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Anniversary Proposal Ch. 04: The Finale!


Chapter Twelve

After the relaxing a couple of days sailing, the next few days were a whirlwind of activity. Jim spent a good part of the next day gambling. He won over $3500. He was excited and I was proud of him. Not that we needed the money, Kevin had paid for our room and the upgrade, all of our room service and of course my dresses and any other thing he could find that we needed. The next day Jim and I took a guided tour of the local rainforest. It was beautiful with lots of animals and birds. It was hot and sweaty but a good time overall. That night we had dinner with Kevin and another of his girlfriends, Brenda. We talked about our past few days and how much we enjoyed them. We thanked him for providing the boat and Jim specifically thanked him for his choice of the crew.

Kevin laughed and said he was glad that we were having a good time. He invited us to come to his BDSM club the next night for their annual "Submissive's Ball." He told us that it's a thing he does to raise money for the local charities. Everyone comes in costume, and the requisite mask. He said that everyone that is anyone will be there. The climax of the evening is the submissive auction. Jim mentioned that Tessa had wanted him to bid for her and asked what the usual bids are. Kevin said that normally it's around $1000 to $2000 depending on the particular submissive. As Tessa and her past are partially known, he should be able to win her for somewhere around that figure.

Then Kevin turned his eyes to me. He asked if I would do him a special favor and offer myself as a submissive. He said that there was already a stir about how much money I could raise with the bid for me. Of course I was flattered but didn't really know what to expect with being someone's submissive. He assured me that I was a natural submissive and that he had every intention of winning the bid. I was a little worried about that would entail but he's done nothing to me that I didn't absolutely love. So I told him that I was all in. He smiled and ordered an expensive bottle of wine to celebrate. We had a wonderful meal and then had drinks later in his room.

The afternoon of the ball, we had another delivery of clothes arrive at our room. Jim had a wonderful classic black Armani tuxedo. He looked so handsome all decked out in his new clothes. My attire was much more seductive in nature. It consisted of a black lace strapless corset. There was also matching black lace boy short panties and thigh high stockings. The final touch was a pair of red 6" stiletto heels and a matching red collar. To my astonishment they all fit perfectly, just as Jim's tux did. How can anyone know your size by just seeing you, or how could he get these clothes delivered on such short notice?

When I finally came out of the dressing room, Jim gave we a once over and told me maybe he would bid on me instead of Tessa. I laughed that he'd probably need more money than he had but that if he waited, he could take me home with him. That seemed to console him. The corset was very tight but it felt better as I moved around in it. The panties were practically see through and left nothing to the imagination. But I did feel very sexy. A fact that was evident by the wetness I already felt. Jim help me put on the collar. Jim had a black Phantom of the opera mask and mine was a black lace Queen mask. There was a black cloak to go with my attire. I assume it was to keep me covered until we got to the club. We were ready for what the night would bring.

We met Kevin downstairs to take us to the ball. He complimented us both for how sexy we looked. He couldn't keep his eyes off of me the entire trip. I kept touching the red leather collar and blushing. When we arrived, he signed us in as his special guests. My cloak was checked in and we went over to the bar and had a few drinks as he introduced us to some of his friends. There were all types of people there, some I thought I recognized as celebrities from the states but with their masks I couldn't be quite sure. It was a little unnerving. I felt naked but loved the attention I was getting from everyone.

We saw Casey, Anne, as well as, Tessa and Ginny. I noticed that Ginny and Tessa wore the same red collar but theirs was connected to each other by a simple chain. We also saw the guys from the golf course, Mitch, Michael, and Esteban. They all looked handsome too. I flashed them a sweet smile as they all took my body into their memory. There was nothing but lust in their eyes and it made my pussy clinch with need. I remembered their lovely cocks and how much they pleasured me that day. I'm sure the same thing was going through their minds too. There was music piped in over hanging speakers. The dance floor was filled with people. We danced as a group but coupled from time to time. There was food and merriment for all. Hours later there was a call for the submissive auction to begin. The submissives took our place in an anti-room behind the stage. We each waited our turn on the auction block.

