older than you and I'm sure has had many more experiences than you have," she responded somewhat ambiguously, but with a sly smile on her lips.

I certainly didn't want this conversation to go any further, afraid that the topic of what LA did to me yesterday would come up, so I thought quickly on my feet and came up with another reason. "Besides, one of us needs to be taking notes, so I'll do that while you are participating."

With a shrug of her shoulders, Tara responded, "Alright, if you're both okay with it, I'm game. What do I need to do?"

"Great," LA said, clapping her hands. "You just follow my lead, and I'll guide you through everything. Do you promise to do that, and do everything I ask of you? I don't want to have any more interruptions in this session with Nicole."

Tara looked a little hesitant, but LA came over, put her arms around her and gave her a hug, patting the back of her head in a maternal fashion. "It will be just fine, sweetie, trust me - you'll enjoy it and I think you'll gain some great experience. You do trust me, don't you?" As she said this, she was looking over Tara's shoulder and right into my eyes, bringing back to me the memories of my session with LA yesterday. Another smile came to her lips, and she winked at me. I wasn't sure what she intended to do, but I felt that I could not call a halt to things at this point, and had to let her continue.

This must have been enough to convince Tara, because she pulled back, and said, "Okay, let's go." The three of us headed back down the stairs, LA first, followed by Tara, and then me. I went back to the chair, picked up my laptop, and sat down. Tara stood in the middle of the room, waiting her instructions.

"Okay, my pet, we're back after a little break. Are you ready to continue?"

"Yes, Mistress Amber," Nicole responded. She must have been very well trained by LA, as it appeared that she had not moved an inch during the time we were gone. She was still head down on the sofa, her large ass stuck up in the air and her large tits splayed out beneath her body, each nipple clamped with the chain running between the two.

LA walked back to the dresser, reached in to grab something, and headed back to the sofa. As she approached, I could see that she had in her hand what looked like a set of small balls that were centered on a thin, rigid plastic cord, along with a small bottle of something. I knew from my research that the balls were anal beads, as their size grew from small on one end to larger on the other. The largest appeared to be about the size of a ping pong ball, and just beyond that last bead the plastic cord ended in a large plastic ring about an inch and half in diameter. I surmised that the bottle in her other hand must have been some kind of lubricant. She handed both to Tara, who took them, and she returned to the dresser. She opened up a deep drawer at the bottom and took out a large towel. She came back to the sofa, and unfolding it, placed the towel between Nicole's spread legs so that it ran from about her knees up to where her breasts were flattened against the sofa cushion.

"Okay, slut, I'm going to be giving some instructions to Tara here, so she'll be participating in parts of the rest of the session." LA handed the bottle of lube to Tara. "Go ahead and drip some of this down her crack, sweetie." Tara looked a little surprised at this term of endearment, as was I, but she quickly took the lube, flipped open the top, and held it an inch or so above the top of Nicole's crack. She squeezed, and the liquid began to drip from the bottle, slowly at first, but with a slightly stronger stream as she applied more pressure. I watched the viscous liquid begin to run down her crack. It was quite thick, so it took a few seconds for it to reach her puckered asshole, pool there a bit, and then continue down past her perineum. A few drops stuck onto the bottom of Nicole's labia. Nicole's wide ass shook a little bit in reaction to this stimulation of her ass and labia. I could see her breathing was getting heavier, and took note of this on my laptop.

"That's enough," LA said, her voice waking me from my reverie. Tara recapped the lube, and put it on the coffee table next to where Nicole had put her clothes. "You want to make sure everything is well coated in there, so take your fingers and rub in the lube." Tara hesitated once again, I assume because she was unsure whether she could really do this. But she must have gotten her resolve up, because she took a finger and gently rubbed the lube around the crack. I could see everything very clearly, and it appeared that she was doing her best to avoid Nicole's rosebud and labia, however. When she finished, LA reached down, picked up Nicole's panties, and handed them to Tara with a smile. Tara took them, looking at LA quizzically. LA mimed wiping her hands, and Tara got it, and began using the panties to wipe the lube off of her hands. She placed the panties, now soaked with lube as well as Nicole's saliva and pussy juices, on the table.

LA took the anal beads and brushed them into Nicole's crack, running them up and down, and rotating them as she did so. I gathered that she was getting them lubed up as well. She then handed them by the ring to Tara. "Go ahead and begin guiding them in from the smallest bead first, sweetie."

Tara got closer to Nicole. She began to do what LA had commanded, but before she got the first bead near to Nicole's rosebud, she stopped. "I don't know if I can. . .," she started.

