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Ashley's Campaign Ch. 09

by loerics©

Chapter 9: I Love You – Maybe

My thanks to DWS1973 for editing this chapter.

The following is inspired by author TheSparkZone's Sweet Little Danielle Ch. 03 in the Literotica Exhibitionist category. I wanted her story to go just a little further. I cut some material but still it goes well beyond simple exhibitionism and hence the following warning.

CONTENT WARNING: This story contains strong Non-Consent / Reluctance content and various other nasty and reprehensible acts. The depiction of these acts should not be construed as condoning them; no real person should ever be subjected to these kind of acts in the real world. Yes means yes and everything else, including silence, means no except in fantasy. Be warned before you read on. This is not the romance section of Literotica.

All characters depicted in sexual scenes or referred to in a sexual context are over the age of 18.

When Ashley and Emily arrived at school on Wednesday morning, Ashley was surprised at the reaction of her fellow students. Starting at the parking lot, total strangers were waving and even flashing her 'I Love You' hand gestures. Many of them were wearing the American flag pin that Ashley's campaign team had passed out. The pin had been mounted on a card with the message, 'Vote for Ashley, the new girl.' However, for every student that smiled there was another who scowled or even gave her the finger. It seemed everyone had an opinion, but it looked to Ashley that the friendly students might even be in a slim majority.

Ashley was standing at her locker chatting with Emily when they heard a commotion by the front entrance to the school. Someone was arguing with old Ms. Sturgeon, the guardian of all things moral. Ashley was shocked when Ms. Sturgeon appeared around a corner leading Ellen Somerfield in a firm grip. Ashley could see that a little black mini-dress was partially untucked from Ellen's jeans. Ellen continued her protests as Ms. Sturgeon propelled the girl into the principal's office.

Emily said, "Oh my god, I cannot believe Ellen was so desperate that she tried to copy your escapade in your little yellow dress. She must have realized that having the cheerleaders and the basketball players harass you just got everyone's sympathy. I wonder how Ms. Sturgeon caught on. She missed your dress completely."

Ashley said, "Maybe someone in the school administration watches social media and realized how I got passed Ms. Sturgeon with my dress tucked into my jeans. I'm just glad Ellen didn't post all of the pictures her friends took. She must have remembered my Dad's threat of legal action after last year's harassment."

Rumors soon flew about how Ellen had been sent home for the day after a serious reprimand from the principal. For the rest of the day, Ashley was treated to repeated glares from Ellen's supporters. Ashley finally relaxed during soccer practice. Marylin, the goalkeeper, was still sidelined but reported that she was making progress in her physical therapy. Ashley was probably stuck in goal for another week or more. At the end of practice, Hannah announced that there would be no practice tomorrow thanks to yet another coaches' meeting. She expected them to come ready for a light practice on Friday before their Saturday game.

After soccer practice, Ashley dropped Emily at home and took a quick shower. She planned to meet her new little sister and her mother to begin her volunteer work for the Big Sister program. Ashley was nervous about making a good impression on Tamiko. Ashley thought it was important for the nine-year-old girl to view the relationship as fun. Of course, helping Tamiko succeed in school was Ashley's primary goal.

Ashley didn't want to appear aloof and decided to wear something casual. It was a hot day, so Ashley decided on shorts and a halter top over her sports bra. The top left her with a bare midriff. Ashley tied the end of her French braid with a colorful ribbon.

Ashley entered the little sister's address into Google Maps and set out in her Miata with the top down. Ashley enjoyed the drive down the hill to Riverdale. She felt as if the breeze was blowing all of her worries away. Ashley did not normally go to this section of town. She drove past the street where she had picked up Emily after her friend Mary had rejected her. As Ashley got closer to the river, she entered the oldest part of the town. There were a few decaying remnants of the water-powered industrial revolution along the riverbank. Mixed in with the broken down mills were the rundown houses that had been built for the masses of workers required to run those labor intensive industries. Unfortunately, the mill jobs had been gone for more than sixty years. Some of the houses had been torn down and many of the remaining houses had been subdivided into apartments. Vacant lots were overgrown and occupied by the occasional junk car.

Ashley parked in front of a dilapidated apartment house. The front yard was overgrown and a derelict car occupied the driveway. The house number matched the one she had been given. Ashley got out of her car and looked around. She noticed an old couple sitting on the porch.

