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My Strap-on Tales

by domina heel©

Before my marriage, I had many sexual encounters with my sister-in-law. While my brother was out on a trip, she used to sleep with me and often we used to kiss and fondle each other. My sister-in-law was beautiful with full lips, large pointed breasts, full round buttocks, and a plump pussy. Occasionally, both of us would dress up, she in very high-heeled shoes, lots of makeup and ornaments and me in high-heeled thong sandals, red lipstick and lots of ornaments.

She will kiss me passionately thrusting her tongue into my mouth, suck my breasts, lick and suck my pussy and then she will mount me, just like a guy would, and rub her pussy with mine and finger my pussy. Once she fondled my bare breasts in front of her cousin. His dick became very erect as he watched us kiss and fondle. He had a long and thick penis with a large pinkish mushroom-shaped head and it was erect and throbbing. I had several orgasms as my sister-in-law continued to fuck me in front of her cousin. She asked me if I enjoyed watching his hard, erect penis. I said yes. She told me that she fucks her cousin and would like to see me fuck her cousin, but I told her that I would fuck him later while she watched.

After the marriage ceremony my sister-in-law wanted to fuck me before I left with my husband. The house was very crowded. She asked me to come with her to a small, upstairs bedroom, which she has decorated with flowers and incense earlier. We both were dressed in bright, colorful saris, gold ornaments, red alta (alta is like henna, deep red in color used to border the feet and make beautiful patterns on feet & sole) on our feet, sexy high heel sandals, perfume, lots of makeup and deep red lipstick. Since I just got married, I was wearing a veil over my head partially hiding my face.

Once inside the room, she removed my veil, pulled me over and held me tightly, kissed my red lips with her full red lips and explored my mouth with her tongue passionately. She squeezed my breasts hard and pinched and sucked my nipples. She whispered to me that I was her new bride and she is going to fuck me. She fingered me, licked and then sucked my hot, tight virgin cunt. She showed me photos of her in various sex acts. I never knew she had those photos. Several of the photos showed my brother fucking my sister-in-law with his erect penis thrust inside her swollen cunt. There were several photos of her having sex with other guys & she was riding them in several more photos. They all had large penises that filled and stretched her cunt. I asked about them and she said they are friends of her and of my brother. In many photos thick, white semen was oozing out of her cunt.

I was hot from watching the photos. She said I would be getting similar kind of fucking in my honeymoon night. She then mounted me, pressed her cunt to my cunt and thrust her hips as she kissed and fondled my breasts. I also straddled her face as she licked my virgin cunt, and then I straddled her crotch and gyrated my hips rubbing our cunts together until we climaxed.

She told me that tomorrow night will be my honeymoon night and my husband will most likely fuck me all night. She asked me to tell her about our honeymoon night and show her pictures of us fucking. I promised her I would tell her all about my sexual activities. She said she would like to see me fuck her cousin, but I said he has a very large penis and I am afraid to fuck such a large penis since it can tear my cunt. She said after tomorrow night I would be ready to fuck any size penis. I then told her that I would fuck him soon and I will let her watch me fuck. She said she would arrange for me to meet and fuck her cousin as soon as I am ready. I felt excited by watching her photos. I thought of fucking her cousin's large penis all day long.

The next day I accompanied my husband to his house. We both snuggled together in the back of the car. We did not kiss openly but he put his hands under my arm and squeezed my breast during most of our trip. I was constantly thinking about my sister-in-law's cousin & his large penis with its pink mushroom head. I imagined that his large penis entering my virginal cunt forcefully, his large mush room head stretching my cunt wide as he fucks me. I could feel his large penis thrusting inside me. It made me very hot and my cunt started to cream. My husband squeezed by buttocks, managed to put his hand inside my panty and started to finger my creamy cunt. I kept my hand on his bulging crotch most of the time. It was very hard and I knew my virgin cunt would receive a vigorous fucking that night.