But before she could get anymore out, LA interrupted her. "Go ahead," she said in a stern, commanding voice. "You agreed to do everything I said, didn't you?" Tara meekly nodded her head up and down. "Besides, she's such a slut that she loves having things shoved up her ass." She patted Nicole's back a couple of times. "Don't you, my pet?"

"Yes, Mistress," the client responded.

"Yes, what?" LA asked her.

"Yes, I like having things shoved up my ass."

"That's a good girl," LA said, again patting her back. "Go ahead, Tara." And once again with the stern voice, "And please don't challenge my commands again."

"Okay," Tara said, somewhat reluctantly. She took the smallest bead, and guided it to Nicole's crinkled rosebud. With two fingers on either side, she gave it a little shove, and it popped right in. Nicole did not move a muscle as she did this.

"Keep going," LA said, "get them all in there."

There must have been about ten beads on the cord, and one by one, Tara repeated what she had done with the first. By about halfway, I could see Nicole begin to respond, with a slight clenching of her ass, as if she was trying to resist the intruder. By the second to last, this was accompanied by a slight grunt emanating from her lips. Finally, Tara got the last one in, leaving only the large plastic ring protruding from Nicole's ass.

"That's a good little pet," LA said, "you've had much bigger things in that fat ass of yours, so you shouldn't be complaining about this."

"Okay Tara, now I want you to get behind her on the sofa, and begin to rub her outer labia between your thumb and forefinger." The way LA said this, it was almost like she was giving clinical instructions to a nursing student.

Tara looked at LA, and then at me, as if to plead for someone to stop the proceedings. "Please Amber, I've never touched another woman. . . ."

Again, LA cut her off. She grabbed Tara's wrist, and almost dragged her over to where I sat. Once more, she lowered her voice so that only the two of us could hear her, and began a measured, yet stern tirade that was clearly directed at both of us. "Look, I'm going to say this only one more time. You agreed to this, and I'm not letting you back out. Either you both do as I tell you, or I will throw the two of you out of here right now. And not just that, but I'll also withdraw my consent for participation in the study, and instruct my clients not to speak to you as well. And one more thing: I'll put the word out to every domme I know that the two of you can't be trusted, so your study will effectively be shut down. So what's it going to be?" She glared at both of us, daring us to challenge her. I was afraid that she was going to expose to Tara her dominance of me yesterday, as a way of blackmailing me into supporting her. But she stopped there, and just waited for a response.

I was shocked by the swiftness and tone of this demand. But I knew that I couldn't force Tara into something she was uncomfortable with, as that would be a huge breach of professional ethics, and if Tara reported it to the university, I would be in big trouble. I felt that I had to protect her, even if LA's threat could in fact pull the plug on my study. I could see there was a tear in the corner of one of Tara's eyes. I said to her in a low voice as well, "Tara, it's okay, if you're not comfortable with what's going on, we'll walk away from this."

She sniffled and rubbed the tear away from her eye with one finger. I knew she felt conflicted; she was clearly troubled by what was going on, but I also knew that she was very loyal to me. Our relationship was more than one of professor and research assistant; we had become friends, and even more so with what had transpired in our hotel room last night.

"No, Susan, I'm okay, I can do it," she responded softly. "I want to support the study, and as I said, I know that this will help me in preparing for my own research. Just give me a second to pull myself together."

LA looked at me, as if daring me to contradict Tara's acquiescence. She knew I would not, but gave me a look anyway. She turned back to Tara. "Good, we'll proceed when you're ready." Turning back to me, she spat out, "But I mean it - one more time, and it's over." I simply nodded, acknowledging the terms of our agreement.

Tara reached down next to the chair in which she had been sitting, and retrieved her purse. She opened it, and pulled out a pack of tissues. Removing one, she dabbed her eye and then blew her nose, placing the used tissue into her purse. She replaced it on the floor. "Okay," she said, with a wan smile across her lips. "I'm ready."

She walked back to the sofa and positioned herself behind Nicole, who was still in the same position in which we had left her. It must have been close to 40 minutes since she had assumed that position, and I wondered to myself how she could do it without cramping up. But again I realized that she must have had much experience with this and was well trained, both physically and emotionally.

LA followed Tara to the sofa, and stood beside it, almost in a supervisory posture. It once again made me think that this was almost like watching a nursing class, but I knew that no nursing class would be conducted in such a fashion. Tara looked up at LA, who gave a nod, and Tara kneeled on the sofa behind Nicole. She tentatively reached her thumb and forefinger out and touch Nicole's left labium. The submissive flinched at Tara's touch, but then her body quieted back down. I could see that Tara was gently rubbing it as she had been instructed. Her body language at first appeared as if she was touching something alien, but after a minute or so, she seemed to settle in and was more comfortable with it.

