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Tater Tot Ch. 02

by fatdaddio©

You need to read chapter 1 of this series before reading this story. Chapter 1 sets the stage for the progression of the series.


Before I get into the story itself, let me refresh your memory about the characters. My name is Ricky and I'm 18 years old. I have a twin sister named Anna who is 1 minute older than me and she never misses the opportunity to remind me. It's cute how she does it, and she never cuts me any slack.

Everybody calls her Tater, because as a 4/5 year old, she was addicted to tater tots. I started calling her Tater back then and it stuck. I'm sure there are even some people who don't know her real name. Tater and I have been best friends since the beginning and it carries over to today.

We are completely opposite appearance wise and most people don't even realize we are related, let along fraternal twins. I am 6' tall and 170 lbs. with a huge mop of sun bleached surfer blonde hair. I played high school sports, so I have some muscle, but just enough to give me a good physique. I am blessed with a 7" long and average girth cock, but possess and unusually large soft mushy head. My claim to fame is that I can maintain an erection for hours during a sexual rendezvous and can produce multiple cum shots of copious quantities.

My older twin sister on the other hand is 5' tall and goes a whopping 100 lbs. She keeps her dark black hair cut short and has non-existent A-cup boobs. She just enough curves to be sexy, but little more than what a developing teen would normally have. Most people do not believe that she is even 18. She too is a high school athlete, but she is a superstar compared to me. Her body is lean and tight and firm. Her best physical attributes are her braces, lack of boobs and her very prominent thigh gap. My 3 favorite things.

Anyhow, Tater and I have been fucking all summer. Our parents are your typical 8-5 working people, so we have all day. They also take quite a few weekend excursions that leave us home together, which we make the most out of also. Tater and I are not picky about where and when we fuck. We have fucked in the backseat of the car, our pool, our hot tub, our boat, the kitchen table and in our big shower. We even got really wild and fucked in the fitting room of a big clothing store at the mall.

Both our bedrooms are in the basement of our ranch style house, which makes things even more convenient. Downstairs, we also have a full kitchen and huge master bathroom with big glass shower. We usually fuck 5 days a week and even sometimes twice a day. When one of us has the itch, the other is more than happy to scratch it. So now this leads us into the next chapter of our sex lives.

Tater and I both started fall college classes last week. I am at the local community college and she is at a bigger university, but it's only a half hour from home. She got volleyball scholarship offers from several larger schools, but she could not leave me. Those are HER words, not mine. My parents were sorta nervous about the possibility of her being half way across the country for college, so they too, are pleased that she chose this school. I am VERY happy she stayed home, because she is my sister, best friend and lover all rolled into one, and I certainly would have difficulty without her.

My parents went away for the weekend again and Tater had plans to go to a party with 2 of her girlfriends. I had no plans, so I just sat on the internet and watched some porn. It's been a while since I needed this, due to how much Tater and I are together. But tonight was a special night and I was watching the video I made of my ex-gf getting double fucked by my buddy and me. You will need to read the upcoming chapter 3 for more on that part. Anyhow, just about the time I was getting ready to do some serious wanking, I heard voices upstairs which meant that the girls were home.

They tromped downstairs as I hurriedly shut down all the porn stuff and tried to get my erection to go away. I got done just in time for them to turn the corner to my room and the 3 of them flopped down on my bed with obvious looks of disappointment and frustration and plenty of sighs. The 3 of them were dressed to kill and my cock immediately took notice and began to stir. With Tater, were her 2 best friends from kindergarten. Darci and Kaylee were two hottie in their own right and I would not pass up the chance to fuck either of them. Worst part is, they both have douche bags for boyfriends. Something I just will never understand is why really cute or hot girls are attracted to douche bag guys. Both girls graduated with us, so I know both very well.

Darcy is a little bigger than Tater and goes about 5'-1 and maybe 105. She has dark hair that she bleaches blonde and keeps the roots dark for her purposely slutty appearance. She too barely has any boobs and never wears a bra. She is in a black 1 piece spandex cat suit and thigh high grey suede leather boots. She is wearing one of those really tall belts that has double rows of metal eyelets. She is wearing it loosely so it sags down the side of her curvy little hip. My dick stirs some more.

