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Making Mom Love My Strap-On Ch. 01

by Sexy Tanya©

I had really enjoyed making my mom love my strap-on. Forcing her to raise her tight little rear end into the air and fucking her with my big plastic cock. The harness I was wearing rubbing my clit with each thrust... mmmm.

That first time, I had kept my mother tied after fucking her pussy and making her tell me how much she loved me fucking her. "Fuck me daddy!" I even made her scream. And I spanked her ass and ran my long nails down her back as I fucked her hard, wearing only my heels.

Before untying her, I made her promise that she wouldn't fuck my limp-dicked father anymore and she said her pussy belonged to me now. I told her that she must keep wearing her short shorts around the house now, even in the winter and that when I come home from work she must be ready to service me.

I work as a secretary for a business executive at Bristol-Myers Squibb. I have to make copies and phone calls every day and dress in professional, low-cut skirts and wear heels and hose every day. It is a tiring job and I hate having to do such meaningless tasks all the time when I should be in charge.

Today in particular was a long day. I drive back from work, rubbing my legs together, my skirt riding up my legs as I think about the things I'll make my mother do to me when I get home.

I'm shocked when I walk in through the kitchen, into the living room and see my slut mother on the couch sleeping. She is wearing her short jean shorts and a sexy blouse as I had asked, but she is sound asleep, her ass sticking out over the side of the couch. I walk over to her, my heels clicking on the hardwood floor and give her ass a spank.

"Get up slut," I tell her... "Your mistress is here."

My mother wiggles her ass at me - probably on purpose - before getting up. I look into her eyes, down to her shoulder-length brown hair and then down at her tan legs. God, she looks sexy. Then, without a word, I put my hand on her head and push her down to the floor so she is on her knees and her head is level with my pussy.

I pull up my skirt, exposing the tops of my thigh highs and grab the back of my mother's head, nestling it in between her legs. "Lick my pussy," I command.

My mother doesn't say a word, but dutifully obeys, making sure not to make eye contact with me because that would be a sign of disrespect. She runs her hand over my nicely trimmed pussy as she licks all of my folds gently. Ohhhhh - after such a long day her tongue feels so good and I grind my pussy over her mouth. I take her by the hand, lead her to the couch and lie her down on it and sit on her face.

My mother kneads my ass cheeks as I sit on her face and I unbutton my blouse and start playing with my tits.

"That's it," I coo as my mother licks me nicely. "That's it... make your mistress feel good."

"You much prefer licking my sweet pussy as compared to daddy's limp dick, don't you mother?" I say.

She nods, but doesn't take her mouth away from my pussy: and the nodding motion sends quivers through me. Her tongue rolls over my clit and I hold her head in between my legs firmly, riding her face.

Holding her head, I cum on her face and thrash around, my ass pressing down on top of my mother. My tits are out of their bra now and I finally get off of my mother, lay beside her and lift one of my nipples to her. I hold her in my arms as she nurses on my tits.

"Soooo good mistress," my mother coos, putting my tit back into her mouth.

I allow my mother to nurse on my tits for awhile and doze in and out of sleep, holding onto the firm cheeks of her ass. Finally, I get up and tell my mother to wait outside my bedroom door.

I watch my mother's tan legs and firm ass swagger up the stairs and think what a wonderful slave she is. And to think, just weeks ago I let her entice me in those sexy shorts of hers without even making her pay for it.

I take off my heels, slide off my thigh highs and remove my bra. I play with my nipples a little bit and then put back on my heels and walk back up the stairs, just wearing my shoes. My mother is waiting for me at the door and I open the door and let her into my room.

As soon as she walks in, she looks at the video camera I have set up before the bed and her mouth opens wide.

"What... what's that..." she stutters.

"You know what that is slut," I say to her. "I'm going to record you taking my strap on up your pussy and telling me how good it feels and how you are my slut and no one else's."

My mother smiles and I order her to strip. She wiggles of her tight shorts, takes off her blouse and runs her hands over herself. I lick my lips, turn on the camera and make sure it has a good view of the bed. Then I walk over to my bedside drawer and pull out the strap-on harness that my mother has learned to love so much.

I step in the harness and it rubs against my pussy lips. I tug at the plastic cock and stand above my mother, who is now lying on the bed completely naked. I hover over her, the plastic cock near her mouth.

"Look at the camera and smile," I command.

My mother does so and I play with my tits as she gives the camera a sexy look. "Now suck slut," I say.

My mother reaches up for the plastic cock, and with her other hand, grips the back of my ass. She deep throats the cock, holding my ass firmly and sliding her finger into my crack. I moan.

"Ohhhhhh... That feels soooo goood," I say, holding onto my mother's head. "Tell me how much you like this cock slut."

My mother tells me how big my cock is, how hard it feels in her mouth.

"Tell me how much better it is than father's" I command.

"Oh, he has such a tiny cock... but your's is SOOO big. I love sucking your cock and giving myself to you," she says.

I let her suck on the plastic cock for a good 10 minutes, playing with her nipples and making her get on all fours as she bobs her head up and down on my strap-on. I make sure she looks up at the camera every now and then and play with my own tits sometimes as she sucks.

Then... I pull my cock out of her mouth... and tie her hands to the front bedposts as she has her ass to the camera while on all fours. I get up on the bed in my heels, showing my own firm ass to the camera. And then slowly I slide the head of my strap on cock into my mother pussy.

"ohhhhh - uuhhhhhhh," she grunts. "Fuck me daddy... Make me your woman." she says.

I spank my mothers ass as the camera catches me fucking her and I think how great it will be to show my father this tape, to show him his own wife being made a slut by his daughter. Yes, I was going to make my mother prove that she was my slut not just to me, but to everyone.

I hold onto my mother's ass and fuck her steadily, building up peed. "Ask for it harder slut!" I yell.

"Oh... Oh please... Please Tanya - fuck me harder. Fuck your mother. Make your mother a slut!" she yells.

And I spank my mother's ass again as I ride her hard then pull back her hair as I shove in the plastic cock as far up her pussy as it will go. She thrashes around on the bed, but can't go anywhere because her hands are tied. I pull back her hair some more and continue fucking her deeply.

"mmmm - I love making you my whore, my slut," I say as I keep fucking her making her scream... making her yell so loud."

"FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!" she yells. "Oh, fuck me soooo hard!"

I keep my strap on in her and play with my own tits as I fuck my mother from behind, watching her ass slamming back to meet my thrusts. I look back and smile at the camera.

"You see this dad?" I say into the camera... "You see how mother really wants to be fucked? She's mine now."

I then go back to fucking my mother, making her tell me what a nice, big cock her mistress has. "Fuck me daddy!" she keeps on screaming and I oblige, ramming her pussy hard.

After fucking her a good half hour, I until my mother's hands and make her suck my plastic cock clean, making her look in the camera as she bobs her head up and down again... then I take her into my arms, lie her down and fall asleep as she nurses on my tits.

Written by: Sexy Tanya

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