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Serving the Masters Ch. 04

by AngiesSiren©

"I knew you would, baby. I knew you'd be my perfect little toy the moment you said you subbed. My perfect, pretty, nasty little slut toy. All mine." Her tone said everything about her. Eve knew from their conversations that Alyson was controlling, strict, and relentless. But now she was beginning to understand that the older woman was also possessive, jealous, and had an ego to rival every arrogant man she'd ever met. They had briefly discussed the possibility of a future power situation, and Eve was starting to think there would be no way of saying no to this demon hidden in a tiny woman's skin. Alyson held out a gloved hand, never taking her eyes off of her slave, and suddenly Darius was there, placing something in her hand. Eve briefly wondered how many girls they had to have so utterly dominated that he always knew when and where to be. Then Alyson was dangling the object in front of her face, and she was audibly swallowing again. It was a collar made of heavy, thick black leather with an array of steel rings around it and a small steel padlock in the shape of a heart dangling from it. Around the entire piece, stitched in bright red, were the words Alyson's Bitch.

"Sit up, slave. I have a gift for you." Eve slowly rolled over onto her knees, almost reluctant to lean forward. A gleam in Alyson's eyes said she noticed, but she made no comment. Instead she slipped the padlock off of the collar and fit it around Eve's neck. Grinning, she placed the padlock back through the smaller steel rings on each end of the collar and locked it with an audible click. It was snug, but not tight enough to be bothersome at least. Alsyon slipped a finger into the gap between it and Eve's neck, having to force it a little, and nodded, satisfied.

"Now then, slave, I'm afraid we observe a strict dress code in this house. A dress code you're disgracefully breaking. I'll have to punish you for that later." The sneer came out again with those words, icy eyes gleaming with the dare for Eve to challenge her. Eve said nothing. Striding back to the duffle bag from the basement, which she had dropped unceremoniously on the floor, she scooped it up and threw it onto the bed next to Eve.

"Open it up. Quickly now, every second you take to get properly dressed is more punishment." Eve almost missed the sadistic grin on Darius' face as she quickly unzipped the bag and turned it over, dumping an assortment of black leather and chain onto the bed. Grabbing at random, she produced a corset criss-crossed a dozen times with straps anchored with steel buckles. Looking questioningly at Alyson, she found a satisfied smile looking back at her.

"I'll help you with that, dear, it takes two people to get in on...properly." She came strutting back over and took it from Eve's hands, shaking a few straps loose so that it hung open. Reaching around her slave, she fitted it against her ribcage. The bottom ran around her waistline, but the top only just hit the bottoms of her breasts, leaving them hanging unhindered. A few deft movements later, and the straps were tightened and buckled down. It was incredibly tight, squeezing down on her ribs and making her take shallower breaths than usual. Alyson again watched her, waiting to see if she'd object, but again Eve said nothing. Satisfied, the older woman grabbed a flap still hanging loose and pressed it up between Eve's breasts, attaching it tightly to the collar at her neck. Not waiting for her to observe her work, Eve immediately turned to pile next to her, now considerably smaller, and grabbed at random again. A curious set of leather stockings came sliding out of the tangle. Giggling softly, Alyson snatched them from her hands and shoved her onto her back. Eve then had the odd sensation of someone else sliding stockings onto her feet and up her legs.

When they reached her upper thighs, small hands grabbed her ankles and yanked her to the edge of the bed, leaving her with her ass and part of her back hanging off. Once again the fabric was tugged up her legs and then a band up to her waist. A hand grabbed her wrist and pulled her to her feet, and Eve had a chance to look at the stockings as Alyson went to work attaching the waistband to the bottom of her corset with buckles she hadn't noticed before. The stockings ran all the way to the bottom of her ass, where thin strips then continued on the sides to a 2-inch waistband. The leather was restrictive, and though the length was close enough to right for the buckles to hold them in place, Eve's dancer thighs were being squeezed somewhat similarly to her ribs. When she had finished with the buckles, Alyson groped her exposed ass heavily with one hand, fingertips pressing against the base of the plug nestled between her cheeks. Eve let out piteous moan as the hard mass pressed a bit deeper into her and Alyson chuckled.