Kaylee is wearing a neon pink spandex top that is similar to a sports bra, but that zips up the front and has long sleeves. It is short like a sports bra, so her tummy and pierced navel is being show off very seductively. She is wearing a matching spandex mini skirt that makes the word MINI look large. It can't be much taller than a tube top and rides WAY below her hip bones and I can see the material of her panty covered crotch. She has a shit ton of platinum blonde hair and she likes to primp it like her mom did in the 80's. She is about 5'-7" tall and goes maybe 130 or so. She has a nice set of gently saggy 34C boobs that look great in a bikini at my pool. Her long legs are very toned as she is a competitive swimmer and gymnast. You could only imaging my fantasies regarding her. My cock stirs even more.

Tater is in one of her patented punk rock skateboard girl outfits. Super short daisy dukes with the pockets hanging out, homemade cut up t-shirt with slices all in it to show as much skin as possible, tall tube sock and high top converse chucks. Her trademarked BIG nerdy glasses and mesh trucker style baseball hat top of her ensemble. I now have a full blown raging erection.

"Why you home some soon ladies? Bad party or what?"

Darci answered up first.

"Party was going ok until the shitty boyfriends decided to play drinking games with the other shitty boyfriends instead of paying attention to us."

"We certainly aren't dressing this way for ourselves you know. It would be nice for some attention and appreciation for a change."

"Sorry girls. That's the way it goes sometimes. But you both know how Tater and I feel about those 2 turd boyfriends of yours anyhow. So you won't be getting and REAL sympathy from me."

"Yen yen, we know. You're right, but we both just too stupid to move on ya know?"

"We need boyfriends like Ricky don't we Darcy. A nice guy that treats us right."

"Tater was the smart one by not bringing a guy. Tater, you aren't seeing anybody right now are you? I didn't even think about that until just now."

"Actually, I DO have a boyfriend and when I decide to finally show him off, you will be totally surprised."

"What about you Ricky? Are you seeing anybody?"


Kaylee jumped over on my lap and sat sideways leaning her head on my shoulder. And wrapping her long arms around my neck.

"He's mine. I got first dibs. We can start tonight and we can make up for my ex-bf's retardedness."

I sorta took her to be half serious and half joking. If it were just the 2 of us, I'm sure we would already be half naked and ready for a major sweaty romp on my bed. My eyes widened as I looked directly at my sister who was in an instantaneous state of panic. She was not happy with another girl sitting on her brother/boyfriend's lap. In reality, she was the girlfriend and she was not going to stand for another girl molesting her man. She blurted out without even thinking.

"You can't... he's mine."

She knew right away that this was going to generate some uncertain dialogue, but it was too late. She looked down at the floor hoping the girls did not see her blushing red embarrassed face.

"Of course he's yours. He is your brother, goofball."

"That's not what I mean. I mean...he's really...mine."

"Isn't that cute, little Tater is trying to protect her INNOCENT younger brother from the naughty clutches of her slutty best friend. That's why we love you Tater, you always take care of your LITTLE brother."

"NO, I'm not kidding he's really ...mine...Aw shit...Remember how I said you would be shocked when you hear who my boyfriend is? Well..., it's Ricky. Ricky is my boyfriend."

Oh shit, here it comes. The girls all looked at each other with some blank yet enquiring expressions on their faces. After a few minutes, Darcy broke the silence.

"I call bullshit Tater. That's the dumbest thing I ever heard you say. You are surely NOT dating your own brother."

More silence and more looking around from person to person, me included this time. After a few moments of awkward silence, Kaylee chimed in.

"Holy shit!! She really IS dating her brother. God guys that's so fucked up...what are you...? how did you... ...WAIT...are you...FUCKING each other TOO?"

More moments of awkward silence with Tater and I trying really hard NOT to look either one of them in the eye.

"Jesus H Christ you guys. You gotta be kidding me. You can't be fucking each other. You are brother and sister, twins for god's sake. Shit, I'm probably going straight to hell now too, just for being your friends through all this."

Kaylee hopped off my lap and sat on the floor with a very shocked look on her face. Her initial reaction was a little dramatic, but completely honest. Darci however, had a sly and somewhat devious look on her face. She looked at me with smoldering hot eyes and then looked at Tater. She gave a slight nod and then spoke.

