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Slut 46 Ch. 02

by literoticawriting©

Note: You do not have the right to use or publish this story without my permission. This story is fiction and I do not condone blackmail or non-consensual behavior.


As Amanda collected her breath and regained her composure, Kyle walked out of the living room and through the halls without saying anything. She darted her eyes around the living space, gathering more knowledge about her new environment. There were several conspicuous video cameras all across the ceiling. He wanted her to know that they were watching at all times. There were hooks in random spots on the side walls. She saw sliding windowed double doors that led to the back of the property. She could see a small garden with fruits and vegetables, a slightly larger garden area with just flowers and plants, a very big grassy back yard, and then beyond that a wooded area full of trees and bushes. The land was actually quite beautiful and she was appreciating its simplicity when Kyle walked back in with a black bag strapped around his shoulder.

He set the bag down beside her and quickly walked back toward the first room that she was briefed in. He reentered holding the grip of a black graphite cane. It looked like a golf club without the head. He walked right beside her and laid 3 vicious blows to her ass. Amanda's face cringed from the pain. "You will always focus on your proper posture." He laid down 3 more blows: *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK*. Her eyes swelled up with tears as she corrected her posture. She widened her knees, grabbed her forearms behind her back, and thrust out her chest. Kyle remained still with an angry glare until he finally tossed the cane onto the couch and started rummaging through the bag. He brought out a pair of steel scissors.

"These clothes are cute but we don't do cute here. We do sexy. You must look sexually enticing at all times. These are going in the trash." He speedily cut off the jeans and panties that were awkwardly wrapped around her ankles. Then he cut off her shirt and her bra. Last, he slid off her little shoes and socks and threw the remains onto the couch. "Unless otherwise commanded, you are to remain naked in this house at all times except for a collar and heels."

With that statement he dug into his bag again. He pulled out a leather collar with a lock and key on it. "This is handmade leather, built to perfection. When you see Gabe, you will thank him for making you such a nice collar. He's quite the craftsman." He eased behind Amanda and shifted her hair to the side. He wrapped the collar snugly around her neck, locked it, and then dropped the key in his pocket. He ran his fingers through her hair, putting it back in place. She found his presence behind him warming and much more intimate than the throat fucking she had just endured.

"What size shoe do you wear," Kyle asked. Amanda responded that she wore a size seven, and Kyle dug through his bag again. He brought out a pair of high-quality leather heels. The heels were 4" and had an open toe. There was a leather ankle strap that had a small padlock on them. Again, Kyle eased behind her. While she continued to remain in posture, he lifted up her foot, slid the first shoe on and locked the strap. He performed the same method on her other foot. He stood up and gave an outward expression of satisfaction.

Kyle spoke on. "Even though you have heels on, remember you are not to walk in this house unless given permission. I just think heels look good on sluts. Sometimes you will be asked to leave the house and run errands for us. In that case, you will still wear your collar and heels out, and we will dress the rest of you accordingly."

Amanda closed her eyes and took a deep breath at the thought of being sent out into the world with a locked leather collar and 4" locked leather heels. At this point, there was little question that they would make her look a cheap whore. Just thinking about it made her feel more humiliated than she had ever felt. Kyle recognized the deep breath and flushed cheeks and walked in front of her.

"Position 2," he commanded. Fearing more lashings from the cane, she instantly pushed her head forward to the ground and extended her arms out. He walked around her and set two fingers on the outside of her pussy. "Well, well well. What do we have here? Explain this to me."

Amanda meekly responded "you placed your hands on the outside of my vagina and now they are resting there, Sir." Kyle belted out a laugh. He appreciated her quick wit but was left unsatisfied with her answer. He re-asked in a more precise manner: "Explain to me why your pussy is dripping wet. You are here against your will. I am forcing you to obey my sadistic commands. Yet you are extremely physically excited. Explain it."

Amanda had no answer to the question. She hadn't even noticed that she was so excited. But now that Kyle brought it up, the only thing on her mind was her aching pussy. His fingers felt amazing. She decided it was best to answer truthfully. "I don't know, Sir."

"I'll tell you why. It's because, like most women, you are a slutty girl who likes to be used. It's because you like being forced to do things you think you don't want to. You like being treated like a slut. You like a man who takes control of you. If you drip any more on my carpet, I'll need to call the University's janitor over here to clean up the mess. Hey, there's an idea! Let's call Rick."

Amanda couldn't yet tell if he was joking but assumed the likely possibility that he was seriously considering calling over the janitor. She realized that it was best to assume her role here and mitigate potential embarrassment. "That's not necessary, Sir. I can clean up the mess."