After a couple of minutes, Tara switched to the other labium, repeating the movements. I was positioned at an angle such that I had a clear view of what she was doing, and I could see a glistening beginning to appear on both of Nicole's labia. At first I thought it was the lube that had gotten down there, but as Tara continued massaging the right labium, I could see a thinner, much less viscous liquid appearing. It was becoming clear to me that Nicole was enjoying what Tara was doing to her, as this was pussy juice starting to leak out of her vagina.

As Tara continued, LA stepped forward to Nicole's head, and grabbed the chain attached to the nipple clamps. She gave a quick tug, eliciting a muffled groan from the mouth of her submissive. She repeated this a few more times, and I could see that even more juices were leaking out of her pussy. Some of them were dripping onto Tara's fingers as she continued to massage Nicole's labia.

LA then stepped back next to where Tara was kneeling. "Okay, sweetie, now I want you to put your fingers into her cunt, and move them in and out." I wondered if Tara was going to be able to comply with this command, but the last tongue lashing that LA laid on her must have done the trick. Without hesitation, she let go of the labium and did as she was told, taking two fingers and pushing them into Nicole's pussy. The submissive was so wet that Nicole met no resistance; her fingers slid easily in and out of her. Nicole was so turned on that the juices were now dripping onto the towel that LA had placed between her legs. With every thrust, Tara's fingers were covered even more in the juices. I took a sniff, and the odor permeating the room confirmed the state of Nicole's arousal.

"Add another finger," LA told her. Tara did as she was told, so that now three of them were moving in and out of Nicole's pussy. There still appeared to be no resistance. Nicole was starting to moan and I could see her back moving up and down as her breathing got deeper, the stimulation clearly having an effect as she grew nearer and nearer to a climax.

As Tara continued this, LA reached for the ring on the anal beads, and gently tugged, so that the largest bead popped out of her ass. This caused Nicole to gasp, and LA repeated this two more times pulling two more beads out of her ass, each one followed by a similar gasp from Nicole. LA took her fingers, and rubbed them underneath where Tara was pistoning her own digits in and out of the submissive, and coated them with her pussy juices. She then rubbed her fingers on the three beads that were outside of Nicole's ass, and holding onto the largest bead, swiftly pushed them back into her crinkled rosebud. They went right in without any resistance, her ass was so opened and ready. LA repeated this two more times.

"Mistress," Nicole panted, "I'm close to cumming."

"Oh no, you don't," LA responded, "no cumming without my permission."

"Arrgghh," Nicole grunted, clearly trying to do her best to stop herself from orgasming. Tara looked at LA questioningly, as if asking if she should stop. LA shook her head no, and gestured for Tara to continue. I presumed that she must know Nicole well enough to be able to determine how close she was to her climax.

Nicole's body began to heave even more up and down, and her pussy continued to leak onto Tara's fingers and then down to the towel. Finally, after about another 30 seconds, LA let go of the anal beads ring, grabbed onto Tara's wrist, and yanked her fingers out of Nicole's pussy.

"Awwwwwwww," Nicole screamed. I thought at first she was climaxing, but then she panted, "Please Mistress, I'm so close, please let me cum."

LA again patted her back. "Oh no, pet, not until I say you're ready will you cum. You know that's the rule." Nicole again groaned, but her breathing started to slow down and the dripping from her pussy began to subside. She still had the ring of the anal beads sticking out of her ass.

"We've been working very hard, we need a little break." She walked over to the dresser, reached into the bottom drawer again, and took out two small towels. She wiped her hands with one and then tossed her towel into a hamper next to the dresser. She tossed the other towel to Tara, who did the same.

LA walked over to the other side of the room, where there was a mini fridge. She opened the door, and took out a bottle of what looked like iced tea, and held it out to Tara. Tara nodded her head, got up from the couch, and taking it from her, opened it up and took a drink. LA offered one to me as well, and thanking her, I did the same. She then opened one herself and took a swig.

"That's better," she said, placing her bottle on the table next to Nicole's clothes. "Ok, pet, up you go." Nicole began to rise very slowly off of the couch, and stretched her sore muscles as she stood by the couch waiting for her next command. I smiled as I observed the ring of the anal beads still protruding from her ass. LA picked up the bath towel from the couch and threw it onto the hamper. She removed the blindfold from Nicole's head, who blinked in the now bright light hitting her eyes. "Go kneel in front of the couch," she said, gesturing to a spot on the carpet.

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