Ashley walked up to the porch and said, "Hello, I'm looking for Mrs. Cathy Cummins."

The old man just rocked in his chair and stared at Ashley with a big grin. The old lady replied, "She lives in apartment 2B on the second floor. You can go right up."

Ashley opened the door to the house and found the stairs in front of her. She walked up the creaking stairs to a landing. There were two apartments. The heat in the hallway was stifling. Ashley knocked on 2B and was startled by a male voice yelling, "Come in dammit."

Ashley opened the door to an equally hot room and saw a vaguely familiar boy sitting on a couch in front of a blaring TV. Even though he was wearing only his boxers, his bare chest was covered in sweat. The boy was watching a scantily clad girl running across a log floating in a pool of mud. The boy held up his hand to silence Ashley and focused intently on a rerun of Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. When the girl bounced off of the edge of the next obstacle and splashed into the mud, the boy muted the TV and turned toward Ashley. The boy's eyes widened when he saw Ashley. His gaze darted up her long legs to her tight shorts and bare midriff topped by her generous breasts.

The boy said, "I don't know who sent you, but you can take off your clothes and sit on my lap."

Ashley backed up and said, "I don't think so. I'm here to see Mrs. Cummins. If she's not here, I'll be leaving."

"Too bad sweet meat. I thought one of my customers sent you in exchange for some product. But if you are working at the bar with my Mom, I may have to drop by for a drink."

Then the boy yelled, "Hey Mom there is someone here to see you."

Mrs. Cummins stuck her head out from the kitchen and glared at the boy. Her harried expression changed to a small smile when she saw Ashley.

Mrs. Cummins said, "Hi, I'm Cathy. You must be Ashley. Why don't you come into the kitchen where we can talk? Tamiko is in our bedroom. I hope she is studying. I'll get her in a few minutes."

Ashley said, "Please to meet you Mrs. Cummins. I'm looking forward to meeting your daughter."

Cathy led Ashley to a small table in front of a window overlooking an overgrown backyard.

Cathy said, "I see you met my younger son Zach. He's repeating his senior year at Riverdale High, but I doubt he will ever graduate. It's too bad he didn't have someone from the Big Brother organization to guide him. His Dad left years ago. His older brother is a bad influence and is currently in jail. I'm afraid Zach is hanging around with a bad crowd. It'll only get worse when his older brother gets out of jail soon. I try to keep Tamiko sheltered from her brothers. I'd recommend that you give them a wide berth too."

Cathy continued, "Tamiko is the only joy left in my life. I loved the boys when they were young, but life has been hard on them. It's particularly difficult when you are a young man of mixed race without a father. I'm hoping at least Tamiko will have a good future. Her father was Japanese so she is a real mongrel. Maybe she got her smarts from her Dad because all she got from me were her looks. Her father was a momentary affair and is out of the picture. Unfortunately, I work long hours so Tamiko doesn't get the care she deserves. Ashley, I really appreciate you taking the time to be a sister to her."

Ashley said, "Well I've always wanted a younger sister. I just hope she likes me. I've heard that she enjoys reading and playing soccer. Maybe I can take her to watch my soccer game this Saturday. I think I can get the coach to let her sit on the bench with the team."

Cathy said, "Tamiko spends too much time in our room with her head buried in a book. I think she likes to escape to imaginary places. God knows most of the places in her stories are far better than this miserable life. I don't want her to follow in my footsteps as a cocktail waitress dependent on the kindness of strangers."

Ashley said, "I really enjoy reading. It's wonderful to escape to some romantic place where everything is perfect. How is Tamiko doing in school?"

Cathy said, "Tamiko does ok, but she should be doing better. This small flat is not the best setting for doing school work. She could study at this kitchen table, but you can hear how noisy it is with the TV. It's even worse when the boys have their friends over. I cannot get either of Tamiko's brothers to worry about their education. Zach and his brother Nick share one bedroom while Tamiko and I have the other one. Everyone has to share the one bathroom. I try to put good food on the table, but I have to live on tips. I'm not getting any younger and the customers favor the younger bar girls."

Cathy pushed herself up from the table and knocked on a bedroom door. A skinny girl stuck her head out. She was tall for a nine-year-old girl. Cathy put her arm around her daughter and brushed her long jet black hair from her face. Tamiko was wearing a tee shirt and loose fitting cutoff jeans.