One at a time a sub was sent out and the bidding began. We were able to watch from a closed circuit TV as the winning bids were taken. I was starting to feel nervous, when Tessa, Ginny and I were the last submissives to go. When their name was called they were still attached by their red collars with the chain. Gunny was wearing a red leather demi cup corselette with matching thong panties, garter and stockings. She wore 6" red leather fuck me pumps. She looked beautiful with her large breasts lifted and displayed by the binding attire. Her breasts swayed with every step as she walked to the center of the stage. Tessa was completely naked and barefoot, except for her red collar that was attached to Ginny. Her beautiful raven hair was drawn up in a ponytail. It shimmered along with the rings in her nipples and clit. Her small breasts with shaved pussy were on display for everyone. They made a tempting pair. I'm sure Jim's cock was fully erect thinking of their time together just a few days ago.

When the auctioneer began reading from their description card, he told the audience that these two submissives come as a pair. He said that Ginny was the alpha sub and Tessa was a slave. He had them walk up and down the front of the stage, so that the potential bidders could get a good view. Several times Ginny bent Tessa over and displayed her pussy and ass to the crowd. She also pulled aside her own panties to show her wet pussy. The two girls kissed, each alternated suckling on the others breasts. Ginny fingered Tessa to a resounding applause. When the bidding started at $1000. It quickly went to $1500. Jim was the main bidder but he had some competition from a couple. The bidding went back and forth. The couple called for a closer view of the two women. They touched each. The woman fingered both girls and brought her wet fingers to her lips. She whispered to her husband and the bid went to $2500. Jim stayed firm and responded by quickly bidding higher. When the couple's bid finally reached $3000, Jim quickly bid $3500. The man whispered something to his wife and she pouted. After the bid was called for the third time, Jim was declared the high bid.

He went to collect his submissives. They were both glad to see that their desire had come true and that Jim had made good on his promise to win them. He took the leash that was attached to them and led them off the stage and over to the anteroom. He signed the appropriate papers and paid his money. Then they slipped off to a private room of the club. Jim had them following behind him, led by their leash.

When my time on stage came I was already soaked from anticipation. I had never really thought about being submissive to someone. I do like rough sex. Jim and I had so often had role play games where I was "taken against my will" type scenarios and I loved them. Some of them I guess bordered on me being submissive, but this was far and away different and I was surprisingly quite aroused by the thought of it.

I was led out onto the stage and paraded around, letting the bidders get to see what they were about to pay for. I felt utterly like a piece of property. I couldn't say whether it was the anticipation of submitting to Kevin or the somewhat humiliating feeling of being purchased for the express purpose of being used. Kevin had assured me that he would be the winner and as rich as he was, I had little reason to doubt him. But my mind wondered as I was bent over showing my obvious arousal, about the "what ifs." What if someone else won the bid? Would I be willing to follow through with this game?

Finally, I stood at the auction block. My nipples were erect and pressing into the cup of my corselette. My pussy was soaking through the lace of my panties. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. The bidding started at $4000. It seemed that someone had placed a silent starting bid. There were several bidders, some of the guys from my golfing experience, some that I didn't recognize. Two that I was really intrigued with. Of course Kevin, and the other a famous actor that I had lusted over for years. My body strummed with the possibilities.

It eventually came down to three bidders, Kevin, the actor, and Esteban the older gentleman from the golf course. The bidding had reached astronomical proportions at $220,000. It was the highest any of the bids had been that night. I was flattered but along with that came the fear that I could not live up to the price. The three men kept the bidding going. When it was finally down between Kevin and the actor, the bidding was at $300,000. Each time the actor bid, Kevin quickly countered. He finally won with the bid of $380,000. The crowd had been applauding throughout the bidding but came to a crescendo with Kevin's winning bid. Both men shook hands. The actor turned and looked at me. Our eyes met as he gave me a smile. I shuddered with the thought of what might have been. That thought vanished when Kevin came up to collect me.

Our eyes met. His were lust filled as he clicked a leash into my collar and led me away. We went to the anti-chamber behind the stage. He sat on a love seat and he instructed me to remove my corset. The fact that I am only wearing my see-through boy shorts, garters and stockings had me feeling very submissive. The lace mask, while providing minimal obscurity, gives me some feeling of inner freedom. I obediently complied and was about to kneel at his feet when he motioned for me to sit in his lap. He pulled me into his arms. I leaned into the crook of his neck, smelling his manly aroma. I looked about the room. The other submissives were with their winning bidders. I noticed Jim with Ginny and Tessa.

