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A MILF's Marvlous, Meaty Legs Ch. 01

by milfleglover©

AUTHOR'S NOTE: A very quick short story, a teaser really, about a leggy mom and the young man she drives mad with her legs. No sex - yet. More to come, if comments and votes warrant.


She slipped into the booth of the crowded restaurant in her skin-tight slacks that ended at the knees. The sexy, dark-haired 49-year old mom had just come from the gym and was hungry and in need of refueling after her grueling workout.

It was leg day at the gym. Carlyne's favorite. The beautiful woman had stunning legs naturally, and was honing them to muscular perfection in her routine gym visits. She'd always gotten comments on her legs, how full and shapely and strong they were. But after hitting the weights for several months, they'd grown to a fine-tuned proportion that got even more notice.

Such as from the young man next to her in the adjacent seat of the restaurant that had long benches and separate tables. She'd scarcely noticed the young man, all of 18 or 19, when she sat. But as she looked over her menu, sipping coffee, and curling the calf nearest him into a fierce ball of muscular, fleshy steel, she couldn't help notice him. Noticing her.

Or more pointedly, it. That luscious calf she was flashing at him under the table, at an angle only he could see.

And he was seeing. And watching intently.

This pleased Carlyne, a slight smile spreading on her pretty face. She decided to toy with him, gauge his reaction to that spectacular, flared calf so alluring close. Leaving her toes curled and balling the thick flesh of her calf into a shapely fist of muscle, she tensed the entire lower leg, the thick striated separation of muscle running down her shin from her knee to her foot, pulsating, throbbing, dancing ever so slightly. And quite noticeably.

She heard the groan of the young man, soft and barely perceptible. She smiled more broadly now, turning to her left to address the waitress with her order, twisting the other leg slightly more in the young man's direction, continuing to pulsate that alluring muscle and tendon and sinew. For his eyes only.

She never let up, now leaning one hand down to scratch that calf and playfully caress the thick bubble of muscle balled up above her heel. She heard him groan again. And then as her order came and she ate, with her peripheral vision noticed the young man's hands in his lap - holding his cell phone.

"The naughty boy!" she thought, smiling and nibbling her fruit plate. "He's taking pictures or videos of my leg!"

And he was, of course, gathering material for later use, one that suddenly hit Carlyne with clarity. He would use the footage later, at home, alone in his bed, watching her muscular calf's dance.

She groaned herself now, emitting it before she realized she was. His pleasure pleased her, and she tensed her meaty thighs together in an involuntary but entirely necessary response.

She came as she flexed and relaxed her quivering thighs, quickly, wetly, and quite satisfyingly.

She finished her meal, paid her tab, constantly working that supple, spectacular calf to the young man's delight. She gathered her belongings and turned toward him to start the slide from the seat. His eyes met hers. She smiled an alluring smile. His jaw dropped.

"Did you get some good footage, young man?" she asked in a whisper, no one else hearing, her bright green eyes flashing behind her stylishly framed glasses.

"What? Foot...footage...what do you..." the young man stammered, aghast at being busted and stumbling badly to correct it.

"It's quite all right, I'm flattered actually," she smiled, leaning closer to him, her sweet breath on his face. "My calves are pretty muscular, I work at it pretty hard. It's nice to be noticed. And you did notice."

That wasn't a question.

"I said," she continued more sternly, maintaining her flashing smile. "You DID notice."

The young man gulped, nodding slightly.

"I'm...I'm's just...legs...they..."

"Drive you crazy, yes, I know, many men are like that?" she giggled, putting her warm hand on the young man's forearm, delighting in his jumping reaction. "Don't be sorry. Enjoy the footage."

"" he squeaked weakly.

"Oh, don't be coy with me young man," she laughed gently. "Yes, enjoy, enjoy looking at this rather remarkable, meaty, muscular calf as you..."

Boldly, she looked around to ensure no one was watching, and slipped a hand beneath his table, suddenly and completely squeezing his hard cock in his pants, the boy jumping. She laughed.

"Take matters into your OWN hand!" she hissed, releasing him.

She winked at him. His eyes bulged wider at her sexy permission giving. He nodded frantically, wishing her hand would finish him. Or her legs.

She stood to leave and leaned to him again.

"Get 'em on the way out," she hissed. "They're gorgeous when I walk!"

He nodded, sweat beading on his handsome face.

"And maybe we'll meet again," she cooed. "I have some...some special exercises for my calves that you'd be perfect to help me with..."

"Really?" he asked in a low gasp. "Like what?"

"You'll see," she laughed. "When I see if I can...squeeeeze you into my schedule!"

She strode away, those fisted calves erupting into sweet fleshy diamonds, the boy filming away.

Thinking of what her calves could - and would - do to the young man, or any suitable one, made her feel sexier than ever...

Written by: milfleglover

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