"Actually, the thought of it is kinda hot. REALLY hot is more like it. Both of you are very sexy and have good chemistry as twins. I could see that where it's possible, but I sorta have to call bullshit too. I mean, BOTH of you are so normal. The typical red blooded American kids. It just can't be."

Now Tater seemed a little more at ease, with hearing Darci's SEMI approval. She looked around and finally spoke, but it a very soft and almost unheard voice.

"It's the real deal alright. Ricky and I are having sex. I don't know what else to say to prove it to you, but I am your best friend, so just take it as the truth."

Prove it she said. This could turn out to be VERY interesting. MY mind raced as I came tried to come up with some for proof. My only answer was to SHOW them the proof. Tater probably would go for it just to prove to them that she is right. Hell, I might even get lucky and 1 of them join us. I smiled like a Cheshire cat and quickly added my 2 cents before anybody else had a chance to interrupt me.

"Ok ladies, proof is what we will deliver. What Tater said is true. We have been fucking since beginning of summer. So...As long as Tater is ok with it, her and I will kiss right here and now and give you all the proof you need."

Tater's body instantly went erect with a look of approval on her face. I motioned for her to come over and she damn near jumped across the room in one leap and sat sideways on my lap. We both took a nervous breath and looked deeply into each other's eyes. She grinned and looked back to the girls.

"Proof is what you shall get."

She wasted no time at all and took my face in her hands as her tongue dived into my mouth. Our tongues met and immediately began to devour each other's as comfortable as ever before. Both girls got up closer to us to confirm the action. My cock twitched as my tongue grazed across her shiny silver braces. That is my truly deepest fetish is those braces. Both girls had blank expressions on their faces as if they were in a trance almost like being hypnotized. Darci still had a slight approving look in her eye, while Kaylee was purely in utter astonishment with her jaw hanging wide open.

I was more than pleased with our performance in front of them and very satisfied with their reactions. This could definitely go somewhere and I will now do my best to help it proceed. Kaylee finally gathered her nerve to speak up.

"Ok ok already. But that's not proof of anything other than you don't have a problem kissing your brother. That certainly does NOT mean that you are fucking each other."

"She's sorta right guys. That proves nothing."

I looked at Tater and she gave me a very slight innocent smile and even slighter nod. There was a slight hesitation which made me want to confirm her intentions. Fucking her in front of her best friends is good for me, but sure don't want her freaked out about it.

"Are you sure Tater? Honestly, we have nothing to prove. You and I know the truth and that's all that matters."

She took a moment to think of how she wanted to form her response. She sighed deeply and looked at them and then back to me with the 100% wholesome sister eyes that she has.

"Prior to this Scooter, I never would have even THOUGHT about having sex in front of somebody. But is a different story. I want to Scooter. I want you to fuck my brains out right here...right now...right in front of my best friends. Fuck me little brother. Fuck your big sister like the slut you have made her this summer."

I shimmied her around and picked her up with her legs wrapped around my waist and arms around my neck. We kissed deeply as I made my way to the bed and sat down with my feet on the floor and butt on the edge of the bed. We broke the kiss and she leaned back and grabbed the bottom of my shirt and lifted. I raised my arms and gave her the green light to toss it aside. She gave my nipples a little lick and kiss which sent me to the starts

I tugged at the bottom of her cut up shirt and literally ripped it off her body. It was still hanging onto her through one arm, but the rest of her upper body was completely uncovered. I leaned her back a little more and began to lick and suck her cute little budding nipples. They hardened quicker than norm, but under the extra intensity of the circumstances, I knew why. I slurped on her tiny tits for a moment when she surprised me and hopped off the bed. With me still sitting on the edge, she moved in and unbuttoned my shorts. I lifted my ass as she tugged them down and discarded them away.

My 7" cock sprang free and was on display for all of them to see. I was rock hard and my knob was purple and swollen from the sudden realization of what was actually going to happen.

"My god, look at that cock Darci. It sure is bigger than Tommy's. And that does that thing fit inside you Tater."

My knob is my one physical attribute that stands out. It is as big as a Ping-Pong ball and usually generates some intense sensations when penetrating a girl's pussy for the 1st time.

"It feels good inside me Kaylee. It's big, but nice and soft. When it goes in for the 1st time, EACH just launches me into orbit."

