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A Wife's Party

by Sporting Spectator©

I read with interest, and no small amount of excitement, other stories posted here involving the "violation" of wives by more than one man with the husband's consent. I can relate a similar experience my wife Gill and I had a few years ago.

We went to a party with a couple of friends of ours (who had originally been invited by another friend) and consequently we found that we knew no-one there. We joined in the spirit of the party though, enjoying a good few drinks and a couple of dances. We had only been there about an hour or so when our friends were called away by their baby sitter, as one of their children was ill. We decided to stay on and had a few more drinks, when I realised the effect drinking on an empty stomach was having on me. Neither of us had eaten, but when I went to look for something, all the snacks had gone. I chatted to a few people in the kitchen while the woman whose party it was made some more sandwiches and stayed to eat a few and had a couple more drinks.

I returned to the main room about three-quarters of an hour later, where the party was in full swing and started to chat to a couple standing near the drinks. Gill was in the middle of the room dancing quite closely with a young guy and from the way she was behaving, I guessed the drink had had a similar effect on her, but I decided to let her get on with it.

She was soon dancing with another teenager and I could see she was a little unsteady on her feet. She was obviously fairly drunk by now and was getting a bit silly. The guy who was dancing with her first came back again. He was easily recognisable - very blonde and good looking - and not to my surprise, he and Gill began kissing. She seemed far gone by this stage and I suppose I should have put a stop to it, but she was soon in the arms of another young guy, being kissed again, then a third and a fourth. These lads knew what the score was and my hot wife was being passed around between them as she gave them French kisses, one after the other.

I continued to stand and watch to see what happened. They carried on dancing with her and she did nothing to deter their advances. They each got bolder in turn, first dancing with her holding and squeezing her bum, then rubbing their crotches hard against hers and even feeling her boobs. She seemed to be enjoying the attention and her behaviour was also noticed by the couple I was taking to, the husband commenting that whoever she was, she seemed a right little tart. Obviously I didn't mention that she was my wife, just agreeing that the lads seemed to be on a sure thing. Suddenly, they took her by the arms and led her out of the room and I followed shortly behind them.

They had taken her to one of the bedrooms and I walked in, claiming to be curious to see what this pissed tart did. At first they seemed uncertain what to do next, almost holding her upright between them and feeling her body through her clothes. My wife was like putty in their hands, giggling and putting up no resistance to them. Then one of them said "are we going to fuck her or not?" and with that they began to remove all her clothes. It was tremendously exciting to see them stripping her, four of them all in their late teens/early twenties, particularly when two of them lifted her off the floor and and the other two pulled her panties down. They laid her out on the bed, and started to explore her body more intimately, squeezing and sucking her boobs, pinching her nipples and fingering her pussy. At one time I could see that three of them had fingers up inside her, causing her to arch her back and lift her bottom off the bed. She moaned quite loudly and this seemed to be the signal they were waiting for and they all unzipped themselves and took out their cocks. All were virtually erect and looked quite large and menacing. Two of the lads then stood on either side of her, holding one leg each and pulled them up, so that they stretched her legs really wide and all I could see was her blonde-haired pussy, gaping and wet.

The first guy then approached my wife. He held his cock, slipped between her thighs, and rubbed it up and down her wet slit and then and I saw his large cock disappear into her open pussy. He moved rapidly, his hips rising up and down as he took his pleasure between my wife's legs, biting at her tits and nipples at the same time. In a matter of minutes, he let out a moan and I assumed that he had come. He got off her and took over the position of leg holding, while the guy he'd replaced got between her thighs and started fucking her. This one didn't last long either - they were only interested in their own pleasure - and in a few moments he too came off and pulled out of her. His cock appeared slimy as he pulled out and it was already shrinking. The other two then took their pleasure in a like fashion, humping away like frenzied animals. I just watched in silence as the lads holding my wife's legs apart swore and cursed away, laughing and urging the guy who was fucking her to "fuck the slut good and hard". It was a gangbang - but not violent in any way.

When they had finished screwing her, they asked me if I wanted a bit, and seeing her lying there like that, looking glazed and well fucked, I couldn't resist. I walked over as they continued to hold her legs wide apart for me and sunk into her dripping pussy. I watched with fascination as each stroke of my cock forced their cum out and the excitement of taking her just after the other four had fucked her meant that I too soon added my own load to her already overflowing cunt.

I thought they would all leave then, but one of them said lets have a second round. Not surprisingly, the blonde guy who had taken her first already had another hard-on. This time he moved to my wife's face, cradled her head in his hands and quite literally fed her his cock. He began moving in and out of her mouth, quite gently at first, but becoming more selfish as he neared his climax. Gill's hand had come round and was rubbing his dick as she sucked it off and then he took hold of her hair in his fist and pumped violently into her as he came inside her mouth. As he withdrew, I could see his come dribbling from her mouth. Another guy replaced the blonde one and he too was nicely sucked off by my wife. The third guy then decided to fuck her again saying he preferred it to a blow job, and her turned her face-down on the bed, pulled her back along the bed so that her knees were on the floor and took her frantically from behind. At one time I could see him pulling her cheeks wide apart with his thumbs and he seemed to be pressing one of them into her arse. When he had finished, the fourth one, who had been watching and wanking, pulled her back onto the bed, turned her onto her back and sat astride her. He continued to wank, pulling and stretching her nipples with his free hand, finally letting fly with a suprisingly vigourous spray of cum, which went all over her tits and face. They then just left my wife laying spread-eagled on the bed, said they were leaving the party walked out of the room.

I helped my wife to her feet and took her to the bathroom, whilst she mumbled that she felt all sticky and sweaty. I cleaned her up a bit, helped her downstairs and we left for home. When we got back, I ran her a hot bath and looked at her ravished body. I noticed some love bites on her tits and a bit of bruising on her thighs and legs, where they had gripped her tightly. Also, one corner of her lips was slightly torn, presumably as a result of the two blow jobs she'd given, particularly the first guy who had literally "fucked" her mouth. She was sobering up by now and told me that although everything was a bit hazy, she had really enjoyed taking all those heavy cocks.

Since then I have tried to persuade her to give a repeat performance, but she says it was a one off - the result of too much drink and circumstances - but I'm sure I would enjoy it as much as that first time.

Written by: Sporting Spectator

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