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Coming Home

by AlexisPeignoir©

Ellen met Tom at Holton High School where both were small town teens exploring life in the backseats of old Chevys and the hay loft on the family farm. In the town of Holton, the highlight of life was the school prom, who would win the football game, and whether or not college was an option. For most it was going to work after graduation or drifting away to a nearby city for a job in a factory. There were the exceptions. Very few had the courage to break away from tradition and brave the world well beyond the silos, past the steel and paper mills, driving through nondescript towns and bustling cities to eventually making it into a world that only the privileged knew.

Tom had been one of those few who had escaped the cycle of small town life and managed to become an executive at a law firm in New York where he had made a name for himself. Along with that came the trophy wife, two children, a boy and a girl, and the never ending climb up the ladder to becoming an icon in his field. There was the mansion on the hill, the Mercedes, the parties, and then the devastating divorce that left Tom to evaluate his life and face the illusion that he thought would bring him happiness. That was why he was back in Holton aimlessly walking the sidewalk to a small café at the end of town. The Corner Café was still the same as when he left as if caught in a time warp with its checkered table cloths and wood paneling that had darkened over the years from the oil and grease from cooking on a grill. It smelled like home. The scent of home fries, bacon, and eggs filled the room with an air of nostalgia that made him smile.

Back then he was a strapping young man with bright blue eyes, hay colored hair bleached by the sun, re blue jeans, plaid shirts and sported a farmer's tan. He was all of twenty one when he left to discover the world and now thirty years later, his eyes had somewhat dulled, his hair flecked with grey, and his exuberance for life was now that of an old car that had lost its shine.

A waitress who looked as if she had been working at the café too long handed him a menu with the corners worn from being handled too much. Scanning the entrées, he ordered the blue plate special and waited patiently with a cup of coffee in front of him. Outside he could see the skies darken and the few townspeople that were walking along the sidewalk began to hurry on their way either into stores or to their cars before the rain began to fall. The rain started lightly at first then into a steady stream of water that danced when it hit the street in a syncopated rhythm like tiny dancers in a chorus line. It was late in the afternoon and most diners had left the café. By the time he had finished his meal the day was done and night was creeping in like an intruder. Although it didn't stop the rain and from what the waitress had mentioned to the cook earlier, it would continue all night. It didn't matter to Tom. He had no place special to go except the bed and breakfast where he had rented a room. So he was contented to sit at the small table with the checkered tablecloth near the window and watch it rain feeling somehow comforted by the storm.

Several minutes later, a woman ran up the sidewalk with an umbrella over her head in a vain attempt to shield herself from the rain. She stopped under the eave in front of the café door, shook loose the water droplets from the umbrella and closed it before entering the café flustered, but none the less for wear. She hurried past the counter to a table at the far end of the diner and sat down with a sigh glad to be out of the storm. Tom watched as the waitress recognizing the woman immediately brought her a cup of coffee, asked if she wanted the usual and then left. The woman pushed the back the grey wisps of hair from her forehead and settled into her chair. She was older like Tom, but her skin was still smooth, her eyes a deep chocolate brown and when she smiled her face lit up like an angel from heaven. Tom tried not to stare, but the woman had drawn him into her and he recognized her from all those years ago. His heart skipped a beat when he called her by name.

"Ellen?" he said so low that he thought she didn't hear him.

The woman quizzically looked up and turned her head. Tom felt his heart jump when he saw the beautiful woman whom he had known so long ago looking back at him. Her mouth opened in surprise and when she smiled Tom knew it was her.

"Why Tom," she began. "How long has it been?"

Tom returned her smile and shook his head, "Well over thirty years I guess. Time's been good to you Ellen."

The woman blushed and pushed back the grey wisps of hair again that had fallen precariously over one eye. She didn't answer at first, but bit her lip making Tom wonder if he had done the right thing in recognizing her.

"A lot of things have happened," she began.

"Yes, a whole lifetime has happened," he agreed. "Why don't you sit over here by the window with me so we don't have to shout," Tom smiled hoping she would take him up on his offer.

"Well I don't want to impose," Ellen said coyly.