Tater knelt down and my cock was aimed straight down at her face. I love this angle, because she can suck me off while we maintain vivid eye contact the whole time. She gave me one of her patented glimmering braces laden smile and I mouthed the words I LOVE YOU to her. That made her blush slightly and she leaned in and took my large knob into her warm and moist mouth. She gently sucked on my knob like she would suck on a big lollipop and even made those slutty slurping and sucking noises.

Darci- "Damn you guys, that's hotter than the kiss. I can't believe you are sucking your brother's cock Tater. My pussy is getting wet."

Kaylee got down from the bed and sort of paced the floor.

Kaylee- "Yep, hell...her I come."

But that didn't stop her from coming over to watch the action for a few moments, then she would step away and try to make sense of it all. She repeated this over and over. More than anything, she was turned on by it, but I think she was embarrassed to admit it. She kept coming back for more, so that should tell you something.

Darci-"Take it easy on him Tater and don't let him cum too soon. Then he won't be worth a damn to fuck you."

"Not to worry Darci. I can last for hours and show you more jizz than you have seen in a week."

Darci-"Whatever there stud boy. I'll believe it when I see it."

Tater kept getting more of my cock in her mouth and really began to give me a grade-A blowjob. She stopped long enough and motioned for the girls to get closer. She squatted down and took each of my balls massaged them in her warm moist mouth. She even let each one pop out with an audible popping sound. Then she went right back to sucking my cock and taking me all the way to the root.

Kaylee-"God, this is one slutty little girl we have here. I had no idea she could be like this."

Darci-"She's fuckin hot alright. Go Tater. Suck your brother's cock you little tramp. I wanna see him cum in your mouth."

Tater just smiled and continued to suck me into the next dimension. Darci was still sitting next to us Indian style facing us. I reached over and put my hand behind her neck and gave a gentle pull. She instinctively leaned over my way and engaged me in a kiss. I was really digging this as my cock had hardened a little more with my first every 3-way with 2 girls. I got so engrossed in kissing Darci that I forgot to pay attention to Tater. Since Darci was kissing me with very little provocation, I figured I would take my chances and see how far she would go. I pulled away from the kiss and whispered into her ear.

"What do ya think Darci? Do you wanna try out what Tater is doing?"

She just licked her lips and gave me a seductive smile and little nod. She began to scoot down to the floor and next to Tater. I had to spread my legs wider to accommodate them both, but it was for a very worthwhile cause. Tater leaned back and she engaged Darci in a very soft and slow kiss I which their tongues danced together in perfect harmony. Kaylee took Darci's spot on the bed and stared at them in an unbelieving state. The jaw was hanging open again as she took in the sight playing out in front of her.

Kaylee-"Jesus, I can't believe this. You 2 look like you've done this before. Is there something I should know about ladies?"

Tater-"Well...Uhhhhhhh...we have...uhhhhhhh... done this before. When we were in 8th grade, some things happened and we sort of ...uhhhhhh...lezzed out...I guess you could say."

Kaylee-"And neither of you felt the need to tell me about this WHY?"

Me-"Because like right now Kaylee. You are losing your mind. Just relax and go with the flow. After all, we are going to hell too, so you may as well join the party. We are all going to be together in the end anyhow."

She gave me a look of instant understanding and acceptance realizing that I was right. Before she had a chance to 2nd guess anything, I reached for her to edge closer to me and pulled her in for a kiss. She was quite hesitant, yet I could sense and air of desire and intrigue at the same time. I would keep going until she stopped me. She warmed up after a moment or so and then began to focus on getting her tongue acquainted with mine. She too, kissed as well as Darci and Tater and I was very happy to be part of it.

Our tongues flicked across each other's as we both became comfortable with the new pair of buddies. She quickly heightened the moment by really kissing me aggressively as she was now more than ok with how things are playing out. Tater watched intently as Darci leaned in and sucked my big mushy knob in her mouth for the 1st time. It felt great and she too was using the angle to maintain blazing hot eye contact as she slowly slid her sexy lips up and down my shaft. She hummed slightly which sent a very soft vibrating feeling through my organ and right down to my balls. The feelings were incredibly powerful and she knew it. I noticed that Tater sort of sat herself aside and I gave her an inquisitive look.

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