In my wedding night I wore a golden-purple sari, gold ornaments, and red alta on my feet, deep red lipstick, silver anklets & toe rings, and high heeled red leather thong sandals. My husband quickly undressed me and as I was lying naked except for ornaments and high-heeled sandals, he kissed my lips, and squeezed my large breasts and sucked on my nipples. He noticed my feet with anklets, toe-rings in sexy high heels and told me he liked my feet and high heels very much. Then licked my toes, feet and licked my high heels sandals. He also sucked long, thin heels of my sandals and then rubbed my high heels on his erect cock and balls. My husband then asked me to play with his penis with my high-heeled thong sandals. I stepped on his erect cock & balls and crushed them with my high heels.

It felt good to crush his cock. I was delighted as it got very erect and started throbbing. Since I never had an erect penis in my cunt before, I was getting very hot to see his erect cock. I felt hotter as I crushed his penis harder and harder under sole of my high-heeled sandals. I pressed my heels deep into his balls. He seemed to be in pain but I continued to press my high heels deep into his balls. I suddenly experienced great power & exhilaration as I played with his erect cock with my high heels. I was trembling with excitement & my cunt filled up with my love juice. Then he put my sandaled feet on his shoulders, mounted me, forcefully entered his hard penis in my cunt, thrust his penis rapidly in and out of my cunt and fucked me repeatedly.

I was exhausted from repeated fucking & fell asleep soon. By midnight, I felt him licking my high heels. He continued to lick my sandals and feet and caressed my buttocks. Then he asked me to kneel doggy-style with my legs spread wide. He then spread my buttocks & kissed my anus tonguing it. Then I felt his tongue probing deep into my ass. I started to move but he grabbed my buttocks & thrust his tongue deep into my quivering ass. After he pulled his tongue out of my anus, he lubricated my anus with castor oil & probed my ass hole with his finger. Then I felt his hard penis entering my anus. I started to pull away, but he grabbed me & entered me forcefully. It hurt badly but he thrust his penis in-and-out rapidly & fucked me until he ejaculated deep inside my ass.

During next few days we had frequent and vigorous intercourse. My husband bought several pairs of very high-heeled sandals and gold ornaments for me to wear. I paid particular attention of my feet, decorated it in red alta, wear anklets and toe rings. Since I preferred not to wear bra or panty at home, my ample, firm, pointy breasts bounced as I walked around in high heels. Also, I used to wear my sari real low on my hips and below the navel, revealing crack of my large, round buttocks and patches of my pubic hair. My large buttocks gyrated suggestively as I walked around in high heels. Of course, all this excited my husband immensely. Every time we fucked he licked my sandals and sucked on my high heels.

He told me he had sex with both guys and girls and asked me if I had intercourse with any one else. I told him about my sister-in-law and he wanted to see me do it with her. I told him my sister-in-law's cousin has seen us fuck and I would like him to see me fuck my sister-in-law too. Later when my sister-in-law visited us, my husband peeked through the window as my sister-in-law kissed me. She then removed her sari and mine, fondled my breasts, mounted me and we both licked and sucked each other's cunt until both of us climaxed. My husband loved the show. I told my sister-in-law about my husband watching us fuck. She blushed, but soon after she openly kissed my moist, red lips in front of my husband and after a few days she fingered and fucked me in front of my husband.

My husband always wanted to fuck my sister-in-law but she was reluctant. He often masturbated in her high heel shoes and panties. Once my husband masturbated in my sister-in-law's high-heeled pumps in my presence without her knowledge. Then he masturbated in my high heels. My sister-in-law then wore those high-heeled shoes and mounted me while I was wearing my high heels (the ones he ejaculated in) and we fucked until we both climaxed.

My husband told me I should mount and fuck women just like my sister-in-law did to me and asked me to be the aggressor during intercourse with men and women. I liked the idea very much. My husband suggested that I should fuck men in the rear. I was not sure how. He told me to use my fingers to lubricate a man's ass hole and prepare it for penetration, just as he did to me and then use a dildo.

I was very knowledgeable about fingering since my sister-in-law has frequently fingered my cunt often. After the anus is lubed, he said I need a penis for penetration, just like he penetrates my anus with his hard cock. Since I do not have a penis, he looked at my high heels and suggested that I can use my high heels as penis and fuck men in the ass. Next day, I lubed my husband's anus with my finger, then greased my high heels and fucked his ass hole vigorously, thrusting my heels in and out of his anus until he ejaculated. I enjoyed the feeling immensely. My husband told me he would get me a strap-on penis that I can use to fuck later.