Chapter Thirteen

When Jim and girls got up to exit the room, Kevin moved me off of his lap and took me by my leash. We followed them as they went into a private room. Kevin led me to another anteroom just off of theirs. It was dark but there were rows of comfortable chairs. Kevin pulled back the curtains and we could see into the room that Jim and the girls had gone into. Kevin sat down on a couch and patted the place beside him. It seems that we were going to watch them.

The room had several pieces of equipment. There was a St. Andrew's cross along the back wall, a spanking bench, and what looked like a pommel horse. Jim had read their pamphlet of what their limits and desires were. Both liked some mild pain, bondage, and both were willing to include sex with their submission. Ginny was the more dominant of the two women. Jim gave both women a kiss. They held each other tight. Then he instructed Ginny to help restrain Tessa. She placed wrist and ankle cuffs on herself and Tessa. She then connected Tessa's wrists to a chain that came from the ceiling and raised her arms over her head. Then she spread her legs wide and attached her ankle cuffs to O-rings in the floor. Then Ginny went over to the nearby wall and pushed a button that raised the chain and lifted Tessa until she was barely able to touch with her toes.

Ginny told Jim that they both had safe words they had agreed on. "Green" for everything was good. "Yellow" for slow down because things were getting overwhelming. And "Red" for stop immediately. Jim nodded his understanding and asked Tessa her color. She smiled and told him "green." He leaned in and kissed her sweetly, his hands moving down her body. He could feel a shudder got through her. His fingers teased her rings. The turgid nipples peaked as he flicked them. She let out a gasp.

"Oh mon Dieu!" (Oh my god)

He teased her body, slipping down between her spread thighs. His fingers ran through her wet folds. Her breathing was more raged. He teased her pierced clit then brought his fingers to her mouth. Her mouth opened instinctively, sucking her own juices from his offered fingers. It repeated this, slipping his thick fingers inside her. She tried to buck her hips into them

"Be still cheri." She obediently complied.

This time he brought his fingers to his own mouth, tasting her, his eyes locked on hers. He stepped around behind her. He arm wrapped around and cupped her small breast, while the other teased her clit.

"S'il vous plait" She begged him.

He stepped back and instructed Ginny, who was kneeling beside them, to retrieve a flogger. She obediently returned with a light weight one. He took the flogger and whished it through the air. Tessa could feel the wind from it but held her place. Jim started lightly flogging her ass, first one side, then the other until they were both a warm pink. He then moved closer and ran his hands over her heated skin.

"Merci, Monsieur." She thanked him.

He pulled her hair up and placed it over the front of her shoulder, clearing her back for him. He stepped back and rained down the flogger on her exposed back. Her muscles tighten as she squirmed from the flogger's assault. He flung the flogger around her catching her pert nipples and breasts. She pressed them out for him to have easier access. Her whimpers let him know that she felt pleasure from his ministrations. He stopped and leaned in to cup her warmed breasts.

"Merci Monsieur." She moaned.

Once again he stepped back, he continued to spread the flogger around, hitting her ass and back. Once he had the color he desired, he changed his target. This time flicking the tips of the flogger between her legs. She yelped and tried to close her legs but the O-rings held her splayed. He kept letting the tips of the flogger tease her wet pussy.

"Merci Monsieur, puis-je l'orgasme?" She begged to be allowed to cum.

I was mesmerized by Jim's command of the women. He seemed so in control, as if he actually knew what he was doing. This was a side of him that I had never known. I mean, I knew that he was a more than competent lover, but his use of the flogger and how he worked it over Tessa was more than erotic. I secretly wished that is was me dangling from that chain with my legs spread while he flogged me. He'd spanked playfully before during some roleplaying, but this was clearly another level I'd never known. When he positioned Ginny to further tease Tessa it was almost more than I could stand. I could feel my orgasm nearing its peak. The sounds of her cries in French, begging for her release, along with her whimpers, resonated in my core.