"Still not used to it, dear? You're in for a rough night if that's all it takes to make you squirm." Eve swallowed, the collar suddenly feeling much tighter, and turned her face away from the other woman. Desperate to avoid more punishment, she quickly eyed what was left on the bed, but found herself hesitating as she identified the few remaining objects. Another gag, just as oversized as the first, but this one a ring decorated with chains; long fingerless leather gloves adorned with more straps, rings and buckles; thick ankle cuffs of a similar design; and two ridiculously heavy, short chains fitted on each end with massive steel clamps. Turning Alyson, again with questioning eyes, she simply waited. Alyson smirked in her characteristically deceitful way and reached out, fingering each piece in turn. Finally settling on the chains, she held the shorter one up for Eve to see before sliding one end through a ring in the front of her collar.

Stroking Eve's cheek tenderly, she then clamped the ends down onto Eve's earlobes and locked them in place. It was a mild pain, but the she could tell that the weight of the chain would only increase it over time, and any attempt to look upwards would be painful. Without delay Alyson had the other chain in her hands and was slipping it through the ring as well. This time, however, the clamps went down. It took some hefting of her heavy breasts, but before long they too had been clamped and locked at the nipples. Eve immediately knew these would be her real problem. The chain might have worked for Alyson with her smaller bust, but Eve's DD's, perky as they were, hung far too low for the clamps to attach without strain. The chain was taut, pulling her collar and head down slightly and her breasts up nearly an inch each. She lifted her head slightly and her breasts came with it, tugged roughly by the nipples. She couldn't hold back a small yelp of pain.

"Oh my, a little small for you dear. We can't have that. I won't have you making such noises all night." Eve was relieved at the older woman's concern, until she saw Alyson coming at her with the gag instead of adjusting the clamps. The ring, which she discovered was actually bigger than the ball had been, was unceremoniously wedged behind her teeth, leaving her jaw stretched to it's maximum, before the chains were fed beneath her ear-chain and locked tightly at the base of her neck. Sneering once again, Alyson reached two fingers into the ring and grabbed her tongue, pulling it through and holding it there.

"Yes, I like it this way. Keep this pretty little tongue out here with your pretty little lips dear." Eve obeyed, realizing once again that what little choice she had was useless against the force of Alyson and her own desire. Next came the ankle cuffs, which were simple enough. Finally came the gloves, which came almost completely up to her shoulders and were buckled on as tightly as the corset and stockings. Stepping back, Alyson appraised her work.

"Do a few spins for the camera, sweety." Eve again obeyed, turning slowly several times, aware of how every movement of her head put strain on her ears, breasts, or both. After the fourth spin, Alyson stopped her.

"Very good, slave. Now, bend over the bed. We have your punishment to deal with, once again." She sounded exasperated, as if it was entirely Eve's fault, but the underlying tone of mocking betrayed just how much Alyson was enjoying it. Eve bent over the bed gingerly, burying her face in the blanket to avoid yanking on her nipples. A few seconds of silence followed, and then seemingly out of nowhere the swish of something heavy plowing through the air sounded and a smack on her thighs the likes of which she'd never felt had her screaming at the top of her lungs. Another swiftly followed, and then another. Once again a rhythm of heavy smacks and harsh screams rang out. By the end, Eve had once again lost count of her smacks and her throat was raw. It felt as though her thighs had been hit by a truck, and her legs shook so hard the buckles on her ankle cuffs were jingling. Small hands grabbed the outside of her thighs, holding them steady.

"Now now sweety, don't tremble. It had to be done. didn't have to be done. But you were so hesitant to take my gift earlier, I was worried you didn't quite understand your position." The hands slid up and in, groping and spreading her ass cheeks methodically before the woman they belonged to layed on her back. One hand came up and gripped her hair, turned her head until the tension on her nipple was nearly unbearable. Soft lips brushed against her clamped earlobe.

"But you understand now, don't you? This isn't just a little fun. It's not a fling. This is important. You're mine. My pet, my toy, my slut, my cunt, my slave. I do with you whatever I will, and you allow it. I say, you do. I think, you do. I'm happy, you're happy. I'm unhappy...well, you pay. And you're happy about this. You wanted this. You need this." Eve closed her eyes and trembled in the face of these words. But after only a few seconds, she garbled out an answer as best she could.