"No bother. Or I can come to you," he suggested.

"No, it's all right. I'll come over there and we can watch it rain together," she answered.

Tom held the chair out for her as Ellen sat down and for several moments they just looked at each other. There were the age lines, the greying of hair, the bodies not quite as trim as they used to be, but neither saw that. Each saw the other as they were all those years ago when they were young and had their entire lives ahead of them. Tom and Ellen knew time had passed, but the gentle yearning for each other that had filled them back then was still as fresh as if it were yesterday. The desire was still there and the attraction that had driven them crazy enough to seek out the back seat of Tom's Ford to satiate the need was turning back the hands of time and it felt good to feel alive again.

He told her of his accomplishments, the kids, the inevitable divorce and the return to Holton to hopefully heal. She told him of her marriage of twenty five years ending when her husband had a heart attack while plowing a field on his tractor. She spoke of her three children who now grown had decided to leave Holton and try their luck on their own by either going to college or in the case of her daughter marrying a man from a nearby town. She told him of her mother being put in a nursing home because of dementia and Ellen afraid for her well-being. It was the nursing home where she had been when she stopped at the café for a bite to eat before heading home. It was all there. The stories, the timelines, the differences and the similarities between them. Tom watched as she ate her dinner and he had another cup of coffee. It was getting late and the waitress brought the check letting both know the diner would close shortly. Tom paid the check for both on his insistence and then they sat waiting for the other to say something that wouldn't end the night as quick as it began.

"It's still early," Tom said. "I hate to say goodbye so soon."

Ellen smiled and the sparkle in her eyes that he remembered from so long ago was still there. It gave him hope. "Would you like to come to my place? It's been a long time since I had company and you are welcomed to say the least."

"I'd love to," Tom said almost relieved for the invite.

They left the diner and Tom followed Emily to her family home which was the farm she had grown up on and she now owned. Once inside, she guided Tom to the living room where she flipped on the lamp near the sofa and sat down. Tom sat next to her where both felt like teenagers about to do "it" for the first time.

"It's been a long time since I've ........" Tom's voice trailed.

"Same for me I'm afraid," Ellen blushed.

Tom looked at Ellen and slid his hand over her cheek feeling the softness of her skin against the palm of his hand. He then drew her to him kissing her firmly on the lips. Ellen closed her eyes as she felt the warmth of his lips on hers. She remembered that kiss from so long ago. It had excited her then and it excited her now. Now lost in him, she never wanted it to end. Tom drew close and slid his arm around the small of her back and she gave way to him wrapping her arms around his back.

"I've missed this," he whispered in her ear.

"From your ex-wife?" Ellen asked.

"No. From you," he said. "I was a fool to let you go."

"You wanted to see the world," Ellen said with tears welling in her eyes.

"I didn't realize my world was right here all along," he confessed.

Ellen held him tighter, "Now what do we do?"

Tom kissed her again, "Well, we could go upstairs and watch it rain from bed."

Ellen giggled like a school girl, "I'll lead the way."

She rose from the sofa, took Tom's hand and led him up the stairs to a room that when the door opened smelled of clean linen and spice reminding Tom of the perfume Ellen used to wear. It enticed him more when he brought her to him and felt her full breasts press against his chest. She fell into his arms and in the darkness they slid into a world that only they remembered and knew.

Tom unbuttoned her blouse, slid it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Then reached behind her to unsnap her bra and gently pulled it off exposing the fullness of her breasts. His hand slid over the mounds and he could feel Ellen catch her breath at his touch.

"I wasn't sure if I had still had it," he chuckled in the darkness.

"You always did like to tease me," she whispered back.

"I'm not teasing," he replied kissing her. "I wasn't sure if I would be good enough......"

She put her fingers to his lips, "You've always been good enough for me. Let's not say anything more about the past. All that matters is right now. This very moment is what's important. Everything else is gone," she replied.

