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The Basement

by ass_lover_man©

My name is Joe; my girl's name is Maggie. I am madly in love with her and she is absolutely the best lover in the world, hands down. She is open to almost anything, orgasms and cums like crazy, and makes sure to satisfy her partner every time! We've had many adventures together, some real, some fantasy and I'd like to share this one with the readers of Literotica. Enjoy.

Maggie has always had a dark side to her too; besides liking the standard hetero acts – oral, anal, and vaginal sex - she also enjoys some BDSM, as long as serious pain isn't involved. As a result of knowing these desires, I am always on the lookout for interesting 'opportunities'.

I am fortunate to have friends that are into various kinky sexual things, including Master Steve (who has a basement full of devices and equipment). One day when he shared his particular sexual slant with me, an idea hit me. I mentioned Maggie and her BDSM fantasies to him and asked if I could 'borrow' his basement for an evening. Steve was completely agreeable and gave me a set of keys to the basement door and took me on a tour of his basement so that I could get ideas in advance. The windows were darkened, black and strobe lights were available, eye hooks were anchored in the ceiling studs, foot straps we located on the floor and other custom equipment was present including dildo chairs and restraining machines that positioned the body out spread-eagle, thus allowing complete access. Further, the cabinets were well stocked with lubricants, whips, riding crops, dildos, vibrators, ball gags, cock rings and other devices I had never seen! This was going to be fun.

Maggie had no clue what was going to happen when I took her over to a friend's house on Saturday evening. She gave me a puzzled look when we entered via the basement door, but I wasn't talking. Helping Maggie down the stairs and into the basement, I quickly stripped Maggie's pants off followed by the rest of her clothes. She complained weakly, but her pussy was getting wet. Before she could react, I strapped her arms up to the ceiling hooks and put her feet into the leather floor straps, spreading her legs by 3 feet or so. A stream of complaints came out of Maggie's mouth, but I quickly put an end to that with a ball gag. I started caressing Maggie and whispering in her ear. "You are mine. You are vulnerable to me. You will do as I say, when I say, how I say. You are my slut." Turning off the main lights and turning on the black lights, I put some Goth rock on the CD player – the scene was complete.

Struggle though she might, Maggie was unable to break the bounds that held her tight and could not speak. Wanting to calm her a little, I spoke in her ear and told her not to struggle and smacked her hard on her ass with my hand. "This is a reminder of what will happen to you if you disobey." I smacked her ass several times, causing the cheeks to turn pink. "Do you understand?" Nodding her head, Maggie understood. I then proceeded to run my hands up and down her beautiful body, stopping at her nipples to pinch and squeeze them. Obviously aroused by now, Maggie starting shaking as if she were close to orgasm. "Do you want to cum, slut? Do you want to cum hard for me?" Getting no response, I moved over to a cabinet and pulled out a riding crop and waved it in front of her face. Watching her widening eyes, I rubbed her crack with the crop, and whipped her ass saying, "I asked you a question – I want an answer."

Maggie got the message and nodded her heard vigorously. "Too late now, you did not respond in time. Maybe later." Obviously frustrated, Maggie resumed nodding her head and moving it side to side as if pleading with me. Laughing, I squeezed her 36C tits and pulled on her nipples. She bucked and wiggled, trying desperately to cum. She would have to wait. It was my time to be satisfied. Stripping in front of her, I stroked my rock hard 7" cock in front of her face; because her legs were spread and since she was shorter than me by almost a foot, her face was about even with my crotch. I removed the ball gag and quickly inserted my cock into her mouth and began fucking her face. I was very turned on and knew that I would cum quickly. I fucked her mouth harder and faster and watched her pretty lips wrapped around my cock. The whole vision was too much for me and I spurted once into her mouth and the rest onto her face, caking her cheeks and hair with my seed. She typically didn't like to have cum on her face, but today was my way.

I suppose I could have been nice and wiped her face off, but she looked sexy and slutty with cum on her face. Replacing the ball gag in her mouth, I picked up the riding crop again and started to smack her tits, thighs and ass. Obviously enjoying the pain/pleasure combination, Maggie started bucking and shaking again. I moved my fingers down to her thighs and pinched and caressed the inside of her thighs. Her pussy was dripping and I decided that her time had arrived. I took my fingers and plunged them into her pussy and was rewarded with a major orgasm. Her legs were shaking so bad I wondered if she would collapse! Stroking her g-spot, I moved to lick and chew on her clit at the same time. She loved this combination and kept cumming and cumming, soaking my goatee with her juices and filling my mouth with her sweet nectar. I was getting hard again and thinking about what I wanted next…

Looking her over in the position she was in, I decided I wanted her ass. Needing to loosen her tight little ass, I grabbed some KY from the cabinet and worked it around and in and out of her hole. I slowly worked a finger and then 2 and 3 fingers into her hole, deeper and deeper, fucking her faster and faster. Cumming again and again, she was going to get my cock, like it or not. I moved into position and with one thrust drove my cock deep into her ass. God her ass felt great, gripping my cock like a vise, her body moving with mine – thrusting back toward me. The vulnerability added to the excitement for both of us, the lights and Goth music too. I fucked and fucked her ass harder as she came and came. Reaching around to her face, I ripped out the ball gag and listened to her moan and beg me to fuck her ass harder and deeper. I fucked for all I was worth, driving my cock as deep as I could, nearing a huge orgasm. Maggie's legs were quaking, her body was racked with orgasm, she was helpless and I couldn't hold back any more. I gasped that I was cumming and let loose in her ass, pushing my cum up into her bowels.

I was completely beat and drenched with sweat. Maggie was on the verge of collapse, barely supported by the ceiling hooks and ropes around her arms. Moving to release her, I heard a voice over the music. "Not bad for a rookie – I enjoyed that show. But let me show you how its really done…" Steve had been watching the whole time, from a hidden observation area in the basement. He proceeded to teach us a lesson we would never forget, but that is another story.

Written by: ass_lover_man

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