My husband also wanted to know if I had fucked or played with other dicks. I told him that I had stroked and masturbated my boy friends long, erect dicks but did not allow them to fully penetrate me. I also told him about my sister-n-law's cousin and his large and thick penis with large pink mushroom head. Once I stroked his penis until it was erect and seems like twice as big as my husband's penis.

He liked that and then described how that long and thick penis with its large, mushroom head would stretch my cunt as it enters my pussy and goes in deeper and deeper until it pushes into my cervix and then slides in and out rapidly until thick, hot semen fills my tight, throbbing cunt. This made my cunt opened up like a clamshell in heat. I mounted his prick, and as we fucked we talked about me fucking other guys and girls and he insisted that he like to watch me fuck guys with large dicks. I was getting horny hearing this and told him that I would fuck my boy friends and my sister-in-law's cousin. I also told him he could watch me fuck other guys in US only. He told me that I should have intercourse with my boy friends soon and tells him about it after I fuck them.

After few weeks, I went back to college to meet my classmates. In my first day of returning to class, I dressed up in sheer silk sari, tight panty, and a very short blouse without a bra. I had decorated my feet in red alta, wore high-heeled golden sandals, anklets and toe rings. I wore bright red lipstick & smoked a cigarette. I was very intimate with my boyfriends before marriage, except I did not fuck any of them. I met my first boy friend in the library. When he saw me he was instantly aroused. I went to the dorm room with him. We kissed and he fondled my breasts, asked about my sex life and proceeded to finger me. I told him I have intercourse several times a day and many more times at night.

He said I was very hot and wet as he fingered me. I told him that my cunt is wet and slippery since I had fucked my husband before coming to college only an hour earlier. I told him my husband has a small penis and it is not very thick. Hence, my cunt is still very tight. He put my hand on his erect penis. It was long, at least 2" longer than my husband's and quite thick. He told me now that I am married he likes to fuck me. He was very delighted to see my tight cunt and like to fuck my cunt until it is fully stretched and started to mount me.

I told him, he has to wait until my husband leaves for U.S. and then we will have our honeymoon, but he pulled down my silk panties, forced open my thighs, grabbed my buttocks, spread my cunt and entered my hot, slippery cunt forcibly. His penis was hard as a steel shaft and he thrust his penis deep in my cunt and proceeded to fuck me rapidly while kissing my lips and squeezing my breasts. My cunt never felt so full of cock before. As he thrust hard and deep, his penis felt as if it is reaching my throat. It felt as good as my husband has suggested.

He fucked me with long, deep strokes. I clamped my cunt tightly around his hard throbbing shaft as he pumped me. Then he put my high-heeled feet on his shoulders, licked my shoes, heels and feet as he thrust his hard shaft deep into my quivering cunt. I could hear the slurpy sound of his penis going in and out of my hot, slippery cunt. Then we heard footsteps outside and he panicked, thrust rapidly and ejaculated deep inside my cunt. I felt his hot semen filling my throbbing cunt. I quickly pulled my panty over my pussy and left him before any one sees me.

I did not climax and felt very horny after this fuck session. As soon as I reached home I took my husband aside, kissed him and asked him to fuck me. He started to lick my feet and high heels but I urged him to mount me quickly. As he entered me he noticed my pussy very wet and slippery and asked me if I had fucked my boyfriend. I told him to fuck me first. As he was pumping his cock in and out of my cunt I told him about the fucking incident at the dorm. He told me he felt very horny and pumped rapidly and fucked me really hard until both of us ejaculated.

I told my sister-in-law about our sexual activities in great detail. I also told her that my husband has a small penis and does not mind if I had sex with others, in fact he encourages it. I did not tell her that I had sex with my boyfriend the previous week. She checked my cunt and told me that it had opened up since she last saw it. I knew the real reason was repeated hard fucking by my boy friends. But, I told her that I was fucking my husband five to six times a night and more during the day.

She asked me about my favorite positions during intercourse. I told her I preferred to straddle him wearing high heels, and ride his cock hard. I very much enjoy when I get fucked with my feet on his shoulder as it allows for deepest penetration. I like to grip the cock as it slides in and out and I like the throbbing of the cock as it ejaculates deep inside my cunt. My husband likes to mount me in doggy style. She asked me if my husband likes to suck and lick my cunt. I said yes and he also likes to lick my anus as well and likes to fuck my ass too.