"Tami, I'd like you to meet your big sister Ashley."

Tamiko stared at the floor as her mother drew her into the room. Tamiko raised her eyes and appraised Ashley before cracking the hint of a grin.

Cathy said, "I have to change for work. Why don't you two chat? Ashley if you like Tami is available Saturday. I'll let you two make your own plans. As long as I know where she will be, you can take her anytime."

Cathy went into the bedroom and closed the door. Tamiko sat in the chair that her mother had just vacated and played with her hands.

Ashley said, "Does everyone call you Tami or would you like me to call you Tamiko?"

Tamiko said, "Most people call me Tami. It's ok."

Ashley said, "My family calls me Ash but my friends usually call me Ashley. You can call me either one. I thought we could get together Saturday. I have a soccer game in the afternoon and you could come and sit on the bench with the team. After the game, you could come to my house for a swim and dinner. Would you like that?"

Tamiko said, "I'd like to see the soccer game. It's my favorite sport. I'm faster than a lot of the girls on my team. I'm not sure about swimming. I don't have a swimsuit."

Ashley said, "Oh, the woman at Big Sister said you were a good swimmer."

Tamiko said, "I like to swim in the river. There is a place just down the street. I usually wear something like what I have on to swim.That's OK for the river, but I don't think you'd like me wearing these scruffy clothes at your home."

Ashley smiled and said, "Well you could certainly wear what you have on but I may have some old swimsuits that would fit. My friend Emily and I were going through some of my old clothes. I couldn't believe we were such hoarders. It might be fun to see if there is anything that fits you. I think my Dad wants to get rid of a lot of our old stuff anyway. Maybe Saturday the two of us can rummage around and see if you like anything."

Tamiko said, "Thanks, Ashley. I think that would be fun."

Ashley said, "Great the game is at 2 so how about I pick you up at noon and we grab a burger before the game?"

Tamiko said, "Noon is good. I can always eat."

Ashley said, "I have to go now. My Dad is expecting me for dinner and I have a lot of homework. I'll see you on Saturday. Oh, here is my phone number if anything comes up."

Ashley got up from the table and said goodbye to Tamiko. She walked around the corner into the TV room. Zach saw her and stood up waving his cell phone in her face. He was blocking the path to the door.

Zach said, "Now I know who you are. There are a lot of racy pictures of you on the web. You are really hot in that sexy yellow dress. You must have been crazy to go to school in that skimpy outfit without any underwear. My only question is was that you on the nurse's examination table?"

Ashley blushed and stammered, "I wore the dress because I lost a bet, but that wasn't me in the video. Someone just downloaded it from some porn site. The woman in the video is a lot heavier than me."

Zach said, "I like betting especially when I win. Well, how about we make a bet that you give me a kiss before you leave. Hell, I'd like to check if you are wearing any underwear right now."

Ashley glared at Zach. He was obviously high and Ashley knew she could easily handle him physically. However, she didn't want to cause a scene in front of her new little sister. Injuring Tamiko's brother wouldn't be a great start to a new relationship. But then maybe it would be a good lesson to Tamiko that she could stand up to jerks. While these thoughts were running through her head, Cathy came out of her bedroom in a skimpy cocktail waitress dress.

Cathy said, "Oh great Ashley, you are still here. Did you and Tamiko come up with a plan?"

Ashley smiled in relief and said, "Tamiko is going to watch my soccer game on Saturday and then come over for dinner. Is that OK?"

Cathy said, "That sounds very nice. I have to work late on Saturday night so if you want you can even keep her overnight. If Zach has his deadbeat friends over, I'd prefer Tami wasn't here. Oh, I'm sorry. You probably have date plans for Saturday night. You can drop her off after dinner. That's really nice of you."

Ashley was watching Tamiko as her mother talked. She noticed Tamiko's face light up when Cathy suggested staying overnight. Her smile disappeared when her Mom said to bring her back after dinner.

Ashley laughed, "My boyfriend and brother are on the football team. They are usually so sore on Saturday night that we usually just stay home and watch a movie. If Tamiko stays over, we can watch a romantic comedy that I really want to see. The boys keep protesting against watching a chick flick. With Tamiko there it will be three girls to two boys. Maybe Tamiko can bring her school books and do some homework Sunday morning before I bring her back. Is that OK?"

Cathy turned to Tamiko, "Well, what do you say?"