Jim instructed Ginny to crawl over in front of her girlfriend and begin licking her wet pussy. Ginny obediently crawled. Her large breasts hung down and swayed with her every movement. She added a little swish of her hips until she was at the feet of her girlfriend. Their eyes met, then she spread her flowered labia. Ginny's wet tongue flicked Tessa's engorged clit. She shuddered. Ginny slipped further in to lick her juices that were dripping from her folds. As Ginny was tonguing Tessa, Jim returned to flogging her ass. With each strike Tessa pushed her ass back to meet them, but drew them forward to receive her girlfriend's tongue lashing. Jim brought the flogger up and wrapped the tips around and struck her breasts again. He alternated from one to the other. The whole time Ginny was licking her pussy. Her body was racked between pleasure and pain. Her legs began to shake as her orgasm neared.

"Merci Monsieur, puis-je l'orgasme?" She begged again.

He answered her in her own language. "Oui mon petit." Allowing her to cum.

"Oh merci Monsieur!" She cried.

As her body writhed in her release. Wave after wave of spasms rocked her. Jim came in and wrapped his arms around her. His hand flicking her tight nipples as Ginny laved her spasming pussy. She licked her juices as she was lost in her orgasm. Ginny slowed her tongue allowing Tessa to slowly come back to earth. When her breathing returned to normal they both began releasing her from the restraints. Jim picked her up and carried her to the bed by the wall. He held her in his lap, his arms tightly surrounding her. Ginny brought her a blanket a wrapped it around Tessa. Ginny handed her a cool bottled water. She took some sips then leaned her head into the crook of Jim's neck. He ran his fingers through her raven hair and kissed her on the top of her head. She luxuriated in his after care. Ginny came and sat beside them both, sharing in her care.

After several minutes, Tessa moved off Jim's lap. She and Ginny kneeled at his feet. Both women were there submissively, with their knees spread wide, arms behind their backs and heads down. His hands went to each of their cheeks, running down the sides of their faces. His thumbs ran across their lips, both of their mouths opened instinctively and took the offered digit, sucking gently. Jim stood up. They moved in unison to remove his belt and unbutton his pants. Ginny slipped his coat and shirt off, laying it neatly on the nearby chair, as Tessa removed his pants and boxers, placing them next to his tux. His cock was rigid and throbbing. Ginny licked her lips and was the first to take it in her mouth. Tessa licked his balls as her hand wrapped around and cupped his muscular ass. The two women shared his cock, licking up and down his shaft. They swirled their tongues around his bulbous head, meeting in a passionate kiss.

We watched as they undressed Jim. When they both knelt and were sharing his cock, I noticed their large hooped earrings for the first time and how they focus the attention to their mouth and lips. The dangling earrings moved as they each took him deep down their throats. It was such an erotic thing to watch. Kevin was teasing my nipples but when his hand reached for my thighs, a shudder went through me. I spread my legs for him, giving him access to my sopping wet pussy. As we both watched the show his fingers teased up my thighs. When he reached my wet pussy I whimpered with need.

"Easy my pet, you're not allowed to cum without permission."

"Yes Sir."

Jim pulled them both up and motioned for them to get on the bed on all fours, both complied. He stroked his cock, wet from their saliva and pushed it into Ginny's splayed pussy first. One hand grabbed her hip, while the other fingered Tessa's wet pussy. He took his pleasure in Ginny, his strokes powerful and steady. She was pushing back against him as his cock drove deep within her. The slapping sound of their skin meeting was only matched by the wet sounds of his fingers fucking Tessa's sopping channel. Both women were moaning, their breathing ragged. Jim was grunting, his breaths were haughty.

Before Ginny could reach her peak, he removed his cock and stepped over behind Tessa. He murmured for her to spread herself. She reached back and grabbed her ass cheeks. Her folds were now splayed open. The wetness from her pussy were evidence of her need again. He plunged into her depths with a quick thrust. She met it with a gasp while she pushed back to take all of him. Jim kept Ginny stoked by thrusting three fingers in her empty pussy. Her warm and wet channel squeezed them as he fucked Tessa.

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