Kyle pointed to the ground. "Then come clean it. Turn around and lick it up." Amanda hesitated at the request, again not knowing if he was joking. But yet again, she decided it was best to assume he meant everything that he said. She awkwardly turned around on all fours, her feet still not used to the bulky heels, and looked at Kyle with the biggest doe eyes she could muster. He crossed his arms, letting her know that this was not up for negotiation. Amanda looked at the carpet to see only a tiny spot of wetness - nothing sizable enough to rise to the description of a mess. She realized that he was not concerned with his carpet, but only whether she would obey his commands. She slowly put her head down to the carpet and licked the small pool of her own juices. She put on a little show for him, licking slowly and lustfully. When the area was sufficiently mopped up, she licked her lips and then looked back up at him.

"You dripped on my shoes too. Lick them clean." Amanda looked at his brown leather boots and didn't see a drop on them. She peered back up at him but Kyle maintained a motionless expression. Amanda was starting to understand that she would receive no breaks from this man. She crawled a step forward and brought her face to his shoes. She took several breaths as she contemplated the nature of what she was doing. She hadn't noticed that Kyle grabbed the cane from the couch. Without saying anything, he began striking her again. He didn't stop until she shoved her tongue forward and made contact with the boot. It didn't taste as bad as she thought it would. They were actually quite clean, smelled like regular leather, and didn't have much of a taste. She began licking the entire toe of the right shoe. She noticed her pussy begin to throb again. It was a strange sensation - the combination of burn from the cane lashings and an aching between her thighs. Trying to ignore her lust, she guided her tongue over the leather like a mop and then moved over to the left shoe. She felt like any "mess" she had made was cleaned up. But as she pulled away from his shoes, Kyle quickly interjected. "Lick the entire shoe. See how the toes are darker than the rest of the leather? Leather darkens when moist. My entire boot should look dark like that. Back to work."

Amanda put her face and tongue back to his boot and continued licking. This time she worked the sides. As a natural result from her head being so low to the ground and the maneuvering from licking, her ass stuck up high and wiggled back and forth. Unbeknown to her, she was putting on a little show for Kyle. His pants began to bulge again, seeing her tight, fit ass presented to him and having this little beauty degrade herself for his pleasure. As she licked, Amanda slowly crawled in a circle around Kyle, making sure to get the heel and the inside sections. She pushed herself to lick every inch, not wanting to disappoint him again.

Still licking, she heard the front door open and someone walk inside. She lifted her head to see who it was, but Kyle just gave her ass one light, symbolic smack with the cane and told her to get back to work. She did as instructed, and tried to ignore the footsteps closing in.

"What do we have here?" asked the stranger. "This must be forty-seven. Or is it forty-six?"

"Forty-six," Kyle responded.

The stranger circled around Amanda, getting a better look at her body. "Very nice. And look at her butt; that thing is already marked up." The stranger chuckled and gripped her ass firmly to get a proper feel.

"She's a slow learner."

The stranger laughed even louder. "They're all slow learners to you. What's your name Sweetie?"

Amanda was listening intently and recognized this as her queue. "Amanda, Sir."

Kyle shoved away her face with his boot. He leaned down and took a firm grip on her hair, and shoved her face into the ground. Forcefully using his cane, Kyle made a point. "Your *SMACK* name *SMACK* is *SMACK* forty-six *SMACK*. You *SMACK* will *SMACK* refer *SMACK* to*SMACK* yourself *SMACK* as *SMACK* forty-six." He laid 3 more blows to her ass, with as much power as he could muster.

"MY NAME IS FORTY-SIX, SIR," Amanda yelled out in a desperate attempt to end her suffering.

"Well hello Forty-Six. I'm Joe," the stranger replied. He seemed to be in a good mood.

"I'm taking her throat. You get her pussy. Gabe gets the ass."

"Sounds good to me," Joe said as he got on bended knee, examining his new property. He placed his fingers on her pussy, which was still soaking wet. "This one likes being a slut." He separated her lips with a finger and gently felt her inside of her. He slid down the same finger and rubbed her clit. The sensation overwhelmed Amanda. She was breathing heavily and moaning loudly. "I hope you're not going to cum, Forty-Six. This is my pussy. And my pussy does not cum without my permission." Amanda tried to calm herself down but Joe kept massaging. Most guys could barely make her cum. Desperately holding back was a new experience. She could not believe how quickly she had been brought to the brink of orgasm. Luckily for her, Joe stopped rubbing and felt around some more. "I feel hair, Kyle."

"Yeah, she's only been here for an hour or so. There's still lots of training and prep work to be had. Why don't you take over from here. I want to edit with the video we just made."

Joe nodded his head and raised to his feet. "Follow me, slut." Amanda got on all fours and followed Joe. This was the first time she got a good look at him. He was a few inches shorter than Kyle, but stockier. He had piercing blue eyes. His skin was somewhat tan and he had a shaved head. Like Kyle, he was dressed in Khakis and a nice collared shirt. He was muscular and his body stretched out his clothes. Much like Kyle, he had quickly developed a bulge in the crotch area. She crawled after him as fast as she could until she reached the bathroom. Joe was already running the water.