"Yes, Mistress." Alyson giggled and sent her tongue delving into her ear before rolling off of her.

"Excellent. Now, I'm afraid my poor, poor hubby has been so very patient waiting for me to break you in. He must be desperate for some attention. Make yourself a useful bitch while I prepare the a few final things." Eve pushed herself up off the bed and turned in time to see Darius approach her. If he had seemed large before, to her he now seemed a giant. He towered over her, a hulking mass of olive-skinned muscle with a hard-on that truly scared her waving in front. His dark eyes were blank, but the solemn lips had been replaced with an eager sneer that rivaled his wife's. Without a word he took her by the waist and lifted her into the air, swinging her onto her belly on the bed. Reaching under her arms, he dragged her forward until her breasts hung past the edge. His cock speared her cheek as she came forward, smearing pre-cum across it. Winding the fingers of both massive hands into her hair, he slowly lifted her face as he reared back and sit the tip of his cock onto her still outstretched tongue. She waited almost with dread, tasting the saltiness, for him to continue, but he simply stopped. She looked up at him and found him watching her, clearly expecting her to begin.

Slowly she licked, drawing the flat of her tongue up and across his broad tip. He released a long sigh, so she repeated the action, noting with some alarm the sheer amount of pre-cum drooling out of it. As she continued to lick nervously, her eyes flicked to the camera still rolling footage in the corner, and found it perfectly placed to catch her in all her humiliation. Then suddenly the bed shifted and Alyson was straddling her ass, grabbing her arms and pulling them straight back. The clink of chains sounded behind her as Darius pressed his cock a little deeper, the tip just sliding through the ring. It was so oversized that even he fit through it, at least she imagined the first few inches would at any rate. She continued to lick and slobber on his cockhead as it continued to drool pre-cum into her mouth, but her attention was focused on Alyson behind her, who was clearly attaching chains to the rings in her gloves. In a short minute she had finished, and Eve found her shoulders burning slightly and herself unable to move her arms from wrist up even the slightest bit. The Alyson was leaning over her head, watching the action.

"Don't be so shy, Darling Husband. She's not going anywhere, and you'll have ample chance at the rest of her throughout the night." Eve shuddered, but no one seemed to notice, and then with a grunt and a tug on her hair she found three inches of thick, throbbing cock stuffed into her mouth and pressing at her throat. She gave a gurgled moan of surprise, but again was ignored. He reared back to the ring and then pumped in again, cock sliding down her tongue and bumping against her throat once again. As he withdrew once more, Eve felt herself being lifted up and her right knee being tucked under her. And then again the cock pressed in, harder this time. The next time her left knee was tucked under, and the cockhead smashed against her throat, causing her to whine in pain. But when he withdrew the next time, he simply held himself there, tip resting on the ring and her tongue as drool ran down her chin and dripped onto her breasts. Then she felt straps being placed around her thighs just above the knee, forcing them apart.

When she tried to move them, she found them locked in place as tightly as her arms. Finally, chains were attached to her ankle cuffs and run to her wrists, locking them tightly in place as well. An experimental tug, gave her all the information she needed. A spreader lay between her knees, and the chains on her ankles would keep her from moving them at all. She had only the freedom to move her head, and every time she did she ran the risk of tearing a nipple or an earlobe off. Lost in contemplation over such an extreme set of restraints, she never felt Darius tense up. A harsh spank on her jutting ass made her yelp, and the moment the sound came out of her throat, Darius slammed his cock in. It was a hard, unrelenting thrust that pinned her tongue painfully to the ring and forced her surprised throat open more than anything ever had before. She choked on it, spit flying from around it and the ring in her mouth. She could hear both Alyson and Darius laughing, and felt the woman slide off the bed. Eve continued to choke as Alyson sidled up beside her, squatting down and nodding her head at the camera.

"Now there's a pretty sight for us. I've never had a pet bitch as pretty as you, slave." She reached out and massaged Eve's throat, delighting in the feeling of each cough.

"I bet we could sell this one. No one's ever let me film them like this before. No one's even ever let me restrain them like this before. I'd bet there's a whole lot of people out there who'd pay to see a hot young slut like you get fucked ten ways to Sunday. And that IS what we're going to do, slut. We're going to fuck you until you don't know who you are any more."

Written by: AngiesSiren

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