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Repaying with Little Sis

by Loulex©

The deep web, dark net, evil internet. I find it interesting as a matter of fact. There is a lot of cool stuff to explore on there, my favorite being conspiracies and of course my discounted drugs from a small time dealer trying to make a name out on the markets. I don't consider myself a computer geek, but I understood the dangers and dark side of the deep web, I stayed clear and always tried to protect myself. I had thought that I was anonymous on the deep web, turns out I was wrong.

It was late night, my usual habits of gaming till 1 am, followed up by some porn, or surfing the deep web to catch up on the latest leaks or news. This was an unhealthy lifestyle, but I couldn't take college. I haven't told my parents I had dropped out since I moved out and barely even talked to them. If they found out, they would instantly move me out of the house that they pay for, and move me and my sister to the small city they moved to.

I still live in the same town I grew up in, same as my sister. But last year a decision was made to pack house and move cities since I was going away to college. My sister refused to change schools for her final year of high school, fighting till eventually my parents allowed us to keep the family house, letting me take care of her. Brooke, my sister, knows to keep this a secret or she would be moved away as well.

Anyways, I woke up well past noon. I see that Brooke had left for school already. With a robe and my bowl of cereal, I sat myself in front of my computer to check if my movie had finished downloading from last night. Pleased to see the bar at 100%, I proceeded to watch the opening credits to Hitman: Agent 47. Within a minute, I was disappointed to see that it was filmed in very crappy quality. I dragged my mouse to the bottom to uninstall when I noticed a notification on facebook. I rarely get any attention on facebook so I was intrigued. I clicked on the tab, bringing me to a friend request. I had no idea who the man was, but he looked my age, had a profile picture of a college party. Maybe I had met him before I quit college. I didn't think twice about accepting.

Right away, ping, a message from the newly added friend. Opening it up I chatted him for awhile.

One message sent a chill down my spine.

"do you feel so safe now DarkVigilante?"

I dropped my spoon and placed my bowl down.

"How do you know my ID??" DarkVigilante was my online ID when I surfed the darknet. Thousands of thoughts raced through my head as how he could've gotten my real name. Where was I lazy enough to allow my real identity slip.

"Do you feel like reporting us to the police again?"

I knew right there that this man was part of a group known as 9. 9 is an organization that "sells drugs" but ripped me out of a couple hundred. I sent an anon report about an drug syndicate and included some links for the police. I face palmed so hard, I had given them my address to mail the drugs to my house, but I had forgotten that part when reporting them.

"Get off your chair and go out to your door. You will find a small package. Don't you dare go running, you have no idea who we are, but we know every detail about you and are watching your every move. I look to the top of my computer and quickly unplugged my webcam. I went to my window and checked outside, as I could see, no one waiting to abduct me. I crack open the door and snatch the paper bag. I return to my desk and read the messages.

"Nice robe there"

He was definitely watching from the outside.

"I see you have a sister. Brooke Dragg. A very pretty girl. Just turned 18 a month ago too. Wish her a Happy Birthday for me Michael."

My heart sank, now I knew what they wanted. In my hands I held a fine white powder from the bag. The contents labelled "GHB, 20%"

"LEAVE MY SISTER OUT OF THIS", I was getting desperate now.

"You see, that's the only thing we want from you. Before she gets home, you WILL make her a little drink. You WILL dissolve that bag you received and message us when she falls asleep. If you do not comply, who will stop us from returning with more men. We WILL do the exact same act, only this time, she will be awake, and there will men lining downing the street to use that STI infected fuck meat."

I was frozen, I re-read his last message to confirm he was threatening a rape. Not like either option wasn't rape. I assume the later was the worse option.

"I will take that as a yes."

My heart fluttered, my stomach churned. I was so nervous, hoping for my sister to not send the text that she was on the bus, arriving home. Maybe she would go to a friends house for a sleepover, I would have time to sort this out with police by the morning. My phone vibrated in my pocket.

"coming home rn, what did u get for dinner?" I felt like a total shithead and responded like nothing was happening.

"Nothing yet, we will go out when U get here."

I prepared a pitcher of Iced Tea, the dark brown mixture didn't change at all when I stirred in the small packet of GHB.

My heart hit the bottom of my chest when the door opened. Brooke walked in, her long, brown hair almost reached the top of her skirt. She wore a tight top, showing off her tight waist and pierced belly button. Her tanned legs were hidden behind black stockings. She looked sweaty from the sun. She instantly poured herself a cup before plopping down on the couch beside me, who was watching a new episode of House.

"Hey why the long face?", she asked.

"Nothing, just mad I couldn't watch my movie I downloaded last night", I lied.

"Don't be such a crybaby, we can watch it tonight and have popcorn for dinner. Is it still playing?"

"Ya it is. I'll check the movie times", as I stood up.

Instead, I messaged, "It's done, how long will it take?"

Almost instantly "Very soon."

I went to sit back down on the couch but instead, all the room was taken by Brooke and her slumped body.

I assumed they were watching through the window as right away, a knock came. I cautiously opened the door to see a large man. He was in fat jeans and cut off tank top. His arms sported many tattoos. The typical druggy appearance. Following him were two smaller men. Both clean cut, almost professional looking. They brought in a box of equipment. My stomach heaved at the thought of what might be inside.

The main man walked right up to the passed out Brooke. He barked some orders to his men in a language I couldn't understand. They took the box and heaved it upstairs. He directed me to follow them which I did. I found the two men upstairs in my sister's room. I thought about taking out the two smaller men, but that would be near impossible and there was an even larger man following me. He had Brooke over his shoulder in a fireman carry. He threw her down on the pink sheets.