She asked me if I am ready to fuck her cousin and went on to described how her cousin's large dick with that big, mushroom head will stretch my cunt as it enters and fills me up completely and how excited I will feel as he pumps me hard and deep with his long, thick cock. I already know the excitement of fucking a large dick since I had fucked my boyfriend the previous week and that made me really horny. I said I would wait until my husband leaves for US and then I will fuck him.

I was getting itchy to fuck a large cock, but was afraid to fuck my boyfriend in the dorm room again. Then I decided to meet with my second boyfriend. Both of my boyfriends were in different classes hence they did not know each other. Also, my second boyfriend was living in an apartment; hence I thought it would be more discreet to meet him there.

A few days later, I met my second boyfriend. I was dressed in my sexy bridal outfit; sheer silk sari, low cut blouse without a bra, thong panty, sexy ornamental high-heeled thong sandals, and my feet decorated in red alta, anklets, toe rings and of course, deep red lipstick and perfume. I did not like to wear bra since my breasts were hard, shapely like coconuts with pointy, cherry tipped nipples. They will thrust forward and jiggle as I walked in high heels & I loved it.

I was very much intimate with my second boyfriend before my marriage. We have talked about marrying, except I did not fuck him. Since the marriage was arranged suddenly, I did not have time to contact my boyfriend and after the marriage, I decided to fuck and enjoy. He was aroused immediately and we kissed passionately. I grabbed his crotch and found his penis to be very hard and throbbing. I unzipped his pants and pulled out is cock as he groped my pussy. His cock was as big as my other boyfriend's cock and that delighted me immensely. I asked him to take me to his room & off we went in a rickshaw. The road to his apartment had little traffic & we snuggled together. His hands were on my shoulder cupping my breast, my hand on his crotch and our lips locked in a French kiss. Then, he put his hand around me, grabbed my right breast and squeezed it and pinched my nipples as we kissed.

I lighted a cigarette and smoked. He watched smoke coming out of my moist, red lips and told me that I look very sexy while I smoke. He noticed my feet in very high heels and commented that he loves them. I said my husband likes them too and he often kisses my feet and licks my high heels before we fuck. My boyfriend said he would lick my feet and shoes once we arrive at his place. I told him that I fucked before coming to college that morning while wearing the same sari and high heels. My husband licked my high heels while I smoked a cigarette and then fucked me. My boyfriend told me he dreams about me all the time and masturbates often thinking about me. He told me he likes my buttocks very much and has thought about my shapely buttocks while having sex with other guys. So far he has not fucked a cunt yet and I will be his first.

I squeezed his crotch and felt his hard penis. He asked me about my honeymoon night and how often I fuck. I told him about how I ride my husband and how often, except I did not mention anything about fucking my first boyfriend the previous week. My boyfriend said, since I am fucking so much my cunt must be quite loose, but I told him that my husband says, even though he has a small & thin penis, my cunt feels as tight as a vise. He whispered that his friends tell him he has a large and thick penis. His long, thick penis will stretch my cunt, fill it fully & I would love when he slides it in and out of my juicy, hot, tight cunt.

I thought about my first boyfriend's long & thick phallus, how it stretched my tight cunt and filled me up as he mounted me and fucked me the previous week. I could feel my cunt quivering at the thought of fucking again. I then said my husband has told me that my cunt is as tight as my anus. He asked me if my husband has ass-fucked me and I said yes, he has. Then, I told him that my husband would fuck me as soon as I get back. He asked whether my husband would mind if he finds out about him fucking me. I smiled and said it depends on how much he stretches my cunt. My husband would be upset if his dick slips out of my cunt while he fucks me, but I like large dicks and stretching is OK with me.

I then winked at him, smiled and whispered in his year that I would like to fuck him really hard. He pulled me over, let me sit on his lap and said he too would like to fuck me very hard. Then he put his hand inside my sari, squeezed my large, firm breasts, pinched my erect nipples and pressed his hard bulge in my pussy and that made me very hot and wet. He kissed my lips and said tobacco taste in my mouth excites him.

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