"Look closely. There are two pieces of tape here next to the bathtub faucet handle. One is blue and one is red. When you are a good girl, you can point the handle towards the red mark and receive hot water. If you are not a good girl, you will point the handle towards the blue one. You don't want the blue one. We'll start with the red one today, since it will make shaving you easier. I like my sluts to have soft skin and a soft pussy. Come crawl into the tub and spread your legs out."

Amanda did as he commanded. She crawled over the bathtub casing and plopped her ass on the bottom of the tub. She spread out her legs, resting her heels on the fringes. She leaned back and watched Joe grab the shower head. It was a detachable head with a long hose. He brought it all the way up to her pussy and showered the area with the hot water. The warm vibrations from the showerhead started to push her over the edge again. She grabbed her hair with both of hands and tilted her head back in ecstasy, focusing on containing her pleasure.

When her pussy and pubic region was sufficiently soaked, Joe turned off the water. "You will shave every day. These are the steps. Soak yourself with water. Then put on shaving cream and leave it there for 2 minutes." As he was talking, Joe was drying his hands and lathering up the shaving cream. He gently spread it around her pubic region. "Then, you will gently use this razor to shave with the grain." Joe brought out a fancy 3-bladed razor and began his work. He focused intently and shaved off only a small portion at a time. Amanda was impressed at his gentleness. She had only shaved down there a few times and she could tell he was doing a much better job than she would have done.

Joe turned the water back on and handed her the shower head. "Rinse off." As she was doing so, he was removing his clothes. She found her eyes attracted to his muscular body, unable to look away. First his pants came off, then his shirt. He tossed them to the side. He must have been going commando because there were no more articles of clothing to remove. He eyed her body up and down. Joe turned off the water, looked her straight in the eyes, and said "Position 2." He had a lustful gleam in his eyes and an unnerving grin on his face. It was obvious what was going to happen next.

Amanda's spirit was broken at this point. She brought her legs down into the tub and turned over. There wasn't enough space to extend her arms so they bent up, following the curvature of ceramic. She pushed out her ass and showed Joe what he wanted to see. This time she was hoping to be used. Her pussy was throbbing. She needed attention. Joe got in mounting position and rubbed the tip of his giant head up and down her slit. No words, no moans, no sounds came out of Amanda's mouth. She closed her eyes as hard as she could and enjoyed the sensation. He just kept on rubbing, teasing her. And then without warning, Joe guided his cock inside of her and slowly pushed in as far as he could. As he did this, Amanda instantly came. She squealed and shivered on his cock as it penetrated her. She turned her head back and forth, pushed her palms against the tub, and let the orgasm wash through her body. There was nothing she could do to stop it. He just left his cock deep inside of her. No thrusting, no movement. He wanted to feel her shudder against him. Amanda didn't notice she had been holding her breath during her orgasm and let out a panicked succession of outward gasps. She knew she had broken the rules but she didn't care.

Amanda expected Joe to chastise her for cumming without permission but he didn't. Instead, he he began thrusting his cock in and out of her. His two hands had made their way to her ass-cheeks, clawing and spreading them apart, opening her pussy wide for his entry. Traditional foreplay was passed over. He pounded into her at a steady pace, with little regard for her comfort. He was big and Amanda could feel every inch of him inside of her. She might normally feel pain but her pussy was so wet from her climax that he penetrated her with no resistance at all. Every thrust was as deep as he could make it and before Amanda could say or do anything, she found herself cumming on his cock again. This time her arms had left position and were just tightly holding her head. She was in the same dumbfounded state as before, not thinking or talking or breathing. Just feeling the pulsing orgasm ripple through her body. Joe noticed her cum again but didn't stop his pace. He wasn't ready to stop yet. As he continued, Amanda's pleasure turned to pain. Her pussy was sensitive now. Every time he pushed into her and slapped up against her clit, it stung her. Joe could see the change in her demeanor, which was his sign to keep going even harder. He dropped his jaw and began breathing loudly. Her tight, wet pussy wrapped around his cock was pushing him over the edge. And it pleased him even more to see her face cringed in pain.

Joe felt his orgasm coming and with a labored breath spoke out "that's it, forty-six, just like that," as if she was consciously performing just for him. He increases his pace and pounded into her as hard as he could. Amanda's pain turned into pleasure again. Her pussy had never been used like this before. Finally, Joe groaned loudly as streams of his cum filled Amanda. She had never let someone cum inside of her without a condom, and the new warm sensation caused her to cum one last time. A rush of blood flowed to her head, causing her reality to spin. She could feel every drop of his hot cum spill deep inside of her. She felt dizzy and abused, yet strangely satisfied.

Just as quickly as he mounted her, Joe pulled out his cock, stepped out of the tub, and began putting his clothes back on.

"Come on Forty-Six. You came three times without permission. Time for your punishment."

Written by: literoticawriting

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