With a silence, the two men quickly set up a professional lighting, and recording stage. With 2 cameras on tripods and the smallest of the men holding a camera himself. At least it wasn't torture equipment in the boxes as I had originally thought. The two men spoke in the language again, clearly in excitement about the pretty 18 year old on the bed.

"Michael, you will call me one, he is two, and that is three", indicating to the other men, "If you stop us in anyway, not only will we harm you as well, I will post this video on her facebook, she will see how useless she is after taking our dicks"

I only nodded and turned to leave the room. Two stopped me and directed me to the desk chair in the corner.

I tried to not look but I couldn't help it.

Once the camera started rolling, One, with a mask on, proceeded to start unbuttoning her shirt. He looked so huge compared to the 5 foot 2 highschooler. But before he could go any further, two whispered something to one's ear. They discussed it for awhile before pointing to me. I had no idea what was happening.

One pulled me to the bedside, "Enjoy yourself."

I was very confused, before I came to realization that he had his hand in an open gesture to my sleeping sister. They wanted me to fuck my sister. I tried to refuse and pushed him away before he slapped me hard. My head hurt as I was bundled on the floor. He pulled my up by the head, with the camera in my face he he said, "This is to make sure you don't tell on us, If you do, we will show your entire friends and family a film of you raping your own sister."

I felt like throwing up as One took my seat at the desk. While three was holding the camera right in my face, then my sisters. Two had went back downstairs.

I took it slow, I tried to hide my face the best I could as I undressed my sister. I guess I was taking too long as One pushed me aside, pulled down Brooke's skirt, and with one move, she ripped a hole in her pantyhose, her pale skin countering the black nylon. With a little more speed this time, I pulled down her ripped pantyhose and pink thong at the same time. I stared at the bare, pink, delicious looking pussy lips.

"Get on with it!"

I unhooked her matching pink bra and her small A cup tits hardened as it caught the cool air.

I unhooked my robe and pulled off my boxers, surprised I was already sporting a boner. Brooke laid there spread eagle. She looked so innocent with her brown hair in her face. I spat on her bare pussy and lubed up my dick. I slowly entered. I was about to thrust when I felt it. Her hymen. Without even saying a word, One grinned at me.

"Do you want me to take her virginity? Or you."

I noticed he had take off his pants now, his massive black cock was gorged and veiny. Almost the length of my Brooke's arm I would guess. With a shamed look, I thrust in. Within a couple pumps, her blood coated my cock. After a minute, I was in heaven. I closed my eyes, the tightest pussy around my cock, the hammered her in. Before I knew it, I was lying on Brooke's chest, sweaty and spent. I looked up to see the camera, I pulled out and a mixture of blood and semen spilled out.

With no warning, One pulled me back and like a pack of hungry wolves they pounced on Brooke.

One took her pussy, two had positioned himself on the other side, lubing his cock up with her lips, while three still holding the camera was trying to suck on her small breasts. I sheepishly snuck out the door, but not before one final glance back. With large pumps, One was already forcing his large member, stretching out her small pussy, while two was already making her throat bulge.

I showered and walked up to the outside of Brooke's door. I could hear the repeated sound of the pounding, repeatedly a "Slap Slap Slap" a lot of grunts and shouts. I went downstairs but could still hear the bed creaking for the next hour or so.

Finally two came down, still naked, I couldn't help to notice his cock was a good 8 inches and soaking wet. I went upstairs to see the camera already packed away. My heart broke to see Brooke, her hair all messy and clumped. Her pussy was puffed and leaking juices. Her mouth was forming the "O" and her lipstick was smeared across her cheek. Various amounts of spit, lube, and cum were on her bed and body. One picked her up, carrying her to the bathroom where he laid her in the tub. Then before I knew what he was doing, he aimed and pissed, his cloudy stream of pee, wetting her face, tits, and pussy. Then two right after followed him and did the same, but three took it to the next level, he climbed on the edge of the tub, inserted his penis into her mouth and pissed. Her mouth overflowed while two was filming with his camera. With one final squeeze of her tits they left. I instantly ran a shower, using the shower head to cleanse of the liquids. I hope she didn't get impregnated. By the amount of semen in her pussy, they did multiple loads inside. I pulled her out and laid her on a blanket in my room. I dried her up and went to change her bedsheets.

When I returned to my room, she had turned over to the side in a fetal position. I couldn't help noticing her pussy looked so good from here. She already had such a big cock inside, so my small cock compared to theirs would be nothin. I pulled out my cock for round 2. I slipped in, it was much less tight but still surprisingly snug.

I pulled out and shot my cum on her belly, making a pool on her chest.

I wiped it up and placed her back in her room.

I couldn't sleep well. I opened my laptop to see a facebook notification. A link from One. I clicked on it, directing me to a 2 videos. The first was a 3 minute clip of me taking Brooke's virginity. The 1 hour 20 minute clip showed 3 black cocks, violating her every hole. I was so engrossed that I didn't see Brooke enter my room. I quickly shut the laptop when she jumped on my bed, hoping she didn't see the screen.

"What did you do? Some guy sent me a link. Do you know what I saw?"

I couldn't meet her eyes. She must feel so hurt when she saw the size of the cocks violating her. Before I could say anything, she opened her iphone to a 3 minute clip of me taking her virginity.

"Did you drug me, just so you could fuck me?"

I was shocked, did he not send her the rest? I am in deep shit now. Before I could mutter a sorry, her warm lips planted a kiss on mine. Before I knew it, she had straddled me and she broke the kiss, "Make my pussy feel the same way it did when I woke up, I want you Michael, I always did."

Written by: Loulex

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