Her words were like a shot of adrenalin to Tom and he grabbed her breasts with his hands and squeezed them feeling the softness give way to his fingers. Her nipples hardened and the rosebuds turned into taut nubs. He leaned over her and ran his tongue over each. First he flicked his tongue over the left one and then the right. He then pulled at them with his fingers making her jump with the exquisite electrical sensation that shot through her. Ellen began to breathe deeply letting it out slowly with every move Tom made when touching her. Tom could feel his shaft grown hard, the length of it pushing against his jeans in protest at being confined. Ellen reached down, unbuttoned his jeans, unzipped the zipper and reached inside his briefs to feel the shaft pulsating at her very touch. Her hand stroked it bringing the sweet juice of his pre-cum to the head of his shaft where she reached over the head, scooped it up with her finger and brought it to her tongue licking it dry.

"It tastes as good as ever," she sighed savoring the saltiness of the liquid.

"You always did like how I tasted," Tom said in a sensual daze of passion.

Ellen sat down on the bed and drew Tom to her where she pulled down his jeans and briefs exposing his shaft and balls that seem to jump out when finally released. She eagerly wrapped her hand around the shaft and began to stroke it while fondling his balls with the other hand.

"You always knew what I liked," Tom said between gritted teeth.

She lowered her head and her lips encircled the head of his shaft sending a burning sensation through Tom that excited him even more.

"Take it," he whispered. "Deep throat it."

Ellen began to lower her mouth over him sucking him in as her tongue ran along the outside ridge of his shaft grating over the flesh enticing his cum to fill it. She slid her mouth up and down his shaft slowly at first with her hand following and stroking behind it then faster as she devoured him deep into her mouth as the pre-cum oozed over the head. Tom reached down to find her nipples and pulled at them. She moaned and sucked harder on his shaft until his legs began to quiver.

"I don't want to cum like this," he managed to say. "I want to please you first."

Ellen slowly released her lips from Tom's shaft, wiped her mouth then pulled off her pants and panties leaving her naked as she stretched out on the bed with her legs parted. Tom wasted no time in removing his own clothing to stand by the edge of the bed naked with his hard shaft bulging and bouncing in anticipation. Climbing between her legs, he knelt bringing his mouth close to the sweet swollen lips of her entrance. He blew at the soft curls of her folds exposing the honey that was to be his. With his tongue he parted her lips and licked her tight rosebud flicking at it until it swelled with desire. He then ran his tongue in a circular motion driving Ellen to the point where her hips gyrated moving involuntarily at his touch. She placed her hands on his head and pushed him into her as he probed her folds, licking her juices and exploring with his tongue. Her hips rose then fell as he used his tongue as a shaft to penetrate her. She ground on his face and bit her lip to keep from cumming too soon. Her own hands now rubbed her breasts and pinched her nipples bringing her nearer to her climax. Tom reached down and stroked his cock with his hand moaning as he licked her pussy at the same time.

"I'm almost there," she managed to say between gulps of air.

Tom brought himself to his knees and positioned himself between Ellen thighs. He stroked his shaft once more until his cum was at the head before inserting it inside Ellen's pussy who moaned with ecstasy at the protrusion of his hardened shaft inside her. Slowly he began to pump her in and out diving deeper and deeper into her well. Ellen grabbed the sheets on either side of her and writhed as Tom brought her closer and closer to her climax. He, nearing his own orgasm, could barely hold back when Ellen whispered hoarsely that she was cumming. His senses overloaded as he let loose his cream inside her as she exploded in her own orgasm drenching cum juice over his shaft. Together they climaxed with her pussy clamped onto his shaft and he shooting stream after stream of his white hot seed inside her.

The years evaporated into thin air. Life as they both knew it disappeared and they were young again, hearts beating as one, bodies joined in sync as they brought each other to their limits and crested on the other side. Spent, Tom collapsed laying his head on her chest while she ran her fingers through his hair. Several minutes later when the world slowly returned, he rolled over to Ellen's side and held her to him as if she might escape and awaken him from a dream.

"Are you staying the night?" she drowsily asked.

"What's for breakfast?" he joked.

"Me," she laughed. "And this time you're not leaving right after."

Tom kissed the top of her head, "I'm not going anywhere. I've finally come home," he said. "I've found what I was looking for."


Written by: AlexisPeignoir

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