"Oh, yes please. I'd love to stay overnight. Thanks, Ashley."

Ashley said, "Great, Tami, I'll see you at noon on Saturday."

Cathy said, "Thank you, Ashley, you don't know what this means to me."

Cathy walked with Ashley to the door and opened it for her. As Ashley left the apartment, she waved at Tamiko. She saw Zach sitting on the couch flashing an ILY gesture and licking his cell phone. He flashed the cell phone at her. It had a picture of her in her little yellow dress stretching to reach the top of the calculus whiteboard.

After dinner, Ashley needed to catch up on the homework she had skipped the night before. Yesterday, she hadn't even cracked a textbook because she had huddled with her friends trying to determine the fallout from her escapade in the little yellow dress. She shuddered as she recalled the exhilaration she had felt as the little yellow dress disintegrated and her life spiraled out of control. Now even her new little sister's brother had seen the pictures. She knew she would have to be careful around Zach. Even if it was hot, she was going to make sure she dressed more modestly when she went to see Tamiko.

It was late when Ashley decided to stop studying for the night and get ready for bed. She switched her phone from do not disturb and headed to the bathroom. The phone immediately beeped and chimed to alert her that she had missed numerous calls and messages. When Ashley crawled into bed, she skimmed through the notifications. Most of them were just the usual chitchat from her friends. Ashley was shocked to see a text message from her rival, Ellen. The last time she had seen Ellen, old Mrs. Sturgeon was hauling Ellen into the principal's office with her little black dress hanging out from her jeans.

Ellen's message explained that the principal was upset with the manner in which the two girls were conducting the campaign for homecoming queen. He demanded that the two girls negotiate a truce. The principal said that although he had only caught Ellen attempting an inappropriate stunt, he held both of them to blame. As a condition for ending Ellen's suspension from school, the principal required she reach out to Ashley and come to a civilized agreement. Otherwise, the consequences would be severe. The first penalty would be the termination of the homecoming queen competition. Further penalties could result in both girls being suspended. It was possible that neither of them would graduate if the girls continued their unacceptable behavior. Ellen finished with a plea for Ashley to call her as soon as possible.

Ashley didn't want to have anything to do with Ellen, but the warning from the principal seemed serious. Ashley checked her email and found one from Mr. Janson, the principal. It was marked URGENT! Ashley read the principal's email. It supported the statements Ellen had made in her text message. The email did not accuse Ashley of anything directly but stated that her campaign was being conducted in an inappropriate manner. Mr. Janson recommended settling the issue by negotiating with Ellen as mature adults. If the two girls could not act in an appropriate manner, he would have no choice but to impose the strictest penalties.

Ashley went to the kitchen for a glass of water. Thoughts were flying around in her head. Surely the principal had not seen the pictures of her in the little yellow dress. If he had, she would have been suspended immediately. Just what did the Mr. Janson mean by his accusation that she was conducting her campaign in an inappropriate manner? Somehow old Mrs. Sturgeon had known to check Ellen for a concealed mini-dress. Well, there was nothing she could do except call Ellen. She went back to her room and called the cell number in Ellen's text message.

"Hello, this is Ashley."

"Oh Thank God you called! The principal is on a warpath."

Ashley said, "Yes, I got an email from Mr. Janson. I cannot afford to get suspended either."

Ellen said, "I had to promise Mr. Janson that I'd meet with you as soon as possible. If we can set up a time, he will let me return to school tomorrow. I'd like to meet in private – just the two of us. Can you come to my place tomorrow after school? My parents grounded me until I satisfy the principal. My parents won't be home until late so we would have some privacy."

Ashley replied, "I'm not sure, Ellen. After last year, I have some trust issues with you."

Ellen said, "I don't blame you. I'm really sorry. I was in a bad place last year. My parents were talking about getting a divorce. I didn't want to break up with Ryan. I'd dated him since junior high school, but we were growing apart. We're really not compatible. He wants to play pro football and I want to marry a businessman who needs a partner in society. My Mom has been preparing me to be a hostess all of my life. I didn't see that happening with Ryan. I didn't want to end up in a loveless marriage like my parents. But when we broke up, I expected Ryan to be heartbroken. I got horrible jealous when the two of you started going together. I acted like a nasty, spoiled brat. I'm sorry. We can never be friends now but at least we can do is bury the hatchet and negotiate a truce that will satisfy Mr. Janson."

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